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🏓 | Koki Niwa breaks through the first match! Advance to the throne for the first time in 9 years [All Japan Table Tennis]


Koki Niwa breaks through the first match! Advance to the throne for the first time in 9 years [All Japan Table Tennis]

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Koki Niwa (Svenson Holdings) will play against Hiroto Shinozuka (Aichikodai Meiden High School).

"2022 All Japan Table Tennis Championships" <January 1-24 / Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium> Men's single on the 30th of the 4th day of the tournament ... → Continue reading

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Takaki Niwa

Niki Takaki(Niwako,1994/May 10 -) isHokkaidoTomakomaiFrom JapanThe boyTable tennisplayer. 162 cm, 51 kg.Blood TypeO type. The family is parents, sister, brother. Left shakebackbackDrive type.Svenson HoldingsBelongs.T League TheTT SaitamaBelongs.ITTFWorld rankingThe highest rank is 5th in singles and 2nd in doubles.RankIs 7 steps.


He started playing table tennis at the age of 7 due to his father who was a table tennis player.Under the guidance of his father and former businessman player, Kazuyuki Nishimura[1]He belonged to the table tennis team "Final Win" in his hometown of Tomakomai, and has participated in national competitions since he was in the lower grades of elementary school and was always active in the top class in the same age group. Elected at U-11 Japan National Team at the age of 18[1].All Japan Championship HopesAnd graduated the following yearAomori Yamada Junior High SchoolEnrolled in (Masami Yoshida,Town AsukaIs synchronous).2009/Before the world championship3Held inTokyo Table Tennis ChampionshipsThen in the finalKazuhiro ZhangWon the first domestic senior competition[2].. 2009横 浜 市Held at50th World Table Tennis Championship Individual MatchWas selected as the youngest player in the history of Japanese men, and he won the qualifying round and won one win in the main race. In the second round, at that time the world ranking 1thOfchalovAlthough he was defeated, he showed a great fight taking 2 games.2010/8HeldSingapore Youth OlympicsChosen as a representative and won gold medals in singles and mixed groups.

One year older sister Misato Niwa entered Aomori Yamada High School after graduating in 1 and contributed to the inter-school competition victory at Inter-High that year. Also in 2009,2011/In the Inter-High School Championships, he is in the top 2 singles for the second consecutive year.

2011/11ToバーレーンThe 9rd held inWorld Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsWon the men's singles of the tournament. this is,2006/ OfKenta MatsudairaIt is the second Japanese player following the player.

2012 Year of 3 Month51nd World Table Tennis Championships Team MatchWas selected as a representative and contributed to the acquisition of the bronze medal in Japan. No. 4 in the world ranking in the London Olympics Asian qualifying held in AprilHorse dragonHe named the great Venus who defeated, and decided to join his first Olympic team with the right to participate in the Olympic team competition.London OlympicsIn the team competition, he won the first round Canada but lost to Hong Kong in the quarterfinals. Immediately after the end of the London OlympicsTable tennis bundesligaMainly participated inEuropePlay games in[3].

March 2013All Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipIn the final of the third game in the fourth gameJun MizutaniIt seems that he will take a rest all the time, but from the 5th game it will regain the succession 3 games and 4-3 (11-8. 3-11. 8-11. 9-11. 11-7. 11-5. 11-9) won. Achieved his first victory. Next monthTable tennis bundesligaAgain to participateGermanyWent to[4].. Also this yearWorld table tennisAt the venue (Paris), they lost to Malong 4-4 in the fourth round.[5].

In 2014, he left the team that belonged to the table tennis Bundesliga, which he had been involved with immediately after the London Olympics. In the second year, which was the final year of the game, he recorded 2 consecutive wins in the opening season, with a record of 15 wins and 20 losses in the regular season and the highest league rate. In the same year, at World Table Tennis (venue, Tokyo), he contributed to the bronze medal in a men's group.[6].. He won the bronze medal in the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships Men's Individual Doubles and was appointed as the representative of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Entering 2016, Butterfly contractTamasFrom)VICTASChange to[7].

2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsIn the singles, in the 4th round, he went to the quarterfinals after finishing the 6th seed Huang Jin Jing (Hong Kong) at the end of the full game, but was defeated by Zhang Jie in the quarterfinals. Although he lost to China in the final in the team game, he contributed to the first silver medal in the Japanese men.

2017 year 4 month,Meiji UniversityGraduate fromSvensonBecame a member[8].

March 2018, opening of autumnT LeagueTo participate inRyukyu AstidaThe team affiliation to has been decided. Transferred to Kinoshita Meister Tokyo in the 2nd season of the following year[9].

In June 2020, the T-League team transferred to Okayama Rivets.

In August 2020, it was decided to renew the affiliation contract with Svenson Holdings.

On October 10nd, it was announced by Svenson Holdings, which I belong to, that I was enrolled with a general woman.[10].

On April 2021, 6, management company Svenson Sports Marketing announced the birth of its first daughter, the eldest daughter.[11].

Tokyo Olympics table tennis men's singlesThen I went to the 4th round and played against Dimitri Ovcharov (Germany) but lost 1-4[12].

Characteristics of play

It has the characteristic of having a fast attack by sticking to the base in the front team, and it is characterized by counterplay of both hands that aggressively shakes off even if the opponent takes the initiative. On the other hand, it is not a counter that matches the ball of the opponent like Kenta Matsudaira of the same play style, but a counter that swings itself off, which is very aggressive. There are also creative plays such as a cut block where the opponent's drive rotation is overwhelmed and the wrist makes an intense rotation immediately after bounce. Niwa is often described as "genius" in the media because the reflexes that can respond to fastballs are required to perform such counterplay. On the other hand, it is often disadvantageous to have a struggle away from the platform due to its small build.

There are few emotions during the game, and there are few guts poses even if you win, but you can show the guts poses on the big stage such as the Olympics and world championships, when you win a close game or a superior player against China etc. is there.


  • He describes himself as "a person who doesn't want to stand out so much" and refrains from guts poses during play.
  • Idol groupNogizaka46(In individual membersMai Shiraishi) Is also a big fan.
  • No exercise other than table tennis is possible. By the way, the bowling score is 2 digits.                                                  
  • He states that he has no particular hobbies other than table tennis.

Battle history

  • 21All Japan Table Tennis Championships Men's Singles Best 16, Junior Men's Singles Winner
  • 16th Asian Junior and Cadet Championship Men's Doubles Winner (Town Asukapair)
  • ITTF Pro Tour Japan Open (Ogimura Cup) Men's Doubles Winner (Kenta Matsudairapair)
  • Inter High School competition victory (Aomori Yamada High School), men's singles victory, men's doubles runner-up (Town Asukapair)
  • 1st Youth Olympic Summer Games (Singapore) Men's Singles Championship, Mixed Team Championship (Singapore)Ayaka Taniokapair)
  • ITTF Pro Tour Hungarian Open Men's Doubles Winner (Kenta MatsudairaPair), U21 victory
  • 16th Asian Games(Guangzhou Tournament) 3rd place for men's team, 3rd place for men's doubles (XNUMXrd place for men's doubles)Kenta Matsudairapair)
  • 8th World Junior Championships Men's Doubles Winner (Town AsukaPair), men's team runner-up



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