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⚾ | Strikeouts and errors "do not get angry", but ... What are the "rules of offense and defense" that the strong seniors thoroughly enforce?

Photo: Junior high school baseball team "Shizuoka Susono Little Senior" who has experience of national domination [Photo: Atsushi Ma]

Strikeouts and errors "do not get angry", but ... What are the "rules of offense and defense" that the strong seniors thoroughly enforce?

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When I don't give a sign of sacrifice bunt, I basically let him hit up to 2 strikes freely, but for the same reason, I make him aware of the advance hit after being driven.

"Senior Shizuoka Susono" in Shizuoka Prefecture has won the national championship twice. The junior high school baseball team "Susono Susono ..." → Continue reading


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    Home run

    Home run(Shinruida) isbaseballOne of the terms.It refers to a hit that is intended to advance the runner's base, or a hit that can be advanced.


    In general, a base hit in the sense of a hit intended to advance isTo the rightGoroBatter aimed at hittingOften points to.At this time, it is highly possible that the runner cannot advance with the fly or liner, so it is not considered to be intended to advance to the base.Since it is a blow aimed at creating a situation where the runner can easily advance and survive, and at least increase the possibility that the runner can advance to the base even if the batter is out, the sign of the advance or the advance is originally given. The intended hit does not necessarily include "being out", but it is often said that hitting to be out is a prerequisite.

    On the other hand, a base hit in the sense of a hit that was able to advance a runner isThe batter was out, but the result of the hit that the runner was able to advance to the baseOften refers to.In a broad sense, it is a base in exchange for an outSacrificeIt can be said that it is included in.Batters that result in hits or points are not considered to have hit a base as a result.Bunt,Sacrifice flyOften not included.Regardless of whether the batter had the intention of hitting a base hit, it may also be referred to as a base hit if the runner can be advanced in exchange for a ground ball as a result, except for a ground ball to the right.

    In the meaning of advancement, the meaning is slightly different depending on the intention and the result of hitting, andBunt,Sacrifice bunt,Sacrifice fly,hit,scoreAs for the difference in recognition that is often not included in the advancement, the advancement is the rule.Official baseball rulesThis is because it is not defined in the above and is not recorded as a record, but it is a word for evaluating the contribution, so there is a slight difference in recognition of what constitutes a contribution.

    Theoretically, it is required to hit the goro in the right direction (right direction) when the first baseman or second baseman catches the ball in the case of the infield goro for the second base runner, and when the right fielder catches the ball in the case of a hit. In addition, the throwing distance to third base becomes longer, and it is said that the return ball from the first base side is less likely to be blocked than from the third base side during home base cross play, so the second base runner can advance to third base and survive to home base. This is because there is a high possibility (the theory is that if the ground ball flies to the left, the second base runner will return to the base, and if the hit is in front of the left, the third base will be stopped).Right-handed as well as the first base runner's advancementFirst baseman,second basemanIf you catch a ball, it will take time to move from catching to throwing, and there is a higher possibility that you will be able to go around the second base when you get out of the light. It is said that this is easy to lead to advancement.

    Record treatment

    Official baseball rulesThe definition of the record is defined inSacrifice bunt,Sacrifice flyUnlike, there is no item on the record of advancement, as a retreatNumber of strokesIs counted in.Therefore, as a result of hitting the basebatting averageWill be reduced.

    However, since the data does not verify how much batting average contributes to the decrease in batting average, it is possible that batters with a low batting average are required to advance to the extent that they are not expected to hit. It is unclear whether the batting average has dropped as a result of being asked to hit a base.

    In the assessment of professional baseball, some teams evaluate by setting items for advancement in addition to the number of hits.[Source required].

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      BasicIs based on making things happen.Here, the basics in educational terms andMinimum EssentialsI will explain.

      Basics as an educational term

      EducationThe basics as a term are in a broad senseKnowledge-Virtue-bodyIn a narrow sense, it is about human formation in general.Read and write,CalculationIs shown.A translation of Minimum Essentials, described below.1976(Showa(51 years)12 OfEducation Course CouncilIt became widespread in the report.The usage is wide and the fixed usage has not been decided,

      1. PeopleLearning content required as
      2. Focusing on reading, writing, and calculationMessage
      3. The content system as a familiar perspective of the content of each subject

      In many cases, it means either.In addition, in the report of the Educational Course Council in 1987 (Showa 62), it is used in the meaning that implies everything.


      In the past, the debate on the semantic distinction between "basic" and "basic" was relatively active, so it was not until 51 that it was used as an educational term in the phrase "basic / basic". It seems that it was in the report of the Educational Course Council of the month.In the report, the characteristics of "basic / basic" are stipulated as "contents required by the people".CurriculumThe organization policy of is to consider elementary, middle and high school education as consistent.Small-Junior high schoolFor, students are required to take the basic and basic contents in common.UniversityThen personal能力And we can read the idea of ​​having students select and take appropriate content according to their aptitude.

      Minimum Essentials

      Minimum EssentialsShould be taught at least in educational termsteaching materialThat. In the early 20th century (a sect of American educational thinkers,cultural heritage OftransmissionIs considered a major function of education) byCurriculumThe origin is that when the modernization of the era was attempted, the extraction of basic educational contents corresponding to the new society was started.

      Characteristics and challenges

      Basically, justknowledge,skillIt has the characteristic of contributing to human formation, not just in the dimension of.This is stated in the above-mentioned 1987 report, "Individual or Countryand社会It can be seen that it is an important feature from "It is necessary for human formation as a member (summary)".Also, anddevelopmentToFoundationIt is also rich in metastasis.In the first place, "I don't have the basics" meansTaskAs you can see from the fact that the basic matters learned have not been fully applied in imposingLearningTargetIt also means the power to do and apply it.also,interest,attitudeIt also has the characteristic of including emotional things such as, which makes it diverse and comprehensive.能力 OfUpbringingCan be aimed at. (This is also an issue.) In addition, there is also the idea that basic / basic contents and matters cannot be learned at one time and must be repeated many times. And still structural learningCurriculumSome argue that.


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