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⚾ | At the moment of impact, "the image of squeezing a rag" "Mr. 3 Run" explains how to fly a hit ball

Photo: Masahiko Morino, who was active in Chunichi, etc. [Photo: Ken Ito]

At the moment of impact, "the image of squeezing a rag" "Mr. 3 Run" explains how to fly a hit ball

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There are many boys' baseball children who cannot swing as expected due to tension and strength when they enter the turn at bat.

Masahiko Morino with 1581 hits in total "Unnecessary power creates waste" When the desire to hit becomes stronger, at bat ... → Continue reading


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Youth baseball

Youth baseball(Baseball) is generally done by elementary school studentsBaseballOften refers to, but originally "BaseballIs the correct name,All Japan Softball Baseball Federation"Shonen baseball" is the exact category ofMiddle school studentsIs the target.Here, elementary and junior high school students doRigid type・ Handles all types of baseball.Since softball originated in Japan and is widely used in only a few countries around the world, it is basically played in hardball overseas from the ages of junior high school and younger.

Boy baseball of each age

Junior high school student (U-15)

  • Baseball
school'sExtracurricular activitiesTeams are extremely rare and mostClub teamIs.Long-establishedLittle senior,Boys leagueIn addition, there are 5 groups and 6 leagues of Young, Pony, Bronco, and Fresh, which are summarized by the Japan Junior High School Baseball Council.The national competition to compete for the best in Japan is held in Tokyo every August.All Japan Junior High School Baseball Championship Giants Cup(Since 2007, it has become a formal national tournament from the exchange tournament up to that point).
International competitionWBSC U-15 World Cup.Representation from JapanIs organized by the Japan Junior High School Baseball Council.In addition, world competitions and international friendly matches are held in each league.
  • Baseball
There are two ways, one is for school club activities and the other is for local club teams. The former national tournamentNational Junior High School Softball Baseball Tournament(All in all), the latter national tournamentAll Japan Boys Softball Baseball TournamentBoth are held in August in (All Japan).If a junior high school club activity team participates in the latter tournament, "○○ junior high school"ク ラ ブI will participate as.Also, in November, there will be a national junior high school prefectural competition baseball tournament, in which basically selected teams from each prefecture will participate in the third year of junior high school.
International competitionBFA U-15 Asian Baseball Championship..For this tournamentK ballIs used.Representation from JapanThe organization ofJapan Junior High School Baseball Federation.
  • Overseas
In North America, the season system is similar to that of professionals and colleges, and it is common to try out before the season and divide the classes according to skill.

Elementary school student (U-12)

  • Baseball
Little league,Boys league6 groups same as junior high school.Since the rules for leaving bases, equipment regulations, and distance between bases may differ depending on the federation, the exchange tournament in all federations like the middle school age has not been held for a long time, but the first exchange tournament in 2010National elementary school baseball exchange tournament(ア ン ダ ー ア ー マ ーCup) ”was held.
International competitionWBSC U-12 World Cup.Representation from JapanAs for the selection method, an all-Japan joint tryout is being carried out.In addition, world competitions and international friendly matches are held in each league.
  • Baseball
Also known as schoolchildren's baseball.The national convention isTakamado Miyagi Cup All Japan School Children's Baseball TournamentWhen,National Sports Boys' Association Softball Baseball Tournament2 tournaments.In the former, 47 prefectures (2 teams in Tokyo and Hokkaido), the venue (Tokyo), and the previous winning team, a total of 51 teams participated.The latter will be attended by 15 teams, including 16 regional block representative teams and the venue (Sapporo) team.The activity form of the team is the local club team (Sports boysEtc.) and divided into school units.Some teams are family-participatoryCamp,Training campThere are also places to hold other events[1].
International competitionBFA U-12 Asian Baseball Championship..For this tournamentK ballIs used.Representation from JapanAs for the selection method, an all-Japan joint tryout is being carried out.

