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⚾ | "I don't remember the face and name" Roki Sasaki x How to interact with the referee Iwakuma & Kawasaki from the perspective of the ball umpire

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"I don't remember the face and name" Roki Sasaki x How to interact with the referee Iwakuma & Kawasaki from the perspective of the ball umpire

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Hisashi Iwakuma and Munenori Kawasaki, who are active in NPB and MLB and have a wealth of experience, will teach you how to interact well with the referee.

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Hisashi Iwakuma

Hisashi Iwakuma(Hisashi Iwakuma,1981/4/12 -) isTokyoHigashiyamasaFormer originProfessional baseball player(pitcher),Baseball commentator.. Right-handed and right-handed.

Japanese professional baseballIn (NPB)Pacific League(Pa League)Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes-Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesActive as an ace inMajor league baseballChallenge to (MLB). As an Asian in the MLB eraHideo NomoIt will be the second person since thenNo hit no runWas achieved.Athens OlympicsBaseball bronze medalist.

He is also the last professional baseball player to have played when the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team was founded.[Annotation 1].


Before entering professional

Started baseball when he was in the first grade of elementary school.Seibu Haijima LineTamagawajosui StationI used to live around the nearby Sakuragaoka, so when I was little I joined a fan club.Seibu Lions StadiumEnthusiastic enough to go toSeibu LionsWas a fan[1]..He played for Toyamato Little Senior in junior high school,Horikoshi High SchoolGo on to[2].

I entered Horikoshi High School on the recommendation of baseball, but the club activity environment, which has more collective responsibility and mental guidance than technical matters, did not suit me, so I thought about leaving school in the fall of 1st year, but my homeroom teacher said, "Baseball. It doesn't have to be a club. You should graduate from high school, "and the senior coach advised you to continue if you like baseball.[1]..He couldn't play in Koshien in high school, but there were many professional players at the spring tournament.Teikyo High SchoolIf you play well against and throw it well, it will catch the eye of a professional scout,1999 Draft ConferenceAtOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesJoined after being nominated for 5rd place[1].

Kintetsu era

2000/, Never pitched in one army, off-seasonKuroshio LeagueParticipated in and received expectations from the leaders such as recording 149km / h.

2001/, April 5 vsNippon Ham FightersIn the bottom of the 8th inning, he pitched for the first time with a 1-point lead, and in the bottom of the 9th inning.Ogasawara MichidaiHe was hit by a solo home run and was caught up with the tie.However, the Kintetsu hitting line exploded in the top of the 10th inning, andNorihiro NakamuraOn this day, Kintetsu won 3-17 and Iwakuma won his first professional pitching victory.After the match, he said, "I'm sorry for the team because I was hit even though I was in a state where I could have won easily if I kept it down," and there was no joyful voice of the first professional victory.He played an active part in the second half of this year, and finally 12 wins and 1 losses including one shutout.He contributed to the thin Kintetsu pitchers and helped the team win the league title.Yakult SwallowsWithJapan seriesThen, he started in the second game (without winning or losing).

2002/,Starting rotationAs one of the corners, he pitched in 23 games and recorded 8 wins and 7 losses. December, at the age of 12Seibu Lions-HirohashiMarried to the eldest daughter of the batting coach (at that time)[3]..The reason was that I happened to meet the Hirohashi family at an art museum in Tokyo.

2003/, With 15 wins, the most in the team, and the most complete games and walks of the year.

2004/, Was selected as his first opening pitcher and achieved 12 consecutive wins in the opening, which is a new record for the team.As a result, Iwakuma became the last opening pitcher of Kintetsu Buffaloes due to the merger of the teams described later.In the end, it was 15 wins and 2 losses.Most winsBest pitcherWon the title.Best defense rateThe title was confirmed if one more person was suppressedRyota AikawaI missed a two-run home run.AlsoAthens Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamElected to.All star gamesIn the fan vote of the Pacific League, he became the starting pitcher in the first game of the ball banquet.US-Japan baseballIn the 5th round of the game, he played an active role as a winning pitcher with a good pitching of 7 goal in the 1th inning.This match was the last match for Iwakuma to pitch in a Kintetsu uniform.On the other hand, he often complained of discomfort in his right shoulder during the season and slid the pitch several times, which is said to have been a precursor to the trouble of his right shoulder later. With the merger of Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes and Orix Bluewave teams, which was revealed in June, and the new entry of Rakuten after the end of the season.Distribution draftSo, of the merged teamOrix BuffaloesIwakuma refused to join the group, citing the labor-management "agreement" at the time of the merger, and Orix tried to persuade him, but failed.

