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⛳ | “59” Yuta Ikeda takes the lead alone Ryoma Iwai 2nd, Shugo Imahira 8th

Yuta Ikeda (photo by Keita Ueyama) who decided to start the rocket in photo "59"

"59" Yuta Ikeda takes the lead alone Ryoma Iwai 2nd, Shugo Imahira 8th

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Shugo Imahira, who is aiming to win the championship for two weeks in a row, has a good start in Thailand with 2 under and 5th place.

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8th Thailand

Shugo Imahira

Shugo Imahira(Imahira Shugo[1],1992/10/2[1] -) isJapan OfProfessional golfer.SaitamaIruma-shiBackground[1][2]..The affiliation contract is[3].


When I was 9GolfStart[4], From Iruma City Bushi Elementary School to Iruma City Seibu Junior High School[2], Won the championship for the second consecutive year in 2006 and 2007 in junior high school[1][5].Saitama Sakae High SchoolIn 1, when I was in the first grade ofJapan Junior Golf Championship(Men's 15-17 years old)Hideki MatsuyamaDefeat and win[4][6]..He dropped out of the high school the following year in 2009America-Florida OfIMG AcademyStudy abroad in[7]..In the same year, it was in the top 8[1]..Imahira explained the reason for studying abroadPGA Tour"I want to play golf in a high level and good practice environment."[8].

After two years of training at the academy, he turned professional in 2.[1],Japan Golf Tour Organization(JGTO)Qualifying TournamentParticipate in[9]. In 2012JGTO Challenge Tournamentdebut[10].. In "HEIWA PGM ChallengeI ~ Road to CHAMPIONSHIP" held in 2014, with Masashi Nishimura and Akinori Taniplay offWon the challenge tournament for the first time[11]..In the same year, he won the "JGTO Novil FINAL"[9], 2 wins a year[4]・ With an annual prize of 7,444,288 yen, he became the prize money king of the Challenge Tour and got the right to participate in the regular tour in 2015.[9].

In 2015, he participated in the regular tour for the first time.[4]"Road to the whole UK Mizuno Open』For the first time in the top 10[5], In OctoberShigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA Sammy Cup Golf Tournament』First placeHiroshi IwataAnd entered the second place with a one-stroke difference[12]..After all, this year I was ranked 24th in prize money[1]Won the first prize seed next season[13]Was named GTPA Rookie of the Year in December[14]. Also,PGABecame a Tournament Player Member (TP)[15].

In 2016, I was planning to participate in "" in January,Low back painSuddenly missed[16]..I was supposed to enter the season without being completely cured[17], Entered 5nd place in "Mizuno Open" in MayBritish OpenWon the right to participate[18].. At the British Open held in July, he was tied for 7th place on the first day, but on the second day he was unsuccessful and failed to qualify.[19]..In the end, the prize money rank was 10th, but I couldn't win.[4].

In May 2017,Kansai Open Golf Championship』Won the tour for the first time while keeping the top position for 4 days[20]..This is a Japanese person who said in 2009Japan Professional Golf ChampionshipWon the championshipYuta IkedaIt will be the event since[20]..In the same month, in the final qualifying for the US OpenUS OpenWon the right to participate[21]..The prize money rank of this year was 6th, and the prize money won exceeded 1 million yen.[22].

2018 isBridgestone Open Golf TournamentWon the first prize king, even though he won only one in a year.

2019 is the Bridgestone Open Golf TournamentDunlop Phoenix Tournament2 wins.However, in each case, "The competition was canceled due to bad weather on the final day, and the championship in the shortened schedule competitionBecause of the unusual situation, Imahira himself had a complicated expression, "I feel like I'm not the winner."[23]..In addition, although he participated in all four overseas major games, he failed to qualify and never advanced to the final round.[24]..However, throughout the season, he won the second prize king following the previous year.[25].

Held in September 2020US OpenHe broke through the qualifying round and advanced to the final round of his first overseas major tournament (61st place tie).[26]Made in februaryMastersHowever, he advanced to the final round and left the record of 44th place Thailand.[27]

2021 years,Fuji Sankei ClassicI will give the 5th tour win.[28]

2022 years,Asia Pacific Open Diamond Cup Won the 6th tour win inBritish OpenI got the right to participate.[29] Next weekGolf Partner PRO-AM TournamentBut Tomohiro Kondo,Tomoharu OtsukiWon the playoffs with and won the championship for the second straight week[30]..On May 5, the same year, he married a general female office worker.[31].

Professional championship (7)

Japan tour championship (7)

No.DateTournamentWinning scoreDifference from second place2 bit
1May 21Kansai Open Golf Championship-9 (67-69-69-70 = 275)6 strokesJapanese flag Daisuke Kataoka
221 OctoberBridgestone Open Golf Tournament-16 (70-65-67-66 = 268)1 strokesJapanese flag
311 OctoberBridgestone Open Golf Tournament-11 (64-67 = 131)1 strokesUnited States flag
423 NovemberDunlop Phoenix Tournament-10 (65-72-66 = 203)2 strokesRepublic of Korea flag
55 September 2021Fuji Sankei Classic-10 (71-69-68-64 = 272)4 strokesJapanese flag
6May 15 2022Asia Pacific Open Diamond Cup Golf-8 (66-69-69-68 = 272)1 strokesJapanese flag Kosuke Suzuki (amateur)

Japanese flag Hiroshi Iwata Japanese flag Onishi Kaito Japanese flag Katsura River manned

7May 22 2022Golf Partner PRO-AM Tournament-22 (65-67-61-65 = 258)play offJapanese flag Tomohiro Kondo Japanese flag Tomoharu Otsuki

Playoff record (1-0)

12022/Golf Partner PRO-AM TournamentJapanese flag Tomohiro Kondo Japanese flag Tomoharu OtsukiPlayoff 1st hole, Imahira 2 on 2 putt par, Kondo 3 on 1 putt par, Otsuki 3 on 2 putt bogey

Imahira won the championship by removing the second hole of the playoffs, the birdie of Imahira 2 on 2 putt, and the Kondo 1 on 2 putt.

AbemaTV Tour Winner (2)

  • 2014 Heiwa PGM Challenge I Road to Championship, JGTO Novil Final


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