Problems with youth baseball

Japan Sports AssociationAbout boy sportsHealthy development of mind and body through sportsThe first goal is to encourage the Sports Boy Scouts and their members and their families to actively participate in the following social activities.

  • Joint activities with mutual members, parents, and local residents
  • Activities aimed at improving communication with local residents
  • Active participation in local businesses and events
  • Service activities such as cleaning the town

In this way, as a Japan Sports AssociationVictory is not everythingHowever, there are various problems in reality, and the problems are listed below.

Leader's problem

As a common problem for school children's sports, it is not uncommon for leaders to deviate significantly from the purpose of "cultivating physical and mental health through sports" because they stick to victory and defeat.It is a sight that you often see when you go to the competition venue of school children's sports, such as giving a swearing voice that is far from the scolding encouragement.In addition, due to lack of knowledge and carelessness related to mental and physical matters during school age, injuries, heat stroke, etc., there are cases in which athletes frequently break down or, in the worst case, cause fatal accidents. ing.However, the Japan Sports Association also seems to have made this a big problem, and in the sports boy group certified instructor training course, more than 6% of the pages of the text are devoted to these things to call attention.However, team leaders who are not active in the Sports Boy Scouts organization are not obliged to take this course and may experience the problems mentioned above.

Currently, all youth baseball leaders have a public license as a leader.[2]Or, it is not obligatory to attend the instructor training.There is a license system for leadersサ ッ カ ー[3],basketball[4]Conducting competitions such as, and seminars for instructorsjudo[5]Compared to martial arts such as, the youth baseball coach qualification system is not fully functioning.

In addition, regarding accidents during practice, in past court cases, accidents that occurred during practice and gamesObvious negligenceIn some cases, the responsibility of the instructor was questioned if the case was recognized, and the parents of the boys had obtained a prior disclaimer agreement such as "I will never sue for any accident." Even so, such a written consent is in Article XNUMX of Civil Affairs.Public order and moralsInvalidated for violation[6].

Examples of malicious leaders' behavior

  • To the player who made a mistake, "How many years have you been doing!"
  • To the player who retired at the chance, "I would say that I hit the liner!"
  • He has the idea that "it is natural to be able to do it without teaching", and he screams and screams at players who cannot.
  • The result is everything, and there is a lack of attitude to let the players learn from the mistakes without evaluating the process.
  • It was the instructor who appointed the player who made the mistake, saying "It was your fault that the point was scored" and "It was your fault that you lost", and it was also the instructor himself. The viewpoint is missing.
  • I do not teach greetings, etiquette, or tidying up tools.
  • "Only you have a pitcher. Don't say it's bad, don't say it's cute!"
  • For players who make the same mistakes in a short period of time, do not scold or remind them, but praise them only when they are finally able to do it (this harmful effect is described in the problem common to leaders and parents).

Parental issues

In the world of schoolchildren's sports, there are parents who demand unreasonable challenges from excellent leaders.Specifically, complaints about the appointment of players such as "Why is my child not used?" And "In that sceneSqueezeIn terms of arrangement, such as "Would be?"claimIn addition, there are various things such as making a demand for victory.Since the existence of such a guardian has a considerable influence on the behavior and thinking of the leader, the above-mentioned "problem of the leader" includes the existence of such a guardian in addition to the individual qualities of the leader. There are cases where things occur as a factor.These people have a lack of gratitude for "taking care of their children" and "about their own children" because they think that they are doing it because they like it anyway. The belief that "I know better than anyone" lacks the fact that "for the sport, I spend much more time with my mentor than with my parents." In order not to have the viewpoint that "the leader acts in consideration of all factors", he takes up only one aspect as a big problem and takes actions that disturb the harmony of the whole team.The existence of such a guardian is a cause of greatly discouraging the motivation of leaders and the like.In addition, there are cases in which adults and school children's sports are confused due to the beliefs that come from their own competition experience, and the cause is that they do not understand the difference.

