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⚾ | Lotte Roki Sasaki's terrifying “baseball brain”!Immediately correct the "straight ball aim" of the hawk hitting line, and conversely play with it slowly

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Lotte Roki Sasaki's terrifying "baseball brain"!Immediately correct the "straight ball aim" of the hawk hitting line and conversely play with it slowly

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Since the ball control is stable by that amount, there are very few balls that make a bang in front of the base or greatly deviate from the strike zone.

In March of this year, Hiromitsu Ochiai and Kiyoshi Nakahata gave a double commentary on the broadcast of the Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Giants broadcast on TV Tokyo. → Continue reading

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Strike Zone

Strike ZoneIsbaseballAtbatterIs a natural pitcherbatIndicates the range that can be applied to.


Official baseball rulesNow, let's set the strike zone as the upper limit of the horizontal line drawn at the midpoint between the upper part of the batter's shoulder and the upper part of the uniform pants, and the lower limit of the line at the lower part of the kneecap.home plateRefers to the upper space.This strike zone should be determined by the batter's attitude to hit the pitch. "[1].

This space can be thought of as a pentagonal prism with the shape of the home plate as the bottom.If the batter does not hit a pitch that the umpire has determined to have passed through this space (even a part of it can be grabbed)strikeIf it is determined that it has not passedballTo declare.

The upper part of the strike zone and above the strike zone are called "higher", and the lower part of the strike zone and below the strike zone are called "lower".In addition, the part of the strike zone that is closer to the batter (on the right side for a right-handed batter and the left side for a left-handed batter when viewed from the pitcher), and the one closer to the batter than the strike zone is called the "in-course", which is the strike zone. The part far from the batter (on the left side for a right-handed batter and the right side for a left-handed batter when viewed from the pitcher) and the part farther from the batter than the strike zone are called the "out course".
  • JapaneseAmateur baseballThen,Amateur baseball internal rulesTherefore, it was decided that the lower ball would not be a strike unless all the balls passed through the strike zone (in short, the lower ball has a higher strike zone for one ball).2009/This rule has been abolished, and even amateur baseball will be judged as a strike as stipulated in the official baseball rules..

Actual pitching judgment

In the actual game, the pitch is judgedBall refereeIt is decided at the discretion of.Of course, since the strike zone frame and line are not actually provided, there may be an error between the standard shown in the official baseball rules and the judgment of the ball umpire, or between the persons in charge of the ball umpire. Of course, there may be individual differences.

In the Official Baseball Rules, which is the original document of the official baseball rules, it is written as "The STRIKE ZONE is that area over home plate". the year of 2000Sydney Olympics,IBAF World Cup,World University Baseball ChampionshipAccording to the experience of serving as a referee, the area means "generally around this area", that is, it is a fairly about idea that "the range that the batter can hit naturally is a strike", and the referee "You can hit it, hit it."judgeIf you do, you can make a strike call[2].

HirabayashiAccording to them2000/Previously, the batter preferred the style of hitting hardMLBThen,Japanese professional baseballIt was said that the strike zone was wider than (NPB) by one ball at the outer corner.2001/From degreeQuesTec systemHas been introduced,2008/Currently, it is said that it applies the strike zone according to the rule book.It is said that this is because the system has made it possible to assess the correctness of judges one by one, and therefore it cannot be taken so widely, in fact.the 1990sIt is much narrower than[2][3]..However, it is not completely standardized, and it is also true that there are still ball umpires who take good care of the outside.In particular, they have a wide strike zone and are widely known as pitcher-friendly (batter-unfavorable) ball umpires.[4]. Also,PITCH f/xWas introduced2006/Since then, the strike zone has continued to expand, and it has been reported that the lower zones have become wider.[5]..On the other hand, minors (especially low-level rookies and 1A), which are also places for education and training, tend to take strikes fairly broadly.[3](One and a half balls wide on the outside corner).

Even in Nippon Professional Baseball, the strike zone, which was previously limited to the vicinity of the belt,2002/I changed it according to the official baseball rules[Annotation 1]Will be reviewed the following year[7].Pacific LeagueThen,2007/We have adopted a new strike zone that extends one and a half balls from the degree to the outside angle.In many cases, the referees of different leagues are judged by the interleague game, and the playersCentral LeagueThis is because there was an opinion that the strike zone was narrower than that.Also,OlympicFrom the judgment of the Japan Baseball Rules Committee that "Japan's unique methods and interpretations are no longer valid, and it is necessary to think and act while keeping in mind international standards" at international competitions such as[8], The interpretation of baseball rules application has been revised in various aspects, including the strike zone.

However, according to Katsuhito Koyama mentioned above, "I don't think that the zone of foreign judges is wide, and I even feel that it is narrow. In the first place, it is unlikely that the size of the zone will be talked about only in Japan." Say.He also said that if he looks at Japanese players from a foreign judge from a different perspective, his honest reputation is not good.The reason is "JapanesecatcherTrying to make the ball look like a strikeMittIt is often seen that the ball does not move for a while as a silent protest when the ball is judged to be a ball on a terrible course, but such an act is interpreted as an insult to the referee overseas. There is no merit just to make it worse, and in Japan the match time is too long (the batterAt-batIt's late to enterpitcherThe time is long,Check ballThat is also a bottleneck. "He added that NPB is probably the best in terms of judge accuracy.[2].

Randy BathAfter retiring, "ActuallyMLBBut there is such "discrimination".Even in the majors, the strike zone of the first year players is wide, but as you gradually gain achievements and become a star player, the zone will become narrower.If you're a newcomer, it's a strike, but thatTed Williams"If you miss it, it's a ball," he said about the discriminatory judgment. "The first and second years were wide, but after launching in 1, the strike zone gradually became more compact. "I also have a track record and have been able to receive favorable judgments," he said.[9].

Batter's physique, batting posture and strike zone

The ball umpire determines the strike zone based on the "posture for the batter to hit the pitch".The Japan Baseball Rules Committee added the definition of terms in this rule to the official baseball rules 74 STRIKE "Strike". Even if he bends down, the ball umpire ignores this and determines the strike zone according to the batter's attitude toward throwing. "That is, no matter how much you bend down or hold the bunt in a low position, the ball umpire makes a pitching judgment based on the position when the batter holds in the normal batting position. The strike zone does not grow or shrink depending on the person.

However, since the strike zone is based on the batter's physique, there are individual differences depending on the batter's height and physique. In 1951, in Major League BaseballDwarfism OfEddie GaedelA 109 cm player said that he participated as a pinch hitter.The catcher put his knees on the ground and held them as low as possible, but the pitch did not pass through Godel's strike zone.Godel is straightFour ballsI got on base at, and immediately after that, I was replaced by a pinch runner.

Uniforms and strike zones

As mentioned above, the strike zone is based on the upper part of the uniform pants.

As a general rule, some columnists and referees think that dressing is free but long pants are prone to misjudgment as long as they do not violate the rules.[10].

More informations

From the above meaning, it is also used to refer to a range of tastes such as the opposite sex and hobbies.[11]..Recently, it is sometimes used in the range of "laughing points" such as comics and gag.


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注 釈

  1. ^ at that timeOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesWas the first team to win the team's ERA league bottom (4.98), and it was done from the reflection that the pitcher was hit and the number of shifts increased and the match time became longer.[6]..Perhaps because of the zone change, the ERA has improved significantly in both the Central League and the Pacific League in 2002.


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