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⚾ | Sawamura Award Pitcher's recommended “stepping method” What is the secret to stabilizing control?

Photo Former Softbank Tadashi Settsu [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

What is the secret to stabilizing the "stepping throwing method" control recommended by Sawamura Award pitcher?

If you write the contents roughly
Mr. Settsu explained in the program "TURNING POINT", which is a chance to solve the problems of parents and children who devote themselves to youth baseball.

Mr. Tadashi Settsu, who won the rookie king and the most wins. Explaining the liver of control One of the parts that professional baseball pitchers value is "axis foot ... → Continue reading


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      Nakahara(Nakahara Uji)10st century OfDr. MyogyoYuzo NakaharaAs the ancestorHirosumi styleKiyoharaWithMingkyodo,Mr. SakagamiWithMyobodoThehereditary learningAndMr. (Uji)..For Kiyohara's "Kiyohara"NakayaAbbreviated as (chuke)[3].Emperor TakamotoForeignerOf the legendary person who is said to beTen city prefectural ownersIs the ancestorMr. ToichiOffspring.Then at the latestMuromachi PeriodIsEmperor AnningthirdPrinceShikitsuhiko no MikotoDescendantsEmperorHe called himself a clan.Mr. Kiyohara, a rival, was in the Muromachi periodDojo familyCompared to the prosperity in the upward direction, Mr. Nakahara prospered in the horizontal direction, producing many bureaucrats of the imperial court and senior bureaucrats of the shogunate.Of the torrentBureau affairsOshikoji family TheMeiji EraToBaronBeing ridiculed byEthnic familyLined up in.


      The predecessor of Mr. NakaharaMr. Toichi(Toochi) was in ancient timesYamato six prefecturesone ofTen cities(Tochi no Agata) In other wordsNara BasinA clan that ruled the south.Mr. Toichi's ancestor said, "Record of Ancient Matters』(8st centuryAt the beginning)Emperor TakamotoForeigner OfTen city prefectural ownersIt is said that.but,14st centuryThe second half of theKinsada Toin officialChapter "Sonpi Bunmyaku』, While suspiciousEmperor AnningthirdPrinceShikitsuhiko no MikotoPosterityEmperor ClanWas published, and laterEmperor GokomatsuCompiled by the decree ofThis morning Emperor's introduction record』(Oei33 years(1426/)) Was officially described as a descendant of Shikitsuhiko no Mikoto.There is a theory that Mr. Nakahara at that time might have temporarily entrusted him to put a foil on his origin.Mr. Nakahara's ancestorHeian period OfScholar OfDr. MyogyoIn Tochi,Tianlu2 years(971/) I changed my name aroundYuzo NakaharaHe called himself (the way Nakahara was).

      Mr. Nakahara's style isHirosumi styleKiyoharaAlong withMingkyodo(Confucianism(Research) was hereditary to Dr. Myogyo as a family study, and he is also the head of the secretary and secretary.Bureau affairsOgaiAlso served as.Heian period, The 5th head of the familyNakahara Shien TheEmperor Shirakawa OfRecord House Garden Ticket OfficeParticipated in the reform of the litigation system, and became the 6th head of the familyMoromoto NakaharaIs a collection of memoirsChugai-sho』Written.AlsoEmperor Godaigo OfKenmu administrationThen make a big leap, the highest political institutionRecord officeMr. Nakahara (including the Myobodo system) accounted for 3% of the total.Northern and Northern Dynasties OfNakahara Shimori"Teacher record』(Important cultural property) And "" in the middle of the Muromachi periodKotomi] Is one of the most important historical materials of each era.However, in the latter half of the Muromachi period, academic prosperity and activity stagnated, and the position of Dr. Myogyo was monopolized by Mr. Kiyohara.Nonetheless, the bureaucratic affairsOshikoji familyBy the Edo periodSake brewing positive-Oiryo-Sweep head-Grain storehouseObtained many major official positions such as BettoMr. OtsukiOf the torrentGovernment affairsMibuyaWithUnderground officialIt was said to be the builder of.Although he is an underground houseLordSome people lined up in the late Edo periodOshikoji 甫 子It is,Emperor Takaaki(Ochi no Hito,Nanny)andBig nanny(Intermediate lady-in-waitingMyobuServed as the second seat).Meiji EraToBaronMany important historical materials such as political records and diariesCabinet libraryWas donated to.

