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🏊 | Swimming class resumed in all municipalities for the first time in XNUMX years Children clean the pool in Kofu City School is a manual for infection control Yamanashi


Swimming class resumes in all municipalities for the first time in XNUMX years Children clean the pool in Kofu City School is a manual for infection control Yamanashi

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In addition, the number of schools that close their pools is increasing nationwide due to problems such as aging and repair costs.

Before the arrival of full-scale summer, the pool was cleaned at an elementary school in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.In the prefecture, 2022 is one ... → Continue reading

 UTY TV Yamanashi

There are lots of news to watch in Yamanashi, such as Japan's No. XNUMX Mt. Fuji and the world's fastest linear motor car. We will closely adhere to Yamanashi and deliver news from the perspective unique to the local media of XNUMX years.

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    Repair costs


    deterioration(Rekka) is due to physical changes, etc.品質,PerformanceIs a phenomenon in which the performance is relatively deteriorated due to the deterioration of the product and the emergence of superior products through technological innovation. In the case of living things including humansAgeingHowever, it is also used for entertainers.

    Type of deterioration

    Physical deterioration

    Quality and performance are impaired due to chemical and physical changes over time and repeated use.AgingAlso called.

    Functional deterioration (relative deterioration)

    InnovationBy developing a product superior to the conventional one, it means that the performance is relatively low even if the quality of the conventional product is not deteriorated.ObsolescenceAlso called. For example, the spread of high-quality, space-saving flat-screen TVs makes CRT TVs inferior.

    Social deterioration

    It means that the level of demand of consumers and users has improved, and conventional products cannot meet the demand. Social deterioration is due to psychological changes on the consumer side, and does not necessarily involve physical deterioration.

    Genetic deterioration


    By copierCopyOr, when the work B similar to the work A is created because it deteriorates by dubbing on the tape, it is sometimes expressed as "B is a deteriorated copy of A" with the meaning of scolding. ..

    Also, in Japanese, fissileUranium 235 Natural uraniumBecame lessuranium,Depleted uraniumSometimes called. Uranium like thisNuclear fuelAs well as after use asUranium enrichmentIt also occurs as the rest after performing.

    Degradation as a net slang

    He published "Why Japanese have deteriorated" in 2007, and published a sequel, "People who can only think of their own deteriorated Japanese," in 2014.Rika KayamaSaid that the term "deterioration" refers to the situation in which human nature is eroded by "blowing self-love"[1].

    The word "deterioration" is used on the Internet for humans, especially for entertainers.AdolescenceFrom the body ofMiddle ageTransition to the body of, or from the body of the middle agesOld ageCame to be used in the meaning of the change of appearance accompanying the transition to the body ofYuji TanakaSaid "I hate that! I hate the word "deterioration!""[2].

    About this expression, which sounds more harsh than being said to be "old"Minako Nomachi"The antonym of" deterioration "is" miracle "[3]He pointed out that "miracle group" and "deteriorated group" have been classified on the Internet.Hot Acid NamekoSays that the boundary between "deterioration" and "miracle" is "princess feeling"HardshipI have an unfamiliar impressionChisato MoritakaIs a miracle group[4].


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