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⚾ | [High School Baseball Spring Kanto District Tournament Quarterfinals] Starting soon!Yamamura Gakuen vs Sakushin Gakuin

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[High School Baseball Spring Kanto District Tournament Quarterfinals] Starting soon!Yamamura Gakuen vs Sakushin Gakuin

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After this, from 5/24 12:30, a match between Yamamura Gakuen High School (boys) and Sakushin Gakuin High School (boys) will be held at Utsunomiya Kiyohara Baseball Stadium.

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    High School Baseball Spring Kanto District Tournament Yamamura Gakuen High School (Men) vs Sakushin Gakuin High School (Men)

    Utsunomiya Kiyohara Stadium

    Utsunomiya Kiyohara Stadium(Utsunomiya Kiyohara Kyujo) isTochigiUtsunomiya CityEasternUtsunomiya Kiyohara Industrial Park・ In Kiyohara Central Park ("'84 Tochigi Expo"At the site of the venue)Baseball field..The facility is owned by Utsunomiya City and is owned by the Utsunomiya City Sports Promotion Foundation.Designated administratorThe operation is managed as.


    1988/Completed in May.The field is entirely artificial turf,Yokohama StadiumAncient rome OfColosseumIs designed as a model.Since the opening, the prefectural tournament of junior high school baseball, the Kanto tournament andhigh school baseball,College baseball,Adult baseballな どAmateur baseballAn official game is being held.The first amateur home run was at that time Utsunomiya Gakuen High School (currently:Bunsei University of Art and Design High School) I was in the third gradeManaka Manaka(LaterNihon UniversityThroughYakult SwallowsJoined the group, and later directed) has been released.

    In addition, Professional baseballAlso official gamesOpen battleIs held irregularly, and in the pastYokohama Ocean Whales,Nippon Ham FightersEtc. have held official games sponsored by, but the official games are1997/から2007/It wasn't held until.However, for open battlesYomiuri Giants(Giant) holds a sponsored game once every three years (details will be described later).

    2008/4/22, One match between Giants and Yokohama was held as the first official match of the 12st Army in 1 years.The giant will hold an official match in Utsunomiya1956/7/26CurrentTobu RailwayMinami Utsunomiya StationWas located nearbyUtsunomiya Permanent StadiumVs made inOcean WhalesIt was the first time in 52 years since the war.Giants next2009/6/16Also the first in our stadiumSep-pa Exchange BattlePairSaitama Seibu LionsOne match was held.

    But,2011/3/11Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakePart of the equipment was damaged due to the impact of the above, and several months of restoration work was required.For this reason6/29Scheduled for Giants vs.YakultThe war was canceled.This match isKoriyama general sports ground Kaiseiyama baseball field[1], Our stadium,Tokyo DomeIt was organized as a three-game battle in Koriyama, and the event held at this stadium was transferred to Koriyama.[2][3].

    In addition, the 93thNational High School Baseball Championship Tochigi TournamentHowever, it will not be possible to hold the event at the ballpark, and the final match will be held.Prefectural stadiumIt was done in.As an alternative stadium to Kiyohara Baseball StadiumKanuma Sports Park Baseball FieldThe first and second rounds were held at.

    There is an advertising space on the upper part of the stand for the outfield seats.Although it was almost full at the beginning of the opening, the number of advertisements decreased sharply due to the decrease in the number of professional baseball games held, but after the renovation, advertisements were printed and posted on the outfield fence only for professional baseball games. There is.

    2012/5/8To巨人versusDeNAThe fifth round was held.The Giants-sponsored match against DeNA was held for the first time in four years since April 5, 2008, and the Giants-sponsored match at Utsunomiya was also held for the first time in three years.Also, this card is4/25ToKumamotoSince the game scheduled in was canceled in the rain, the official game in the region will be the second game.[4].. The Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp match was held in 2014 as well.[5].

    In 2012, in line with the facility restoration work due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, a wheelchair elevator and slope were newly installed in the spectator seats on the 1st base side, and an exciting seat was newly installed to secure the number of spectator seats that will decrease accordingly.Also, according to this construction period, the count display of the scoreboard was changed from the order of SBO (from the top) to the order of BSO.

    Since 2017Baseball Challenge LeagueJoinedTochigi Golden BravesIs conducting an official game[6].

    The Yomiuri Giants vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp match was held on May 2022, 5.


