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⚾ | Kurosawajiri, XNUMXth Goodbye Spring High School Baseball Championship

Photo Morioka Municipal-Kurosawajiri Technical High School Kurosawajiri Technical High School 12th inning 1 death XNUMXst, XNUMXnd base to Takahashi Rui's infield grounder, while the second baseman Kikuchi (center) survives to the home of goodbye = Ninohe

Kurosawajiri, XNUMXth Goodbye Spring High School Baseball Championship

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Morioka San defeated Senshu University Kitakami 6-3.

The 69th Spring Tohoku District High School Baseball Championship 2nd day is the 21st, Rising Sun Stadium in Noda Village and Odaira Baseball Stadium in Ninohe City ... → Continue reading

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Senshu University Kitakami High School

Senshu University Kitakami High School(Students and students)IwateKitakami CityIt is inprivatehigh school.. The abbreviation is "College North Kitakami"(Senda Ikitakami) or"Senboku(Senkita).


Senshu UniversityIs a group school. From Senshu University,Subsidiary-Matsudo-TamanaWithAffiliated schoolHowever, the corporations that operate them are different.Affiliated schoolIs (Senshu University Kitakami Welfare Education College, Kitakami Kindergarten, Senshu University is the same school corporation Kitakami).


  • 1947/(Showa22) April-Established Iwate Dressmaking College, the mother body
  • 1948/(23) May 5-Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology permits the establishment of the Iwate Dressmaking College
  • 1950/(25) December 12-At the board of directors of the Iwate Dressmaking College, the organization of the Iwate Dressmaking College was changed to the Kurosawajiri Girls'Academy, and the business content was changed to Kurosawajiri Girls' High School and Iwate Dressmaking Specialty. Decided to be a school, etc.
  • 1951/
    • January 1-Chairman Ichiro Kamada submits an application for organizational change (to a school corporation, etc.) to Kenkichi Kokubun, Governor of Iwate Prefecture.
    • February 2 --Organizational change approval to Kurosawajiri Girls' Academy
    • April --Kurosawajiri Girls' High School opens in the form of annexed to Iwate Dressmaking College.Home economics (clothing course), advanced course established
  • 1954/(Showa 29) April-Established a commercial department,
  • 1956/(Showa 31) May-The main school building is destroyed by fire
  • 1957/(32)
    • April-Changed the school name from Kurosawajiri Girls' High School to Kitakami Commercial High School.From this year, the commercial department will be co-educational from girls only
    • July-Completion of the new school building (at that time) at the current location
    • September --The corporate name was changed to the school corporation Kitakami Gakuen, the school name was changed to Kitakami Commercial High School (commercial department, home economics (clothing course), advanced course), and the Kitakami dressmaking school (home economics main course, high school) was changed to men and women. Co-education
  • 1961/(36)
    • March ――It is decided to become a group of Senshu University
    • June-Changed the school name to Senshu University Kitakami Commercial High School and Senshu University Kitakami Women's College
  • 1962/(Showa 37) April-Changed the school name to Kitakami High School attached to Senshu University.Established an ordinary course.School building extension and gymnasium completed (at that time)
  • 1963/(38)
    • July-School name changed to Senshu University Kitakami High School
    • October-Completion of men's dormitory (at that time)
  • 1964/(39)
    • April --Civil engineering and architecture departments are set up at Oniyanagi Campus.Women's dormitory completed
    • August-Library completed (at that time)
  • 1965/(40) --Kitakami Gakuen Kitakami Kindergarten opened
  • 1968/(43) April-Established automobile department
  • 1969/(44)
    • October --Completion of new construction of automobile maintenance training ground (at that time)
    • Month unknown --Kitakami Gakuen Kitakami Kindergarten renamed to Senshudaigaku Kitakami Kindergarten
  • 1970/(Showa 45) October --New school building (Building No. 10) Phase 1 construction completed (industrial drafting room, etc. completed)
  • 1972/(47)
    • March-Stop recruiting home economics
    • December-Completion of new school building (Building No. 12)
  • 1976/(51) --Senshu University Kitakami Women's College is approved as a vocational school and becomes Senshu University Kitakami Childcare College
  • 1980/(55) May-Completion of new construction of men's dormitory
  • 1983/(58) October-Completion of the second gymnasium (new gymnasium)
  • 1987/(62) December-Completion of new construction of Building No. 12
  • 1991/(Heisei3 years)
    • April --Renamed to Construction Department by integrating Architecture Department and Civil Engineering Department.Club room completed
    • September-Gymnasium extension completed
    • December-Ceremony held to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the founding of high school.Completion of extension of Building No. 40
  • 1993/(5) --Creation Hall (library / audiovisual room) completed
  • 2001/(13) --Ceremony held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of high school
  • 2002/(14) January-"1 (Gomaru) Memorial Hall" completed
  • 2003/(15) April --Renamed the Department of Construction to the Department of Building Systems
  • 2004/(16) --Renamed the commercial and economic course of the commercial department to the general office course.
  • 2006/(18) April --Kitakami Gakuen acquired the site of the relocation of Iwate Prefectural Kurosawajiri Minami High School and started using it.
  • 2007/(19) March --Stop recruiting for Building Systems Department
  • 2009/(21) --Completion of new automobile training building
  • 2011/(23) October-Ceremony held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the founding of high school
  • 2021/(Reiwa3 years) --Ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of high school (scheduled to be held)
  • 2022/(Reiwa 4th year) --From this year, the regular course system will be reorganized into a course / major system, and the commercial course will be reorganized into a glocal business course (planned).
  • 2023/(Reiwa 5th year) --New construction of Building No. XNUMX is scheduled to be completed