Iwakuma himself is a new entrant team in money tradingTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(father in law·HirohashiWas hoping to transfer to XNUMXst Army defensive baseball coach)[4],Chunichi DragonsNishikawa Junnosuke, the president of the baseball team, said, "(Hiromitsu Ochiai) Everyone, including the director, says "I want Iwakuma."[5], In charge of organizationTakashi IdeAlso commented "I'm watching the situation"[6], Chunichi was interested in acquiring Iwakuma[5]..At that time, Chunichi called Iwakuma "Nobuno Kawakami(The same yearSawamura Prize) And a pitcher with the same ability as ”[5],Tyrone Woods(PreviousYokohama Bay Stars) As the centerpiece of large-scale reinforcementShigeki NoguchiWas looking at exchange trades with multiple pitchers[6]..other than this"Yomiuri Giants(Giant)·Hanshin TigersWe are also looking for Iwakuma as well as Chunichi. "[4]Finally, due to the concession on the Orix side considering the future of both the merged new team and Iwakuma[7], Settled on December 12 of the same year in the form of being transferred to Rakuten by monetary trade as Iwakuma hoped.[8][9](For player distribution draftProfessional baseball reorganization problemSee the relevant section).

Rakuten era

2005/, The opening pitcher of the first year of Rakuten baseball team,Chiba Marine StadiumAt the pairChiba Lotte MarinesCompleted one goal in the battle and became the team's first winning pitcher.After that, he kept the starting rotation for one year, but from the middle of the season, he started to throw betrayal due to a breakdown of his right shoulder.Even so, he continued to win as the first ace of the new team, but did not reach the double-digit victory.It became the first pitcher to reach the regular pitching times of the Rakuten baseball team with 1 wins in the sluggish team.Defense rate TheRegular pitch timeAmong the reaching pitchers, he suffered the worst 4.99 and the number of defeats was 15 of the league worst this year.

2006/Has been banned since this year2-step motionI changed the form to fix it, but the form did not solidify, and I could not make it in time for the opening due to the influence of the failure of the right shoulder last year, and the adjustment by the second army continued until the middle of August. He returned to the army in the match against Nippon-Ham on August 8, and recorded his first victory of the season in the match against Lotte (Chiba) on September 8, but in the end he pitched in 29 games with an ERA of 9 and 12 win and 6 losses. It ended in.Even so, he was selected as the "3.72st Best Father in Tohoku" to choose a wonderful father in Tohoku.

2007/, Serves as the opening pitcher for the first time in two years. He was selected as the starting pitcher in the opening game of the home a week later, but just before the start of the game (after the starting lineup was announced), he complained of discomfort in his back and avoided pitching.KawagishiSuddenly pitched, and the registration was canceled the next day. He returned to the army in late April and won one victory, but in mid-May he pulled a strain on his left flank and left the front again.He returned to the second half of the game and won his second victory against Lotte (Chiba) on July 4st. In the match against Lotte (Chiba) on August 1Katsunori NomuraHe had a skirmish with his coach (at that time) on the verge of a brawl.On this day, I kept the goal to 3 times, but on the 4th timefaux pasIt collapsed on the occasion of 3 runs.After getting off the board at this time, Nomura was careful about the place where he was locked up in the locker room halfway through the 7th time, and the coaches broke in and the situation was settled, but the situation was broadcast on CS broadcast.After that, Iwakuma apologized to Nomura during the match (the two of them apologized.Horikoshi High SchoolI have a relationship of seniors and juniors, and I usually get along very well).Later, he announced on his blog that he was shut up in the locker room because his daughter had a fever and was in contact with his home. There was no victory or defeat).After that, he continued to play a part of the starting rotation until the end of the season, and although he did not reach the regular pitching times, he finally pitched in 16 games and recorded 5 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 3.40.In October after the end of the season, he underwent cartilage removal surgery on his right elbow, which was painful just by bending.