      The sidestream sectMyobodo(JurisprudenceResearch)Mr. SakagamiI made it a family study together.Many of his clans wrote important legal books up to the Muromachi period, and Akikane Nakahara (Akira Sakagami, Myobodo Sakagami's ancestor) "Honorary abstract], [Meiho Articles],Akihito Nakahara"Kindama Palm Chusho"and so on.During the Kenmu Restoration, he was appointed as a working bureaucrat along with his family of Myogyo.Of the Kenmu administrationMiscellaneous law officeParticipated inYes Yen-MaeBrothers continueMuromachi ShogunateAnd the de facto basic law "Jianmu ceremony』Drafted.The pedigree of the legalist system survived until the Meiji Restoration and was the lastDr. Meiho OfAkira SetaIsKojienI was involved in the compilation business.

      From the end of the Heian periodBreweryCashierTheFamily jobAndHirata familyIn the early Edo periodEmploymentHouse'sJob loyaltyWas produced.In the Edo period, the underground family had the ability next to the Oshikoji family and the Mibu family, and was collectively called "Sanjo".

      It is,Samurai governmentWas active as a high-ranking bureaucrat in.Kamakura ShogunateFirst generationGeneralYoritomo GengenWas an aide toNakahara Familiarity-Hiroe OeBrother(XNUMX-person consensus system) And the 4th ShogunFujiwara YoritsukeWas an aide toNakaharaAnd so on.Chikayoshi's adopted child, Yoshinao Nakahara (Otomo Yoshinao) BeginsOtomo TheKyusyuBecame a leading samurai family.His teacher is the Kamakura ShogunatePraiseServed as the first first and second seating order ofMr. SettsuBecame a high-ranking bureaucratic clan of the Kamakura-Muromachi Shogunate.



      Mr. Nakahara's predecessorMr. Toichi(Toochi)[4]..Mr. ToichiYamato six prefecturesone ofTen cities(Tochi no Agata,Nara BasinClan originating from the southern part)[5].. 『Record of Ancient Matters』(8st centuryIn the legend told by (early), the early daysImperial family OfForeignerIt is said to be an old influential clan[5]..In other words, according to "Kojiki", the 7th generationEmperor OfEmperor Korei(Unknown), but TochiPrefectural headThe ancestor of (Tochi no Agatanushi)Ten city prefectural ownersDaughter ofEmpress KuwashihimeThe 8th generation was born in the meantimeEmperor TakamotoIs told[5]..After that, the owner of the ten cities, who is the ruler of the ten cities,Neck OfLast name (Kabane)Was given and was called the head of Tochi[5]..Tochi headPeopleSince he managed (Tochibe), he is also called the Tochi radical.[5].. Also,"Former past history』(End of the 9th century) in mythMr. MonobeOyagamiNigihayahiIs said to have followed Tochi, the ancestor of Tochi, when he descended to the ground.Ryo OhtaFrom here, it was speculated that Mr. Toichi was historically under the control of Mr. Mononobe.[5].

      In posterity, Mr. Toichi = Mr. Nakahara is oftenEmperor AnningthirdPrinceShikitsuhiko no MikotoPosterityEmperor ClanIs told[4][6]..However, there is no anecdote that connects Mr. Toichi to Shikitsuhiko no Mikoto in Kiki.[5].. Late 14th centuryKinsada Toin officialChapter "Sonpi Bunmyaku』Also, there was suspicion in the theory of Emperor Annei's progeny, and a cautious stance was taken that reliable verification was necessary.[7][8]..But thenEmperor GokomatsuCompiled by the decree ofThis morning Emperor's introduction record』(Oei33 years(1426/)) Was officially described as a descendant of Shikitsuhiko no Mikoto.[6].

