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⛳ | <Breaking News> The US Women's Tour is delayed due to stormy weather Nasa Hataoka 5th, Hinako Shibuno 45th

Photo start was delayed by 1 hour (Photo: ALBA)

<Breaking News> The US Women's Tour is delayed due to stormy weather Nasa Hataoka 5th, Hinako Shibuno 45th

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Haru Nomura will start the final round with a total of 2 under and 30th place tie, and Hinako Shibuno and Ayaka Furue will start with a total of 1 under and 45th place tie.

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    Total 1 under

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    Ayaka Furue

    Ayaka Furue[1](Shake Ayaka,20005/27 -) isHyogoKobe CityNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationFujitsu.


    Kobe Municipal SubwaycoastlineAt each station, on the opening of the coastlineKobe City Transportation Bureau"Handprint / Footprint tiles" for babies born in 2000, which were recruited by the company, are displayed. Yuka Yasudaと と も にHarborland StationIs decorated with his own baby hand-foot-shaped footprint.

    Started playing golf at the age of 3 due to the influence of his parents[2]Since that time, he has been studying under his father, Yoshihiro Furue.[3]..He has been swimming since the age of 4 in parallel with golf[3].

    Amateur age

    2012 "Kansai Elementary School Golf Championship" winner.

    At the 2013th Aono Junior Golf Tournament in 30Yuka Yasuda[Note 1]There is a record of winning against Yasuda in the Sudden Death playoffs.[4].

    Kobe Municipal Nagata Junior High School2014 and 2015 "Kansai Junior High School Golf Championship", 2015 "National Junior High School Golf Championship"[5], 2016 "Kansai High School Golf Championship" and many other tournaments won, and that year "Japan Women's Open Golf Championship”(28th place tie) to stand out[2].

    Joined the JGA National Team in 2017 and 2018[2].Inemi MoningIn 2017, I challenged withNeighbors Trophy Team Championship』Individual 7th place Thailand[6], Group championship[7]..She challenged with Yuka Yasuda and others at the 2018 Toyota Junior Golf World Cup, where she ranked 4th individually and won the group.[8]..In addition, she challenged with Riri Satoyama and others in the same year.18th Asian Games Golf Competition4th for individuals and 5th for groups[9].

    In 2019, with Yuka Yasuda who was a classmate for 3 yearsTakigawa Daini High SchoolGraduated from. Rokko International Golf ClubI got a job as a trainee[10].

    In the Japan Women's Amateur Golf Championship (Elleair Golf Club Matsuyama), which was the last amateur to participate in June, the championship ended in 6th place despite being a seed player.Mao Saigo.

    In October of the same year, because the final pro test was coming up, I was planning to play the last professional match as an amateur.Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) Tour "Fujitsu ladies"so[11], The 7th amateur to win the tour[12]..With this victory, Furue will be able to enter the pros in a form that is exempt from the final protest.[12]Submitted an application for membership to LPGA on October 10, the same year.[11].Millennium generationIt became the first professional.

    Joined JLPGA on October 2019, 10 and became a JLPGA 23st gen member.[1].

    Amateur participation tour results

    This article is based on the JGA profile page[2], Only those that are not listed in the provenance are listed. (L) is a low amateur


    Professional record


    November of the same year of the first professional conversion game "Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf TournamentI missed the qualifying[13],Daio Paper Elleair Ladies OpenIs the 4th place tie, the first official game as a professional "JLPGA Tour ChampionshipIn the "Ricoh Cup", he finished second in Thailand.In the same year, although only four races from his professional debut, he broke into 2th place in the annual prize money ranking.[14].

    In December of the same year, received the "Special Award" from the Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association (GTPA).[15]..In addition, he received the LPGA Award "Fighting Fighting Award".[16].


    New coronavirus epidemicIn the 2020 season, the start of the season was significantly delayed due to the influence ofTokai Classic LadiesHiroko HigashiWin the playoffs with and decorate the first professional victory (second victory in total)[17],ITO EN Ladies Golf TournamentThen.Miki SakaiIf you win the playoffs with[18], The next weekDaio Paper Elleair Ladies OpenThen, on the final day, he pulled away from the rest and won his first four-day tournament for two weeks in a row.Ai Miyazato,Hataoka NasaHe won the 3th victory in total at a young age, which is the 20rd place in history (179 years old and 4 days).[19]..And although he did not win the JLPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup in the final round of 2020 for three consecutive weeks, he was ranked second in the world ranking as of November 3th.Tokyo OlympicsNamed as a candidate for the Japanese national team[20].

