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⚾ | Shohei Otani hits infield to the third, which is the opposite of the hit “Otani Shift” in the first at bat for the first time in three games.


Shohei Ohtani hits infield to the third, which is the opposite of the hit "Otani Shift" in the first at bat for the first time in three games.

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The third couldn't throw this and was infield hit.

[MLB] Angels-Athletics (May 5, Japan time 21 / Anaheim) Shohei Ohtani of the Angels ... → Continue reading


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Uchino Hits

Uchino Hits(Nah, I see)baseballInHitone of.Fair OfGoroBecamebatterSays the case where the batter-runner safely lived on the first base while the ball was hit in the infield. There is no difference in the batting record from normal hits. OftenSingle strokeBut rarelydoubleIt may be more hits[1]..When a hit ball that reaches the outfield becomes a hit, there is no special name and it is simply called a hit.

Conditions that are prone to infield hits

  • Be a left-hander (because the batters box for left-handers is closer to first base).
  • The batter's foot is fast, especially after hittingdashIs fast.
  • infieldIt is difficult to catch the ball, or the ball is hit at a position far from the first base (such as near the third base).
  • There are no runners on the first base (because no hits are recorded when the first base runner is forced out).
  • InfieldNatural grassTo be.

And so on. EspeciallyArtificial grassIn the stadium and in baseball, the hit ball of a slamming ground ball jumps up high and often hits before the fielder waits for the ball to fall. Such hits especiallyBaltimore ChopThat.

Example of not hitting infield

  • Infielder(In this case, the fielder located in the infield) couldn't process due to a technical error such as fumbled the ball, or if the ball was processed without error but the subsequent ball was missed, the batter runner was If you make the best use of the first base, no hit is recorded andfaux pasIs recorded. However, even without these mistakes, the batter-runner was able to live safely on the first base.RecorderIf judged by, it will be a hit.
  • When the infielder drops to the range of the outfield and handles it, in most cases the batter reaches the first base before the infielder catches up with the ball, resulting in a hit, but even if the infielder processes it, in this case the ball is hit. Since it extends to the outfield, it is not an "infield" hit.
  • Even if the batter-runner lives safely on the first base, the fielder sends the ball to a base other than the first base to outrun other runners (Fielder selection), and if the record keeper determines that the fielder had been able to out the batter-runner if he had sent the ball to the first base from the beginning, no hit is recorded for the batter. BatterBuntIf you wereSacrificeIs recorded.

Infield hits in the walk-off game scene (Japan only)

  • If the ball is thrown to the home base with an infield grounder on the third base with no death or one dead runner, but the score is not in time, the fielder's choice is usually recorded.but,Goodbye gameIf is true, there is a convention that hits are recorded as the infielder had only the option of throwing a home base.[2]..Furthermore, even if the infielder gives up the pitching on the home base and outs the batter on the first base before returning to the home base, this out is ignored and treated as a hit, and the pitcher's pitching times are not recorded (for example, August 2005, 8). Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs. Chiba Lotte Marines[3]).But this isThere is no such rule in the baseball rules, it is just a convention by Japanese official scorers.[2],Major LeagueWill be recorded as a fielder's choice as usual[4].

Most infield hits record in recent years

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

年度Player nameBaseball teamHitUchino Hits
2003Norihiro AkahoshiHanshin Tigers17243
2004Munenori KawasakiFukuoka Daiei Hawks17139
2005Aoki NobuchikaYakult Swallows20251
2006Norihiro AkahoshiHanshin Tigers15240
2007Aoki NobuchikaTokyo Yakult Swallows19338
2008Norihiro AkahoshiHanshin Tigers15740

Major League Baseball (MLB)

年度American leagueNational league
NameAffiliationHitIFHBUHUchino HitsNameAffiliationHitIFHBUHUchino Hits
2002IchiroSEA20841950Juan PierreCollar170222446
2003IchiroSEA21234943Juan PierreFLA204173148
2004IchiroSEA26257461Juan PierreFLA221382462
2005Scott PodocedonicCHW147241741Willie TaverasHOU172373168
2006Luis CastilloMIN17340444Juan PierreCHC204302151
2007IchiroSEA23844751Willie TaverasCollar119153853
2008IchiroSEA21340848Willie TaverasCollar20192443
2009IchiroSEA22550656Michael BourneHOU173291847
2010IchiroSEA21453760Ryan TherioCHC /LAD15825934
Michael BourneHOU142241034

*IFH = Infield hit (infield hits excluding bunt hits)

*BUH = Bunt hit


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