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⚽ | Jeff Support Appeal "You are going to Graz right now‼ ️" Naughty shaven, Yuto Sato "I'm sorry" to Osim

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Jeff Support Appeal "You're in Graz Now!" Naughty Boss, Yuto Sato "I'm sorry" to Osim

If you write the contents roughly
Jeff United Ichihara and Chiba released "In contact with the obituary of former director Ivica Osim" on the early morning of the 2nd.

"I'm sorry I couldn't deliver good news to the end, even though I've always been concerned about Jeff." → Continue reading

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Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba

Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba(JEF United Ichihara Chiba,British: JEF United Ichihara Chiba) IsJapanThe professionalサ ッ カ ーclub.HometownChiba市 原 市as well as the Chiba.J LeagueAffiliation.The name isJeff United Chiba.


1946WoundFurukawa Electric Soccer ClubIs its predecessor,199310 clubs that have been participating since the opening of the J League (Original 10).Hometown2002UntilChiba市 原 市,2003From Ichihara City andChibaChanged to and widened.Home stadiumFukuda Electronic Arena, The practice areaUnited parkAnd the clubhouse is also located there[1](Detail is#StadiumSee).

The operating companyJeff United Co., Ltd.(200910/1Changed the trade name from East Japan JR Furukawa Soccer Club Co., Ltd.[2]).East Japan Railway(JR East Japan)Furukawa Electric(Furukawa) invests 50% each (capital: 4.9 million yen)[2] doing.In addition, it should be noted2008Until then, the capital was 1 million yen, but the clubhouse (2009Completed in October) Due to construction cost procurement, etc.2009Was increased to[5].

The club name "JEF UNITED" (JEF UNITED) expresses the connection between the club and the hometown, and the sense of cooperation and solidarity of the team.1991Was decided by open call for participants[1].. In addition,I FBecame the mother of the clubJR-East (= JR East) ・FThere is also a statement that it is derived from the abbreviation of urukawa (= Furukawa).[6]..The name of the club was initiallyJeff United IchiharaWas,2005It has been the current name since the season.

club'semblemandマ ス コ ッ トToAkitaIs used as a motif.The mascotUniform number2 "Jeffy(Brother), "Jersey number 9"Unity(Brother)[1][7], The sum of the numbers of both mascots is 11, which indicates one team.2011Female mixed dog (hybrid) in JuneEveryoneHas joined the mascot (number 12)[7].

As a club philosophy, "WIN BY ALL!"2001I have been using it since the season[2].



1946Furukawa Electric Soccer ClubIs the predecessor. 1965Japan Soccer LeagueParticipated in (JSL) from the time of its inauguration.In the Japanese league eraMitsubishi Heavy Industries(CurrentUrawa Reds) And日立(CurrentKashiwa Reysol) WithMarunouchi GosankeSaid, JSL championship twice,Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship4 wins,JSL CupAchieve three wins.Also,Asian Club Championship 1986-87Won the Asian title for the first time as a Japanese club.

In June 1991, the management bodyFurukawa ElectricEast Japan Railway(JR East) jointly established "East Japan JR Furukawa Soccer Club Co., Ltd." and changed the team name to "East Japan JR Furukawa Soccer Club"[8]..In November of the same year, the team nickname was decided to be "JEF United".[8].

About home town, it was the base of Furukawa横 浜 市It will be decided to select a different place from Chiba prefecture at one timeNarashino-shi OfNarashino City Akitsu Soccer FieldAlthough it was decided that it would be based in Japan, it was abandoned due to the opposition movement from the local residents who were concerned about noise problems.[9]..Finally, in May 1992, it was decided to make Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture a home town.[8]..Also, as a home stadiumIchihara Ryokuchi Sports Park Seaside Stadium(Hereinafter, "Ichihara Seaside") will be repaired and used.

Incidentally,1992 J League CupIt is,Ota City Athletic Park Athletics Stadium(Gunma),Hiratsuka Stadium(Kanagawa Prefecture),Chiba Prefectural Sports Center Athletics Stadium(Chiba), andNishigaoka Soccer Field(TokyoKita) Held a sponsored game.

1993-2009 (J1)

Opening round of 1993 TheSanfrecce Hiroshima FCPlay against (defeated 1-2). Except for 1995, the ranking is from middle to low, and the cup game is also defeated in the group league and the first game.The Emperor's Cup lost its first match for the second consecutive year since 1995, in 2Brammel Sendai, 1996 yearsFujitsu soccer clubLost to the JFL team for the second consecutive year, and the first victory after the professional transition was in 2.Osaka Sangyo UniversityIt was a battle. In 1994OrdenewitzBecomes the top scorer.

Audience mobilization was in 1993Verdi KawasakiSecond place after. In 2 with V KawasakiGamba OsakaThe average number of visitors exceeded 3, but the annual number of visitors was the lowest in J2 for the nine years from 1997 to 2005.

1998Moved the head office function of the operating company from Urayasu City to Ichihara City.16th place in the same year's annual resultsJ1 entry decision matchTurn toAvispa FukuokaWins in a row and remains.1999Is 1th in the 15st stage and 2th in the 1nd stage with one point difference before the final round.

2000In 2 monthAnesaki Park Soccer FieldThe practice area has also moved to Ichihara City, and the club function has been relocated to Ichihara City.[8]..In the same year, he was 1th in the 11st stage, the lowest in the 2nd stage, and 14th in the year, remaining in J1.Mainstay offSatoshi YamaguchiIs G Osaka,Tomoyuki Sakai Nagoya Grampus EightAndBaron Shimizu S-PulseRespectively transferred to.

2001At that timeKorean representativeFWChoi Yong SooBosnia and Herzegovina RepresentativeMFEdin MujčinAndSlovenia National TeamDFJericho MilinovicJoined, 1nd in the 2st stage, 2th in the 5nd stage, and 3rd in the annual ranking.Verdenik moved to Nagoya after the season.2002 The VenglocheBecame the director, 1th in the 8st stage, 2th in the 11nd stage, and the Emperor's Cup is the best 4.

