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⚽ | [J2 Section 19] Starting soon!Kanazawa vs Iwate

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[J2 Section 19] Starting soon!Kanazawa vs Iwate

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After this, from 5/29 19:00, the match between J2 League Section 19 Zweigen Kanazawa vs Iwate Grulla Morioka will be held at Ishikawa Athletics Stadium.

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    Section 19 Zweigen Kanazawa vs

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    Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic Field

    Western park > Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic Field

    Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic Field(Ishika reason) isIshikawaKanazawa OfWestern parkInAthletic field.Football fieldAlso used as.The facility is owned by Ishikawa Prefecture andGeneral FoundationIshikawa Prefectural Fureai Public CorporationDesignated administratorThe operation is managed as.


    • 1985:National high school general physical education meet(Inter-High) Main venue.
    • 1991:46th National Sports Festival(Ishikawa National Athletic Meet),National disabled sports meetMain venue.
    • 1995:J LeagueInstalled night game lighting equipment to hold the official game.
    • 1997: Changed the lawn seats on the back stand and side stand to seats.Large video equipment installed.
    • 2002:Japan Athletics ChampionshipsVenue.
    • 2008: Outdoor live "a-nationHeld for the first time in the Rugby Top League.
    • October 2013-March 10: Carry out renovation work.In order to secure a spare area when using it as a soccer court, the runway and sandbox for jumping will be moved to the outside of the track, and at the same time, a doping inspection room will be set up.[2].
    • November 2016, 11-March 8: Carry out turf replacement work.Therefore, it was held on December 2017, the same year.J2・J3 replacement game : Zuegen KanazawaversusTochigi SCRound 2 of the alternative landToyama Sports Park Athletic FieldIt was held in.
    • 2018: Updated large video equipment.Approximately 8.3 meters long and 23 meters wide, the size is about 2.5 times larger than before the update, and the screen has been redesigned to be the largest on the Sea of ​​Japan (side). (versusSanukiWas unveiled in the war)[3].

    Main events and competitions held


    • Ishikawa Athletics Championships
    • Ishikawa High School Athletics vs. School Championships
    • All Japan Junior High School Correspondence Athletics Ishikawa Prefectural Tournament

    サ ッ カ ー

    Rugby American football


    Equipment outline

    • Japan Athletics FederationClass 1 official recognition
    • Truck 400m x 9 lanes
    • Natural turf pitch
    • Large image device
    • Night game lighting equipment: 4 units





    • Zweigen operates a paid shuttle bus from the Kanazawa Port Exit (West Exit) of Kanazawa Station when the home game is held.


    Other facilities in the park

    注 釈

    外部 リンク

    Hakata no Mori Athletics Stadium
    (Fukuoka City
    National Athletic Meet
    Main stadium

    Ishikawa National Athletic Meet (1991)
    Next generation
    Yamagata Athletic Park Athletic Field
    (Tendo city


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