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🏊 | ⛳️ Shibuko is also good 🛶 Canoe Takuya Haneda, 🏝 Practice 〇〇 in nature ⁉️ "Canoe x Nature"

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⛳️ Shibuko is also good 🛶 Canoe Takuya Haneda, 🏝 Practice 〇〇 in nature ⁉️ "Canoe x Nature"

If you write the contents roughly
Likes arrived one after another from followers to this post, and professional golfer Hinako Shibuno also liked it.

"Canoeing x Nature is still the strongest activity." The handsome guy who participated in the Tokyo Olympics and canoeing competition on the 11th ... → Continue reading

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Shibuno Hinako

Shibuno Hinako[3](Shibuno Hinako,199811/15 -) isOkayamaOkayama CityNative Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationSuntory.

The notation on registration in the amateur era isHinano Shibuno[4].. 2019 yearAIG British Women's OpenAs a Japanese playerHisako HiguchiSince then, the second overseas for the first time in 42 yearsmajorWon the championship[5]..She has a blood type of AB.


Amateur age

AthleticsParents who were throwing athletes (father:Shot squares-Discus throw,mother:Spear throwing) Was born as the second daughter of three sisters[6].. FatherOkayama City Waterworks BureauWorking atUniversity of TsukubaBackground[7].. A mother is a one-year junior at the same university[8].

Okayama Municipal Hirashima Elementary SchoolI met golf during my sophomore summer vacation and joined the local sports boy club from December of that year.soft ballAlso started[6].. I became a pitcher in softball, and changed the batting to left-handed from the balance with the golf swing.[6].. In golf, he has a third-place finish in the 2010 "Okayama Junior Golf Championship" (elementary school student, girls' club, upper grades)[9].

In 2011Okayama City Kamido Junior High SchoolGo on to[10]As the only female player at schoolBaseballI'm in the club[6], If you win the "Okayama Junior Golf Championship" (junior high school student/women's division) in the same year[10]From the second year of junior high school, I focused on one golf course[6].. Behind that, it was said that the director of the softball baseball team advised that "one golf is better"[11].. After that, in the “Okayama Junior Golf Championship Competition” (junior high school student/women's section), 2012[12]Wins in 2013 and wins 3 consecutive titles[13].

In 2014Okayama Prefecture Sakuyo High SchoolEntered the school and won the "Chinese Women's Amateur Championship" in the same year[14].. 2015National High School Golf ChampionshipIn the women's team competition, I participated as a member of the same high school,Momoko OsatoWoreKumamoto High SchoolWon and won[15].

2017 after graduating from high school,Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) Advance to the final protest, 3 over by the 14rd day, so I can't play on the last day[16].. In the same year, third qualifying tournament (QT) B area 59th place did not advance to the final[17].. I have been studying with Sho Aoki since autumn of the same year.[18].

After turning professional


As a TP single-year registrant (up to passing the protest described below) with the qualification of third QT advancement[19]Mainly participated in step-up tours[20].

After the competition recommended by the organizer (Monday), in July of the same year, he was the only player to participate in the JLPGA Tour.Earth Mondamine Cup"[21], At the 9th hole on the first dayHole in oneAchieved 600 million yen[11].

Completed the JLPGA final protest at the end of July for the second time and passed in 7th place[22].. Become the 90th generation of JLPGA[3].

Finished 40th in the final QT and qualified for the JLPGA Tour in the first half of the next season[23].


After appearing in a golf program after passing the protest,[24]From FebruaryRSK Sanyo BroadcastingSign a contract with[25].

May JLPGA Tour Official Game "World Ladies Championship Salon Pass Cup”, the tour won the tour for the first time with a total of 12 under, and the victory at the age of 20 and 178 days was 2015Jung Inji(South Korea) Was the youngest champion in the history of the tournament to update 20 years old 273 days[26].. The JLPGA Tour's first victory was officially the 13th person in history[27]2016, for Japanese people onlyJapan Women's Open Golf Championship"ofHataoka Nasa[Note 1]Becoming the 8th person after[28].. Obtained seed rights for three years from the next season by winning the official game[29].

At the end of the "Earth Mondamin Cup" in June, it moved up to 6rd place in the annual winning prize ranking (prize rank), and in AugustNational Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) Acquire qualification for tour "AIG British Women's Open"[30][Note 2].

JLPGA Tour in July, a new competition from the same yearShiseido Anessa Ladies OpenIn[31]Lined up with 12 underLee Min YoungBecame the first queen to win the tournament's second win.[32].

