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⚽ | What will happen to the Japan national team?Brazil vs Argentina decided on September 9


What will happen to the Japan national team?Brazil vs Argentina decided on September 9

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Brazil and Argentina will also face each other in a friendly match to be held in Australia on June 6.

The schedule for the national teams to participate in the Qatar World Cup at the end of this year is being decided. FIFA was yesterday ... → Continue reading


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Exhibition(Exhibition) means public performances or model matches that are not officially recorded.[1].SportsA special demonstration in the world of.Figure skating,GymnasticsFor things that act in front of guests such asGalaSometimes called (Gala, acting party).There are various types of games, such as those that play games with wins and losses but do not count as official results, those that do not judge wins and losses in the first place, and those that perform exhibition-only (model games) instead of games.

In addition, "ExhibitionThe"Yon" is a clerical error.

Figure skating

Figure skatingThe exhibition will be held after all the competitions in a large competition, and the top prizewinners (Winter Olympics,World championshipThen, in principle, it is a performance that does not involve scoring or ranking by the athletes within the 5th place and the athletes of the host country).It is an honor for the athletes to participate in the exhibition.Unlike competitions that are scored in techniques and productions that follow the rules, there are no restrictions on techniques or productions in exhibitions.

Ice showOffers this exhibition as a stand-alone box office.


boxingThe exhibition isSparringIt is a formal match.The treatment is not an official game, but the treatment is the same as the entertainment such as concerts held during the performance in the venue such as the ring.For this reason, players who do not qualify for participation in official games (similar to singers who perform at sideshow concerts do not need a boxing license) can also participate, and even players who do not have a professional license can sparr during professional performances. It is also an opportunity to ring.However, because sparring is so close to a boxing match, the hosting boxing association often imposes stricter restrictions than other sideshows.

In Japan, the appearance of the active champion and the announcement of trainees before their debut,Retirement matchIt is often done in a normal box office, but on January 2005, 1, "Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeAn exhibition event entitled "Charity Boxing" was also held.Also, in 2007womanAn exhibition is also being held at the men's box office to lift the ban.On the other hand, when the official game becomes impossible due to circumstances, it may be an exhibition as an alternative (as an example).Kouki KamedaRetirement match.Kameda reacquired a JBC boxer license for the match, but planned for his opponentPonsakrec WonjeongkhamWas changed to an exhibition because it violated the age limit set by JBC).

Other,総 合格 闘 技"DEEPThere is also an exhibition of boxing rules in. December 2018, 12 ``RIZIN.14"ofFloyd Mayweather VS Nasugawa TenshinThe battle was also organized as an exhibition of boxing rules, but the rules and contents caused a big ripple.[2].

Athletes are the same as normal sparringheadgearIs often worn.On the other hand, weighing is carried out in the same way as in the official game, but this is to determine the glove handicap.The number of rounds varies depending on the event, but in Japan it is usually done in 2R.Normally, there is no settlement or only KO settlement.Even if it is settled, it will not be added to the total battle record (Invalid matchIt may be added as a treatment).

JBC regulations

  • As a general rule, sparring as an exhibition is limited to the 6th round.
  • If a person with a JBC license performs sparring (exhibitions related to boxing) outside the jurisdiction of JBC (such as DEEP above), JBC permission is required.

Regulations of the International Boxing Association (AIBA)

Amateur athletes may come into contact with amateur regulations when attending professional exhibitions.


wrestlingThe exhibition is often held as an "exhibition match" in a normal box office, and the famous wrestlers of the past play face-to-face matches against wrestlers or young people of the same generation.Compared to other sports, professional wrestling can continue to be active until relatively old (Lou TheszAt the age of 59ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木 OfNWF(Challenge the throne), if you bother to play a match under the name of an exhibition, there may be a precautionary line that says, "Don't expect the quality of yesteryear."

From now on,Yoshihiro Inoue Giant baba&Andre the Giantset(Giant combination) Was once written as "exhibition-like".

