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⚽ | Real guardian god Courtois reveals!The story converted from the side back


Real guardian god Courtois reveals!The story converted from the side back

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Atletico Madrid and Jose Mourinho's Chelsea had different styles with many long balls.

Real Madrid clash with Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final.The one who reigns over the guardian deity is ... → Continue reading


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Kick and rush

サ ッ カ ーIn the matchLong ball(British: long ball) Is a term that describes an attempt to deliver the ball over a long distance to the front by a cross without intending to pass to the receiving player's foot.On the European continent, this style is oftenKick and rushCalled (kick and rush)[1].

Long balls are fast or tallstrikerThis is a particularly effective tactic for teams with.In long ball tactics, a through pass may be sent from a distance behind the defense line to compete with the striker and defender.[2]..Although this style is often ridiculed as boring or primitive[3]It works well if the athlete or the weather is suitable for this style.Long balls are, in particular, an effective counter-attack style that can surprise defenders.

Statistical basis

"Long Ball Theory" was a retired Royal Air Force commander(English editionBy the 1950sEnglandWas discussed for the first time in.Leap is an amateur statistician who analyzed not only the number of passes that led to the goal, but also the position of the player who sent the pass on the field.Leap describes his findings in various media, including the Matchday program.[4].

Leap has developed a number of concepts that explain effective long ball tactics. "Gulleys" means the optimal position between the corner flag and the 6-yard box to send the final pass into the penalty box. The "3-pass optimization rule" comes from the fact that a relatively high percentage of goals are created by just three passes before a shot. The "3 shots per goal" maxim states that on average, nine shots produce one goal. The "tweleve point three yard" position is the average distance from all scoring goals.Long ball tactics are also endorsed by Charles Hughes' book, The Winning Formula: The Football Association Soccer Skills and Tactics, which statistically proves that most goals are scored within five passes. Is[5].

Jonathan Wilson criticized Leap's statistical analysis for serious flaws.For example, the "3-pass optimization rule" was particularly criticized. Wilson also shows that while Leap's statistics show that a relatively high percentage of goals are created by an attack that includes three passes, a relatively high percentage of shots consist of an attack that includes three passes. Says that[6]..Rather, the percentage of shots produced from three or less passes is higher than the percentage of goals generated from it, suggesting that an attack with more passes has a higher probability of success.In addition, Leap statistics show that this tendency is stronger in higher level football and that attacks with more passes are more effective between higher quality teams. ..Leap also has three passes from a long ball and within the opponent's team.Free kick,TackleIt is not statistically distinguishable from paths born from other means such as ball capture by.


Long ball tacticsEngland national teamIt has often been criticized as a tactic that hinders its success. Hughes in the 1990sFAHe became the head of the coaching division of the company and used this position to promote his long ball theory. Hughes and his advocates of this tactic have repeatedly claimed that teams using Direct Play are more successful.[7]. For example,1994 FIFA World CupWon the championshipBrazilThe team scored the most goals from three or less passes, but the team that scored from the attack that included the most passes,IrelandWas eliminated in the 16th[7].

Long ball tactics are used by teams to launch abandoned attacks before the end of the match, probably because they don't have enough time to do a slow build-up that has been shown to be effective.[8]..In low-level games, long ball tactics are effective because players lack the skills to accurately connect passes and function as a team on the field.Long balls are also used in quick counter attacks.

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