Examples of malicious guardian behavior

  • A loud heckler is sent to the players (children) of the opponent team.
  • I made a player squeeze and failed.After the game, he made a fuss about "My child is good at batting, but why didn't he hit it?"
  • Loudly criticize the referee's decision.It goes without saying that this is not good for children's education, and in many cases, parents participate as volunteers in addition to official referees in schoolchildren's sports, and such criticism discourages volunteers from participating. There is no thought that it will adversely affect the operation of the tournament.
  • After the match, a manager was stopped by a man and advised, "That pitcher should remodel the form," "The two should change positions," and "Why don't you let them run more?"After parting from that person, I was surprised to hear from another guardian that he was "Your father."
  • He speaks loudly for irrelevant criticisms of leaders and other parents, seeks the support of others, and disturbs the overall harmony.
  • Of course, there are also those who share the same words and actions as "an example of a malicious leader."

Problems common to leaders and parents

Here, we mainly refer to the problems of adults surrounding children, regardless of whether they are leaders or parents.

  • I want to improve my competitiveness, but it's basic[7][8][9][10]I don't even know if I'm ignoring the principle of.It is said that this not only makes it impossible to practice rationally and cannot be expected to improve competitiveness, but also has an adverse effect on the future.For example, in school children, the age at which they are good at learning "movements" such as technical training, and even though they are not suitable for improving endurance and strength, "running" is less effective. Spend a lot of time on what you call endurance running, and impose strength training such as push-ups (strength training performed in school children is the finalheightIs said to have an effect on[11] ).
  • It is beneficial to be involved in many sports in school age, and if you stick to one sport or specialize from school ageBurnoutIncreases the possibility of[12]Despite the fact that it is said, to parents of children who play other sports in parallel, "I feel sorry for my child to do this and that" "If I play other sports, my progress in baseball will be delayed", etc. Do what you think comes from your lack of understanding of the physiological, mental, and physical differences between you and.
  • Some adults may have no understanding of the harmful effects of complimenting too much.In a play where there is a high probability of success if you exert your concentration, if you instruct a player who repeats similar failures in a short time to praise only when he succeeds without scolding, that player will be stressed appropriately. It is said that you are distracted during practice because it is hard to feel, it is difficult to concentrate during the play and you are more likely to make mistakes, and you will soon get used to being praised.motivationIt is said that children who were motivated to be praised tend to burn out early, as well as the adverse effects such as the gradual loss of the effects that adults expect, such as improvement and maintenance of children.

Other than the Japan Sports Association, the above is regarded as a problem, such as being the subject of a work, and there is an opinion that further enlightenment activities are necessary.[13][14]..In recent years, the number of youth baseball players has been declining, and in 2018Yoshitomo TsutsukaIs holding an unusual press conference to appeal the current situation of youth baseball during voluntary training[15].

Pitcher's physical burden

Heisei 27,All Japan Baseball Association,Japanese Orthopedic AssociationAs a result of investigating shoulder and elbow pain in more than 1 elementary school teams nationwide, it was found that more than half of the experienced pitchers had pain.[16][17][18]..This tendency is becoming stronger for players who have a large number of balls and who also hold positions.


In 2014, at a junior high school baseball club active in Kanazawa, in late August, the manager ordered running (punishment) because the success rate was low in the afternoon bunt practice at the Shika-cho baseball stadium in Ishikawa prefecture. A boy of the year (8 years old at that time) collapsed during practice and was transported to an emergency department, where he was diagnosed with severe heat stroke.Due to brain damage, boys suffer from sequelae such as visual acuity, marked deterioration of liver function, organ failure, movement disorder, consciousness disorder, hallucinations, and convulsions, and continue to live on medication and rehabilitation treatment even after discharge.The parents of the students reported the damage to the Ishikawa Prefectural Police on suspicion of negligence and injury in business, saying that the directors had neglected their duty of care.The club held a briefing session with parents to apologize and inform them of measures to prevent recurrence.The representative man said, "I feel responsible," and said, "I was diligently taking water during the practice. There was no problem with the instruction."[19].


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