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⛳ | Mone Inami aiming for consecutive victories The group with Hinako Shibuno is “welcome” and “just being together is fun” 

Photo Play with Shibuko is welcome I want to make a start dash with the attention group (Photo: Satoshi Mt. Yoneyama)

The group with Mone Inami and Hinako Shibuno aiming for consecutive victories is "welcome" and "it's fun just to be together" 

If you write the contents roughly
It seems that he will play with a stronger awareness of "from the fairway to the safe management of par-on."

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fairway(English: Fairway) IsGolfInOur CoursesIs an element. Trimmed shortShibaIt is composed of and is easy to hit from here. AlsoballIf is dropped, it has the property of bouncing well and rolling well.


The most orthodox golf play is to keep the ball on the fairway. This is "Keep the fairway". No matter how confident a golfer is in flying distance, it is considered immature if he cannot keep the fairway.

A common case of failing to keep the fairway is when the ball once dropped on the fairway continues to roll endlessly.rough,hazardIs to be reached. Typically,WoodThe ball hit by has the property of rolling well, and it is considered that such a case falls into the case depending on the combination of the falling point and the slope ahead. However, course designers often deliberately do so.

If you can keep the fairway well, you will be able to actively use the club called "". Fairway woods have a steadily increasing number of enthusiasts since the 1990s, and the product lineup is substantial. However, it is not preferable for a golfer who cannot avoid the above case.

The fairway is the most important element in the course design. Although it cannot be said unequivocally, it is said that it is difficult for a course where the width and area of ​​the fairway are narrow. Even if it is wide, the difficulty increases if the slope is strong.


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