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⛷ | Muratake (Sirius EHC) 4th prize Skating National Athletic Meet, Short Track

Photo Adult Men's 1000m Final Hirotsune Muratake (left, Sirius EHC) = Imaichi Youth SC, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture

Muratake (Sirius EHC) 4th place prize skating national polity, short track

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Speed ​​starts on the 25th and ice hockey starts on the 26th.

[Athletic club, Shigeru Fujimura in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture] 77th National Sports Festival Winter Games Skating, Ice Hockey Competition (Skates ... → Continue reading

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Ice hockey

Ice hockey(British: ice hockey) Is of natural or artificial iceSkating rinkAbove,skateIt is a group sports competition held with shoes.Performed on landhockeyIt is the one that brought the form of. Two teams made a rectangle (oval)Linksamong, (Ice hockey stickA flat columnar shape made of hard rubber using (a cane-shaped tool with an angled and curved tip of a long handle) packAnd the other party's (Goal (ice hockey)It is a game where you can score points by putting them in and compete for the points. "On the iceFighting sportsIs also called[1]..Guess the kanjiIce hockeyIt is written as (Hyokyu).

Because skating is used, the speed is much faster than similar competitions on the ground and the game is thrilling, but since there is a high risk of contact etc., it is obligatory to wear armor on the whole body and play. There is.

As a country where ice hockey is popular, in the worldCanada,The United States of America,Russia,Sweden,Finland,Czech Republic,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(1993 Previously, the former two countriesCzechoslovakia),ベ ラ ル ー シ,ラトビア,SwitzerlandAnd so on.Oversee this competition at the Winter Olympics, etc.International Ice Hockey FederationAs of 2015, there are 74 member countries (or regions) of (IIHF).


There are various theories about the origin of ice hockey.

16th century NetherlandsPaintings (eg Romeyn de Hooghe) Hendrick Avercamp The work) depicts a citizen playing a sport similar to hockey on a frozen canal.However, the sports depicted in these paintings arehockeyRather thanGolf,PoloThere is also a theory that it is close to.

Originating in ScotlandShinty), Originating in IrelandHarlingSome believe that sports such as (Hurling) and Native American Chippea-played Baggataway are the origin.The main differences between these sports and modern ice hockey are in Shinny and Hurling.GoryIs absent,SkatesThere is a point that you do not wear it, and there is a point that there are many participating players in the baguette way[1]..Other hockey prototypes include Bandy and Field Hockey in England, Shinny and Ricket in Canada, and Ice polo in the United States. Can be mentioned.

1763 ToFranceWon Canadian territory fromUnited KingdomThe soldiers had experience in field hockey and the competitions played by the indigenous people of Nova Scotia.LacrosseIt is said that the combination of frozen rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. was a long winter comfort in Canada.The field hockey ball was so dangerous that it flew too much, so it was devised to make the ball smaller so that it would not fly.There was also a time when icicles could be used instead of goals, as in soccer and field hockey, and games could be played if both teams had an equal number of players.

Even if it is limited to the origin of modern ice hockey, in addition to the theory that it is Montreal, Canada, Kingston, Windsor, Nova Scotia, etc. have also made a name for themselves as their birthplace.

The roots of indoor ice hockey as it is today are in the 19th century.CanadaField hockeyIs said to be in a play on the ice (the Montreal City Bulletin states1875 May 3There is a record that the first indoor match was held in.)

1877 IsMcGill UniversityJames Cryton, Henry Joseph, Richard F. Smith, WF Robertson, WL Marie, Frank Patrick, and others who were students of the group, to make sense in the messy gamerugbySeven rules were prepared with reference to the rules such as, and announced in the local newspaper.[2]..Ice hockey becomes more popular as the game is refined by rule-making1883 Has been incorporated into the events of the Winter Carnival in Montreal.

Around this time, ice hockey began to be held in various parts of Canada.1887 ToOntarioAn ice hockey league match was also held at.further1896 Official game is also held in the United States1897 Ice hockey has established itself as a leading winter sport in North America, with the current rules being enacted in Montreal, Canada.

1888 At the timeGovernor General of CanadaThere is a theory that Sir Stanley was impressed with the competition when he saw this winter festival and decided to give the best team a victory cup (although his wife and children are more enthusiastic about the competition). The theory that it was was also influential.)This is stillNHLAwarded to the winning teamStanley cupIs the origin of.In addition, Sir Stanley's child is from his home country.United KingdomIt is said that he brought back his knowledge about ice hockey and spread this competition to Europe.

The world's first league match with professional playersNational hockey league(NHL) started in Canada in 1917, and since then every year from November to June of the following yearAmerica, Has held a number of fierce battles called martial arts on ice in various parts of Canada.Also1997 The season opening game was the first overseas performance in Tokyo (Yoyogi No. 1 Gymnasium) in Japan.Vancouver Canucks vs Mighty Ducks of AnaheimThe match was held.