      Ota talked with Mr. Toichi in Kiki about the reason why the theory that Shikitsuhiko no Mikoto was the founder occurred.Isojo=Nara BasinSeek the source of the relationship with the clan from the southeastern part)[5]..As mentioned above, in "Kojiki", Emperor Kogen's mother is Kuwashi-hime, and his father is Kuwashi-hime, the ancestor of Toichi.[5].. Also,"Japanese calligraphyEven in the text of Emperor Korei, the empress of Korei is said to be Kuwashi-hime (father is unknown), and in the second book, it is said to be the true tongue of the daughter of the granddaughter of the Toshi prefecture.[5]..However, in the Emperor Kogen dan, Kuwashi-hime is the daughter of a person named Ome, the chief of Isojo prefecture.[5].Emperor KoanSimilarly, at the stage ofEmpress of Emperor KoanAbout, the theory from Mr. Toichi and the theory from Mr. Isojo are written together.[5]..By analogy with this, the ten-city prefectural lord is a clan separated from the Isojo prefectural lord, and if you trace the legendary ancestors from the ten-city prefectural lord Ome (Isojo prefecture lord Ome), the first emperor'sEmperor JimmuShiki Hikokuro speed (commonly known as)Younger brother Isojo)[5]..And, in order to put a foil on his genealogy, Mr. Nakahara intentionally confused Isojohiko (local lord) and Isojo Tsuhiko (prince), who have very similar names, to see if he is an imperial clan. Insisted that he was pretending to be like[5].

      In addition, "Japanese later"Hirohito4 years(813/) In May, it can be seen that Toshihisa Mononobe was given a "sukune" and became Toshihisa Mononobe Nakahara.[9]..Later, Toshihisa was given the gift of Sukune Kohara.Okihara no Miniku(Okihara no Miniku)[9]..Toshihisa alsoMinistry of JusticeAs a big judge, "Hirohito style''DecreeIs a well-known legal scholar who was deeply involved in the establishment of[9]..From this, it seems that the establishment of Mr. Nakahara has something to do with Mr. Mononobe.[9]Or maybe it's a posterior[10]There is also a theory.


      Then in the late 10th centuryScholarTochi elephantYuzo Nakahara(Nakahara's way,Enki2 years(902/[Annotation 5]–?) Was the beginning of Mr. Nakahara.[6][4].

      Before the elephant, Mr. Toichi was alreadyMingkyodoWas involved with. In the XNUMXth edition of "Kanjusho"Extension8 years(930/7/24,SubordinateYoshisa Tochibe () as an assistant professorAstronomical secretSeems to have done[12]..In addition to this, in the genealogy of posterity, Mr. Toichi is not only a scholar's family, but also his elephant father Harumune and his uncle Ryochu (who is the same person as Ryochu mentioned above).Foreign Affairs BureauIt is written that he was also a clerical family who was working for[13]..However, there is no record in "" that Harumune and Ryochu (Ryochu) were acting as external journals.Koji InoueIs denied in historical sources[14].

      Returning to the elephant,KoheiNew Year (931/12/27By that time I was still a student ("Kinjusho』XNUMX), and then after a direct lecture (a teacher of myogyo),Tenkei5 years(942/12/13In the same 8 years (XNUMX years)945/)Inn OfLast name (Kabane)Was givenSurnameFrom the head of TochiTochi SukuneAnd in the same 9 years (946/2/7Became the head of the office as a large foreigner ("Assistant foreigner" XNUMX)[11].. same year4/28,Emperor MurakamiAccording to the coronation,SubordinateBeing revered貴族("Assistant bunin" XNUMX)[11]. afterwards,Totomisuke,Mamoru IzumoAfter serving as ("Bunin bunin" XNUMX),Tentoku2 years(958/)Ritual systemIs the pinnacle of Confucian scholars inDr. MyogyoAscended to the position of ("Second history』XNUMX. 儒 employment history)[11].

      The elephantLeft ministerFujiwara no ArihiraAndDr. SentenceFumitoki Sugawara(MichizaneI have a close friendship with my grandson)Anwa2 years(969/3/13ToTooth party(Feast to celebrate old age among experts)[15].