2008/, Served as the opening pitcher for the 2th time in a row for 4 years, and although he showed a good pitching with 7 goal in the 1th inning, he could not win or lose, and the team lost the goodbye. In the match against Orix on March 3, he scored his first shutout victory after transferring to Rakuten with no four balls.After that, he mass-produced his winning stars, and in early May, he won 27 wins, which was the same as the previous year, and on June 5th, he won the 5th win against the Giants for the first time in 6 years.He started in 15 games in the first half of the game and recorded 4 wins at the top of both leagues, but he was defeated by the Japanese national team at the Beijing Olympics in August.He also revealed his regret. His 10th win against Lotte (Chiba) on August 19th, which is his most.Furthermore, in the match against Seibu (Seibu Dome) on September 14, 8 in the Pacific League.Kazumi SaitoReached the 20th win since then.And on October 10, the final pitch of the season,K-Star MiyagiAt the pairFukuoka Softbank HawksVictory in the battle, 1985Yoshinori SatoSince then, he has won the most wins with 23 wins for the first time in 21 years.In this match, the ERAWith DarvishThe winning percentage was the sameKomatsuAchieved the triple crown of single pitchers.He also recorded the most pitching innings in the league, making it his best season with nearly one-third of the team's 65 wins in the season.Of particular note was home runs, with more than 3 pitching innings and three home runs (two of them).Sep-pa Exchange BattleThe home run that I allowed against the Pacific League team was on September 9th at Softbank.Nobuhiro MatsudaOnly one struck by). In 1, the number of home runs of 200 or less with 3 pitches or moreAkimoto YusakuIt was the first feat in 50 years since it was recorded.In each off commendation, despite the team being fifthSawamura Prize,Best player,Best nine,Best Battery AwardDominates major pitcher-related awards.The best player was selected from the B-class team in 1988.Hiromitsu KadotaSince then. December 12thContract renewalHe entered into negotiations and signed a multi-year contract totaling 3 billion yen for three years.

2009/Was appointed as the third chairman of the team before the opening. The eldest son of the second child was born in January.Also held in March1st World Baseball Classic (WBC) OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected to. At the same tournamentDaisuke Matsuzaka, Is entrusted with the starting three pillars with Darvish.In the first round South KoreaI started in the 1st place playoff with, but 513Although the number of runs was reduced to one goal, the team lost 1-0 without the support of the batting line.First round of the second roundCubaIn the battle, he pitched as 2nd place and held down one time with 1 strikeouts.In the second round of the repechage against Cuba, the team won 2-6 with no runs in the sixth inning.Cuba center fielder in this matchJoenice CespedesAlthough it was a misty and vicious ground condition such as dropping a mid-fly shot by Michihiro Ogasawara, he controlled the slider and shoot low to make it easier to protect, saying "I tried not to hit the fly" and out. On 15/18, he hit the ground ball in the infield and contributed to the semi-finals by completely taking advantage of the Cuban hit line, which had the most home runs in the primary league.In the final against KoreaFengshige root2 which is the highest number of pitches in the history of the tournament (at the time of the 7nd tournament)23Show a good throw that keeps the number of times to 2 goals.The match was a 8-3 lead in Japan after the 2th inning, but Darvish, who pitched from the bottom of the 9th inning, was tied and the right to win the pitcher was not obtained.Throws a total of 20 times, the most among all pitchers who participated in the tournament, and has an ERA of 3 with 1.35 runs.WHIPRecorded 0.90.Although he threw well in all games, he received a total of 6 points of support for the batting line, and even though his personal record was 1 win (1 loss) due to the failure of relief, he won the Excellent Player Award. The MVP was Daisuke Matsuzaka who started 3 games and won 3 games, but Matsuzaka himself thought that the MVP was Iwakuma and said, "It's a little bad for bears", right after the final game.Champagne fightThen, my teammates called me "Kuma! Kuma! Kuma!" Active in WBC, 2006Shizuka ArakawaSinceMiyagiPrefectural Honor Award was awarded[10].

シーズンでは開幕戦でダルビッシュと投げ合い、6回1失点で4年ぶりとなる開幕戦勝利を挙げる。しかし、開幕戦は6回59球で降板し、前半戦は100球に達する前での降板が目立った上、6月末には登録を抹消。更に7月12日の対ソフトバンク戦では4回にNobuhiko Matsunaka,Hitoshi Tamura,Hidenori Tagami, 5 timesYuki KokuboHe was hit by four home runs in one game, which was his worst, and the number of hits in the league was the highest in the league.Still, with 4 wins, which is the team's second-place tie, 1 winsMasahiro Tanaka, 13 winsRei NagaiAt the same time, he contributed greatly to the team's first second place.With SoftbankClimax seriesIn the first stage, he pitched in the first game and won a complete game.In the second stage with Nippon-Ham, he pitched in the second race, but the result was contrary to the first stage with 1 goals in the 2th inning without the support of the batting line. I volunteered as a relief pitcher in the 2th race, which was 8 losses.Thamel SledgeHe was hit by a three-point home run that determined the game, and shed tears.OffGQ Awarded MEN OF THE YEAR 2009[11].