OlympicThe first ice hockey competition was held in 1920Antwerp(Antwerp) Tournament.At that time, the Winter Olympics had not yet been held, but it was held at the Summer Olympics.Because the Winter Olympic Games were held from the next 1924 GamesAntwerp Olympic Ice Hockey CompetitionIs the only competition held at the Summer Olympics.

18 timesNagano Winter OlympicsHas been allowed to participate in professional athletes, and is still listed as one of the main competitions in the Winter Olympic Games.

Game overview


The match isHockey rinkIt is held in a dedicated stadium with ice on the surface called.

LinksIn the center"Red"Therecenter line(OrRed line) And the two that sandwich ittagThereBlue line(OrOffside line), There are three thick lines, and othersGoal lineThere is also a thin red line.Blue lineAs a boundary, the enemy goal sideAttacking zone, Ally goal sideDefending zone, In the middleNeutral zoneThat. Face-off spotIn addition to the center of the link, there are 9 locations in total, which are provided on the left and right in front of the offside line, in the attacking zone, and in the defending zone.Offside, icing the pack, and centerline pass are determined based on this line.In addition, the outer circumference of the dedicated link is covered with a fence-like enclosure called a board, and unless the pack crosses this board, it will not be out of bounds, so play will not be interrupted unnecessarily, and the board It is also possible to make a pass using repulsion.

In ice hockey, it is possible to play behind the goal, which is a major feature not found in other competitions.It is a very important area that is a key point of offense and defense.


Number of players

The maximum number of players that can be on the ice at one time is six (including one keeper) for each team.At that time, the playersSkatesTo wear.Also, due to dangerous competitions, armor must be properly worn to participate (note that in the latter half of the 19th century, when modern ice hockey rules were in place, the number of players was initially nine for each team. There was. In Montreal in 9Figure skatingThe number of hockey players decreased to 7 after receiving a voice from a player saying, "If the number of hockey players is too large, the link is painful and dangerous", and then it became 6 people).

A team usually consists of 1 to 2 roster (registered) players, including two goalkeepers, including players on the ice and on the bench.Substitute player (Substitute,coach,directed byEnters the box on the link side.Since the amount of exercise is large and fatigue tends to accumulate, the offensive team and defensive team (excluding goalkeepers) form a group called a set unit line in advance.Due to the characteristics of the competition, it is difficult to continue playing for a long time, so the game is played while changing groups as needed in about 40 to 50 seconds.


RefereeIs basically done by 2 referees and 2 lines person, and in addition to this, one goal judge is placed in the box directly behind the goal outside the link and it is done by 4 people.Referees and Lines Persons wear black and white vertical striped sweaters and black helmets.Only referees wear orange armbands on their sleeves.It is basically the referee's authority to take the penalty.On the other side of the bench, there is a penalty box for accommodating foul players, and the penalty bench attendant opens and closes the entrance and manages the foul time.There is an official box in the middle, and the timekeeperscorer-announcerTakes charge.The official box and goal judge box are usually sealed with walls and roofs such as transparent acrylic boards.This is mainly for protection against the cold.

Player change

Players can be changed at any time, any number of people, and any number of times.There is no need to inform the referee at that time.

Player changes during play are usually not done when the opponent team is attacking, and the team that secures the puck effectively decides whether or not to change players.The process of player change is to see that while the player on the team side who secured the puck is defending the camp pack behind his own goalkeeper, the player change starts from the side who secured the puck and the player change has started. It is normal for the other party to start changing players.In addition, even if the player is changed, the play is still ongoing, so if you are not careful or take time to change the player, the opponent may attack, so you can quickly end the player change while monitoring each other's movements. It will be.

If the clock is stopped, there is no such restriction, and by notifying the referee of the player change, you can wait until the change is completed.However, the visitor team must finish the change before the home team.

Fouls and penalties

The following penalties will be applied to the player or team who commits the offense according to the weight of the offense.If multiple offenses occur at the same time, one player may be penalized multiple times or both teams may be penalized.The referee will send off the offending player and put him in the penalty box.The exit time is as follows.

  • Minor Penalty 2 Minutes-Most often seen as this usually applies.
  • Double minor penalty 4 minutes
  • Major Penalty 5 Minutes-Automatically misconduct when applied twice.
  • Misconduct Penalty 10 minutes-You can put in a substitute player. Automatically game miss conduct when applied twice.
  • Game Miss Conduct Penalty Until the end of the game-Exit from the bench.However, a substitute player can be introduced.
  • Match Penalty Until the end of the match-Exit from the bench. Prohibition of substitute players for 5 minutes.In the case of official competition, participation will be suspended until the relevant authorities decide to dispose of it.