At the AIG All-Japan Women's Open, which was the first overseas match, the goal before the tournament was to break through the qualifying[33].. However, on the first day and the second day, it was second place, and on the third day, it became the sole leader with a 2-under par with two strokes to the second place.[34].. On the final day, he hit a 3 putt in the 4rd hole to double bogey, then at the end of the 11th hole, 14 under, the same as at the end of the previous day, he was playing two groups ahead.(English edition)Even though they retired to 2rd place by 3 strokes, they lined up in the 15th hole, set a birdie putt of about 18m in the final 5th hole, and won the LPGA tour first appearance first victory at the major competition with 18 under[5].. The Japanese women's major victory was in 1977National Women's Professional Golf ChampionshipIt was 42 years since Hisako Higuchi who won[5][Note 3].. The first appearance at the LPGA Major Tournament was the 2014Evian Championship"soKim HyojuThe second person in history since (Korea) achieved[36].. In addition, he showed a smile while playing and interacted with the fans, which attracted the attention of golf fans and media both in Japan and overseas as "Smile Cinderella".[37].. Immediately after that, on the 8th of the same year, the number of women's golf world rankings (world ranking) increased by 5 to 32th place.[38].

After winning all British women,Chie Arimura,Miho KogaContracted with the sports management agency "ZONE" to which they belonged, and decided to entrust the management to ZONE as it belongs to RSK Sanyo Broadcasting[39].

Held from August 8thNEC Karuizawa 72 Golf TournamentParticipate in. The number of galleries for three days was 3, the most since 2 in this tournament, the most in the 1844 tour three-day tournament, the official goods ``Shibuno Hinako'' towel is sold out one hour after the venue opens. Shibuco's fever boiled. In the final hole on the 2000rd day of the final day of the match, the birdie putt that won the championship was removed, and the return putt was also removed. The TV rating on that day was 2019%, which is exceptional for a golf tour, and was high on the 3 tour following the final round of the Ricoh Cup, where the prize queen of Shibuno played.

September'sJapan Women's Professional Golf Championship Konica Minolta Cup“On the first day, we went around 5 (par 3) with 70 birdies and 72 bogeys, and in June”Nichirei LadiesFrom the first day, the number of rounds without consecutive over par in domestic games was 29,Anne Song Ju(Korea) set the longest JLPGA tour record in 2013[40][41].

Next week's "Descente Ladies Tokai ClassicOn the final day, he recorded 64 on the final day and won 13 under[42].. The victory after reversing 8 strokes on the final day was 1998Toyo Suisan Ladies Hokkaido"ofMichie ObaSecond record in JLPGA tour history alongside[Note 4]In addition, the winning prize in 24 games that exceeded 1 million yenHataoka NasaSecond only to Japanese[42].. Immediately after that, he became the highest ranked 9th in the world ranking on September 23 of the same year.[43].

Held from November 11thITO EN Ladies Golf Tournament”, and did not hit the cut line by 1 stroke,AXA Ladies in MIYAZAKISince then, I have failed to qualify for the first time in 26 games in Japan.[44].. Next week's "Daio Paper Elleair Ladies OpenOn the final day, he recorded 66 on the final day and won 19 under[45].. Last day I went to the same groupSuzuki AiIn addition to blocking the championship for four consecutive weeks[45]Leave hope for the Queen of the prizes in the final round[46].

The final round of the JLPGA Tour, in which 2nd place or more alone was the condition for the prize queenLPGA Tour Championship Ricoh CupIs[46],Ayaka FurueFinishes second place with Thailand[47].

Eventually, he was ranked second in the prize money and first in the Mercedes ranking, and scored a self-rating of 2 points in the season.[48].


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Suntory HoldingsIt was announced that the player contract was signed with[49][50].. As a result, he will participate in the official competition as a Suntory player from the 2020 season.[50].. In addition, it was the former affiliationRSK Sanyo BroadcastingWill continue to support Shibuno as a sponsor[51]..But this yearGlobal pandemic of new coronavirusDue to this, the start of the season was significantly delayed, and the battle was in a state where the condition did not improve at all. I didn't get the results I expected at the domestic and overseas tour tournaments until October, but in late November, "Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open5th[52], The final round of "LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup3 bit[53]At the end of the game, it shows demodulation.And the 12th, which was held in December, which was unusual.US Women's OpenAt the end of the 3rd day, he took the lead alone, but on the final day he dropped the score to 4th place and missed the 2nd LPGA major victory and the first victory in the continental United States.[54].