Installation course / department

From 2022 students

  • general course
    • Deep learning (DL) course (assignment to the following majors is from the second year)
      • Academic Inquiry Major
      • PBL major
    • Active learning (AL) course (assignment to the following majors is from the second year)
      • Welfare / Childcare / Early Childhood Education Major
      • Information Business Major
      • Sports major
  • Glocal Business Department
  • Automotive department

Until 2021 students

  • general course
    • Special advance course
    • University entrance course
    • General Education Course
  • Commercial Department
  • Automotive department


Ordinary courses (special advance course, university advance course, general advance course), when moving from the first grade to the second grade, or from the second grade to the third grade, the courses are changed according to the change and aptitude of the students' aspirations. He responds to a wide range of aspirations from private colleges and national universities to junior colleges and vocational schools to employment.

We have a grade system for classes related to qualification acquisition and aim to acquire high qualifications according to ability.

The car department has a weekly training at a car maintenance factory attached to the school.Third-class car mechanicYou can obtain the examination qualification of. Besides,Dangerous goods handlerVarious qualifications and small vehicle qualifications can be acquired.

Extracurricular activities

Since its founding, it has been focusing on the promotion of club activities, and has always been active in judo, kendo, table tennis, badminton, track and field, etc., occupying the top ranks in the prefecture.Cultural activities are also active, and the marching band of the brass band is one of the best in Tohoku.Hard typebaseballDepartmentIwateAs a powerhouse ofSummer Koshien tournamentHas often participated in.2007/April, baseball world pointed out by Takano RenBack metalDiscoveredScholarship studentThe baseball club was temporarily disbanded due to problems, but as of June 6st, the baseball club's return activity is recognized. Same year89th High School Baseball ChampionshipIt is now possible to participate in the Iwate Prefecture qualifying round in summer, which is a major issue. The baseball club of the school's Iwate Prefecture qualifying has advanced to the finals, but in the finalsHanamaki Higashi High SchoolHe was defeated by and did not participate in Koshien in the summer.

Sports Club

Culture Department

High school cooperation

Since it is an affiliated school of Senshu University, a certain number of students go on to Senshu University and Ishinomaki Senshu University every year using the "affiliated school recommendation system".

On-site lessons are also held by professors at Ishinomaki Senshu University.


  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Lecture room
  • music room
  • Chemistry room
  • Physics room
  • Japanese-style room
  • Kitchen room
  • Clothing room
  • Creation Hall
  • gymnasium
  • 50 Memorial Hall (martial arts hall, special music room, training room, training room, etc.)
  • Driving range
  • Ground

The new building No. 2023 will be completed in 1 and new facilities will be added.

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  • Takayoshi Nakao(Former baseball manager, former professional baseball player)

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