On the other hand, this exhibition match is held in the form of trainees before debut or trainees vs. players, and it has the meaning of introduction as well as gaining experience in the game.WNCIn some groups, it may also serve as a public protest.In most cases, it will be like sparring in 3 to 5 minutes, and in principle it will not win or lose, but depending on the group etc., it took a pinfall tapout within a certain time (3 to 5 minutes). In some cases, the number of times the game is won or lost, or the game is won or lost in the same way as in a normal game.


GymnasticsThe exhibition will be held after all competitions have been completed orRhythmic gymnasticsIt is held before the competition starts.Only the top prizewinners can participate (Summer olympic,World Gymnastics ChampionshipThen, as a general rule, it is a great honor to be able to participate with the players in the 5th place and the players in the host country).

As with other sports such as figure skating, no scoring is done and there are no rules or restrictions on the technique.You can see the athletes acting freely in the absence of pressure.


basketballIn the case of, the informal game is called an exhibition, but there are also teams that only hold exhibitions.

Exhibitions focus on brilliant play rather than victory, and these teams are sometimes called show basketball.

In particularHarlem GlobetrottersIs famous.

サ ッ カ ー

サ ッ カ ーIn the informal match (exhibition match),Friendly match"(British: Friendly), Especially the match with representatives and clubs from other countries is called "International friendly match"(British: international friendly).

Originally there was no official match in the early days of soccer, and each team gained experience by repeating friendly matches.However, in 1888 it was the first soccer league in the world.Football leagueSince its birth, national soccer leagues have been established all over the world, and their importance is declining.

Club team

In the current club team, a goodwill match (before the start of the season)Preseason match), And will be implemented as part of team building for the new season.For this reason, rules different from those in official games (expansion or unlimited player substitution slots, ignoring the cumulative number of cards, etc.) are often introduced.Often between large and small clubs in the neighborhood (eg in England)Newcastle United FCGateshead FCOften carried out during).

Emirates Cup,Trofeo Teresa Herrera,International Champions CupThere are also international pre-season matches that are sponsored by sponsors, such as, but these are not recorded as official results in many clubs.

National team

Japan national football teamInternational friendly matches in national teams (national teams) such as major international competitions (FIFA World Cup,UEFA EURO-AFC Asian CupIt is held as part of the preparation for the Continental Championships).Since the national team convenes members from the club team at each tournament, the period of team strengthening is limited in terms of tactics and cooperation, and international friendly matches are indispensable for strengthening team strength. ..On the other hand, international friendly matches, which are often held for a fixed period during the domestic league season, pose a high risk of player injury and fatigue for club teams, and are in conflict of interest.

Unlike club team (international) friendly matches, many national teams' international friendly matchesInternational Football Federation By (FIFA)FIFA rankingIt will be the official game to be the target when calculating, and it will be counted as the number of appearances in the national team and the number of points in the personal record.However, due to the case where players are replaced 11 times for the purpose of building a career (or raising the FIFA ranking), in order for FIFA to certify an international friendly match as an official record, players A rule was introduced in 6 that limits the number of substitutions to a maximum of 2004 (if more substitutions are allowed, they will not be included in the record for the national team).[3][4].

Most of the international friendly matches are held during the five-year national team match set by FIFA (FIFA International Match Calendar).There is an agreement that if a player is called to an international friendly match held during this time, the club must, in principle, respond to it.On the contrary, it is said that the club can refuse to convene players for international friendly matches that are held unexpectedly during this period.[5].

As an international friendly match sponsored by the soccer associations of each country and in which multiple national teams participateKing's cup(Football Association of ThailandOrganizer),Giraffe cup football(Japan Football AssociationOrganizer),China cup(Chinese Football AssociationOrganizer),Algarve Cup(Women's national friendly match,Portuguese Football FederationOrganizer) and so on.

Others called by another name

  • Gala-Figure-Skates and other performances that are performed after the ranking is decided are sometimes called Gala.
  • Honor Dance- Competitive danceA dance performed by the top group after the ranking is decided.


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