Representative from YugoslaviaFormer directorIbiza OsimIs appointed as a director.From youthYuki AbeBecame the captain. 1st stage won 3rd place, 2nd stage wonYokohama F. Marinos2nd place with the same points and 3rd place overall in the year.After the seasonNakanishi Eisuke,Choi Yong SooLeft the group.
The 1st stage is 7th. The 2nd stage was 9nd place with 2 points difference from the winning Urawa.
Was the main forceTakayuki Chano,Shinji MuraiAll togetherJubilo IwataWhile transferring to Bulgaria national teamIlian StoyanovWon. In the league match, which was a one-season system, he gradually caught up from the middle stage, which was a mixed battle, although he was late in the early stages, and participated in the battle for victory until the final round, and his annual record was 1th for the second consecutive year.
Nabisco CupThen, he won his first victory and won his first title after joining the J-League.
In addition, after the 2003 1st stage Section 5 Yokohama FM match, the league match at Ichihara Seaside was in 2005 Section 20 (Cerezo Osaka31 games undefeated until defeated in (match), official match including cup match is GL Section 2 of Nabisco Cup (Kashiwa ReysolHe recorded 26 undefeated games until he lost the game.
From October of this yearFukuda Electronic ArenaIs in service.At the 16th section Yokohama FM game on the 27th of the same month, the first official game home game was held at the same venue.After all, this year, in the league home game, Section 25Shimizu S-PulseUntil the warNational Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics StadiumThe 6th section that was heldKashima AntlersEleven games excluding the game were held at Ichihara Seaside, and five games after the 11th section Yokohama FM game were held at Fukuari.
From this year, all official home games will be held at Fukuda Denshi (Ichihara Rinkai was also registered as a base until 2010, but has not been held since 2006).
Seiichiro Maki 2006 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamWas elected and participated in the World Cup.
In July after the World Cup, Osim became the Japan national team coach.Japan Football AssociationThe club was pulled out by the (JFA), and the club that unconditionally handed over the manager received a lot of criticism from inside and outside, including players and supporters.At this time, the front team announced that "Osim wants to avoid leaving Japan as a worst result because the club and JFA are competing with each other."The successor is the son of Ivica OsimAmar OsimWas promoted from coach to take office.AndNaoyoshi Hanyu,Yuto Sato,Satoshi YamagishiEtc., so-called "Osim ChildrenWas selected as the representative of Japan.
Defeated Kashima in the Nabisco Cup and won the championship for the second time in a row, while the league match was 2th and the Emperor's Cup was J11.SapporoLost in the first match.It was the club's first international matchA3 Champions Cup 2006Is a record of 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss (3rd place).
In October, Ubagai resigned from GM (after thatFrance 2-Grenoble Foot 38Became GM) and succeededTadashi KaraiWas appointed.
Yuki Abe, the captain and the face of the team, is in Urawa and the player's chairmanMasataka Sakamoto Albirex NiigataTransferred to.In addition, Maki, Sato, and Yamagishi suspended the contract because of the team's explanation of this season's policy.
The league match has not won the opening four races (4 minute 1 losses).Section 3Yokohama FCHe won his first victory in the match, but he has not won seven matches from Section 8 to Section 14 (7 minutes, 3 consecutive losses).In June in the middle of the seasonIlian StoyanovCriticized the director in some media and was canceled after being dismissed.In the second half, he recorded 23 consecutive victories for the first time in club history from Sections 28 to 6. From verse 29, he lost 2 minutes and 4 losses, but decided to stay in J13 in 1th place in the year.
In addition, the Nabisco Cup lost the qualifying in 3rd place in the group league.The Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the 4th round (first round) in Oita.
After the season, director Amaru and general manager Karai were dismissed.
To the directorYozip Kuze, Muneaki Hikita is appointed as GM.In addition, while Sakamoto, who transferred to Niigata the previous year, has returned,Aki Mizuno Scotland 1st Division-Celtic FCNaotake HanyuFC TokyoSatoru YamagishiKawasaki FrontaleTo, Yuto SatoKyoto Sanga FCWhat,Yuki MizumotoHowever, the team's main force was pulled out to another club after transferring to Gamba Osaka, and nearly half of the regular players of last season were replaced. In April, Takahiro Yodogawa retired as president.
The league match has not won the opening 11 games, and from the 5th section, he suffered 15 consecutive losses for the first time in 7 years, and was the lowest with 9 losses and 2 minutes (2 points). Dismissed Kuze in MayEngland-Liverpool FCFormer head coachAlex MillerIs appointed as a director.Miller won the match against Kyoto at home on May 5th, 10-1, and won his first victory of the season in the 0th game of the opening season.In addition, Miller was not registered in time, and the command wasShigeo SawairiThe coach acted for me.
MF from Hiroshima during the league match suspension periodKazuyuki Toda, FW from KashimaMasaki FukaiJoined.He won 24 consecutive wins from Round 5 (Tokyo V match) and escaped from the bottom for a while, but stalled with 30 minute and 1 losses from Round 3.At the end of Section 32, he was 17th in the automatic demotion zone.
12/6 OfLast sectionFC Tokyo was preceded by 0-2, but in the 29 minutes from the 11th minute of the second half, they scored 4 goals and won a come-from-behind victory.[Annotation 1]..32th place Tokyo V at the end of Section 16, 15th placeJubilo IwataBoth were defeated, Iwata was 16th, Tokyo V was 17th, and Jeff was 15th in the year.
Club slogan: "YELLOW TOP 2009'
Miller continues to direct.Acquired Fukai from Kashima with a complete transfer, from Kashiwaア レ ッ ク スFrom ShimizuTakuzo WadaAcquired by complete transfer.From KashimaMasaki Nakago,Oita TrinitaからYohei FukumotoWith a loan transfer.The number of registered players was the smallest in J1 although the volume that was rumored to be transferred to another team remained.
In October 2009, the club office and practice area were opened in Chiba City.United parkChanged the trade name of the operating company from "East Japan JR Furukawa Soccer Club Co., Ltd." to "JEF United Co., Ltd."[8].
リーグ戦は第4節で17位に転落。第11節で16位になるが、第17節から15戦未勝利(6分9敗)。その間の第19節終了後の7月27日にミラーを解任して、ジェフOBのAtshiko EjiriIs appointed as a director.Also in BrazilEC VitoriaTo FWNeto BaianoFrom KashiwaKeisuke OtaHowever, J31 relegation was decided in Section 2 (Kawasaki match).In addition, although he won the 32nd round (FC Tokyo match), he lost to the 33rd and 34th rounds in a row, and the league match ended at the bottom.
Including the predecessor Furukawa era, "demotion to a lower division" was the first time in the history of the club, and Jeff has not been able to return to J1 even now.


