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⚾ | [MLB] Shohei Ohtani, Japan-US No. 150 continue the final bullet “Undefeated Myth”, batting average with multiple hits .259

Photo: Angels Shohei Ohtani, who released No. 9 solo for the first time and received a blessing on the bench [Photo: AP]

[MLB] Shohei Ohtani, Japan-US total No. 150 continue the final bullet "undefeated myth", batting average .259 with multiple hits

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A memorial shot becomes the final bullet and contributes to victory.

The first at-bat for the first time, No. 1 for the first time in 6 games became a memorial bullet ■ Angels 9-4 Athletics (Japan time ... → Continue reading


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    Final bullet

    One shot

    One shotWhat is (Ippatsu)?MahjongInRoleOne of. 1 translation.UprightIt is established when the game is completed within one round after applying.however,SquealIs invalidated when is entered.which isSometimes called (soku).


    The effective area of ​​one shot isUntil the next round of Tsumo with reachIs.However, if Qi Pong Kang enters in the meantime, one shot will be invalid.When Qi Pong Kang is performed, it is common to say that one shot disappears when Qi Pong Kang is uttered.In other words, even if Ron finishes with the hit of the person who made the squeal, no one shot will be made.

    reachSince it is a role that accompanies, it is combined with almost all roles.However, there are two roles that cannot be combined according to the rules, and there are also some roles that are complicated to define.First, by definition, within one round without Qi Pong Kang,Rinshan floweringDoes not combine with.howeverChankanIs compounded with[1][2]..This is a spear chankanIs considered unsuccessful[1][2]. Also,Haitei monthAlthough it is compounded with (Undersea Tsumo),Riverbed fishIt depends on the rule whether it is combined with (Ron Kawashita).There are 3 or less tiles left (3 for 2 mahjong) (often referred to as "there is no next tile", but this is based on the assumption that there is no end, squeal, or murmur by then. It's a case story)reachIf is allowed, it is compounded, but if it is not permitted, it is not compounded.

    One shotDoraBecause it is treated as the same asTwo bindingsSometimes it is not possible to finish with just one shot.

    At Free Jakuso, one shot is with a red dora and a back dora.CelebrationIt is often the target of.In that case, the rules will be explained, such as "The congratulatory chip will be on the back of the red one" and "The red back will be the target of the congratulation."

    The squeal to put in to erase one shotOne-shot erasureSay[3]..This is also one strategy for rules with a large amount of congratulations, but there are risks such as reducing the player's choice of RBI and lowering the RBI, so it can be said that it should not be done without fail.In the first place, it is said that the probability of one-shot Tsumo is less than 10%, and one-shot cancellation is risk-free for players other than reachers, and there is a possibility that other players will be advantageous, such as increasing the number of reachers' Tsumo. Up to.

    In addition, one shot is often said to be "immediate" in the Kansai area.NES OfMahjongHowever, if it is aggravated in one shot, it will be included as a "reach soku" and will be two bottles.

    Example of tiles

    One manOne manOne manTwo manThree millionFour peopleGomanThree linesFour linesFive linesOne cylinderTwo cylindersThree tubes Ippatsu TsumoRokuman

    In this case, it is upright, one shot, Tsumo, peaceful, with 4 transliterations and 20 marks, 1300/2600 for children, and 2600 all for parents.If you don't have a pinzmo, you can get upright, one shot, and just a tsumo.3/30 for children and 1000all for parents.In the case of this example,Two manThree millionGomanRokumanI'm waiting.The more types of waits and the number of sheets, the higher the possibility of one shot.The degree of expectation depends on the situation, but it will be single horse <Kanchan, Penchan ≤ champon <double-sided ≤ enttsu 3-sided <composite multi-sided.

    Arrangements for competitive mahjong

    Competition mahjongTraditionally, this role was not recognized in the league match.This is to eliminate chances as much as possible, and groups that do not allow back dora or sword dora will not be adopted in one set with these.Therefore, for books that follow professional rules,Large wheelAlong withLocal roleIt may be introduced as.However, in general mahjong nowadays, one shot is adopted by almost all rules, and some groups have adopted it since the latter half of the 1990s even in the league match of competitive mahjong.

    Local arrangement

    • Normally, one shot disappears when the squeal enters, but in rare cases, the effective area of ​​one shot may be up to the hit of the squealer.
    • With the first TsumoDark 槓And thatMinegamiWhen the Tsumo is completed, one shot usually disappears, but in rare cases, it may be a rule to allow a combination of one shot and Rinshan kaiho.
    • Normally, one shot disappears even with the darkness of another family, but in some old books and some sites it is limited to "Naki of another family" and Naki in a narrow sense. ..
    • Because it does not hold aloneUpright one shotThere was also a book that was classified into two roles.Normally, it doesn't change whether it's 2 bottle + 1 bottle or 1 bottles alone,Two bindingsIt is necessary to confirm the agreement because it may affect the balance with.
      • In the middle of double binding, it is often the case that a partial pre-emption rule is used, but it is not certain, and there is also a rule that can be completed with two bottles of reach and one shot in the first place.


    One shot was devised in the latter half of the 40s and is said to have taken root in the 50s.[4]..For this reason, it has the newest history among the general roles of Japanese mahjong.


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