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🏀 | [Kanto University Basketball Rookie Round 2] Coming soon!Teikyo Heisei vs Hosei

Photo Basketball Match Summary

[Kanto University Basketball Rookie Round 2] Coming soon!Teikyo Heisei vs Hosei

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After this, from 6/8 12:00, the second round of the Kanto University basketball rookie match Teikyo Heisei University (boys) vs Hosei University (boys) will be held at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium.

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Ota City Gymnasium

Ota City Gymnasium(Otaku Sogo Taiikukan) isTokyoOtaIt is ingymnasium.


Closed and demolished in March 2008 due to agingOta City Gymnasium(以下旧館)の跡地に2009年6月より建設され、2012年3月に竣工した。総事業費は基本計画策定時に50億円の予定であったが、地下フロアを設定した影響により71億円(設計管理料が1億5,183万7000円、総工費が68億5,192万円)に増加した[1]..In building, Higashikamata Park, which was originally on the site, was relocated to the east side of the site due to the site area, and the distance between the gymnasium and the surrounding buildings was taken.[1]In addition, considering the surrounding environment where low-rise houses are densely packed, the arena was placed underground in order to lower the height of the entire gymnasium.[2]

For the purpose of installation, the inhabitants of the ward will live throughout their livesSportsThe purpose is to contribute to the realization of a society where people can enjoy a healthy and prosperous life by becoming familiar with them.In addition, Ota Ward has the basic concept of "seeing" sports and "doing" sports, but in "seeing", you can invite and watch professional leagues, international games, and all-Japan level tournaments of each sport. It is stated that the inhabitants of the ward will use it.[1].

As a venue for martial artswrestlingBoxingboxingIt is often used in world wars.also,B.LEAGUEBelong toEarthfriends Tokyo Z"as well asW LEAGUEBelong toTokyo Haneda VickiesIs used as a home arena.

Use time is from 9:21 to XNUMX:XNUMX (complete withdrawal)[3].


  • Main arena
    • Area-1,824m2(48m x 38m)[3]
    • Available number-volleyball3 sides,basketball2 sides,badminton10 sides etc.[3]
    • Audience seats-- 4,012 seats (fixed seats 2,186 seats, wheelchair seats 10 seats, movable seats 1,816 seats)[3][2]
    • DuctronicsCompany Center Hang Scoreboard Model No. SS-80X144-20i-RGB-10 224 × 672[5]
  • Sub arena
    • Area-646m2(34m x 19m)[3]
    • Available number-1 volleyball / basketball, 4 badminton,judo2 sides etc.[3]
    • Audience seats-200 fixed seats[3]
  • Physical education room 1, physical education room 2
    • Area ――1m for both 2 and 1202(11m x 11m)[3]
  • Kyudo hall
    • Near 28m, 5 people[3]
  • conference room
    • 90m2(21m x 4.3m)[3]
  • Parking lot (ground / underground)

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