In the case of misconduct penalties, game misconduct penalties, and match penalties, minor penalties and major penalties are often imposed at the same time.In that case, another player will enter the penalty box instead. (Substitute digestion)

The person who commits the foul enters the penalty box, but in the case of a foul that is imposed on the entire team, called a bench penalty, anyone other than the goalkeeper may enter.Also, in the case of a goalkeeper's foul, another player will enter the penalty box instead.However, the goalkeeper will be sent off if the offense is greater than the game miss conduct penalty.If there is no replacement goalkeeper, any player can change his armor (given 10 minutes of change time) to act as the goalkeeper.

There are the following rules only for minor penalties.

  • One person will be released from the penalty box when a goal is scored
  • Penalty box containment does not apply if the opponent scores before the referee blows the horn even if there is an offense

Also, even if multiple penalties are imposed, the number of players who can play on the link will not be less than three.If the same team has three or more sent off, the undigested penalty will be applied when the first penalty is exhausted in order and the first one is finished.Therefore, depending on the situation of the penalty, even a minor penalty may be on the penalty bench for 3 minutes or more.

If the goalkeeper interferes with the attack by a foul against a player near the goal or during a shooting motion (even if the defending player is penalized)Penalty shot May be (PS). As for PS, all players pull up to the bench, leaving any one player (captain nominated) on the offensive side and GK on the defensive side (even if they leave the foul, they can participate if there is no substitute goalkeeper).Place the puck on the center face-off spot and refereewhistleThe attacking player carries the puck to the goal and shoots.You can only hit once, and you cannot rehash the puck that the goalkeeper has flipped.Also, if you break the goal line without hitting a shot, you will fail.If you succeed in the goal, 1 point will be added.In the middle of the match, the face-off will be at the center face-off spot regardless of success or failure.

There are many types of penalties, each with its own umpire gesture.The exit time applied for each type of penalty is set, but if it is judged to be intentional or if the opponent is injured, it is one rank higher (two ranks or more if it is judged to be particularly malicious) (Also) the exit time applies.

Types of penalties

Battle with hands.However, it is conditionally acceptable for matches in North America (see below).
Hook the blade of the stick or the foot on the opponent's foot.
Overreaction to tripping and hooking (falling on purpose).
El Boeing
Hit the 肱.It will be easier to apply depending on the position you hit at the time of the check.
Hit the knee.
Grab the opponent's body, uniform, etc. (Holding an Opponent) or grab a stick. (Holding the Stick)
Hook the opponent with the blade of the stick.
Hit the opponent's body with the stick, or hit the opponent's stick strongly.Even if you don't actually hit it, you can swing the stick for the purpose of scaring the opponent.If you swing around during a brawl, the game is out.
Hit the opponent player against the fence by checking.It is easy to apply if you check so that it is sandwiched between the fence.Minor and misconduct penalties will be imposed.
High sticking
The act of raising the blade of the stick higher than the shoulder.It will be a penalty if you do it at the time of check.There is no penalty if the opponent is not nearby, but if you touch the puck with a raised stick, the game will be interrupted and you will face off from a disadvantageous position.
Bat ending
Hit the end of the stick (opposite the blade).It does not occur as long as you hold the stick correctly.It is more likely to occur in pediatric ice hockey because they often have long sticks because they grow quickly.Double minor just trying to go.If you actually go, the game is out.
Poke the opponent player with the tip of the blade of the stick.Double minor penalty.
Jump or check with momentum.Checks for players who do not hold the puck will be charging or interference.
Cross checking
Check to hit the stick against the opponent.You can prevent this by pointing the stick at the opposite side of the opponent when checking.
Interfere with the movement of players who do not hold the puck.To interfere with Goalie (goalkeeper)Gory InterferenceThat.
Interfere by sliding in front of the opponent.It is easy to apply to the player who holds the puck.
Checking from behind
Check from the back.
Fifty cufflinks or ruffing
Check your opponent with more force than necessary or very roughly.It also applies when you hit an opponent during a brawl.Misconduct if the gloves are removed for a fight.Match penalty if hit voluntarily.Game misconduct for the player who first helped it.It is a minor penalty if you fight back, but if you go out of the link while fighting, you will misconduct.
Two Many Men
A foul with more than 6 players on the link.A foul that occurs when an unexpected situation occurs and confusion occurs during a member change.The only penalty that can be taken by the Lines Person.
Unsportsman-like conduct
It is applied when you utter abusive words or do something that is not like a sportsman to the opponent player, referee, or spectator.Misconduct if you use nasty words.Hate speechIf you did a game miss conduct.Match penalty for violence against the referee.
Delay of game
Delayed act.Out of bounds from the defending zone to other than on the bench.
Head batting
The act of head-butting.Match penalty.
The act of kicking the opponent.Skates are extremely dangerous because they have blades.Match penalty.