Club slogan: "Run all the way! And beyond that.'
Ejiri continues to direct. DFSaito DaisukeRetired, captain MFTomi Shimomura, DFEddie BothnerEtc. have left the groupIwataTo MFShinji MuraiAnd DFTakayuki Chano,京都To FWTakeshi HayashiAnd MFYuto SatoFrom April 2009OkayamaFW that was transferred toKota AokiFive former Jeff players have returned.
In addition, DF who joined from Oita for a limited timeYohei FukumotoMF who joined from Kashima for a limited timeMasaki NakagoTwo people have transferred to a complete transfer.Also,NagoyaTo MFKei YamaguchiJoining and Australian captain DFMark MilliganWas won.7/23FWSeiichiro Maki Russia 1st Division-FC Amkar PermWas completely transferred to.
6/10,Shutoku UniversitySigned a comprehensive partnership agreement and Jeff United Assist sponsorship agreement with.9/12In Section 25 ofFukuokaLost in a direct confrontation with and fell to 4th place.11/23In Section 36 ofKusatsuLost to 4th place and below (final ranking was 4th place), and did not return to J1 in one year.
90th Emperor's CupWas eliminated in the 4th round.Ejiri retired from the coach after the season ended.
Club slogan: "WIN BY ALL!'
Dwight LodewegesBecame the director.Daisuke Nakamaki OkayamaToShohei Ikeda AtagoToTatsuya Tanizawa FC TokyoToKouhei KudoIs in KyotoTakuzo WadaIn Fukuoka,ア レ ッ ク スAre completely transferred to Kashima.Shoga Kamada,Ryo Kanazawa,Neto BaianoHas left the group.Also,Masaki NakagoG OsakaWas transferred from for a limited timeKurata Autumn C OsakaTransferred to for a limited time.on the other hand,KumamotoからToshiya Fujita,Yokohama FCからOkubo,Aalesunds FKからTor Hogne AuroyFrom Nagoya with complete transferAkira Takeuchi,Canada·FC edmontonFrom U-20 Canada National TeamMatt LamEach with a loan transfer,Senshu University OfShuji FujimotoWas active as a specially designated playerMeiji University OfYuichi KuboIs a new member,Tsukasa IkuyamaHas returned from a loan transfer to Oita.
5/13,Mitsubishi Yowa SC Youth OfRyota TanabeApproved as a specially designated player.6/26, Official supplierFrom AQUAHas signed a contract with an official partner since the 2011 season.7/30, Jeff U-18Sho SatoHaruya IdeHowever, the top team was registered (2 types were registered).8/9, From NiigataHideo OshimaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.
10/21, Director Dwight, head coach dismissed.To succeed the directorKiyoo KobeTo the coachSugazawa TaigaWas appointed.
11/19, Section 36-Shonan-The possibility of promotion disappears with the result of the Tokushima match (final result is 6th).
91th Emperor's CupIn the first roundShimizu S-PulseLost to.
Club slogan: "DAKKAN recapture x desweetening'
To the directorMitoFormer coach and coach of Shimizu until the previous seasonTakashi KiyamaWas appointed.
VeteranToshiya FujitaIncluding,Takeshi Hayashi,Van GesselLeft the group,C OsakaWas transferred to theMasaki NakagoTo Tokyo V,Shinji MuraiIs in OitaKeisuke Ota,Yohei Fukumoto TokushimaToHideo Oshima SapporoComplete transfer toKota Aoki KofuToTsukasa Ikuyama AndLoan transfer toMatt LamThe loan transfer period has expired,Takayuki ChanoRetired.on the other hand,FukuokaからYusuke Tanaka,G OsakaからSatoshi Yamaguchi,YamagataからKentaro Sato,Yokohama FCからSatoshi FujitaAre all completely transferred from IwataTomoyuki ArataFrom KashiwaAkihiro Hyodo,Yokohama FMからEijiro TakedaAll are acquired by transfer for a limited time,Haruya Ide,Sho SatoIs promoted from youth,Kazuki Oiwa,Maya MachidaIs a new member. From Kashiwa in JuneRicardo LoboBut in July from UrawaTakahashi SakiJoined for a limited time. In augustFC TokyoからTatsuya TanizawaHas returned with a complete transfer.
In the league match, he took the lead in Sections 1, 19 and 24, and Section 13AtagoAfter winning the match, he participated in the promotion battle except when he retreated to 29th place in the 30th and 7th rounds, and finally did not reach the 1nd place in the J2 automatic promotion range, but he was 5th in the season record.J1 promotion playoffsAdvance to.In the playoffs, he defeated 4th place Yokohama FC, but was not promoted to J6 because he lost 0-1 due to the final goal of Takenori Hayashi, who had been in Chiba until the previous year in the 1th place Oita match.
After the playoffs, technical director Kobe and director Kiyama retired respectively.
92th Emperor's CupLost to Kashima in the quarterfinals.
Club slogan: "Absolutely J1!'
Niigata as a directorOmiyaFormer directorAtsushi SuzukiWas appointed.
I had a loan transfer from Gamba OsakaShohei Otsuka, Was a loan member from KashiwaAkihiro HyodoBoth moved to complete transfer.From ShimizuKenhei Usui, Last seasonC OsakaWas playing inKempesWas acquired by complete transfer.In addition, it should be notedKorea 1rd Division-Jeju United FCEarned moreJailOn January 7thUAE Part 1 OfEmirates ClubIt was a loan transfer to. August 2013,Takayuki MorimotoJoined with a complete transfer. It was the first time in seven years to return to the J-League. August 7Toshima Akira Fujieda MYFCTransfers to the deadline.
第2節で初勝利を挙げ、以後第8節まで7試合連続負けなし(3勝4分)。第10節から第15節まで4連勝を含む6試合負けなし(4勝2分)で、第15節時点で3位に浮上。第16、17節とシーズン初の連敗を喫して第16節から第20節まで6位に順位を落としたが、第20節から6連勝で第25節終了時には2位KobeHe moved up to 3rd place with a difference of 3 points and kept 31rd place until the 3st round.No victory in 28 games from Section 4 (2 minutes and 2 losses), 33 consecutive losses from Section 3, and Sections 34 and 35 are 6th.From the 36th round, he moved up to 3th place with 4 consecutive wins, but from the 39th to the 42nd round, he only lost 2 minutes and 2 losses, and his season record was 5th.4th place away in the playoff semifinalsTokushimaHowever, due to the regulations, he did not advance to the final and was eliminated from the playoffs for the second consecutive year.
93th Emperor's CupLost to FC Tokyo in a penalty shootout in the third round.
Club slogan: "FUN! ~ For victory ~'
Suzuki system second year.Tsuneki YonekuraCompletely transferred to Gamba Osaka,Masaki FukaiLeft the group,Ryo KushinoRetired from Yokohama FMShinichi TashiroFrom YamagataTaisuke NakamuraComplete transfer from Yokohama FMTakashi AmanoFrom KashiwaRyosuke YamanakaWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.
しかし開幕から低調で、順位も第6節終了後に9位、第16節、18節終了後に8位になった以外は2桁順位を推移、第19節対北九州戦に敗れ、7勝6分6敗の勝点27で12位となった直後の6月23日に監督の鈴木と契約解除。テクニカル・ダイレクターのKazuo SaitoBorn in Chiba prefecture on July 7st, with a substitute command byLondon Olympics Japan National TeamI oversawTakashi SekizukaWas announced to take command as a successor director from the 8th of the same month[10].
After taking office as Sekizuka, the team's performance also improved, in the final sectionSanukiHe defeated and broke into 3rd place, deciding to advance to the playoffs for the third consecutive year.
94th Emperor's CupAlthough he advanced to the semi-final, the same J2YamagataLost to the finals for the first time in 30 years since the Furukawa era.The promotion playoffs were also defeated by Yamagata, and the playoffs were eliminated for the third consecutive year.
Club slogan: "Unique devotion'