2010/, In the opening game with Orix, he showed a good throw with 5 hits and 1 run, but the hit line wasChihiro KanekoHe was shut out with 4 hits and became a defeated pitcher.He had a hard time winning after that, and his first victory was against Orix on April 4. He scored his first complete game victory against Softbank on April 10, and pitched with Darvish in the game against Nippon-Ham Fighter on April 4, winning a shutout victory. June 17th pairYokohama Bay StarsIn battleDaisuke MiuraStruck out from and recorded a total of 1000 strikeouts. July 7th pairSaitama Seibu LionsIn battleHideaki WakuiIn the match against Lotte on August 8, he won a total of 31 wins six times with no runs.Although he finally recorded a good result with an earned run average of 100, he ended up with 6 wins and 2.82 losses, but achieved a double-digit win for the third consecutive year.To offDanno VillageAs an agentPosting systemAtMajor challengeExpressed.The team allows the use of the posting system[12],Auckland AthleticsAcquired the right to negotiate.Steven StrasburgIwakuma side was said to have demanded $ 4 million for 1525 years, although he was offered the same level of $ 7 million for 1 years.[13], Subsequent negotiations are difficult[14]..Negotiation deadline December 12, midnight (米 国The contract was not agreed until Eastern time = 2:XNUMX pm Japan time on the same day.[15]..After that, Athletics was $ 1910 million in bids, followed byMinnesota TwinsWas revealed to have bid $ 770 million[16]On the 8thSendai cityAt a press conference at the baseball team office in Japan, he announced that he would remain.[17].

2011/,Senichi HoshinoBecame a director. He served as the opening pitcher for the fifth consecutive year and named the white star.At the beginning of the opening, the content was stable, and in AprilMonthly MVPAlso won the award, but on May 5th against Nippon-Ham Fighters (K studio) Injured his right shoulder just before the complete game and got off the board urgently.He started pitching in the Giants match (Ksta) on the next 17th with his injuries, but dropped out with 5 balls in the 39th inning, and then left the front for two months to treat his right shoulder. Although he returned to the front in the latter half of July, his condition was not good, and he often pitched around 2 pitches, and when there were few pitches, he changed around 7 pitches.StillQSHe recorded a rate of 82.4%, and although he did not reach the prescribed pitching times, he left a record of 2.42 ERA and 1.05 WHIP. did not become. On August 6, it was revealed that the agent had been changed from Don Nomura.[18], OffOverseas FA rightsAnnounced aiming for a major transfer by exercising[19].

Mariners era

2012/March 1Seattle MarinersSigned a one-year contract with an annual salary of 150 million dollars + 20 or more starting pitchers, 140 or more pitches, and a volume of 340 million dollars that fluctuates depending on the title award.[20][21].Spring trainingThen, although he left a record of 5 ERA and 3.60 WHIP in 1.53 games, he started without starting rotation.[22]..However, there was no turn from the opening, and the major opening on April 4th.roasterBecame the only player without pitching among all pitchers registered in the 20thChicago White SoxFirst pitched in Major League Baseball as 6rd in the 3th inning[23]..After that, it was appointed as a long relief, and on May 5th.Texas RangersIn the game, he threw 7 to 3 times, 5 hits, 3 runs, and pitched 2 XNUMX dead balls, making his first major save after entering the pro.[24].. April 6San Francisco GiantsIn the game, he won his first major league victory by throwing no hits and no runs in the 6th to 2nd innings.[25].. April 7Baltimore OriolesThe first major league starter in the game.In this matchIchiroMunenori KawasakiIt was the first time in the history of Major League Baseball that three Japanese players started in the same team.[26]..Starting rotation from the second half of the game, July 7thToronto Blue JaysIn the game, he scored his first victory in the 8th inning with 4 hits, 1 run, 13 strikeouts, and 3 walks.[27].. April 8Minnesota TwinsIn the game, he scored his fourth win with a good throw of one goal in seven innings.No runners up to 7 times in this matchFelix HernandezIn the history of Major League Baseball, including the perfect game that was achieved the day before1974/Achieved the longest team record of 42 consecutive outs since then[28].. In the Rangers game on September 9thWith DarvishAnd throw, 513In the inning, he pitched 2 hits and 7 runs, including 2 home runs, and suffered a 5th loss.[29]..The second halfDavid PriceRecorded an earned run average of 2, second only to the league.In the end, he pitched in 2.50 games as a starting pitcher with 16 wins and 8 losses, an ERA of 4, and WHIP 2.65.The ERA surpassed Felix Hernandez's 1.23 record of 2005 to become a team rookie record.[30].. Agent in SeptemberArn TheremOn November 11th, he extended his contract with the Mariners for a total of $ 4 million for two years (a team option with an annual salary of $ 2 million for the third year).[31].