Power play

In a penalty box due to a foul, if one of them is small, the attack of a large team is generallyPower playIt will be a big chance to score.Especially when there are two fewer opponentsTwo Men AdvantageIt is the biggest scoring chance.Also at this time, the state of the team with the smaller number of peoplePenalty Killing (Kill Play)That said, it is usually devoted to defense.Previously, it was called shorthand, but it is no longer called because it is associated with short arm disease.

Icing is not applied to teams with few players sent off due to foul play.For this reason, teams that are in a disadvantageous situation due to penalties often use a strategy of launching a puck to the enemy side in order to protect themselves and save time.On the other hand, if the number of players is the same as the opponent, icing will be applied to both teams, and even if there are players sent off, icing will be applied to the team with many players on the link.

Scoring during power play is called "power play goal", and if there are many power play goals, it is easy to lead to a win.In addition, it is possible to attack even in the state of penalty killing, and it is rare that a counter attack is scored due to an opponent's mistake.It used to be called a "short hand goal", but recently it is called a "kill play goal" for the reasons mentioned above.

At the end of the period

Athletes who have completed the period with time left due to a penalty will be able to return to the bench during the interval, but will return to the penalty box at the start of the next period and carry over the remaining time to play.


The composition of the positions of the six players is two on the left and right on the attacking team.forwardTo the defensive teamdefenseTwo people, one center who attacks and defends, and heavy equipmentGoalkeeperIt is common to have one person, and if the team commits a foul, the number of people will decrease and the possibility of an attack will decrease, so in many cases, one person will be lacking in the forward position and the team will focus on defense.However, empty (attack by 1 people), in which the goalkeeper is lowered to the bench and an attacking player is thrown in instead, is also allowed by the rules, and the team losing the score at the end of the game may pursue. Often done to increase.


The goal is always1 points, Basically it is necessary to use a stick to put the puck into the goal,Own goalMay be accepted in other cases.Unless you put the puck directly into the goal, you are allowed to use your hand to knock the puck in the air or kick the puck with your skates.

Game time

The match is officially a 20-minute unit called a period, which is played three times in total.Between each period there is a 3-minute intermission as a break.During the interval, to clean up the surface of the link that was rough in playIce resurfacer, Commonly known as "Zamboni" may appear.[2]

In each period, the centers of both teams face each other, put the sticks on the ice surface in the order of the visitor team and the home team, and then play the puck dropped by the referee with the sticks.Face offStarted by.In addition, face-off is performed at a specific face-off spot if there is a score, foul, etc., but in rare cases when the puck jumps over the fence and comes out of the link (out of bounds), it is not at the face-off spot. It may be done.In addition, if the goalkeeper holds down the puck or the puck gets caught in the player's armor, face off is performed.

If the third period ends and there is a tie, the game goes into overtime.

extra innings

If there is a tie at the end of the third period, extra time will be entered.Extended battles are also called overtime or extra periods.There is no intermission between the third period and the overtime (3 minute in the NHL, 3 minutes on the bench for matches in the Asian League and IIHF rules) and no links.

The extended game is basically 5 minutes, and the one who scores first wins.sudden death(So-calledGolden goal (V goal)Method) is adopted.In the regular league of the Asian League, overtime is performed with 3 to 3 people (so-called 3on3) except for the goalkeeper. If both teams do not score after 5 minutes, a draw, re-extension or penalty shot shootout will be applied by regulation.

In the NHL playoffs and the Asian League playoffs, there will be a 15-minute extension period after a 20-minute intermission as a re-extension.This is repeated until either team scores a goal.Therefore, if it is not settled in the first 20 minutes, it will be followed by the second extension period and the third extension period.

Penalty shot shootout

Penalty Shot Shootout (PSS) if overtime is not settled[3]And decide the winning team. Also called simply shootout in the NHL. PSS is given three chances for both teams in much the same way as a regular penalty shot. The one with the most goals scored in three chances will be given one point to win.Therefore, the game in which PSS is played will always be a one-point difference game regardless of the point difference in PSS.Participants in the penalty shot shootout, and the order will be declared by each team.

If there are three chances and the same number of goals, one person will be in a sudden death system.

Interruption of the match

If armor is destroyed (or removed) or injured during the match, the match will be stopped immediately to prevent danger.To prevent secondary danger, we will not restart until all the pieces of armor have been collected.

If the stick breaks during play, you must immediately release the hangnail handle that remains at hand.This is to avoid danger, and if you do not comply, you will be penalized.At that time, it is possible to use a new stick in the form of being handed over from the bench.[4].

Game captain

The captain is on the left chest of the uniform (or right chest depending on the team)CPut on the mark.Also, acting captain (alternate)Captain)APut on the mark.As a general rule, the claim against the judgment of the referee is a right given only to the captain, but if the captain is not on the ice, the acting captain will make this right on his behalf.NHLIn the rotation captain (formerlyMinnesota Wild), 3 alternate captains (currentMontreal Canadiens,Toronto Maple Leafs) Is also accepted.


