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⚽ | NTT Sportict and Nagasaki International Television are delivering archive videos of the Nagasaki rookie battle

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NTT Sportict and Nagasaki International Television are delivering archived videos of the Nagasaki rookie battle

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NTT Sportict (NTT Sportict) and Nagasaki International Television Broadcasting, which distributed live videos, continue to distribute archive videos of the quarterfinals to semifinals on the distribution web page.

On January 1, the 23rd year Nagasaki rookie competition (newcomer championship) ended with the victory of both Kunimi and Nagasaki University attached to Nagasaki.Live movement ... → Continue reading

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Nagasaki International Television

Nagasaki International Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Nagasaki Kokusai TV,British: NAGASAKI INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION BROADCASTING, INC.) IsNagasakiTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Abbreviation isNIB.callsign TheJOXH-DTVso,NNNAffiliated full-net station.


Opened on April 4, 29 as the fourth broadcasting station among commercial TV stations in Nagasaki Prefecture and the 1991th broadcasting station among Japanese TV affiliated stations.originallySagaThe UHF wave assigned to the station was opened in response to the transfer to Nagasaki Prefecture.[Note 1].

The office building is located in the center of Nagasaki cityYomiuri ShimbunThe Nagasaki branch office is also occupying.In front of the office buildingNagasaki Electric OrbitRailroad tracks pass, and on the other side of itDejimaThere is a ruins.There used to be the NIB Hall on the 2nd floor of the company building, where small concerts and lectures were held, but now it has been diverted to the news production floor.There are two logos, the official logo that has been used since the opening of the station and the logo that was established on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the opening of the station, and the former is used in company flags and relay stations of terrestrial digital broadcasting.

Nippon TVThe program is produced in collaboration with the affiliated company Nagasaki Vision Co., Ltd.Also, because the studio is small,24-hour TVLocal part of "Asajige Z''Hirujige DonIs broadcast from the lobby on the 1st floor.In addition, at NIB, special programs such as "24-hour TV" and "Hirujige Don" MCKazumi KotobukiMay be appointed.

The westernmost point in JapanOkinawaSince there is no NTV affiliated station in Japan, this station is currently the westernmost broadcasting station of the NTV system.Also, in the same NNN / NNS seriesTV Kanazawa(KTK) andKagoshima Yomiuri TVWith (KYT), along with Nagasaki Culture Telecasting for commercial broadcasting in Nagasaki PrefectureHeisei New BureauIt has become.

Although it is a broadcasting station affiliated with Nippon Television,Nippon Television HoldingsAs the second largest shareholderFuji Media Holdings(2nd largest shareholder) is listed.for that reason,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFrom both Nittele HD and Fuji HDBroadcasting holding companyDesignated as a broadcaster that is an affiliated company of[2][Note 2].

In the authoritiesNagasaki BusIs a shareholder (the investment ratio is low), and at the beginning of the station, it actively posted advertisements for signboard programs on its own buses.

2021/Year ofAudience rating, Annual audience rating[3]In all of the individual audience ratings, household ratings, and core targets (main generations), they won the Triple Crown.

Head office/branch office

Company name

  • Japanese company name- Nagasaki International Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

List of Offices

Main office
NagasakiNagasakiDejimamachi11-1 〒850-8504
Sasebo branch office
NagasakiSasebo4-4 Kamikyomachi Nagata Building 5th floor
Fukuoka branch
FukuokaFukuoka CityChuoAkasaka1-16-5 Yomiuri Kyushu Building 9th floor
·Previously,Fukuoka CityChuoDaming2-chome 4-35 It was installed on the 7th floor of the Fuji Fire Fukuoka Building.
Tokyo branch office
TokyoChuoGinza2-11-15 SF Ginza Building 6th floor
·Previously,TokyoChiyodaYonbancho7-8 It was installed on the 2th floor of the 5nd building of the Nittele Yonbancho Building.
Osaka branch
OsakaOsakaKitaSonezakiNew land1-3-16 Kyotomi Building 6th floor