2013/, Started in the starting rotation from the opening, and tossed with Yu Darvish in the Rangers game on April 4th, which was his birthday, 1223He scored his second win with 3 hits and 1 run, and recorded 2 consecutive walks since the opening until he gave a walk to the 5th inning of this game.[32].. April 6Houston AstrosUntil the war, at homeSafeco FieldThen, we will continue to pitch stably, recording a quality start for 9 consecutive games from the previous year.[33]In the first half of the game, 20 games started with 8 wins and 4 losses, a league 6th place ERA of 3.02, and a league 1st place WHIP 0.94.All starAchieve the election by voting between players[34][35]..July 7th, the final round of the first halfLos Angeles Angels of AnaheimHe was the coach of the American League because he started the game.Detroit TigersDirector'sJim LeylandThere was no pitching on the day of the All-Star due to the policy of. In the Twins game on the 25th, he scored his 6th win for the first time since the major transfer with a good throw of 4 hits and no runs in the 10th inning.[36], June 9St. Louis CardinalsReach 200 innings in battle[37]。その後も好投を続け、後半戦は13試合の先発で6勝2敗、防御率2.14、WHIP1.11の好成績を残し、最後の3試合は23回連続無失点を記録。シーズン通算ではリーグ7位の14勝、日本人選手歴代2位となるリーグ3位の防御率2.66、同じく日本人選手歴代1位となるリーグ2位のWHIP1.01、同じく2位となるリーグ3位の219.2イニングを投げ、rWARWill be No. 1 in the league and No. 1 in the history of Japanese pitchers 7.0,RSAARecorded 1, the first place in the league. The P / IP (number of pitches per inning) is 36.13, which is the first in the league, the strike ratio (strike / total pitches) is 1%, and the four-death ball rate is 1, both of which are the third in the league. It was.Sai Young AwardIn the voteMax Shurzer3rd place after Yu Darvish[38].

2014/Announced on February 1 that he was banned from pitching for 20 to 4 weeks after hurting the first joint of his right middle finger when he grabbed the net while practicing in Southern California on January 6.[39].. Re-examination on the 28th diagnosed a ban on pitching for another 3 weeks[40], 3 days on March 29thDisability listEntered[41].. AAA class from April 4thTacoma RainiersStart rehabilitation at[42], Removed from disabled list on May 5[43]..He returned to the Astros game on the same day, which was the starting lineup for the 50th major game, and won his first victory of the season.[44], After that, win 3 consecutive wins[45].. In June, he scored five goals in two consecutive games.[46], Reached 7th major win against Twins on July 7th[47]The 12thAuckland Athletics8 in battle23Demodulation such as reaching the specified pitching times with no runs[48].. With 14 wins and 8 losses in the starting lineup of 4 games, an ERA of 2.98, and a record of WHIP 1.00, he returned to the first half. July 7Cleveland IndiansIn the game, the total number of pitches in Japan and the United States reached 2000, and the ninth win was given.[49].. In the 10th win against the White Sox on August 8, the total of 8 innings from the previous year was reached, satisfying the conditions for renewal of contract options the following year.[50].. Wins 9th consecutive year against Rangers on September 5th[51], The team tooWildcardAfter that, he suffered three consecutive losses, and in September he fell into a slump with an ERA of 3 and a WHIP of 9 at the final pitch of the season13In the inning, he pitched 4 hits and 2 runs, giving him the 15th win, the most in his career.[52], The team missed the postseason advance for the first time in 1 years by one win and ended the season[53]..This year, he showed outstanding walk control with 21 walks (1.06 walks).To offUS-Japan baseball 2014Selected for MLB selection[54][55], Started in the second game at Tokyo Dome[56].