If the score, foul, etc. become invalid, the referee willbaseballActs like a safe.This is called washout. Sometimes they say "safe".

Body contact

To hit the opponent and flick it awayCheckThat is.Basically, it is allowed only for the player who holds the puck (the player who holds the puck can repel the opponent), and the penalty (described later) for the player who does not hold the puck.It is supposed to hit on the shoulders, upper arms and buttocks.It is not allowed to use below the elbows or legs.It is easy to take a penalty if you do it too close to the board.

Home Ice Advantage

In other competitions, the advantage of the home team is only indirect parts such as local cheering, but in ice hockey, the home team has an advantage as a rule such as setting out and face-off posture.This is a unique thing not found in other competitions.[5]

Main rules

The rules are so-called international rules as major ones[3]And NHL rules[4][Broken link]There are two, and there are various differences in the details.

Basic rules for game progress

In the attacking zonepackIf the attacking player enters before the player enters, or if the attacking player there touches the puck, it will be offside.Offside application even if you step over the line while holding the puck (wash out if you just step on it, described later).If the puck goes into the neutral zone It also applies if the puck is brought to the attacking zone by the attacking player before all the attacking players go into the neutral zone.Face off at the face-off spot in front of the line and restart the game.Since the line is fixed, it is relatively easy to prevent, but the defense side can also use it as a strategy.In the case of pass offside Face off at the point where the pass was issued.
Icing the pack
Often abbreviated as icing.This refers to the case where a puck is released from the front of the center line toward the opponent's goal side and it crosses the goal line without touching anyone's hand.It is a rule to prevent the act of throwing the puck toward the enemy team and getting out of the crisis when the team being attacked by the own team regains the puck.
In addition, when one's own team continues to be attacked and the player on the defensive side is very tired, it is often seen that the recovered puck is intentionally thrown to the enemy's side to take icing, and the player is replaced in the meantime. In the case of the NHL, the team that caused the icing cannot change players in order to eliminate such interruptions in the match.
When icing occurs, the match is interrupted, and the match is resumed after being returned to the face-off spot in the fencing zone on the side where the icing occurred, which is an offensive for the opponent and an opportunity for a goal (scoring on the opponent side).
Icing is not applied to teams in penalty killing (kill play), and you can shoot a puck close to your own goal deep into the opponent's team to earn time.
There are two types of icing, "automatic" and "one-touch". For example, international rules are automatic, but NHL has one-touch.The difference is that the moment the cleared pack crosses the goal line, it becomes icing unconditionally.On the other hand, if the player of the cleared team touches the cleared pack, the icing is invalidated, and the icing call is made at the moment when the player of the cleared team touches it.In other words, in the case of one-touch, even if the cleared puck crosses the opponent's goal line without touching it, if the puck is used as a dump-in and the team touches it first, the icing can be cleared and the play continues as it is.Even in the case of one touch, if the goalkeeper touches it, it will not be icing.
If it is determined that the opponent player can touch the puck but avoids it without touching it, it will be a washout and icing will not be applied.However, only the goalkeeper does not have to touch if it is clearly in time but cannot be reached without leaving the goal crease.
If the puck enters the goal crease, continue playing without applying icing (including the crease line, just a brief glance).However, this means that there is a possibility that a puck will enter the goal, so it is unlikely that it will occur except when there is no goalkeeper in a 6-person attack (normally the goalkeeper will definitely stop and hit back).
Line path
Also called center line pass or two line pass.It is applied when a pass is established by straddling two or more of the above-mentioned thick lines toward the enemy goal.Face off at the place where the pass was issued and restart the game.It was not applied by international rules and was only used in the NHL-affiliated North American hockey league, but has been abolished since the 2-2005 season.
According to international rules, no player other than the goalkeeper can enter a rectangular or semicircular part called a crease (or goal crease) in front of the goal.The goal with the attacking player is invalid.Penalty shot if the defensive side enters and prevents the attacking side's shot. The NHL rules used to be applied, but they haven't been applied since there was a problem with the decision.By the way, regardless of whether Increas is applied or not, the goalkeeper is allowed to eliminate the attacking player who entered the crease, and can not take a foul unless it is a very malicious method.On the other hand, the attacker is not allowed to prevent or counterattack this, and if it does, it will be subject to a penalty.
Out of bounds
If the puck jumps over the fence and jumps out of the link, the clock will stop immediately and the match will resume at a nearby spot. If you deliberately put out a puck when clearing in the DF zone, you will be sent off for 2 minutes with a minor penalty because the match was delayed.


Violence is tolerated under certain conditions in hockey games in North America.