  • 1990/(2)
  • 1991/(3)May 4 - Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting Opened as the second full-net station (from the beginning) in Nagasaki Prefecture, after (NCC, ANN series).NNSWill be a new net.On the same dayIwate Menkoi TV,Nagano Asahi Broadcasting, TXN Kyushu (currentlyTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) Has also opened.Initially, it was scheduled to open on October 1990, 2, but it was postponed to the same day for the purpose of viewer protection (so that viewers would not be confused by the transition to the new station).
  • 2006/(18)
    • April 4-1th anniversary of the opening of the station. Started using the new logo mark with the introduction of CI[Note 4].
    • May 6 --Updated to the master control room (master) that supports terrestrial digital broadcasting (ToshibaMade).
    • May 12 - Digital terrestrial broadcastingStart.The call sign is JOXH-DTV.
  • 2009/(21)May 1 --On terrestrial digital broadcastingWatermarkStart displaying (One SegThen there is no display).
  • 2011/(23)
    • October 4-1th anniversary of the opening.
    • May 7 --The terrestrial analog broadcasting will end at noon (midnight) on the same day.By midnight the next day (July 0), analog broadcasting had stopped and completely switched to digital broadcasting.
  • 2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)
    • May 2 --Updated master control room (master) equipment (manufactured by Toshiba).again,One SegAlso started displaying watermarks.
    • April 4st-1th anniversary of the opening of the station.New catch phrase "Serious DigimaIs established.

Network transition

  • April 1991, 4-In the Kyushu regionFukuoka Broadcasting(Opened in April 1969),Kumamoto citizen TVOpened as the third NTV full-net station after (opened in April 1982).It was the first time in nine years that it was the first NTV affiliated station in the region.
    • Until then, the Nippon Television affiliated stations in Nagasaki Prefecture (until September 1990, 9, the day before the original scheduled opening date of Nagasaki International Television) were TV Nagasaki, a cross-net station with the Fuji Television affiliate.[Note 5] Met.At that time, the station had a mixed organization of online news programs, NNN in the morning, noon, and night, and FNN in the evening.
    • Also, cross-net elimination[Note 6] Until the day before, about 6% of all broadcast programs were occupied by NTV programs ("Zoom in!! Morning!], [Wide show at lunch→ →TV in the afternoon], [NNN Today's Events"Such).In addition, from Nippon TelevisionBan salesPart of the showNagasaki Broadcasting (NBC) was broadcasting.
    • For half a year from October 1990, 10, when TV Nagasaki left NNN, to the opening of Nagasaki International Television, Japanese TV programs in Nagasaki Prefecture will be broadcast on TV Nagasaki-sponsored nets and Nagasaki Broadcasting. Everything except the show disappeared.In addition, there was a time when Nagasaki Culture Telecasting was tentatively broadcasting the sales program.
    • On October 1990, 10-March 1, 1991, when NNN affiliated stations were absent in Nagasaki Prefecture,Fukuoka Broadcasting (FBS)Nagasaki branch officeWas in charge of news coverage of NNN.

Capital structure

Below, the names of companies / organizations and individual titles are those at that time.[4][5][6][7].


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
2500 million yen50,000 share38
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Nippon Television Network7,320 share14.64%
Fuji Media Holdings5,500 share11.00%
Yomiuri Shimbun Group Headquarters4,950 share9.90%
讀賣TV broadcasting4,650 share9.30%
Kansai TV broadcasting4,500 share9.00%

Past capital structure


Digital broadcasting

Remote control key IDIs "4"

  • Nagasaki 18ch 1kw
  • Sasebo 16ch 1kw
  • Isahaya 18ch 10w
  • Unzen Minami Kushiyama 18ch 3w
  • Shimabara 18ch 3w
  • Minamishimabara Minamiarima 18ch 3w
  • Goto 21ch 10w
  • Hirado 18ch 3w
  • Matsuura 18ch 3w
  • Shinkamigoto Arikawa 52ch 1w --It was changed from 2011ch to 10ch between October 3rd and 31st, 59.
  • Saikai Oseto 18ch 3w
  • Nagasaki Aba 49ch 1w
  • Isahaya Iimori 49ch 0.3w
  • Nagasaki Yagami 49ch 0.3w
  • Tsushima 45ch 30w
  • Iki 45ch 30w
  • Nagayo 18ch 1w
  • Nagasaki Azekari 44ch 0.3w
  • Sasebo Yoshii 50ch 0.3w
  • Sasa 16ch 0.1w
  • Unzen Onsen 28ch 0.05w
  • Sasebo Ainoura 16ch 0.3w
  • Sasebo Sechibaru 16ch 0.3w (new digital station)
  • Sasebo Emukaeshikamachi 33ch 0.3w
  • Nagasaki Nameshi 18ch 0.3w
  • Hasami 47ch 0.3w
  • Hirado Himosashi 18ch 1w
  • Hirado Tsuyoshi 29ch 0.3w
  • Nagasaki Nomozaki 45ch 0.1w
  • Shinkamigoto Nama 52ch 0.3w --It was changed from 2011ch to 9ch between September 26th and October 10th, 24.
  • Uku Sasebo 52ch 0.3w --It was changed from 2013ch to 1ch between January 25th and February 2th, 28.
  • Goto Miiraku 50ch 0.3w
  • Sasebo Haiki 16ch 0.3w
  • Nagasaki Menoto 18ch 0.5w
  • Nagasaki Nishiyama 18ch 0.3w
  • Sasebo Hino 16ch 0.1w
  • Sasebo Ono 36ch 1w
  • Nagasaki Sotome 18ch 0.1w (new digital station)
  • Sasebo Akasaki 16ch 1w
  • Nagasaki Kogakura 18ch 0.3w
  • Nagasaki Tomachi 18ch 0.3w
  • Nagasaki Kayaki 52ch 0.3w --Changed from 2012ch to 2ch on February 13, 54.
  • Matsuura Ao 46ch 0.01w
  • Saikai Oshima 52ch 0.01w --Changed from 2012ch to 6ch on June 4, 54.
  • Nagasaki Takahama 44ch 0.01w
  • Nagasaki Hirayama 47ch 0.05w
  • Goto Tomie 49ch 0.3w
  • Minamishimabara Kitaarima East 43ch 0.1w
  • Minamishimabara Kitaarima West 48ch 0.1w
  • Saikai Sakito Higashi 47ch 0.01w
  • Saikaizaki Tonishi 47ch 0.01w
  • Saikai Tokuman 47ch 0.01w
  • Shinkamigoto Narao 44ch 0.1w
  • Sasebo Hiu 47ch 0.3w
  • Sasebo Funenomura 18ch 0.01w
  • Shinkamigoto Nakasuji 27ch 0.05w
  • Isahaya Mitachiyama 36ch 0.05w
  • Nagasaki Mogi 31ch 0.01w
  • Ojika 52ch 0.3w (new digital station) * Changed from 2013ch to 1ch between January 25 and February 2, 28.
  • Sasebo Kusumari 18ch 0.01w
  • Hasami Nakao 18ch 0.05w (new digital station)
  • Matsuura Imafuku 45ch 0.3w