2015/, Pitched in 3 games from the opening, 0 wins and 1 loss, ERA 6.61 and poor, rightLatissimus dorsiI was hurt and entered the disabled list for 4 days on April 24 (from 15st on registration)[57][58].. Returned on July 7thDetroit TigersHe started the game but dropped out with 5 goals in the 5th inning and became a losing pitcher.[59].. April 8Baltimore OriolesStarting in the game, with 3 walks and 7 strikeouts, MLB will be the first complete game and the first shutout.No hit no runAchieved[60]..As a Japanese player, 2001Hideo Nomo(Boston Red Sox) Since then, it has been the second achievement. Fourth in the 2 Major League Baseball regular season[Annotation 2],DHIt was the first achievement in three years in the American League with a system.[61]..Due to the departure from the front, he stayed in the starting pitching of 20 games and missed the prescribed number of pitches.The ERA was the worst 3.54 after the major transfer, partly due to the big wave of tunes. It became FA on November 11nd[62]..It turned out on the 4th that the Dodgers are embarking on the acquisition of Iwakuma who became a free agent[63]However, after a physical check, it was returned to a blank slate and re-contracted with the Mariners on December 12 with a one-year contract (the 18 and 1 contracts have the team's choice).[64].

2016/, The ERA is the lowest since the major transfer, and the season ends with 4 points, but the number of wins is 16 wins, which is the highest number of majors.

2017/, 6 wins and 0 losses in the starting pitches of 2 games from the opening, with an ERA of 4.35, left in the 6th game against Los Angeles Angels on May 5kneeI was hit by a ball.Initially, it was announced that the next pitching would be postponed by two days from the schedule and the starting lineup would be against the Toronto Blue Jays on the 2th of the same month. Became on the list[65]..As a result of the subsequent detailed examination, it was announced that withdrawal for 13 to 4 weeks would be required on the 6th.[66].. On June 6th, the affiliated Advanced A + classModesto nutsIn the 4th inning, he made a good return with 1 hit and no runs and 4 strikeouts.[67]..On the 19th, the AAA-class Tacoma Rainiers under the umbrella made a second adjustment pitch, and if all goes well, on the weekend of the same month.Houston AstrosHe was scheduled to return to the majors in the game, but he was not promoted to the majors due to lack of vividness with 2 hits, 1 runs, 4 strikeouts, and 4 walks, including 3 home run in the 2nd inning.[68].. On July 7th, it was announced that he complained of discomfort during the pitching practice on the same day and required a minimum of one week of North Low adjustment.[69], Abandoning return during this season on September 9thScott ServaisAnnounced by the director[70]..He underwent cleaning surgery on his right shoulder on the 27th, and was diagnosed as having to take five months to recover.[71].. On November 11nd, I was notified that I would not exercise the contract option for the following year, and I became a free agent.[72]Signed a minor contract with the Mariners on November 11,2018/ OfSpring trainingWill participate as an invited player in[73].

2018/On September 9, he started the game against Spokane as a member of the affiliated minor 5A Everett, and became a losing pitcher with 1 hits, 2 runs, 4 strikeout, and 3 walks in the 1nd inning.Ball speed is 3MilesThere were signs of demodulation, such as recording (about 142km / h).This was his third pitching in the actual battle after the surgery in September of the previous year. On September 9th, it was announced that he would leave the Mariners for the season of the year without being able to pitch in the majors.Iwakuma himself intends to continue his active career after next season, and is also considering returning to the Japanese baseball world.[74].. At home on September 9thAuckland AthleticsBefore the matchOpening ceremonyServed (catcherThe role isIchiro[75].

Giant age

2018/March 12Yomiuri GiantsAnnounced that it has signed a contract with Iwakuma[76], A press conference was held on the 19th.The number is21[77].

2019/Has been rehabilitating his right shoulder for a long time since the beginning of the camp, but he made his first pitch after returning to the Japanese baseball world in the Eastern League match against Nippon-Ham Fighters on August 8, and suppressed one inning to a trio.[78]..However, due to the fact that the return to the actual battle was near the end, it ended without the first pitching in Japan since 2000 when he was a newcomer.

2020/There was no pitching in the army. In October, at the suggestion of director Tatsunori Hara, he pitched for a seat at Tokyo Dome, but he dislocated his right shoulder just by throwing one ball and decided to retire.[79].. The team officially announced that they will retire on the 19th.[80].

After retirement

2021/On January 1th of the old nestSeattle MarinersAnnounced by the team to be appointed as a specially appointed coach[81].. AgentWasserman Media Group. Also,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. OfBaseball commentator-Nippon TVGuest commentatorJ SPORTS Serves as a baseball commentator for MLB commentary.In addition, on December 12st, he announced on his Instagram that he had signed an advisory contract with the Seattle Mariners.However, he revealed that he would work while living in Japan for Korona-ka.

2022/In March, he launched the baseball team "Aoyama Tokyo Boys" and his father-in-lawHirohashiWe are instructing junior high school students together with[2].