  • One player quarrels with the opponent, and if the opponent accepts it, a brawl is established.Always one-on-one
  • Place the stick and take off the gloves with your bare hands.
  • The brawl ends when both fall and both are exhausted.
  • Major penalty for both after the brawl

The institutionalized brawl is a feature not found in other sports, and it may occur strategically to increase motivation rather than accidentally.For this reason,EnforcerIn some cases, a player specializing in brawls called is hired in the team.[6]


Various equipment is required to play ice hockey.In addition, skates and armor for ice hockeyIce crossBut also used.


There are right-handed and left-handed sticks depending on the direction of blade curvature. The shape of the stick for GK is quite different, such as the height of the blade part is high.


Equivalent to a ballpackIs made of hard rubber and has a thin cylindrical shape.Diameter 7.62 cm, height 2.54 cm, weight 156-170 g.It is cooled in advance during the game and placed on the ice during the game, so it becomes very hard, and there is a risk of fracture if it hits a living body. In the NHL match, March 2002, 3,OhioColumbusMade inColumbus Blue JacketsversusCalgary FlamesIn the war, a shot shot by Espen Knutsen went out of bounds, and Puck jumped into the spectator's seat, hit the spectator girl directly, and died of a skull fracture.


The shoes are sturdy enough to protect your feet and ankles from rough play.Durability and small turning power are more important than speed, so short and thick blades are installed. GK shoes are not very visible because they have armor attached to the shin, but they are different from those for players.It's designed to be less likely to get injured than other skates, but it's definitely heavier.However, it is suitable for skating practice because it has the strongest property of reducing danger and it is relatively difficult for beginners to develop bad habits.[7]

The use of non-ice hockey shoes in competitions is dangerous and is prohibited.Worn or rusted blades are disadvantageous and dangerous to play and need to be sharpened regularly.The basic method for preventing rust is to dry the blade.If you sharpen it incorrectly, you will end up with shoes that have a bad habit.In rare cases, even if it is new, it may be sharpened badly, so when you change shoes, you should not use it for games suddenly, but first try gliding and then use it.


Although the competition is dangerous, many players in the former professional leagues play without wearing a helmet, and there are still pictures of players with missing front teeth.Currently, the rules require that you wear armor.Some helmets have a visor to protect their eyes, and in high school and younger games, it is mandatory to protect the entire front of the face (wear a full face mask).In addition, there are padding around the shoulders, hips and elbows, a neck guard that protects the throat and neck, and a thin guard that protects the shins.Shoes also play the role of armor on the feet and ankles.To prevent oral damage and impact on the brain due to tooth clenching in some groupsMouthguardMay be obligatory to wear.

The goalkeeper wears a helmet that protects his face, wears special pads on the back and feet of his hands, and wears gloves to catch the pack on the hands that do not have a stick (for the first mitt used in baseball). Similar, but larger in size).Basically, both armor and shoes are made stronger for the GK, but due to the nature of the GK that does not show the back, the rear part is made stronger for the player.

Women's ice hockey

Ice hockey is said to be one of the most rapidly popular sports competitions among women.It does not reach the systematic league organization as seen in men's hockey, but it is at the highest level.1999 Founded in  (National Women's Hockey LeagueAnd Olympic teams can be seen as recreational teams.

The difference between women's and men's competitions is that the former does not allow body checks.Regarding this, it is said that since the 1990 Women's World Championship, measures have been taken to ban this due to the physical disparity of participating athletes in each country, but it makes the real pleasure of ice hockey called physical contact lost. Some criticize it.

By the way, Manon Rheaume is a female player NHLIn the pre-season matchTampa Bay LightningThere is a record that he kept his goal (the opponent isSt. Louis Blues).Also, in 2003Hayley WickenheiserHowever, he has signed a contract with Kirkkonummi Salamat in Finland's Suomi-sarja league and has participated in the league with male players.

Japan's ice hockey situation

Record of equipment imported to Japan for the first time in 1915 and played at Lake Suwa[8]Remains.After that, the competition was mainly held by students, but as time went on, it developed as an entertainment for workers in cold regions.Over time, in 1966PapermakingCorporateBusinessmanThe Japan Ice Hockey League has started with five teams centered on the league, and the competition has developed around the league.However, due to the prolonged recession around 5, the parent company suffered from poor performance and the ice hockey club was abolished.[Note 1][Note 2]And integration[Note 3]One after another[9]The number of domestic teams has decreased. In 2003, he built a league match with a Korean team.Although there have been participation and withdrawal of teams from China and Russia (Sakhalin) until now, the creation of a new domestic team[Note 4]・ With the addition of new teams, domestic teams have maintained the survival of professional competitions and teams through the reorganization of many leagues. Until Seibu Prince Rabbits was abolished in 2008 and Yokohama Glitz was founded in 2019, there was a period when there was no professional team in the metropolitan area. In 2021Prince eaglesBecomes a club[Note 5]As a result, the businessman team disappeared.

