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🏐 | [Volleyball] Even though the individual powers shine, they are defeated because they cannot draw the flow.

Photo Nihon University's attack firmly bites

[Volleyball] Even though the individual powers shine, they are defeated because they cannot draw the flow.

If you write the contents roughly
The other party is strong, but I hope I can show Keio's volleyball firmly because I am an audience.

Keio University, who wants to win with XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses, has faced a battle with Nihon University on this day.The beginning is for the whole team ... → Continue reading

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We publish the only sports newspaper in Keio University. A member of an active college student will report on each part of the sports club, and will inform the “now” of sports at Keio University, including not only the state of the game but also information closely related to each part and the real faces of the players.

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    Keio(Keio,(Old font : Keio) IsJapan OfEraIs one of. MotoharuAfter,MeijiBefore.DahuaIt is the 243th era since then.1865/から1868/Refers to the period until. Of this eraEmperor TheEmperor Takaaki,Emperor Meiji.Edo ShogunateGeneral TheTokugawa Igemo,Yoshiki Tokugawa.

    Edo PeriodLastEraAndIchigen systemIntroduction(Poem of the first generationPromulgation) This is the last era name before.



    XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Imperial courtからKyoto office-Matsudaira SadatakaTo the Shogunate, seven proposals of "Keiei, Fumitaka, Great Calendar, Mantoku, Keio, Meitetsu, Tensei" were reported to the Shogunate, butTokugawa IgemoSaid to the court that "there is no reason to be hired," "Erikonotsu, Keio, and there is no need to be hired."Emperor TakaakiOn the day of the change,Imperial PalaceSince the Edo Shogunate was founded,PerformanceIt has shown that the reform system that has been done has ended[2].

    In addition, I was ordered to approve this reform.TakatsujiIn the proposal issued fromHeiseiWas included[3]Was not adopted in the final 7 plans and was not adopted at this time. "Heisei" is after 124 years1989/1/8Adopted by[Note 2].


    "Sentence selection"of"Kei(I.e.ResponseFrom "Masa" Who is the investigator?

    Keio event



    Comparison table with the Christian era

    * Indicates a small month.

    Keio first year (OtsuyuAprilMay※Leap mayJune※JulyAugustSeptember※OctoberNovemberDecember※
    Gregorian calendar1865/ 5 / 1[Note 3]5/256/237/238/219/2010/2011/1812/181866/1/17
    XNUMXnd year of Keio (Bing YinJanuaryFebruary※MarchApril※May※June※JulyAugustSeptember※OctoberNovemberDecember
    Gregorian calendar1866/ 2 / 153/174/155/156/137/128/109/910/911/712/71867/1/6
    XNUMXrd year of KeioDingJanuary※FebruaryMarch※AprilMay※June※July※AugustSeptember※OctoberNovemberDecember
    Gregorian calendar1867/ 2 / 53/64/55/46/37/27/318/299/2810/2711/2612/26
    Keio XNUMXth year (舊舰January※FebruaryMarchApril※Leap April*MayJune※July※AugustSeptember※
    Gregorian calendar1868/ 1 / 252/233/244/235/226/207/208/189/1610 / 16-10 / 23[Note 4]

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    注 釈

    1. ^ In principleYang Wood RatNo revisions were made between the years of1865/ OfZodiac signsIsOtsuyuThe precedent for the revision in the yearHisasu(1145/) Only once.Nevertheless, the change was made this yearTokugawa IeyasuIt is said to be a prayer for the 250th anniversary of[1].
    2. ^ AkihitoIs the day before (Showa64/1/7)The Constitution of Japan-Imperial ruleAccording to the provisions ofInherit the throneWith what I didEra lawAccording to the regulations of "Cabinet Order to Change the EraWas promulgated and enforced.
    3. ^ February 1865, 5 (Motoharu2/4/7) Revised to Keio.
    4. ^ October 1868, 10 (23th year of Keio)9/8MeijiChanged to.


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