The second year of the Sekizuka system.Kei YamaguchiRetired and Kempes retired.Takashi Amano (Yokohama FM), Ryosuke Yamanaka (Kashiwa), and Shuto Kono (FC Tokyo), who had been enrolled for a limited time, have all been transferred for a limited time.Also,Kenhei UsuiIs Shimizu,Satoshi YamaguchiIs Kyoto,Akira TakeuchiIs Nagoya,Akihiro HyodoOita,Shohei OtsukaCompletely transferred to Kitakyushu, Nam Seung Woo in BelgiumAFC TubizAkira Toshima transferred to Machida for a limited time.On the other hand, from Tosu as a new forceKanai Mitsufumi, From Kofu to Koki Mizuno, from KawasakiPaulinho,Crvena Zvezda(Serbian Part 1From)Netz PetunikFrom MitoTakayuki SuzukiFrom Kofu with complete transferOka University studentWas acquired by transfer for a limited time, from Chiba U-18Kyoga NakamuraUrata ItsukiWas promoted.Takaya Inui(Kiryu Ichitaka),Kengo Kitazume(Senshu University) has newly joined.Also from MachidaNaoki KuriyamaHas returned.From Yokohama FM in the summerSeitaro TomizawaFrom Nagoya with a complete transferRiki MatsudaFrom KawasakiShun AgaraWas acquired by a loan transfer.
Although the Sekizuka system was maintained, it has been sluggish since last year due to repeated games that could not be won.Even so, he defeated Tokyo V in Round 40 and moved up to 6th place, but in the following Round 41 and the final round, he lost to Okayama and Sanuki in a row.The final ranking was 9th, and he missed the playoffs.
Club slogan: "REVOLUTION -NEXT 25-'
The second year of the Sekizuka system.Takayuki SuzukiRetired,Netz Petunik(Omiya),Aki Mizuno(Sendai),Kazuki Oiwa(Sendai),Takayuki Morimoto(Kawasaki),PaulinhoTransfers such as (transfer to Shonan for a limited time)Riki MatsudaA total of 24 players have left the team, including those whose loan transfer period has expired (returning to Nagoya).On the other hand, from KofuShohei Abe, From mitoYoshida MakitoFrom OitaTaishi WakasaFrom KawasakiTakayuki Funayama,Maki YamamotoFrom Yokohama FMYusuke Higa, From SendaiAtsuto TataraFrom Yokohama FCJunki KoikeFrom KashiwaNaoya Kondo,Tokyo VからYuya Sato,AndからHiroki OkuboWith a complete transfer,TosuからEisuke Fujishima, From Tokyo VHiroki Sugashima,UrawaからKazuki NagasawaWith a loan transfer. From U-18Jun OkanoWas promoted as a new foreign playerTochigi SCHave been transferred sinceLee Joo YoungIncluding,Aranda,EwtonJoined the team, and the total number of new players reached 19.About the major replacement of this player, in November 2015General managerWas appointed toYuta Takahashi(Former General Manager of Kobe Team Headquarters) is a player who has transferred to the club in the past at the new system presentation.Transfer feeIt was necessary to solve this problem because it was putting pressure on labor costs (it is said that only Funayama who joined from Kawasaki had a transfer fee among new players), and a sense of unity as a team until the previous year The reason for this is that we gathered players who have a strong love and strong feelings for the club (as a result, many people from Chiba prefecture and high school students from Chiba prefecture gathered).[11].
From Tosu during the seasonRyuhei NiwaJoined with a loan transfer,Brazil 4th Division-PSTCWas transferred to with a deadlineUrata ItsukiHas returned.On the other hand, with UrataKyoga Nakamura RyukyuTransferred to a deadline.
However, at the end of the 8th round in the league match, the team did not enter the 2th place in the playoff range, let alone the 6nd place in the automatic promotion range, and Sekizuka was dismissed after the 25th round.Tsutomu Ogura,Takeshi SatouchiBoth coaches also retired at the same time.The coach ’s successorShigeru HasebeWas promoted to acting director[Annotation 2]
In the match against Nagasaki on October 10, the 30th place and below were confirmed this season, and it was confirmed that they would miss the promotion playoff advancement for the second consecutive year and the return to J7 for the eighth consecutive year.[13]..The final ranking is the worst 2th place after being demoted to J11[14].
Club slogan: "Pasión struggle'
Hasebe, who was acting as a coach, returns to coach and becomes a new coachSpain 1st-Getafe CFFormer directorJuan EsnaiderIs appointed.
Onaiu AdoUrawa,Haruya Ide G OsakaComplete transfer to,Kazuki Nagasawa,Eisuke FujishimaHas expired the transfer period has expired,Tatsuya TanizawaOf the transferee with a deadlineMachidaComplete transfer to,Junki KoikeTo Ehime FC,Kyoga Nakamura TheYS YokohamaWhat,Urata ItsukiTransferred to Kitakyushu for a limited time,Seitaro TomizawaAfter leaving the group due to the expiration of the contractNiigataWhile transferring to FC TokyoNaoyoshi HanyuReturned to the team for the first time in 10 years with a complete transfer, and from TosuKiyotake Isao,KobeからYamamoto KaitoIs a complete transfer from Gamba OsakaNishino TakaharuFrom Yokohama FMKumagai AndrewJoined with a loan transfer,Ichi Takahashi(Aomori Yamada High School),Yuji Mizobuchi(Keio University) is a new member.As a new foreign playerBaniyas SCFrom (UAE Part 1)Laribay,Olympia(Paraguay Part 1From)Jorge SalinasWas won.
During the seasonNiigataからIbusuki HiroshiIs a complete transfer,ShimizuからKim Bum Young,FukuokaからHirotaka Tameda,NagoyaからAsahi YadaJoined with a loan transfer. In augustVeracruz(Mexico 1st DivisionFrom)Luis OjedaJoined.On the other handShohei AbeIs Kofu,Yoshida MakitoTransferred to Machida for a limited time, Takaharu Nishino returned to Gamba Osaka due to the cancellation of the loan transfer contract.Lee Joo Young SanukiTransferred to a deadline.
後半戦に入り、第27節には6位と勝点で並ぶ7位まで順位を上げたものの、第28節から5試合連続未勝利となるなど8試合で1勝2分5敗と足踏みしたこともあり、第35節終了時には6位との勝点差を10にまで広げられる。しかし第36節からクラブ新記録の7連勝、特に最終節対Yokohama FCIn the match, he allowed the first move, and although he caught up with the tie, he was stuck until the final stage of the match, but the captain in the additional time in the second half.Naoya KondoVictory in reverse with the goal of, and 6th place in reverse due to the result of other venuesJ1 promotion playoffsI decided to advance.Playoffs third in semifinalsNagoyaHe lost the war and did not return to J1.
97th Emperor's CupLost to Gamba Osaka in the third round.
Club slogan: "PASSION'
The second year of the Esnaider system.Hiroki OkuboNaoyoshi HanyuRetired from active duty,Aranda,Kim Bum Young,Kengo Kitazume(Yokohama FC),Yusuke Higa(Tokyo V),Taishi Wakasa(Tokyo V),Atsuto Tatara(Kumamoto) And others leave the group.Masahiro Okamoto Atago,Yamamoto KaitoIs Yokohama FC,Ichi Takahashi YamaguchiTransferred to for a limited time.On the other hand, I had a loan transfer from last seasonKumagai Andrew,Asahi Yada,Hirotaka TamedaJoined with a complete transfer.AlsoYamagataからToshiya Takagi, From EhimeHidehito Kojima,Piast Gliwice(Poland 1st DivisionFrom)EbertoEarned in full transfer,oakからTatsuya Masushima,HiroshimaからYusuke Chajima,Rosario CentralからRodriguezJoined with a loan transfer,Yoshida Makito MachidaReturned from a loan transfer to.AlsoDaigo FurukawaWas promoted from U-18,Koji Toriumi(Meiji University),Danto Sugiyama(Funabashi City High School),Koki Honda(Kagawa Nishi High School) Joined a new graduate.