    • Chiba Marine StadiumBefore the completion of (currently ZOZO Marine Stadium), mainly in the prefecture's political and business worldLotte OrionsTo Utsunomiya and set up a baseKawasaki StadiumThere was a plan to move to this stadium, but he was the prefectural governor at that time.Fumio WatanabeHowever, he stubbornly opposed "I will not invite anything other than the Giants", so this concept disappeared.Although the Giants play open games at the ballpark about every three years, they have never held an official game until 3.Also, when the Giants were enrolledKiyohara KazuhiroHas never participated in an open game at the ballpark (Tochigi Sports Park Baseball FieldIn the Seibu era1987/Has participated in the open battle with the giant).
    • Since the opening, the magnetic reversal typescore boardWas using.The score display sectionDigital clocklike7-segment displayIt was, but in recent yearsmaintenanceIs not perfectmalfunctionWas one after another.This has long been regarded as a problem in the prefecture, but at last2005/Some display functions such as player name display have stopped in this season.In the summer of the same yearhigh school baseballThe renovation was not in time by the prefectural tournament, and the game proceeded in a state where only points and ball counts could be displayed at this stadium.Renovation work started in the winter of the same year,2006/Construction was completed in February, 23Yomiuri Giants vs.Hiroshima Toyo CarpThe new scoreboard was put into service in the open game of.The new scoreboardLED typeIt became the first stadium in the prefecture to be in the score display section.HitNumber andfaux pasNumbers can now be displayed.
    • Since the player name part of the scoreboard could not be displayed from the spring of 2021, repair work was carried out from September of the same year, and operation started on April 9, 2022.The size, shape, and electronic signage format of the upper and lower two stages are the same as before, but after the repair, it became a full-color LED, and it became possible to display new animation images in addition to letters and numbers.[7].
    • National High School Baseball Championship Tochigi TournamentThe final match is often held at this stadium.In the past, the finals were mainly played at the Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park Baseball Stadium, but since the early 2000s, we have been using this stadium (excluding 2012 when the above-mentioned earthquake damage occurred. 13 is the Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park Baseball). It was planned to be a venue, but it was changed to this stadium due to a problem with the electric bulletin board).However, the opening ceremony is rarely held at the stadium.
    • It was used as a venue for the opening ceremony and finals at the 2008rd Kanto Junior High School Baseball Tournament in 33.
    • The movie version of "If a female high school baseball manager reads Drucker's "Management"』(If Dora) was also used for shooting (before the earthquake).

    Equipment outline

    • Both wings: 97.6m, Mid-size: 122m
    • Field: Fully permeable artificial turf
    • Capacity: 30,000 (Infield: Seats (exciting seats will be in service from April 2012), Outfield: Lawn seats)
    • Scoreboard: LED type (upper and lower two-stage screen, freeboard combined)
    (* Magnetic reversal type from opening to 2005)
    • Lighting equipment: 6 units
    • Duck out, etc .: Changing room, shower room, ball boy room, etc.
    • Behind the back net: Headquarters room, broadcasting room, special bleachers (wheelchair-accessible), etc.

    The ground is entirely permeable artificial turf (except for the cinder track).It has sufficient facilities such as a scoreboard for a full-color LED electric bulletin board, seats for about 30,000 spectators, a shower room, and other facilities such as a professional baseball game at a local stadium and the invitation of ALL STAR SERIES.The bullpen is located near the pole at the back of the duck out on the 1st and 3rd bases, respectively, in the form of going in and out of the ground, so that two pitchers can practice pitching.It also has a telephone to contact the dugout.In addition, there was a space to store practice nets, etc. near the pole of the bullpen, but the above (#history), There are 1 exciting seats on each of the 3st and 48rd bases, for a total of 96 seats.

    Transportation facility

    • Utsunomiya City Road runs around Kiyohara Central Park including our stadium.Although there is a parking lot for about 100 cars beside the adjacent Kiyohara Gymnasium, the parking lot is shared with the gymnasium and tennis courts, and is not exclusively for this stadium.A corporate parking lot in the industrial zone may be opened as a general visitor parking lot when a sporting event is held.Previously, parking on the shoulder grass belt of the park's eastern road called "Greenbelt" was also permitted.[8], As of 2022, see belowUtsunomiya light railDue to the progress of the track laying work, parking is often prohibited not only at the ballpark but also at events around Kiyohara Central Park.[9][10][11].
    "Kiyohara Baseball Stadium" on the third base infield seat side (west side of the stadium)
    "Kiyohara Central Park" behind the back screen of the outfield seat (south side of the stadium)


    • JR Utsunomiya StationFrom the West Exit Bus Terminal, take the JR Bus to "Kiyohara Baseball Stadium" (via only some morning and evening flights) or get off at "Kiyohara Central Park".
      • Some flights do not go through at all, so check the official website if necessary.
    • When professional baseball is held, a temporary bus may be operated from Utsunomiya Station.


    • In addition to our stadium, Kiyohara Industrial Park also has "Kiyohara Minami Stadium" in Minami Park.Baseball-soft ballIt is a dedicated stadium.
    • In addition to the sports facilities of Kiyohara Industrial Park, in the central park where the stadium is locatedKiyohara Gymnasium, Utsunomiya City, Utsunomiya City Kiyohara Tennis Court, North Park for soccer and rugbyTochigi Green StadiumThere,J League OfTochigi SCIs using it as a base.
    • Citizen's marathon tournament with the road around Kiyohara Central Park including our stadium as the main venue[14]And bicycle road race competition[15]Is also being held.

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