    Since the beginning of 2021, the situation has not improved as expected, but in July it was the first time since I became a professional.National Women's Professional Golf Association (LPGA) TourIs a major tournamentAmundi Evian Championship(France) And won the 4th place[21]. afterwards,United KingdomTurn toAIG Women's Open (British Women's Open)Participated in the 20th place, which is the highest among Japanese players[22]..And at Fujitsu Ladies in OctoberMinami KatsuThe final day of the competition, which was held in Thailand, was canceled in the rain, but the championship deciding match (playoff) with victory was held in a 3-hole all-score system, and when Furue took the birdie in the 2nd hole and led, 3 holes. With his eyes closed, he shook off the win and scored his fourth professional win (fifth tour win).[23][24]..Also, as an example of winning the same tournament tournament for both professionals and amateursAi Miyazato,Hataoka Nasa[Note 2]It became the third person following[23]..After this victory, he decided to take on the LPGA tour in earnest from 2022, and in December.Qualifying TournamentAnnounced to participate in the final qualifying session[25]..And the week after Fujitsu Ladies, it was held in my hometown of Hyogo prefecture.NOBUTA GROUP Masters GC LadiesThen, on the 3rd day, he took the lead alone and kept the lead with safe golf on the final day, and won the 2th tour with the second consecutive victory for 6 weeks.[26]..Two weeks laterTOTO Japan ClassicThen, when he took the lead on the third day, he escaped with almost dangerous golf on the final day and won the seventh tour.[27].Until the final race this yearInemi MoningHe competed for the prize money queen and the Mercedes ranking first place, and handed over the prize money queen to Inami, but became the Mercedes ranking first place and won the three-year seed according to the regulations, and after fulfilling the de facto rookie season. finished[28].After the final round of this season, he participated in the LPGA Tour Qualifying Tournament Final Qualifiers, and was registered as a member of the LPGA Tour with a single 7th place finish, earning the right to participate in the 2022 season.[29].


    2022 seasonThe United States of AmericaCross over toNational Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) Fight as a tour member. end of may(English editionadvanced to the finals in(Korean versionfinished second after losing to[30].After that, I returned to Japan temporarily to refresh myself and participate in the JLPGA Tour.Nippon Ham Ladies ClassicAfter participating in , he moved to Europe. 7-28 July at Dundonald Links, Gayles, UK(English editionThen, on the final day, the top(English editionから4打差の9位でスタートし、1番ホールでバーディーの後、6番ホールから6ホール連続バーディーを決め首位に浮上、最終的に10バーディーノーボギーで回り、コースレコードおよび自己ベストでもある62を記録、大会新記録の通算21アンダーで2位に3打差をつけ逆転優勝、ルーキーイヤーでLPGAツアー初優勝を果たした[31][32].

    Tournament victory

    Tour winner

    LPGA Tour (1)

    Major championships (0)
    Other LPGA Tour (1)
    No.DateTournamentWinning scoreDifference from second place2nd place (tie for 2nd place)Winning prize ($)
    12022/7/31Trust Golf Scottish Women's Open−21 (69-68-68-62)=2673 strokeFrench flag300,000

    JLPGA Tour (7)

    No.DateTournamentWinning scoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
    12019/10/20Fujitsu ladies[Note 3]-17 (67-65-67 = 199)2 strokesJapanese flag Inemi Moning
    22020/9/20Descente Ladies Tokai Classic[Note 4]-15 (66-67-68 = 201)play offJapanese flag Hiroko Higashi
    32020/11/15ITO EN Ladies Golf Tournament-12 (69-65-70 = 204)play offJapanese flag Miki Sakai
    42020/11/22Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open-15 (65-71-64-69 = 269)3 strokesRepublic of Korea flag Lee Min Young
    52021/10/17Fujitsu ladies[Note 5]−12 (65-67 = 132)play offJapanese flag Minami Katsu
    62021/10/24NOBUTA GROUP Masters GC Ladies-12 (69-71-67-69 = 276)1 strokesJapanese flag Mao Saigo
    72021/11/7TOTO Japan Classic-16 (68-67-68-69 = 272)3 strokesJapanese flag Inemi Moning

    LPGA US Major Participation

    年度Chevron ChampionshipUS Women's OpenWomen's PGA ChampionshipEvian ChampionshipBritish Women's Open
    20214 bit20 bit
    202244 bitNot qualifiedNot qualified19 bit

    JLPGA annual ranking

    年度Number of games playedメ ル セ デ ス


    Winning moneyaverage

    Number of strokes

    Number of winsRemarks
    20193 match78.5pt (94th)¥ 20,730,000 (54th)70.3846 (--rank)0 timesObtained the right to participate in the first half of the following season
    2020 – 2146 match3,845.16pt (1th)¥ 246,743,575 (2th)70.3664 (2th)6 timesSeason MVP, first seed right acquisition



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    注 釈

    1. ^ Furue and Yasuda later became classmates at Takigawa Daini High School.
    2. ^ Ai Miyazato says "Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf Tournament, Nasa Hataoka saidJapan Women's Open Golf Championship"Is conquered by both professionals and amateurs.
    3. ^ At this time, he participated as an amateur player and won the tour for the first time.
    4. ^ First tour victory after turning professional
    5. ^ The competition on the final day was canceled in the rain, and only the playoffs were held.


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