From the opening, he failed to start dash with 4 minute and 1 losses in 3 races. In MarchMelbourne Victory(Australia 1st DivisionFrom)GeriaIs a complete transfer,ShimizuからKazutoru TakagiJoined with a loan transfer.Makito Yoshida transferred to Ehime for a limited time.Even after the first victory, the points did not increase as expected, and the first half of the game ended in 8th place with 4 wins, 9 draws and 13 losses.Especially away, it was sluggish with 2 wins.During the summer transfer period, Toshiya Takagi completely transferred to Kashiwa,Jun Okano OitaTransferred to for a limited time.On the other handAndからKouhei Kudo,Yokohama FMからShimodaira TakumiJoined.
Even in the second half of the game, his record did not improve, and he never recorded three consecutive victories, resulting in an unstable battle.Although he scored 3 goals, which was the second place in the league, his defense was not stable, as he was the worst in the league with 2 goals, and as a result, he could not rise to the top throughout the year.In the end, the season ended with 72 wins, 2 draws and 72 losses, 16th place, the lowest ranking in club history.
98th Emperor's CupIn the first roundKobeLost to.
Club slogan: "PASSION'
The second year of the Esnaider system.Maya Machida(And),Naoya Kondo(Tokyo V),Kiyotake Isao(Tokushima),Ibusuki Hiroshi(Shonan),Kazutoru Takagi(Shimizu),Laribay,Jorge Salinas,RodriguezLeft the group.Yuji Mizobuchi,Danto SugiyamaWas newly transferred for a limited time.on the other hand,NagoyaからHisato Sato(Returned for the first time in 18 years[15]), From Tokyo VAlan Pinheiro,(I.e.からYusuke Tasaka,KofuからYuki HorigomeIs a complete transfer,Klebe,Velazquez,Ikki Arai,Suzuki RyoudaiJoined in a transfer with a deadline. Also,Peterkwame Aizawa(Nippon Bunri High School) Joined a new graduate.
After the opening, it was sluggish with 4st place without winning (2 minutes 2 losses) in 21 games.3/17Dismissed director Esnaider[16][17]..Top team coach to replaceAtshiko EjiriWas appointed for the first time in nine years since 2010.Immediately after the change of manager, it recovered to 9 wins and 2 draw, but after that it was sluggish again. April 1th last seasonNiigataLeftYasuda UniversityJoined.With only five wins in the first half, he returned to the season in 5th place with 23 points.During the summer transfer periodDaigo Furukawa TripleTransferred to for a limited time,Tsuneki Yonekura G OsakaI joined the return from.
In the second half of the game, his record did not improve, and in the summer he recorded six unwinned games, including four consecutive losses.In the second half of the game, he was sluggish in the lower ranks, having never recorded consecutive wins, and finally J4 remained in the 6th round of Tokyo V.As a result, the season ended in 1th place, which was the lowest in club history.Before the end of the season, Atsuhiko Ejiri announced his retirement as a coach for this season only.Also,Yuto SatoThe retirement of the active duty was announced, and the retirement ceremony was held after the final section.
99th Emperor's CupIn the first roundOkayamaLost to.
Club slogan: "WIN BY ALL!'
Tosu,C OsakaServed as a directorYoon CrystalBecame the director.
I had a loan transferYusuke Chajima(Hiroshima),Velazquez(England 1nd DivisionWatford) Resigned due to the expiration of the period.Takaya Inui MitoToCholhwan Ono TochigiToEberto Wisła KrakowI was a member of (Poland 1st Division) with a loan transfer and a loan transferKlebe(Estoril),Tatsuya Masushima(oak),Suzuki Ryoudai(G Osaka),Tsuneki Yonekura(G Osaka),Ikki Arai(Nagoya) Is a full transfer member, and(I.e.からShota Arai,YamaguchiからKeita Yamashita,IwataからTaji TaguchiKengo KawamataIs a complete transfer member, from youthSakuragawa SolomonIs promoted,Hanyang UniversityからJang Min Gyu,Kanto Gakuin UniversityからTomoki Miki,Ryutsu Keizai UniversityからTakeaki HommuraJoined a new graduate.
In the opening round, Koki Yonekura scored the victory in the opening round since 2017.HoweverImpact of the spread of new coronavirus infectionによりリーグ戦が約4か月中断した後、第6節から4戦勝利なし(1分3敗)で15位まで順位を落とす。第10節からシーズン初の3連勝で5位まで浮上するも、今度は直後に6戦勝利なし(1分5敗)で16位まで落ち、前半戦(第21節)終了時点で8勝2分11敗の勝点26、同節首位のKitakyushu18 points difference, 1nd place in J2 promotion zoneTokushimaIt ends in 17th place with a difference of 14 points.
Also, the first come-from-behind victory throughout the season was November 11, Section 11.AndIt was unusually slow with the war.
GM's on November 11thYuta TakahashiAnnounced retirement on the 3rd of the following monthTechnical director OfKenji SuzukiAnnounced the appointment of GM.
March 12Yusuke Tasaka, October 12Hisato Sato, And the withdrawal had already been announcedTatsuya MasushimaWas announced on December 12th, and the retirement ceremony for the three members was held after the final section.
Club slogan: "WIN BY ALL!'
Second year of Yoon Jong Hwan system.
Koki Honda(Aomori),Kouhei Kudo(Tochigi City),Cholhwan Ono(Gifu),Geria(Australia 1st DivisionPerth),Shimodaira Takumi(Nankatsu SC),Alan PinheiroLeft the group,Yuya Sato KumamotoWhat,Klebe Yokohama FC,Daigo Furukawa Iwaki FC,Hirotaka Tameda,Koji Toriumi C Osaka,Keita Yamashita Sagan Tosu,Takaya Inui KitakyushuComplete transfer to,Yuki Horigome Yamagata,Takeaki Hommura KitakyushuTransferred to a deadline.
In addition, Yuto Iwasaki SapporoFromItsuki Oda KashimaFromSaudagna EC BahiaWith a loan transfer fromFukumitsu Takaki(C Osaka),Daisuke Suzuki(Urawa),Shuhei Otsuki,Rui Sueyoshi(Yamagata),Yukitoshi Ito(Kashima),Yusuke Kobayashi(oak) Joined with a complete transfer,Yuji Mizobuchi TochigiReturn from loan transfer toRyuukei Ohashi High SchoolからMatsubara,Shutoku High SchoolからKeita BwanikaJoined a new graduate.
During the summer transfer periodYuto IwasakiRental period has expiredTosuTransfer toShuhei Otsuki YamaguchiWhat,Matsubara C OsakaWhat,Yuji Mizobuchi TochigiTransferred to for a limited time.Also,Ryuko Danzaki SapporoI joined with a more loan transfer.In the latter half of the season, 13 races were undefeated (8 wins and 5 draws).
March 12Yasuda University, October 12Takayuki Funayama,Asahi Yada,Peterkwame AizawaAnnounced the expiration of the contract.
101th Emperor's CupIn the first roundOmiyaIn the fourth round(I.e.He was defeated at the end of the penalty shootout.
Club slogan: ""
Second year of Yoon Jong Hwan system.
Itsuki Oda(Kashima),Ryuko Danzaki(Sapporo) Has expired the loan transfer period,Yuji Mizobuchi,Jun Okano(Machida),Asahi Yada(Atago),Takayuki Funayama(Sagamihara),Yuki Horigome(Tosu[Annotation 3],Yukitoshi Ito(Oita),Danto Sugiyama(Kyushu League-Metropolitan agriculture),Yasuda University(And),Peterkwame Aizawa(Aomori) Leave the group,Shuhei Otsuki(Yamaguchi),Takeaki Hommura(Kitakyushu) Is a complete transfer to each team of the transfer destination with a time limit. Yosuke Akiyama SendaiFromDaniel Alves SE PalmeirasWith a loan transfer fromHiroya Kazama(Ryukyu),Shogo Sasaki(Kashima)[Annotation 4],Toshiyuki Takagi(C Osaka) Joined with a complete transfer,MatsubaraReturned from a loan transfer to C-Osaka, from youthTaichi Sakuma,Raito SaitoIs promoted,Mitsubishi Yowa SC YouthからShunsuke Nishikubo,Toin University of YokohamaからTomoya ShinoharaJoined a new graduate.In March immediately after the openingTiago de Leonço(Guangzhou Castle) Joined with a complete transfer, and Raito Saito transferred to Aomori with a training-type loan.