Characteristics as a player

Three Quarter[82]From average ball speed 89.5mph[83](About 144km/h)Four seamAnd average 88.6mph[83](About 142.6km/h)Two seams[Annotation 3], Average 84.8mph[83](About 136.5km/h)Fork ball, Average 81.1mph[83]Two types of ball speeds and changes (about 130.5km / h)slider[85], Average 72.5mph[83](About 116.7km/h)curveThrow away.The fastest in the regular season is 95.5mph (about 154km / h).

The ball control ability has been highly evaluated since the Japanese era, and the total walk rate in NPB is 1.99.From the major scouts, "Command (ability to throw at the target spot) and control to collect the ball low (ability to throw to strike)DarvishIt was evaluated as "much higher"[86]..Similarly, Split has been evaluated by major scouts since the Japanese era as "Split is the finest in majors".[86], Scouts, GMs, and players even after transferring to the Mariners, listed it as one of the best major deciding balls because it can be thrown accurately lower from the same release point as a fastball.[87]..It has a good reputation for quick motion, and in 2014 it recorded a stolen base success rate of 0%.[88][89].. Selected as "Major Best Starting 2014 Pitchers" by ESPN in 9[90].

In the Kintetsu era, the fastest speed of 153km / h is delivered from the characteristic three-quarter that throws in from the unique time that the right arm hangs down.straightIt was a style with a slow curve of 100km / h and a vertical slider that bends greatly as a weapon.[91]However, the effects of injuries and since 2005 in NPBTwo-step motionWith the tightening of regulations, the pitching form and style will be changed.

After transferring to Rakuten, the issue was that the straight would shoot and rotate.[92], In 2008, the stability of the lower half of the body improved the ball holding.[93]In 2010, the average ball speed was about 142.6km / h and the fastest was 152km / h.[94]..Also, after transferring to Rakuten, I will no longer throw a lot of vertical sliders that put a heavy burden on my shoulders.[93], Centering on a forkball that is dropped directly below or in the direction of the sinker, a horizontal slider that bends slightly diagonally and a fast cut into the internal angle of a right-handed battershoot[95], 110km / h-Rarely use a curve that misses the batter's timing at 120km / h[96]Earn nearly 65% ​​of outs with a ground ball[97][98]We have evolved the pitching that you hit and take.In particular2009 WBCAtCubaIn the game, 18 outs out of 15 outs were hit by an infield grounder, showing a good throw with no runs in the 6th inning, and the total of 20 innings in the tournament was limited to one home run.

Before the Mariners transfer, I was thinking about four-seam fastballs as the center of pitching, but after the transfer, I will focus on moving ball types that move at the batter's hand.[99]..Shooting came to be called two-seam, and in addition to the pitching that attacked the in-course of the right-handed batter used in the Japanese era, he learned the pitching that attacked the front door of the right-handed batter and the back door of the left-handed batter.[84]..Furthermore, in Japan, a splitter was used to drop the ball toward the home base, but when I saw the major pitchers throwing a ball that fell to the last minute to see if it would make one bounce, I was conscious of where to drop it. And say that he started throwing splitters[100]..Also, in 2011, before the transfer to the Mariners, the ball speed dropped due to a failure of the right shoulder cuff.[101]After the transfer, the average ball speed is 89.3mph as mentioned above.[83](Approximately 143.7km / h) is recorded.

In practice, I made the rugby ball one size smallerOblong OfProlate spheroidIt is said that he is playing catch with the elbow, and he is throwing while checking the position of the elbow in consideration of the fact that he has broken his elbow.As a result, the position of the elbow is higher than the previous year, and the head of the fork has increased.[102].


Right-handed, right-handed, but originallyleft handedAnd I use my left hand for meals and pens[103].

Nickname isbear,Hypnotist (hypnotist)[104][105]..In the Kintetsu eraNaniwa Prince, And the director at that timeMasataka NashidaFrom the length and thinness of the legsBambi-chanAlso called, after transferring to RakutenNobleman of the forestWas called.In the Mariners I belong toRock BearWe make goods that imitate bears called (Iwakuma).

To high school classmatesYumi Adachi,Eriko SatoThere is[106].

From the experience of being injured and swinging the season on a stick, I believe that I will not overdo it, so there are often scenes where I get off with less than 100 balls even though it is not a big defeat, and the director of the Rakuten eraKatsuya NomuraAnd "Sunday Morning』Appeared inIsao HarimotoIt has been criticized as an action contrary to the attitude of the team as an ace.[107]..In particular, Nomura's attitude as an aceMasahiro TanakaIt is said to be the exact opposite of[108].

