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⚾ | [MLB] Shohei Ohtani starts in "No. 1 / DH" for the first time in 6 games.

Photo Angels, Shohei Otani [Photo: AP]

[MLB] Shohei Ohtani starts in "No. 1 / DH" for the first time in 6 games.

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In the 8th inning, he fell to the first double play of the season.

Starting in the match against the home base Orioles with "No. 1 Designated Hitter" ■ Angels-Orioles (Japan time 24rd, a ... → Continue reading


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double play

double play(Heisatsu) isbaseball,soft ballOne of the records in the defense of.Double play(British: double play[1][2]),Getz(Japanglish: get two[Note 1]).

At least one attacking player can't be out more than once in a series of playsrunnerOccurs in situations where there is.


Double play is two plays in a series of plays.outIs recorded.The "series" used here means "the ball ispitcherAfter leaving my handBall deadIt is defined as "until the ball returns to the pitcher's hand and the pitcher moves to the next pitching posture".[Note 2].. That is,batterNot only when hitting, for exampleCheck ballDouble play also occurs in play that originates from such things.However, between the two outsfaux pasOr if there is a misplay, it will not be a double play.On official records, this double playcatching and killingorStabbedThe name of the player involved as a person is recorded.

The rule term "double play" or "double play" is used as a record on the defensive side.On the other hand, "double play" is also a rule term, but this is a hit record, and because the definition is different, the number of double play on the defensive side and the number of double play on the offensive side do not always match.

If 3 outs are recorded in a series of playsTriple killing(Sanjusatsu) orTriple playThis is also recorded as a "triple play" on the defensive side.


Force double play

A batter hits a fair goro ball, a runner in force is the first out (force out), and a batter-runner or another runner in force is the second out. The case of being killed by is called force double play.


  • With no death or first base, the batter hits a ground ball and the fielder throws it to second base.Force playThe first base runner is out, and the ball is thrown to the first base to make the batter runner out.
  • With no death or first and second base, the batter hits a ground ball in front of the third baseman, the third baseman steps on the third base, then throws the ball to the second base, and the second base runner and the first base runner are out in the order of force play.

Reverse force double play

The batter hits the ball on the fair ground, the first out is the force out (or the batter-runner's out), and the runner whose force is released by this first play reaches the next base. The double play that was established by becoming a tag-out is called reverse force double play.If a runner other than the out-runner reaches home base while this double play is established with one death, a score will be granted (to the batter).RBIIs not recorded).


  • The batter hits Goro's ball with no death or first base, the first baseman catches and touches the first base (batter runner out), then throws the ball to the second base, and the player who receives it touches the first base runner running from the first base. Sphere, orRundownTouch the ball with and make it out.
  • At bases loaded with no death, the third baseman processes the batter's ground ball and steps on the third base to force out the second base runner, and then throws the ball to the home base to tag out the third base runner before reaching the home base.

Double play without compensation

As the name suggests, complete a double play with only stabs without assistance. One player will complete the double play.


  • In a scene where there is one or more runners without death or one death, the batter hits a liner or a small fly ball, and the fielder closest to the runner catches the ball (batter runner out) and then touches either base as it is. Then, appeal out the runner who cannot return to the base, or make a direct contact ball out.
  • In a scene where the runner is on third base with no death or one death, the batter after two strikesSqueeze playOr the third base runner goes to home baseStealAnd the batter goes out by striking out[Note 3][Note 4]Then, the catcher who catches the pitch touches the third base runner as it is and puts it out.

Defensive side

Double play

Double play collapse

Double play collapse refers to the case where a double play is attempted but fails.For example, if you try force double play when there is a runner on the first base with no death or one death, and you succeed in making the first base runner force out, but the throwing to the first base is delayed or deviated and the batter runner is used on the first base. And so on (even if the ball is missed, the fielder who throws the ball will not record a mistake unless the runner is given an extra base).

As a play that you often see, if the batter hits the infield goro at the time of XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base, the defense side will try force double play and let the XNUMXst base runner / batter runner out instead of outing the XNUMXrd base runner. And.This is because if the force double play is established, even if the third base runner touches the home base before that, no points will be scored (.Force playSee also).However, he forced the first base runner to force out on the second base, but it is possible that he could not throw the first base in time and could only get one out.In the case of such a double play collapse, he can score if the third base runner has advanced to home base.At this time, to the batterSacrificeAnd double play (below) are not recorded, but at bats and RBIs are recorded.In live broadcasts, it may be said that "the score during the double play collapse of XX (player)".