Team scorer by year

  • List of team top scorers by year.Scores other than league games are not included.
年度Team scorerscoreRemarks
1993Czech flag Pavel16 points
1994German flag Ordenewitz30 pointsJ League top scorer
1995New Zealand flag Rufer21 points
1996Czech flag Hasek12 points
1997Montenegro flag Maslovar9 points
1998Japanese flag Nobuhiro Takeda13 points
1999Brazilian flag Baron17 points
200013 points
2001Republic of Korea flag Choi Yong Soo21 points
200216 points
200317 points
2004Brazilian flag Marquinhos12 points
2005Japanese flag Seiichiro Maki
Japanese flag Yuki Abe
2006Japanese flag Seiichiro Maki
2007Japanese flag Aki Mizuno9 points
2008Japanese flag Seiichiro Maki11 points
2009Japanese flag Masaki Fukai6 points
2010Brazilian flag Net10 points
2011Japanese flag Masaki Fukai14 points
2012Japanese flag Satoshi Fujita15 points
2013Brazilian flag Kempes22 pointsJ2 scorer
201413 points
2015Flag of Slovenia Pečnik14 points
2016Japanese flag Maya Machida11 points
2017Argentina flag Laribay19 points
2018Japanese flag Takayuki Funayama
2019Brazilian flag Klebe17 points
2020Brazilian flag Klebe
Japanese flag Keita Yamashita
7 points
2021Japanese flag Tomoki Miki14 points


Domestic title

International title

  • None



J1 league
J League Cup
J2 league
Other awards

Club records

Consecutive win record

  • 6 consecutive wins [Section 2007, 23] OitaBattle (Fukuari) -Section 28 KofuBattle (Ose)]
  • 7 consecutive wins [Section 2017, 36] OkayamaBattle (Fukuari) -Section 42 Yokohama FCBattle (Fukuari)]

Home stadium undefeated

  • League match 31 games [2003 1st Section 5 Yokohama FMWar-2005 Section 18 (I.e.Battle]
  • 26 official games [2003 1st Section 5 Yokohama FM game-2005 Section 2 oakBattle]
  • 16 match
[2010 Section 35] KitakyushuWar --2011 Section 29 Kitakyushu Battle]

League match losing streak

  • 7 consecutive losses
[1993 N Section 12 V KawasakiBattle (Riku Miyagi) -Section 18 NagoyaBattle (Mizuho ball)]
[2008 Section 5] KashimaWar (Kashima) -Section 11 UrawaBattle (Saitama)]
  • 4 consecutive losses
[2016 Section 34] GunmaBattle (Shoda Sta) -Section 37 TokushimaBattle (Naruto Otsuka)]
[2019 Section 26] KagoshimaBattle (Shiranami Star) --Section 29 KofuBattle (Fukuda Denshi)]

League match unwinned

  • 17 games [2007 Section 29 Urawa Red Diamonds (Fukuari) -2008 Section 11 Urawa Red Diamonds (Saitama)]
  • 7 games [2016 Section 32 YamaguchiBattle (Fukuari) -Section 38 NagasakiBattle (Fukuari)]

League match opening unwinned

  • Section 11 [Section 2008 of 1 G OsakaWar (Expo) -Section 11 Urawa Red Diamonds (Saitama)]
  • Section 5 [Section 2019 Ehime Battle (Ningineer) -Section 1 Kyoto Battle (Fukuari)]

First win of the latest season

  • May 5 [J10 1 Section 2008 京都Battle (Fukuari)]
* It is late even if the predecessor Furukawa era is included.
  • May 3 [J30 2 Section 2019 FukuokaBattle (Hakata Riku)]

Most scored match

  • 6 points
    • [1995 Section 17 Yokohama F. Marinos (Ichihara Seaside) --Scorers: Maslovar (2), Eisuke Nakanishi, Rufer (3)]
    • [2007 Section 23 Oita War (Fukuari) --Scorers: Yuto Sato, Satoru Yamagishi, Koki Mizuno (2), Kohei Kudo, Kota Aoki]
  • 6 points
    • [2012 Section 14 Machida Battle (Machida) --Scorers: Yoshihito Fujita (2), Yusuke Tanaka (3), Masaki Fukai]
    • [2013 Section 6 against Kitakyushu (Fukuari) --Scorers: Kazuki Oiwa, Kempes (4), Jair]
    • [2013 Section 37 Kumamoto Battle (Fukuari) --Scorers: Yusuke Tanaka, Shunki Takahashi, Kempes (3), Takayuki Morimoto]
    • [2017 Section 20 Gifu Battle (Nagara River) --Scorers: Takaya Inui, Hiroshi Ibusuki, Koki Kiyotake, Kim Bum Young, Aranda, Laribay]
    • [2018 Section 5 Sanuki Battle (Fukuari) --Scorers: Toshiya Takagi, Koki Kiyotake, Takayuki Funayama, Yusuke Chajima, Laribay, Masaki Yamamoto]