This year, the swing remodeling that I worked on from the beginning of the year did not become a thing, and the situation continued to be sluggish for a while after the start of the season.I challenged in thatBritish Women's OpenThen, in the first half of the third day, the score increased to -3 and temporarily rose to the top position, but in the second half, with four consecutive bogies, at the end of the same day, he retreated to 7th place, 4 strokes behind the lead.[55]On the final day, he started the first two holes with consecutive birdies, but he hit 2 on the same day with 5 birdies, 4 bogies, and 2 double bogeys, and ended up in 75th place tie.[56].

In the beginning of autumn after returning from the UK, the modified swing became stable and the accuracy of the shot increased, and in proportion to that, it came to the top in the tour tournament, and in early October.Stanley Ladies Golf TournamentThen, on the final day, he started from 2th place, 5 strokes behind, and took the birdie on the final 18th hole and holed out in line with the lead as 10 under.The victory or defeat was settled in the playoffs, and after taking the birdie in the second holeBae Sung Woo(South Korea) Removed the birdie putt and scored the fifth domestic win (sixth professional win in total) since the opening of Daio Paper Elleair Ladies in November 2019.[57]..Then in the last week of OctoberHisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf TournamentThen, starting from the top on the final day, there was a scene where Bae Seon Woo was able to make a two-stroke difference, but he caught up with him in the final hole and brought it to the playoffs, and took the eagle in the first hole to win his second win of the season (professional). 2th win in total)[58].



  • Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association (GTPA)[59][Note 5]
    • Rookie of the Year
    • Special prize
  • LPGA Award[60]
    • LPGA Mercedes-Benz Player of the Year
    • LPGA Shiseido ANESSA Beauty of the Year
    • Media Award “Best Comment” category
    • LPGA Shine Award

Characteristics as a player

An average of 2019 at the AIG Women's Open in 260YardBoasting a driver flight distance that exceeds that, and on the final day of the tournament, the person himself confidently decided to turn 4 at 12th of par 1 which he said was the reason for winning[61].. Also, the swingDustin JohnsonIs similar to and is recognized by the person himself[62].


  • The nickname is "Shibuko", and the name is one year senior who was practicing together under the former master Sho Aoki.Mizuki OdeIs[1].
  • Special skill iscalligraphyAnd since childhoodJapanese calligraphyHave the skills to acquire an elementary teacher's license taught in the elementary school[63].
  • My favorite candy isYochan food industryA standard product of "Don't flutter." On the final day of the "AIG British Women's Open", it became a hot topic to eat during the play, and the manufacturer was flooded with inquiries[64].. I also like the spicy taste of persimmon seeds.
  • EXILE,FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE OfTaiki SatoHe said that he might be more happy than the champion when Sato said in a comment congratulating Shibuno on the British Open championship.[65].
  • Even during the tournamentPokémon OfPikachuKnown for his favorite headcovers[66].. The statement that all Pokemon were cleared by the end of December 2019 became a hot topic.[67].. My favorite Pokemon isEeveeis saying[68], also has a custom Eevee headcover[69].

Professional championship (6)

LPGA Tour (1)

Number of wins
Major Tournament (1)
Tours (0)
No.Date and TimeConventionScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
1Aug 4 2019AIG British Women's Open-18 (66-69-67-68=270)1 strokeUnited States flag Lizette Salas

JLPGA Tour (6)

No.Date and TimeConventionScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
1April 2019, 5World Ladies Championship Salon Pass Cup-12 (71-68-66-71 = 276)1 strokeRepublic of Korea flag Bae Sung Woo
2April 2019, 7Shiseido Anessa Ladies Open-12 (71-68-66-71 = 276)play offRepublic of Korea flag Lee Min Young
3April 2019, 9Descente Ladies Tokai Classic-13 (69-70-64 = 203)2 strokeJapanese flag Ueda Momoko
Japanese flag Mayu Hamada
Republic of Korea flag Lee Chihime
Taiwan flag Teresa Lou
Republic of Korea flag Application
4April 2019, 11Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open-19 (60-70-66-66 = 269)1 strokeJapanese flag Suzuki Ai
5April 2021, 10Stanley Ladies Golf Tournament-10 (71-67-68 = 206)play offJapanese flag Ayako Kimura
Japanese flag
Republic of Korea flag Bae Sung Woo
6April 2021, 10Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf Tournament-9 (69-68-70 = 207)play offRepublic of Korea flag Bae Sung Woo

LPGA major record

Chevron ChampionshipT51CUTT4
US Women's Open4CUTCUT
National Women's Professional Golf ChampionshipT58T40WD
Evian Championship-CUT
British Women's Open1CUTT343
  Top 10
  Did not participate

CUT = Not qualified
WD = abstain
T = rank Thailand



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注 釈

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