Double hit

Double hit(It's a mess) Is a batter record, "by fair goroForce double playorReverse force double playIs recorded when[Note 5].

Since double play occurs by other than double play, the number of double play records is generally less than the number of double play records on the defensive side.The double play is done by the batterBuntEven if you do, if the double play is completed by the hit ball (excluding the flying ball), it will be recorded as a double play hit.

Even if the fielder (stabber) who takes the second out in an attempt to complete the double play makes a mistake in catching the ball and only one out is taken and the runner remains, the batter will record the double play.This could result in two double play hits recorded in one inning.[Note 6]..On the other hand, if it is judged that the fielder who took the first out (the Assistant of the second out) did not throw the ball badly and could not get the out, it will not be a double play.[Note 7]..Also, unless this causes the runner (not limited to the runner who tried to get out) to advance to an extra base, the fielder who throws the ball will not record any missteps.[Note 8].

If a double play is recorded for the batter, the batter will not record the RBI even if another runner has scored.[Note 9].

Example: 1 and 2 are double play (RBI 0), 3 is not double play (RBI 1).

  1. The batter at the first and third bases without deathGoroHit the ball, the fielder touches the second base and makes the first base runnerForce outThen, the ball was thrown to the first base and the batter-runner was out, but in the meantime, the third-base runner reached the home base.
  2. At the time of XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base, the batter hit the ball of Goro, the fielder touched the XNUMXnd base to force out the XNUMXst base runner, and made a good throw to the XNUMXst base, but the batter dropped the ball (mistake) by the XNUMXst baseman. I made the runner alive on the first base.Meanwhile, the third base runner reached home base.
  3. At the time of XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base, the batter hit the ground ball, the fielder touched the second base to force out the first base runner, and then sent the ball to the first base. I have.Meanwhile, the third base runner reached home base.

Right-handed batters are generally left-handed battersSwitch hitterThere is a tendency for more double play hits than.This is because the distance to the first base is one and a half steps farther from the left at bat than the left at bat, and when the right batter swings, the body of the right batter faces the third base, so the start tends to be delayed compared to the left batter who faces the first base. Because.In addition, double play will increase even for strong hitters with high hitting speed.In fact, among the top 1 players in the total number of double play hits in Nippon Professional Baseball belowTokuhiro KomadaAll but right-handed hitters[Note 10](Even the top 10 players in the season record, all but Komada are right-handed hitters).In addition, all 20 people hit 100 home runs or more in total with Komada (195).Akira KodamaEighteen people other than (130) have recorded more than 18 home runs.moreover,Regular turn at batAfter reaching 0 leagues, the players with 2 double play in the season[Note 11]There are 12 batters below, but there are no right-handed hitters (only Matsumoto is a switch hitter and all others are left-handed hitters) and all are less than 20 home runs in the season (19 for Fujita, 11 for Wakamatsu and Shimizu). All are single digits).

Double play is not recorded for the batter Double play

In the other double play by the force by the fair goro or the reverse force double play, the double play is not recorded for the batter.

  • Batter struckFlying ballAnd the liner was caught and the runner who was away from the baseRetouchIf you get out by being touched by a runner or a base that should be retouched before you can.
  • When the outfield fly ball hit by the batter is caught, the runnerTag upWhen you attempted to advance to the base, but the ball was thrown to the base of the advance destination and you got a tag out.
  • The runnerStealWhen tryingRun-end hitWhen the batterStrikeoutIf the runner who tried to steal the base also got out by throwing a ball from the catcher (so-called)Strike out).
  • When the batter-runner is sentenced to out due to the sabotage of the previous runner.Double play is not recorded even if it is presumed to be force double play if there is no interference.[Note 12]
  • A fielder hits a fly ball or liner hit by a batter (Intentional ballIf the double play is established in the same way as force or reverse force double play.[Note 13][Note 14]