Most goals scored

  • 6 goals
    • [1993 NICOS (2nd) Section 18 Nagoya match (Mizuho ball)]
    • [2000 1st Section 3 Kobe match (Ichihara)]
  • 6 goals
    • [2014 Section 7 Shonan War (Fukuari)]

Score difference

  • Victory -6 points difference (6-0) [2007 Section 23 Oita War (Fukuari)]
  • Defeat -6 points difference (0-6) [1993 NICOS (2nd) Section 18 against Nagoya (Mizuho ball)]
  • Victory -6 points difference (6-0) [2013 Section 37 Kumamoto match (Fukuari)]
  • Defeat -6 points difference (0-6) [2014 Section 7 Shonan Battle (Fukuari)]

Domestic top league affiliation

  • Total: 43 consecutive seasons
Japan Soccer League: 27 consecutive seasons (predecessor, Furukawa Electric era)
J League ・ J1: 16 consecutive seasons (JEF United Ichihara, Chiba)

Personal records

Participation in the youngest game

J1 league match
  • 16 years 333 days- Japanese flag Yuki Abe (August 1998, 8 J5 Section 1 against Gamba Osaka)
J2 league match
  • 17 years 173 days- Japanese flag (March 2022, 3 J6 Section 2, Montedio Yamagata Battle)

*As of October 2022, 5.

The oldest match participation

J1 league match
  • 37 years 71 days- Flag of Slovakia Morafuchiku (September 2002, 9 J1 1nd Section 2 FC Tokyo match)
J2 league match
  • 40 years 15 days- Japanese flag Toshiya Fujita (December 2011, 10 J19 Section 2, Mito HollyHock match)

*As of October 2022, 5.

Most appearances in official games

Official game
Japanese player
Foreign national athlete

* As of December 2021, 8.Participation in other clubs is not included.

League match calculation record

* 200 games or more. As of December 2021, 12.Participation in other clubs is not included.

Highest score in all league games

Japanese player
Foreign national athlete

* Scores from other clubs are not included.

Most consecutive game participation

Highest score in league season

J1 league match
Japanese player
Foreign players
J2 league match
Japanese player
Foreign players

Youngest score

Official game
  • 17 years 216 days- Japanese flag Yuki Abe (April 1999, 4 J10 Section 1, Vissel Kobe match)

*As of October 2018, 12.

Oldest score

Official game
  • 38 years 241 days- Japanese flag Hisato Sato (November 2020, 11 J8 Section 2, Montedio Yamagata Battle)

*As of October 2021, 1.

hat trick

J1 league match
  • 3 points
    • Czech flag Pavel [1993 1st Section 12 (June 6) Urawa Red Diamonds]
    • German flag Ordenewitz [1994 2nd Section 1 (August 8) G Osaka match]
    • Japanese flag Yasuhiko Niimura [1995 1st Section 24 (July 7) G Osaka match]
    • New Zealand flag Rufer [1995 2nd Section 17 (October 10) Yokohama F match]
    • New Zealand flag Rufer [1995 2nd Section 20 (November 11th) against Hiroshima]
    • Brazilian flag Baron [2000 1st Section 1 (March 3) against Kyoto]
    • Republic of Korea flag Choi Yong Soo [2003 1st Section 5 (April 4) Yokohama FM match]
    • Republic of Korea flag Choi Yong-soo [2003 1st Section 6 (April 4) against Kyoto]
    • Japanese flag Yuki Abe [2006 J1 Section 27 (October 10) against Kashima]
J2 league match
  • 4 points
    • Brazilian flag Kempes [2013 J2 Section 6 (March 3) against Kitakyushu]
  • 3 points
    • Japanese flag Yusuke Tanaka [2012 J2 Section 14 (May 5) Machida match]
    • Brazilian flag Kempes [2013 J2 Section 32 (September 9st) against Fukuoka]
    • Brazilian flag Kempes [2013 J2 Section 37 (October 10) Kumamoto match]
    • Japanese flag Kiyotake Isao [2017 J2 Section 13 (May 5) against Nagasaki]
    • Argentina flag Laribay [2017 J2 Section 22 (July 7) Sanuki Battle]
    • Japanese flag Takayuki Funayama [2018 J2 33rd theory (September 9th) against Fukuoka]
J League Cup
  • 3 points
    • Montenegro flag Maslovar [March 1997, 3 against Sendai]
    • Serbian flag Rade [March 1997, 3 against Hiratsuka]
    • Montenegro flag Maslovar [July 1998, 7 against Kashima]
    • Japanese flag Seiichiro Maki [April 2004, 4 Oita War]
    • Austrian flag Hearth [June 2006, 6 C against Osaka]
Emperor's cup
  • 3 points
    • Brazilian flag Net [2010 3rd round (October 10th) against Kyoto]
    • Brazilian flag Ewton [2016 1st round (August 8) Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa school match]

Memorial goal

J1 league record
  • 1500 goals in total- Japanese flag Shoji Castle[April 1995, 4 Suntory Section 5 Shimizu (Ichihara Seaside)]
  • 2500 goals in total- Japanese flag Atshiko Ejiri[November 1995, 11 NICOS Section 15 Hiratsuka (Ichihara Seaside)]
  • 8000 goals in total- Republic of Korea flag Choi Yong Soo[September 2002, 9 14nd Section 2 Nagoya (Mizuho Riku)]
  • 9000 goals in total- Japanese flag Saito Daisuke[March 2004, 3 13st Section 1 Kobe (Kobe Wing)]
  • 13,000 goals in total- Japanese flag Seiichiro Maki[September 2008, 9 Section 14 Tokyo V (Fukuari)]
J2 league record
  • 8500 goals in total- Japanese flag Kurata Autumn[June 2010, 6 Section 6 Ehime (Fukuari)]
  • 15,500 goals in total- Japanese flag Takayuki Funayama[March 2017, 3 Section 4 Yamagata (Fukuari)]
Club records
  • 1st goal- Czech flag Pavel Jehaak[May 1993, 5 Suntory Section 16 Section 1 Hiroshima (Hiroshima Star)]


Home stadium is ChibaChuo OfChiba City Soga Sports ParkInFukuda Electronic Arena(Fukuari, Chiba City Soga Stadium) has been holding all home games here since October 2005 in principle.

At the beginning of the J-League, Ichihara CityIchihara Ryokuchi Sports Park Seaside Stadium(Ichihara Rinkai, now ZA Oripri Stadium) was used as the home stadium, and home games were held at multiple stadiums.2002 FIFA World CupIt was planned in Ichihara City on the premise of attractingChiba Prefectural New Stadium PlanBefore the start of the 2002 season, the club announced a policy of "after the ball game field (= Fukuari) in Chiba City Soga Sports Park is completed, Ichihara Seaside and the same ball game field will be used together" in 2005. The home game in Fukuda started in October.On the other hand, Ichihara Rinkai needed renovation work due to the failure of the new stadium plan.Japan Football AssociationMore "to accommodate more than 2 spectator seats and make all seats individual seats" "to install a roof that can cover more than 2/3 of the spectator seats" "for the total number of seats, every game, spectator seats The city has been given conditions such as "mobilizing more than 8% of the spectators," and the city's burden was heavy for the municipal stadium, Ichihara Rinkai, to meet the specifications, so the stadium renovation work was abandoned.Jeff's home game at Ichihara Seaside has not been held since 2007, and the home registration presented to the J League was also deleted at the end of 2010.

