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⚽ | City defender Mendy discovers a new rape case ... Finally the 10th case


City defender Mendy discovers a new rape case ... finally the 10th

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At a hearing in the Chester Court on May 5, Benjamin Mendy pleaded not guilty to all charges.

French defender Benjamin Mendy, who belongs to Manchester City, is involved in a new rape case ... → Continue reading


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    Chester Court

    Public hearing

    Public hearing(This isEnglish: hearing) Means for a specific caseStakeholdersA system for listening to the opinions of the general public, such as those who have learned.

    Parliamentary procedure

    米 国

    United States CongressIs frequently held in the sub-committee of the Standing Committee by inviting government officials and private parties.[1].

    The Committee Hearing is not only a quick record, but also the testimony and related materials submitted by the concerned parties are included, which is an important material for the issues discussed.[1].


    Diet lawArticle 51 paragraph 1AtCommitteeHolds a hearing on important matters of general interest and purposeThose who have a true stakeOrAcademic experienceIt is stipulated that opinions can be heard from such sources, and paragraph 2 stipulates that the total budget and important revenue bills are obliged to hold.In addition, the House of Representatives Constitutional Research Committee Regulations and the House of Representatives Constitutional Research Committee Regulations require the House of Representatives Constitutional Research Committee and the House of Representatives Constitutional Research Committee to hold public hearings on draft constitutional amendments.

    Public hearings can be held not only by a single committee, but also by a joint examination committee, a standing committee meeting, a House of Councilors investigation.


    The Japanese hearing system was introduced after the American parliament.

    Immediately after the war, it was held quite often. But,Reference personSome have pointed out that the public hearing system has become a mere entity due to the establishment of the system. It is only open to the case of the total budget and extremely important bills, and the pros and cons of each legislator are often already decided at the time of holding a hearing. There is no witness system in the US Congress.


    1. After the committee has voted on the dates, the chairman's approval is obtained. (As a precedent, approval is given after consulting with the Parliamentary Steering Committee.)
    2. Public announcement of public hearingOfficial gazetteThe website of the House of Representatives andNHK Radio,NHK TVOpen call for participants.
    • In actual operation, the officials recommended by each party are selected in advance, and there are few officials who are actually selected by public offering (though not necessarily not selected at all).
    • Holding a public hearing is often the premise of a vote, and there are underwater bargaining between the ruling and opposition parties over the schedule of the public hearing.

    Administrative procedure

    米 国

    In US administrative procedures, some letters and notices to private individuals have the nature of provisional decisions, and public hearings may be held in the process.[2].


    Administrative procedure law10 articleso,ApplicationIf it is a disposition against the applicant and it is required that the disposition be considered in consideration of the interests of a person other than the applicant, the opinions of the person other than the applicant should be provided by an appropriate method such as holding a public hearing. It is stipulated that you must try to listen.


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