Hokkaido OfTomakomai,KushiroEspecially, ice hockey is popular, and it is called "" Ice City "".OtherObihiro,Sapporo,Aomori OfHachinohe City,Tochigi OfNikkoIt is also an area where competition is active.Previously, the majority of Japanese ice hockey players were from Hokkaido such as Tomakomai City and Kushiro City, but in recent years, players from Tokyo and Saitama are increasingly going to high schools in Hokkaido to play an active role.Due to the nature of playing on ice, skating rink facilities are indispensable, so the competitive population depends on the location of the skating rink.In recent years, the skating rink has been abolished due to the deterioration of facilities, and the competition environment is deteriorating.Although it is such a harsh environment, Smile Japan played an active part in the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Olympics, and as mentioned above, due to the activation of the professional league, the awareness of ice hockey is gradually increasing. Is rising and the participating population is also on the rise.

Winter Olympics

The number of appearances in this tournament is 8 for boys and 4 for girls (2022 Beijing OlympicsUntil).

Held yearWinter OlympicsBoyswoman
1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Olympics9th Thailand
1960 Olympic Valley Olympics8 bit
1964 Innsbruck Olympics11 bit
1968 Grenoble Olympics10 bit
1972 Sapporo Olympics9 bit
1976 Innsbruck Olympics9 bit
1980 Lake Placid Olympics13 bit
1998 Nagano Olympics13 bit6 bit
2014 Sochi Olympics-8 bit
2018 Pyeongchang Olympic6 bit
2022 Beijing Olympics6 bit

* Women are official competitions from the Nagano Olympics

Top league

As the top league of Japanese ice hockeyJapan Ice Hockey LeagueExisted from 1966 to 2004.

From the 2003-2004 season, apart from the Japan League South KoreaTeam,Harla WiniaIn 5 teams (4 round robin) includingAsian League Ice HockeyWas held.Taking the NHL that straddles two North American countries (US and Canada) as an example,AsiaAiming for a tournament that brings together the strongest teams from each country, the Japan League has been suspended due to the expansion of the scale of three new teams joining the Asian League from the 2004-2005 season.

As of the 2009-2010 season, from JapanPrince eagles, Nippon Paper Cranes (currently:Higashi Hokkaido Cranes),HC Nikko Ice Bucks,Tohoku Free BlazeAre participating in the war.

For further information, please read Asian League Ice HockeySee the item.

Lower league

From the 2005-2006 season, the Japan Ice Hockey League has revived as a regional league in Hokkaido and Western Japan.

Japan Ice Hockey League Hokkaido(Commonly known as: J-ice North)Sapporo Ice Hockey Club(Former Sapporo Polaris),Kushiro Welfare Company,Tadano Ice Hockey Club, 05-06 season only (Yon H.com) From 06-07 seasonSettle Blaze4 teams have joined. The 05-06 season is a round robin, and the 1-06 season is a home and away round robin league match.

In addition,Japan Ice Hockey League West Japan(Commonly known as: J-ice West)Kagawa Ice Fellows(Former Surpass Anabuki → Surpass Kagawa), Hyogo prefecture selection, Fukuoka prefecture selection 3 teams are members. The 05-06 season was a round-robin round-robin tournament, and the 2-06 season was reduced due to suspicion of unclear money from the host organization. The winning team in this league match was the Asian League, Japan's top division 07- Participated from the Kansai area while double franchising until 1Nikko (Kobe) Ice BucksI was able to play against.Currently, it is not done due to expenses.

As of the 2015-2016 season, there will be a league match that divides the country into six divisions, and the winning team in that division will compete.J Ice PlayoffIs being held.

In addition, there are adult leagues in each prefecture.

College ice hockey

The ice hockey league at universities is organized by regional university teams that are members of each prefectural federation.

The tournament that decides the best university in Japan1926 Started byJapan Student Ice Competition Championship.

Other than this tournament, league games and tournament games are held in each region.However, since the universities in Kanto have won the Japan Student Ice Championships almost every year, (1st division league) and (Group A) are virtually the best universities in Japan.If you win the Japan Student Ice Hockey Championship, Kanto University Ice Hockey League Match (1st Division), and Kanto University Ice Hockey Championship (Group A), it is often reported in sports newspapers as "University Triple Crown". ..