      I don't know the exact time when the elephant named himself Nakahara, but in the genealogy of posterity.Tianlu2 years(971/) Is said to have changed his name to Nakahara Sukune[6], "Kokushi Daijiten" "Mr. Nakahara" (in charge) also adopts this[4]..At least, according to "Kanjusho" Nine, Anwa 2 (969)8/11At that time, he was still Mr. Toichi[11].

      Similarly, in posterity genealogy,Ten'en2 years(974/) In November or DecemberMorning vassalIt is said that he was given the surname (Kabane), and his surname changed from Sukune Nakahara to Ason Nakahara.[6].. In the genealogy of the latter half of the 14th century, "Sonpi Bunmyaku", it is November, but in the genealogy after that, it is often December.[6].. "Kokushi Daijiten" "Mr. Nakahara" adopts the December theory[4].

      Toryu (Mr. Nakahara, Myogyo)


      Until the Kamakura period

      Mr. Nakahara's torrent isMingkyodo(ConfucianismResearch)hereditary learningage,Hirosumi styleKiyoharaWithDr. MyogyoAs a familyhereditary learningAccepted[4]..As a lineage, the child of the ancestral elephantAt the timeSecond son ofTeacherIt is a family that continues from[4].. In addition,Mr. (Uji)The whole head isMr. Fujiwara-Genji-Mr. Tachibana-WangAnd so onChōjaHowever, the chieftain system was not remarkable for other people.[16].

      Heian periodからKamakura PeriodIn the meantime, he was more powerful in the government office of Myogyodo than the late Kiyohara clan.[17]..During the Heian period, Dr. Meikyou was 15 from Mr. Nakahara and 6 from Kiyohara, and during the Kamakura period was 12 from Mr. Nakahara and 9 from Kiyohara.[17]..On the other hand, from Mr. KiyoharaTakakura-in Ofimperial tutorServed asKiyohara no YorinSome people approached the imperial family directly, and in that respect they were one step ahead.[17]..In addition to academics, he is also in charge of clerical work, and since the middle of the Heian period, he has been with Mr. Kiyohara.External notes(Secretary / Secretary of the Imperial Court)Bureau affairsHereditary[4]..Furthermore, since the Kamakura period, the bureaucratic affairs have beenGrain storehouseIt was customary to double as a separate official[18].

      5th head[Annotation 6]Great GaijinNakahara ShienIt is,Tenei2 years(1111/)Record House Garden Ticket Office OfYardBeing appointed by (staff)Emperor ShirakawaWas involved in the expansion of the litigation system[19]..The 6th head of the familyMasterIt is,KanpakuFaithful FujiwaraRecorded the facts and stories thatChugai-sho, And wrote "Kojidan''Continued old affairs』And through posterityNarrative literatureHad a non-negligible effect on[20]..The 9th head of the familySweep headSince then, the head of the sweeping department has become a custom that Mr. Nakahara's style also serves.[21].

      In the late 1320s of the Kamakura period, he worked hard on Confucian studies.Emperor HanazonoWas selected as "Tribute''PoetryWas lectured ("Emperor Hanazono])[22].Yuanheng2 years(1322/) In December, at that time, it was rare for the Confucianist of the Myogyodo to act as a samurai of the emperor, but Emperor HanazonoEmperor Go-FushimiI appointed Moronatsu to my own samurai reading until I spent several times with him.[22].

      Until the middle of the Muromachi period

      Mr. NakaharaEmperor Godaigo OfKenmu administrationIt was selected greatly below. ""Kenmuki],Kenmu2 years(1335/3/17Supreme Government Agency at the timeRecord officeOf the 21 yoryudo (staff), 7 people, including the Myobodo system, were selected from Mr. Nakahara, accounting for 3% of the total.[23].

      Northern and Northern Dynastiesof(MasakazuNew Year (1312/)- Award4 years/Eiwa4 years(1378/)) isNorth morningBeside him, he was appointed by Dr. Myogyo Ogai, although he was a sideline, and as a scholar who was actually familiar with him, he often instinctively set a precedent in the imperial court.[24].

