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⚾ | Spring High School Baseball Yamagata Prefectural Tournament Haguro is V for the first time in XNUMX years


Spring high school baseball Yamagata prefectural tournament Haguro is V for the first time in XNUMX years

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However, the batter who follows is hit by a double play and cannot take additional points.

The final match of the spring high school baseball Yamagata prefectural tournament was held in Nakayama-cho on the XNUMXth, and Haguro defeated Sakata Minami to win the XNUMXth victory for the first time in XNUMX years ... → Continue reading

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This is Yamagata Broadcasting, a television and radio station in Yamagata Prefecture.
Daily news is provided with the catchphrase "Walk Together".

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Double play

Double play(Double Play)Computer gamesTerm used in. mainlyarcade gameOf typeshooting game,Music gamesSpecial play used in (Replay). Abbreviated as DP. Those who perform double play are called "double players (DPers)".


Most computer games allow one player to operate one game (Controller) Is manufactured on the premise of operating. What is double play?Two players playing at the same timeIt is a play method that you can play a computer game where you prepare two controllers and use both hands, feet, and the whole body to operate two people at the same time.[1].

Specifically, there are many methods in which only one person plays the mode of two-player simultaneous play, but some games have a mode dedicated to double play. In this case, the content may be slightly changed from the normal two-player simultaneous play so that even one player can play.

The difficulty of double play is naturally higher than that of normal play, but music games (especially)BEMANI seriesIn), there are many modes dedicated to double play, and in recent years some people are better at this.

Many game genres and titles

Gun shooting games
So-called because the controller can be operated with one handTwo-chome pistolEasy to double play in the form of play.
shooting game(2D shooting game)
The placement and attack method of the enemy is constant (patternThere is a game that is possible if you are familiar with it.
  • Ikaruga --Since it has a particularly strong pattern among STGs, it is suitable for double play. Many play videos have been released.
  • Giga Wing 2 ――2P play becomes tag mode, and the score is the sum of both. "ArcadiaInHigh scoreIn the total, "Hattori (right hand) & Hattori (left hand)" got the highest score in the whole country by double play, and readers andshooterI was surprised.
  • Thunderbolt -"Raiden III], STG is equipped with the first double play dedicated mode. The capture DVD of "Raiden III" also includes a double play video. The player is "Hattori". "Raiden IV』Has a similar dedicated mode,Xbox 360In the version, "double play mode" that operates two machines with one controller was installed.
Music games
It requires dynamic visual acuity to read the musical score displayed on the entire screen, agile operation technology of the device, and reflexes.
  • BEMANI series -"beatmania IIDX], [Dance Dance Revolution] Etc. equipped with a dedicated mode. In addition, there may be fraudulent acts in which two people play and count the high score in double play mode, which is between "beatmania IIDX" players.SlangCalled "Osho"[Source required].
  • Taiko no Tatsujin --There is no double play-only mode, but there are double players because the controller layout is suitable for double play. Some songs have a musical score that seems to be premised on double play.
Medal game
  • Anima Lotta 2 Anima Festival ――By doing multi-mode alone, you can aim for high-risk, high-return dividends.
  • Medal Gunman -Two guns are placed, and depending on the skill of the player, you may be able to aim for a high payout.
More informations
  • The Return of Ishtar ――It was basically a game played by two people, but there were some who cleared it alone.
  • Escape from the Roadrunner Empire ――There is a two-player cooperative play mode, but even one player can clear it. Rather, double play is less difficult on the stage where you get on your partner's head at the right time or dig a hole in cooperation.
  • Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 --As a two-player cooperative play mode, "DOUBLES", And can be cleared by one person.

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