College men's ice hockey has been around since the dawnWaseda UniversityMeiji UniversityIs moving as the center, and these two strongest strongholds are high, and the situation that other universities can not be destroyed continued.From the latter half of the 2s against this early-light two-strong systemHosei UniversityHas emerged and moved to the top 3 of the Meihochu High School, since 1996Toyo UniversityHowever, when the Japanese student ice competition championship is achieved for 6 consecutive years, it has become a 4th strong system.Currently in addition to MeihochuChuo UniversityThe top five are by far the best.Following this, lead one head to the second groupDay university,the followingKeio-Daily life-Senshu University-Daito UniversityUniversities such as these continue to compete for hegemony (the best in Japan). The result of 2015 was the championship Chuo University runner-up Nippon Sport Science University 3rd place Meiji University 4th place Toyo University.

The leading schools in KansaiDoshisha University-Ritsumeikan-Kansai University-Kwansei Gakuin University-Kyoto Sangyo University-Ryukoku UniversityAnd so on, among othersKansai UniversityWas in 2005Doshisha UniversityFor the first time in 21 years, he won the league title, and in 2006 he built Japan's first indoor ice arena on the Takatsuki campus, attracting national attention.

It has been added as an official event for women from the Nagano Olympics and is attracting attention at Smile Japan (Japan Women's National Team).Even in girls' (university girls') ice hockey2013 From the 1ndJapan Student Women's Ice Hockey TournamentWas held, and the first winning school was Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education, and the runner-up was Nippon Sport Science University. 16 district representative schools are participating and the competition population is increasing. From 2017, the Japan Student Ice Hockey Tournament Women's Ice Hockey Tournament (Incare Open Tournament) was held for the first time.The first winning school was Nippon Sport Science University, and the runner-up was Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education. The 2018 championship is Nippon Sport Science University, and the runner-up is Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

Compared to baseball and soccer, the competitive population of young people is small, and many start at university.Katsuya TakasuThinks, "If it's a sport with few experienced people, I think I can aim for the best."Showa UniversityWhile enrolled, he established an ice hockey club and became the first captain.[10].

All Japan Championship

Separately from each leagueAll Japan Ice Hockey ChampionshipIs being held.This tournament is an open tournament in which university teams, club teams, and high school teams participate in a tournament format in addition to the four teams participating in the Asian League to compete for the championship.

Women's ice hockey

The following tournaments are held in Japan as national tournaments.

League match
Women's Japan Ice Hockey League (Started in 2012)
Cup match
All Japan Women's Ice Hockey Championship (Started in 1982)
Tournament after qualifying league
Japan Student Women's Ice Hockey Tournament (Started in 2013)

In addition to this, local and prefectural conventions are held.

As a women's teamRoad construction perigrine,SEIBU Princess Rabbits, Kushiro Bears, Bucks Ladies, GANBAX Kobe, etc. are known as prestigious.   

As a university women's team, Nippon Sport Science University has won 2015st place and 2018 consecutive victories every year from 1 to 4.

Fight against the new coronavirus

2021 July, HokkaidoTomakomaiWas held inNational high school selection ice hockey tournamentAt the match venueNew coronavirus infectionLarge scaleclusterOccurs.At that time, the largest number of positive testers in Japan was 150.[11]. Japan Ice Hockey FederationWill call for ventilation measures after investigating the state of air retention in the link.[12]..However2022 May 1, Made on the 16thAsian League Ice HockeyA large cluster of new coronavirus infections again occurred at the league match venue.As of 27th of the same month, 165 people were positive.[13]..A cluster has occurredKushiroThe venue inside is large based on the case of Tomakomai City in the previous year.FanVentilation measures were taken such as arranging[14]In some cases, measures were still required.

Works dealing with ice hockey




North AmericaSince it is a major sport, many movies about ice hockey are made.Introducing the main works for which software is available in Japan.

Card games

  • (Avalon Hill) A card game where you become the manager of an ice hockey team and aim to win the league.The Japanese version has also been released.
  • (White Wind) After the above "Slap Shot" was out of print, it was released with improvements and a different publisher.
  • Power play (Amigo de: Amigo) After the above "Phantom on the Ice" was out of print, it was released with improvements and a different publisher.
  • Ice Cold Ice Hockey Ice hockey has been simplified so that it can be played as a game.Official site (English)The card list is distributed free of charge in PDF, and you can play for free.

Game software

  • Champion ice hockey (Sega
Game boy
Mega drive
PC engine
Super Nintendo
Sega Saturn
  • (Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
  • (Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
  • (Konami Digital Entertainment)
  • (Virgin Interactive Entertainment)
  • (Electronic Arts Victor)
  • (Konami Digital Entertainment)
  • (Game Bank)
  • (Konami)
Dream cast
  • (Sega)
PlayStation 2
  • ESPN National Hockey Night (Konami)
  • (Electronic Arts)
DS / Wii
It is a game of the Vancouver Olympics held in 2010.In addition, unlike normal ice hockey, the number of people is 4 (DS version is 3 people).There is also a dream competition version of "Fever Hockey" (when you put a pack in a mysterious machine, items will come out and the score will change).
PlayStation 3
  • (spike)
arcade game


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