      Shigeru's younger brotherNakahara ShimoriIs a diaryTeacher recordHowever, because there are abundant records not only about public affairs but also about society in general at that time, it is the first-class historical material in the Nanbokucho period.[25].. The book is2004/ToImportant cultural propertySpecified[26]..The descendants of the teacher named the Oshikoji family, and although several generations were appointed to Ogai, they died after a while.[21]..The Shimori-ryu Oshikoji family is a separate family with the same name as the Tori-ryu, and this is the first in the era.[21].

      Muromachi PeriodMid-term (?- NagarokuNew Year (1457/)) Is excellent in scholarship and waka poetry.Fushimi shrine,Kazan'in familyBecame an instructor ofFalconryFamily ritualAlso served[27].. A diary that is an important historical source in the first half of the 15th centuryKotomi』Leaving[28].

      Oshikoji family

      Mr. Nakahara's style isMuromachi PeriodLate, 17th head of the family[Annotation 6]Nakahara Shitomi (,Longevity6 years(1434/)- Eisei5 years(1508/)) From the generationOshikoji familyI came to call myself the family name of (Oshikojike)[21]..From the generation of ShitomiSake brewing positiveCame to serve concurrently[21].

      However, by the end of the Muromachi period, his companion, Mr. Kiyohara,ShonagonThroughLordKakaku (Dojo family)[4],Dr. MyogyoKiyohara's official position is also a pedestrianFunahashi family・ General flowFushihara familyMonopolized by the two families[29]. as a result,Edo PeriodThe bureaucratic affairs, which is the position of a lower aristocrat, was hereditary by the Oshikoji family alone.[4]..Eventually, the Oshikoji family itself was called the bureaucracy.[21]..In the Edo period,Left DaishiThe upper neckGovernment affairsServed asMr. OtsukiLegitimacyMibuyaTogether withUnderground officialsWas called[30]. further,BreweryCashierMr. Nakahara's general styleHirata familyIn addition, it is also called Sanmoyooshi.[30]..At the time of ceremonies and public affairs, the lower-ranking officials were divided into the Oshikoji family's foreign journalist, the Mibu family's official, and the Hirata family's brewer.[30].

      Of the Oshikoji familyEdo PeriodThe house is 76 stones[21]..In addition to the official positions mentioned so far,OiryoAlso served as[31]..Although it is an underground family, the 11th head of the Oshikoji family and the 14th generationThird placeBeing ridiculed byLordLined up in[32]..The adopted daughter of the 12th head of the family甫 子 TheEmperor Takaaki(Ochi no Hito,Nanny), LaterBig nanny(Intermediate lady-in-waitingMyobu(Second seat)diary"Large Nanny's Breasts" andessayWritten "Miscellaneous Notes on the Great Nanny"[33].

      Meiji Restorationrear,Meiji12 years(1879/)Emperor MeijiByEthnic familyIn 17 (1884)BaronBecame[4].. 19th year of Meiji (1886/), The owner is Mr. Nakahara, the 242 copies of the Oshikoji family's collection, which recorded public ceremonies and general political affairs.Cabinet libraryDonated to[31].


      Mr. Nakahara of Myobodo


      Myobodo Nakahara (legalist Nakahara style) is a member of Myobodo.Mr. SakagamiWithMyobodo(Ritsuryo(Jurisprudence) Research)hereditary learningFamily[4].. "Chapter"CharacterTo[34].Yuzo NakaharaFounded by the great-grandchildren of[4].

      Among the brothers of the ancestor Norimasa, Mr. Nakahara of the Myobodo system was succeeded by a younger one.[4]..Meanwhile, his firstborn son, Akikane Nakahara, was in his later years.Akira Sakagami(Calendar3 years(1079/)- Hisasu3 years(1147/)) And became the ancestor of Mr. Sakagami, Myobodo.[34]..Myokane's theory is based on his descendantsKamakura PeriodIn the great book "Honorary abstract』Fruited as[34]Despite a privately written book rather than a public one, it had a normative effect on the practice of law at the time.[35].. EspeciallyCriminal lawin terms of,Kamakura ShogunateBasic law "DefeatThere is also a theory that it influenced[36].

      of"Meiho Articles』(Bunei4 years(1267/)) Also, like the "Hosou Jijosho", the Myobodo at that timePublic House LawImportant to know[4].