Japanese professional baseball

Personal total record

  • Records at end of 2021 season[3]

Personal season record

RankingPlayer nameClubDouble hitRecord yearRemarks
1BoomerOrix Braves341989/Pacific LeagueRecord
2Katsuya NomuraNankai Hawks311973/
3Tokuhiro KomadaYokohama Bay Stars291994/SE LeagueRecord
4Takao KatsuragiMainichi Daiei Orions281959/
4A. RamirezTokyo Yakult Swallows282006/
4Takeshi YamazakiTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles282007/
7Katsuo OsugiYakult Swallows271978/
7Uchikawa SeiichiFukuoka Softbank Hawks272016/
9J. BrooksNippon Ham Fighters261998/
9Norihiro NakamuraOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes262001/
9Kazuhiro WadaChunichi Dragons262013/
  • Records at end of 2021 season[4]

Team record

Team nameDouble hitRecord date
Season recordTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles1442007/
1 match recordHankyu Braves61970/4/23[5]
Yomiuri Giants1995/5/17
Yokohama Bay Stars1996/8/18

More informations

Major league baseball

Personal total record

RankingPlayer nameDouble hitAt-bat
1Albert Puhors41312,690
2Cal Ripken35012,833
3Miguel Cabrera34210,993
4Ivan Rodriguez33710,270
5Hank Aaron32813,941
6Karl Yastremsky32313,992
7Dave Winfield31912,358
8Eddie Murray31512,817
Jim Rice9,058
10Julio Franco3129,731
RankingPlayer nameDouble hitAt-bat
11Harold Baines29811,092
12Brooks Robinson29711,782
Rusty Staub11,229
14Ted Simmons2879,685
Derek Jeter12,602
16Joe Tori2848,802
Robinson Kano9,446
18Paul Conerco2829,505
19Adrian Bertre27912,130
20George Scott2778,269
Bradymir Guerrero9,059
Miguel Tehada9,205
Yadier Molina8,284
  • Records at end of 2021 season[6]

Personal season record

RankingPlayer nameClubDouble hitRecord yearRemarks
1Jim RiceBoston Red Sox361984/A leagueRecord
2Jim RiceBoston Red Sox351985/
3Jackie JensenBoston Red Sox321954/
3Cal RipkenBaltimore Orioles321985/
3Ben GrieveAuckland Athletics322000/
3Miguel TehadaHouston Astros322008/National LeagueRecord
3Billy ButlerKansas City Royals322010/
8Bobby DoerrBoston Red Sox311949/
8Tony ArmasBoston Red Sox311983/
8Jim RiceBoston Red Sox311983/
8Ivan RodriguezTexas Rangers311999/
8Matt HollidaySt. Louis Cardinals312013/
8Casey maggieMiami Marlins312014/
  • Records at end of 2020 season[7]

Team record

Team nameDouble hitRecord date
A leagueRecordBoston Red Sox1741990/[8]
National LeagueRecordSt. Louis Cardinals1692011/[8]
1 match recordSan Francisco Giants7[9]1969/5/4[9][10]
Philadelphia Athletics5 (7)[9][Note 15]1942/8/14[9][11]
Pittsburgh Pirates6 (7)[9][Note 16]2018/8/17[9][12]
  • Records at end of 2020 season[8]

Other records

RecordPlayer nameClubRecord dateRemarks
1 match record3Goose GoslinDetroit Tigers1934/May 4
Joe ToriNew York Mets1975/May 7
Victor MartinezDetroit Tigers2011/May 9
Minimum record of the season
Regular turn at batAbove
0Rob DeerMilwaukee Brewers1990/511 bats
Otis NixonBoston Red Sox1994/461 bats
Ray LankfordSt. Louis Cardinals482 bats
Ricky HendersonAuckland Athletics376 bats
Craig VisioHouston Astros1997/744 bats
Chase atryLos Angeles Dodgers2016/565 bats
Dunsby SwansonAtlanta Braves2020/264 bats
Joey GalloTexas Rangers226 bats
Will MyersSan Diego Padres218 bats
Victor RoblesWashington Nationals189 bats
  • 1994 isstrikeEnds with more than 40 games left
  • 2020 is a shortened season of 60 games
  • At the end of the 2020 season


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