In addition, the past home game holding stadium is "Jeff United Ichihara / Chiba Yearly Results List #Number of Visitors by Year"checking.

Driving range and clubhouse

The practice area and clubhouse are located adjacent to Chiba City Soga Sports Park and Fukuda Denshi Arena.United park.2009It was opened in October as a practice ground and clubhouse for top teams and youth teams, and is used together with the facilities in the park. Since 10, the "Unapa Festival" has been held at United Park every fall, and it has become a place for supporters and local residents to interact.

At the beginning of the J LeagueUrayasu cityChidori OfFurukawa ElectricPractice field on owned land (JEF United IchiharaMaihamaGround[18]) Was there,2000In Ichihara City, where the driving range is close to the home stadium at that timeAnesaki Park Soccer FieldMoved to.In Maihama, the Junior Youth Team (JEF United Junior Youth Maihama) and Maihama School were still active, but in March 2005, the Maihama School was closed and replaced.2005FromNarashino-shiAkanehama OfRenownNatural turf ground in Intelligent Junction (American football team ・Lena UnroversFormer driving range, nowX LeagueBelongingObic seagullsIs used by) Narashino School is active[19].

For ladies' driving range, see "Jeff United Ichihara / Chiba Ladies #Practice Field / ClubhouseSee.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)yellow绿yellow
FP (2nd)Navy blueNavy blueNavy blue
GK (1st)light bluelight bluelight blue
GK (2nd)"Red""Red""Red"
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     yellow,    Green,    "Red"
    • Yellow and green are team colors and prefectural flowers of Chiba prefecture.Rape blossomRepresents[2].
    • Adopted for uniforms    Blue represents the color of the sea, which is a symbol of Chiba Prefecture.[2].

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestFuji ElectricFe Fuji Electric2007-
clavicleFurukawa ElectricFurukawa Electric2018-January 1998-October, 1, 10, 1999 sleeves
1998-2001, 2003-2004 is the upper back
2001-April 2002 is the chest
January 1998-October, 1 is written as "Furukawa"
JR EastJR East2018-1995, 2003-2004 sleeves
1998-2000 is chest
In 1995,[vjuː] View Plaza"Notation
1998-2002, 2005 is written as "JR East"
April 2009-4 is "Suica"Notation
Upper backJRE MALL2001-2002
February 2009-
Lower backShin ShowaShin Showa2016-
February 2018- [20]
Front of pantsChiba Station BuildingPERIe2009-2009-2016 is "PeRIe JR East Group"Notation
Back of pantsNone--
  • Furukawa Electric is on the left and JR East is on the right as the clavicle sponsor.
  • The typeface of the number (the same design as the "JEF UNITED" logo) has been using the original font since joining the J League, but it was changed from 2021 due to the introduction of a unified font.
  • The two stars (★) on the left chest emblem are from 2 and 2005.Yamazaki Nabisco CupRepresents the victory of.

Uniform supplier itinerary

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1993 - 1996
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2000
2022 -
FP 2nd
1993 - 1995
1997 - 1998
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2022 -
FP Other
2012 3rd
10 anniversary
25 anniversary
home town
Wide area
15 anniversary
Summer night
Factory night view Ver

Past uniform sponsor notation

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992SEGA[Annotation 5]Before ban-Before banpentelBefore banBefore banasics
View Plaza
Japan Telecom
1997J-PHONELet's telecom.
Japan Telecom
1998JR EastFurukawa ElectricFurukawa /
Furukawa Electric Real Estate
2001Furukawa ElectricJR East-
2002Furukawa Electric /
Auto wave
Furukawa Electric-
2003Auto waveFurukawa ElectricJR East
2005JR EastFurukawa Electric
2006SammyKimitsu HousingQB
2007Fe Fuji Electric-Kappa
2008-- /
2009- /
JR East Group
2015- /
Public bar
Chiba Chan
2016Shin ShowaPublic bar
Chiba Chan
2018Furukawa ElectricJR East- /


Soccer schoolChibaChuoandMihama,市 原 市,Kisarazu(For infants)[23]..Schools for seniors and women are also open[23].. Long time agoUrayasu city,TochigiUtsunomiya City(Jeff United Cuore) BesidesTohoku Electric Power Natori Sports Park(NASPA,MiyagiNatori City) And also operated the school (Great East Japan EarthquakeLater NASPA itself closed).This is mainly in Ichihara City when Jeff started the J League, and along the JR East line.Tohoku,Kanto,KoshinetsuIt is a remnant of having a plan to network each region in a wide area.In addition, as a delivery version of the school, "Soccer Otodoketai" mainly visits nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, etc. in Ichihara City and Chiba City.Chiba UniversityWe also provide lectures for instructors in partnership with Chiba City and other instructors in the surrounding area.

In the elementary school age (U-12), there was no team other than the school that focused on the spread mentioned above,2017Opened "JEF United Ichihara / Chiba Elite Program U-12 Strengthening School" with the aim of developing top teams and players who will play an active role on the world stage in the future, and started selection.[24].. In March 2017,2018It was announced that Jeff United Chiba U-12 will be officially established and will start activities from the 2018 U-10 team.[25].

Junior Youth (U-15) is in the Tatsumidai district of Ichihara cityNarashino-shiAkanehamaThere were two teams in the district,2010It is more integrated and works as a team based in Fukuda Denshi Field.

Youth (U-18) is like the top teamsUnited park, Fukuda Denshi Square, Fukuda Denshi Field, etc. Since 2017, Team B, mainly junior high school students, has also entered the league match in the high school age, aiming to increase training opportunities.

As a subordinate / related organization, the women's teamJeff United Ichihara/Chiba LadiesThere is.Jeff L was initially (1992), It is operated as a subordinate organization of Jeff, and the ladies' U-18 and U-15 teams are also active.As a second teamJeff United Ichihara/Chiba ReservesWas active,2011The activity was completed with.

Native player

Jeff Chiba U-18

Staff / players

directed by
Affiliated player


1st runner-up: 1998
2nd place: 1998, 2003

Jeff Chiba U-15

Staff / players

directed by
Affiliated player


1 wins 1998
2nd place: 1993, 1994
1st runner-up: 1995

Jeff Chiba U-12

Staff / players

directed by
  • (U-12)
  • (U-10)
Affiliated player


1st runner-up: 2020



The financial results of Jeff United Ichihara and Chiba are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 2020

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 2020

Amount of money: million yen

Official song

  • Official supporter song
  • Official song
    • "WIN BY ALL!"2017--Lyrics SACHI Composition Grow Sound

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注 釈

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