      (?- Mototoku2 years(1330/)) isMinistry of JusticeActive inCalendar3 years(1328/)Grand JudgeWas appointed to[37].. According to "Underground Family Den", he was promoted to Dr. Myobo.[37].Military story"Taiheki], He was highly praised for his academic talent as "a first-class builder of the Nakaya family, a legal profession."[37]..Also, in the same story, it is described that his son and Akinobu died in an assassination, and it is known as an example of a rare civilian official's katakiuchi story.[37]..Since the descendants of Shobo were the ancestors of the hereditary ancestors of Dr. Myobo, who was called "Judge Taifu", this lineage came to be regarded as a torrent in posterity.[37].

      Dr. Meiho(?- KenmuNew Year (1334/) Around? )teeth,Gen'o2 years(1320/),Emperor GodaigoBut the next yearYin Metal Rooster RevolutionWhen I tried to change the yuan according to the custom of the imperial court just because it was the year ofProsecution theoryStated a rational opinion that it was a superstition and advised that the practice of Yin Metal Rooster's reform should be stopped.[38].

      In the 14th century, he became a doctor of the Meiho era, and was appointed as an aristocrat.Miscellaneous law officeParticipated in[39]. Also[Annotation 7]Kebiishi[Annotation 8]Also serves as a childKebiishi AgencyBecame a leading official of[39].

      Kenmu's new government(1333/ - 1336/), Even from the Myobodo system, several people are the highest political institutions.Record office OfYardSelected as (staff) (#Toryu).

      It was especially remarkable before and after the Kenmu Restoration.Akihito Nakahara-Yes Yen-MaeThree brothers.The chapter is a reference book of the Ritsuryo "Kindama Palm Chusho』, AlsoSaionji Sanekane OfThe priestOr serveHanazonoinHe was also active in the political world, such as taking Myobodo.[40]..Michiaki Koenbo (commonly known as Akiken Nakahara) wrote a commentary on "Goseibai Shikimoku", "Koensho" (dissipation).Public House LawSamurai lawWas familiar with both[41]..The Kenmu and Mae brothers served as staff members of the miscellaneous complaints decision-making office under the Kenmu Restoration.[42]..The Koen and Mae brothersKenbu no RanThen.Takashi AshikagaTowardEngenFirst year/Kenmu3/11/7(1336/12/10) HasMuromachi ShogunateIs the basic law of "Jianmu ceremonyBecame the main reporter (drafter)[42].

      BakumatsuからMeiji EraOf the owner of the Seta familyAkira SetaIt is,Meiji RestorationLater, he returned to the post and became the last doctor of Meiho in Japan.[43]..After the restorationImperial Court Research InstituteAnd so on, "KojienWas involved in various writings such as the compilation business of[43].


      Hirata family

      Hirata familyIt is,Heian periodFrom the endBreweryCashierTheFamily jobAndUnderground house[4]..Mr. Nakahara's 6th head of the familyMoromoto NakaharaThe ancestor of the child of Sukeyasu Nakahara, who was adopted by[4].

      Edo PeriodEarlyHirata Satada TheEmploymentKnown as a scholarshipKitahata Family"Occupational abstractIn addition to publishing "", he wrote "" himself.[4]..JobchuEmperor GoyoseiWith the treatment ofOn the fourth rank-courtierBecame[4].

      During the Edo period, as a leading official, he held the event of an underground house classified as a "Kurajinkata" (Moyooshizata, governing), and was the head family of Mr. Nakahara.Bureau affairsOshikoji familyandMr. OtsukiLegitimacyGovernment affairsMibuyaAt the same time, it was called Sanmoyooshi.[30].

      Settsu family and others Sadachika style


      From the descendants of Mr. NakaharaKamakura ShogunateMany people served as high-ranking bureaucrats[44]..Mr. Nakahara's Kamakura downward movement can be divided into three periods.[44].