2008 yearsSep-pa Exchange BattleWhen you win the Outstanding Player Award in Japan, you will receive a prize of 100 million yen.Iwate-Miyagi Inland EarthquakeDonated to the disaster area[109].

Occurred this month on April 2016, 4Kumamoto earthquakeReceivingKumamotoDonated 2000 million yen to[110].

It is also recognized as a neat face[111].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2001Kintetsu98110420--. 66719243.24631303251028224.531.35
20022323201870--. 533594141.11321042281314162583.691.23
20032727110115100--. 600809195.22011948231492085753.451.28
200421217121520--. 882647158.21491330281230057533.011.13
2005Rakuten272790191500. 375796182.1218194036124701131014.991.41
2006662001200. 33316938.24341201160018163.721.42
200716160005500. 50038890.09562302840047343.401.31
2008282852321400. 840787201.2161336141594048421.870.98
2009242450113600. 684710169.01791543161213062613.251.31
2010282841210900. 526821201.018411361121531168632.821.09
201117172106700. 462471119.010661905901034322.421.05
2012SEA30160009520. 643519125.11171743331015049443.161.28
2013333300014600. 700866219.217925424218510069652.661.01
2014282800015900. 625709179.01672021221542070703.521.05
201520201109500. 643516129.21171821111111053513.541.06
20163333000161200. 571836199.02182846351474095914.121.33
2017660000200. 00012831.02774602161016154.351.25
NPB: 11226225486111076900. 60863841541.01514109342125811752326225573.251.20
MLB: 6150136110633920. 6183574883.282511518513157142303523363.421.14
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Defensive results by year

Every time
Pitcher (P)






2001Kintetsu94310. 875
200327152610. 976
2005Rakuten27133113. 978
200664521. 818
200828114124. 963
200924114022. 962
201028145211. 985
20111741710. 955
2012SEA3071011. 944
201333132612. 975
201428172411. 976
NPB226932761114. 971
MLB1505510237. 981
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Pitcher results at WBC


Every time







A person






  • American League Weekly MVP: Once (August 1)
International competition
More informations


First record (NPB)
First record (MLB)
  • First pitching: July 2012, 4, vs.Chicago White SoxBattle (Safeco Field), Pitched and completed as 6rd in the 3th inning, 4th inning, 1 hit, 1 run, 1 walk (2 strikeouts)
  • First strikeout: Same as above, dying in the top of the 6th inningAlexei RamirezFrom strikeout
  • First victory: June 2012, 6, vsSan Francisco GiantsBattle (Safeco Field), pitched in the top of the 6th inning, 2 innings, no hits, no runs, 1 walk
  • First start: June 2012, 7, vsBaltimore OriolesBattle (Safeco Field),
  • First start victory: August 2012, 7, vsToronto Blue JaysBattle (Safeco Field), 8 innings, 4 hits, 1 run
  • First complete game victory / first shutout victory: August 2015, 8 vs. Baltimore Orioles (Safeco Field), 12 innings no hits, 9 walks (3 strikeouts)
  • First save: June 2012, 5, vs.Texas RangersBattle (Rangers Ballpark in Arlington), Pitched as 7nd from 2th inning and 3 runs in 3rd inning
Record of milestones (NPB)
Other records
  • All star gamesParticipation: 3 times (2003, 2004, 2008)
  • Seasonal wins from the opening pitcher: 12 (2004) * Pacific League record
  • Strikeout All: April 2009, 9, vs.Saitama Seibu Lions5th player in history (In addition, 7 consecutive strikeouts were recorded in the same game)[115]
  • Winning the most winning titles in multiple teams * 5th person in history
International competition
  • The highest number of pitches in the history of one pitching at WBC: 1 times (7.2)

Uniform number

Appearance song

Representative history

Related information

Awards other than baseball

tv set



  • "Kizuna Winter is always spring"Ushio Publisher(2009)
  • "Iwakumakuma Tokizuna no Ehon"SHUFUNOTOMO(2010) A picture book produced by Hisashi Iwakuma and written by his wife and daughter, with Hisashi Iwakuma as the main character.
  • "Pitching Revolution"Baseball magazine company(2010)
  • "Technology to control emotions"Crocodile books(2013)
  • "Hisashi Iwakuma's Pitching Bible Major League Baseball Top Class Pitching Technique with a Small Number of Balls" Tagusha (2014)


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注 釈

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