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⚾ | Shohei Ohtani predicts 100 majors in total by "telop mistake"?"Shohei Otani Grand Sla ...


Shohei Ohtani predicts 100 majors in total by "telop mistake"?"Shohei Otani Grand Sla ...

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Former major player Hisanori Takahashi, who served as a commentator, responded with a surprise, saying, "That's no good," and the viewers were flooded with tsukkomi such as "preliminary celebration w" and "wishful thinking w."

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Preliminary celebration w

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking(Kibo Kibo)British: wishful thinking) IsbeliefIt is a form ofevidence,RationalityInstead, "I want you to be so" or "I wish it was."希望It means making a judgment influenced by.In general, it refers to predicting that a favorable result is more likely than an unfavorable result.

An example is shown below.

  • economistIrving FisherIt is,World Depression"The stock price has reached something like a permanently high plateau," he said a few weeks before the 1929 stock market crash.
  • John F. KennedyThe presidentThe Pigs Bay IncidentInCubaIf the army becomes dominantCIABelieved that the rebels supported by the rebels would "escape the destruction by blending into various parts of the world."

Wishful thinking as a fallacy

Cognitive bias,Decision makingWishful thinking other than the bad wayErrorIt is also regarded as a kind of, and refers to the case where the truth of a matter is decided based on hope rather than based on facts.This fallacy has the form "P is true (or false) because I like P to be true (or false)".[1]..Wishful thinking like thisEmotional argumentBased onSubstitution of issuesIs a kind of.

Using wishful thinking,Situation interpersonal argumentCan produce a form ("You say A, but that's because you want to derive B, so it's not A").

Wishful thinkingUnintended consequencesIt may cause you to miss it.

As a related error,Argument from ignorance("It must be true because it has not yet been proven to be false").For example, believers in UFOs agree that most UFO photos are fake, but believe that any single photo that has not been proven to be fake proves the existence of the UFO.


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