      As the first periodKamakura ShogunateIn the early days,Nakahara Familiarity-Hiroe OeBrothers are the firstGeneralYoritomo GengenServed as an aide to the shogunate and contributed to the foundation of the political system of the shogunate.[44](XNUMX-person consensus system).KyusyuIs a leading military commanderOtomoThe first owner ofNoh NaoIs an adopted child of intimacy[45]..However, Mr. Otomo's 7th headMr. Yasushi OtomoIs a shogunTakashi Ashikaga OfnephewThrough the procedureGenjiHave changed their name to[45].

      It was down as the second termDr. ShoSo, "Kamakura Chronicle”And the issued documents show the activity, butAzuma mirrorIt is unclear what kind of position it has established in the shogunate.[46].

      As the third term, and his nephewNakaharaTurns down, and the 4th Shogun of the Kamakura ShogunateFujiwara YoritsukeServed as an aide to (Kujo Yoritsune)[47]..Since there is no evidence of a surname of the Myogyo-do system,Shin NagaiAccording to him, he may have changed his name from Mr. Nakahara to Mr. Fujiwara at a fairly early stage.[48]..On the other hand, the teacher is Yoritsune'simperial tutorAs a sideline of Mr. Nakahara, he is a clan officer.Dr. Myogyo-OgaiAscend to[48], In the shogunatePraiseObtained the first seating order at the time of its founding[49]..Parents / teachers and their descendantsKangen4 years(1246/)ofMiya turmoilEven after Yoritsune's demise, he continued to play an active role as a working bureaucrat.[50]..The second son of the teacherShirenThe child of Noko is a samurai who changed his name to Mr. Fujiwara.Mr. SettsuBecame the ancestor of the family, and separated from the myogyo of family studies, and his descendants were active as a family of high-ranking bureaucrats in the shogunate.[51]..Parental childParent bookAnd grandchildrenHigh parentsIt is,Toshoji BattleAlthough he shared his fate with Mr. Hojo, the lineage of his close brother continues.Muromachi ShogunateBut,Local magistrateSubstantially inherited positions such as[52]..teethYoshimitsu AshikagaBecoming a relative of (Yoshitsugu AshikagaMother is a full-fledged sister)Yoshimasa AshikagaThere was power as a senior vassal of.Of grandchildrenHarumon SettsuAs a representative of the shogunateOda NobunagaI confronted.

      Also, a teacher of Nakahara no Chikayoshi's child[Annotation 9]It was a descendant (Sadafusa Aki),ChikugoMiike District(Omuta City), And became the founder of Nakahara's surname.[54]..In addition, Sadafusa's eldest son became the ancestor, and the second sonKagogisoBecame the ancestor of Bon-gwan[54].Higo countryKumamoto (KumamotoKumamoto-shi) Was a cold village that was only a nominal national government for a long time, but in the latter half of the 15th centuryKikuchiIt is said that full-scale urban development was promoted for the first time with the entry of the clan and then Mr. Kagogi.[55].


      Other sidestreams

      Shimono country(Tochigi) Samurai prestigiousUtsunomiyaThere is also a theory that Mr. Nakahara is the origin of[58]In fact, Mr. Utsunomiya Toyomae, a military commander of the ichimon family (Mr. Shiroi)Nobufusa UtsunomiyaHas called Mr. Nakahara[59], The exact origin is unknown[58].

      Edo PeriodToTsuhanBecome a feudal lordMr. TodoIs "Historical name Toyo』, Originally self-proclaimed Mr. Nakahara[2]. But,Takato Todo Five setsOne of the FujiwaraKonoe FamilyOf the ownerNobuhiro KonoeBecause I was close to him, I came to call myself Mr. Fujiwara.[2].

      Also, of the illustratorJunichi NakaharaIs said to be a descendant of Mr. Nakahara[10].


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      • Astronomical secret
      • King Hiromune - Emperor TenmuDescendants.The children descend to Masato Nakahara.
      • Okihara no Miniku -The ancestor of.
      • Tsukio Iki --The ancestor of Mr. Nakahara of the Tsukio style.Prior to Yuzo Nakahara, he was given the surname of Ason Nakahara.
      • "Ryu -RON-] --A manga work whose main character is Baron Oshikoji.However, it is not historical fact that the Oshikoji family is a conglomerate.


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