Analog broadcasting

* All stations will stop on July 2011, 7.

  • Nagasaki 25ch 10kw
  • Nishiyama 30ch
  • Nishikoshima 51ch
  • Emukaeshikamachi 21ch
  • Sasebo 17ch 10kw
  • Haiki 30ch
  • Unzen 29ch
  • Sakito Higashi 52ch
  • Isahaya 32ch
  • Shimabara 32ch
  • Tomachi 21ch
  • Ohama 44ch
  • Minamiarima 26ch
  • Nagasaki Minami 39ch
  • Katsumoto 47ch
  • Hiu 59ch
  • Higashi Nagasaki 28ch
  • Kiba 47ch
  • Arikawa 32ch
  • Kayaki 32ch
  • Fukue 29ch
  • Hasami 39ch
  • Arikawa Kita 60ch
  • Hino 32ch
  • Nagasaki Kita 61ch
  • Kawahira 60ch
  • Koura 47ch
  • Miiraku 48ch
  • Oseto 39ch
  • Akasako 29ch
  • Kashiwa 49ch
  • Magome 43ch
  • Hirado 36ch
  • Yanohira 39ch
  • Kuki 46ch
  • Orihashi 25ch
  • Gonoura 21ch
  • Yagami 30ch
  • Indoji 40ch
  • Mihara 46ch
  • Matsuura 14ch
  • Fukahori 44ch
  • Izumo 33ch
  • Yoshii 61ch
  • Izuhara 16ch
  • Hirayama 49ch
  • Hirama 43ch
  • Yawata 47ch
  • Kitaarima East 29ch
  • Ohno 61ch
  • Tadewara 56ch
  • Tokuman 54ch
  • Kitaarima West 21ch
  • Akunoura 22ch
  • Ao 45ch
  • Shiiki 45ch
  • Nagayo 26ch
  • Nomozaki 62ch
  • Tenjin 52ch
  • Minamikamachi 36ch
  • Oshima 52ch
  • Nomo Takahama 61ch
  • Azekari 48ch
  • Kashiyama 39ch
  • Katabuchi 57ch
  • Hirado Kita 57ch
  • Aiura 27ch
  • Gotateyama 43ch
  • Akasaki 29ch
  • Nishitomari 34ch
  • Iimori 43ch
  • Mikawa 39ch
  • Hirado South 62ch
  • Tagami 62ch
  • Yuki 56ch
  • Motomura 33ch
  • Narao 46ch
  • Uku 60ch
  • Kanabori 47ch
  • Mogi 35ch
  • Kusumari 54ch
  • Minamikushiyama 29ch
  • Sasa 37ch
  • Nama 62ch
  • Hirado Naka 23ch
  • Nagasaka 53ch
  • Sakito Nishi 57ch
  • Shisa 44ch
  • Talc 21ch

Mascot character


The current announcer

(×××× year) is the year of joining the company.



Former announcer



Programs currently on air

In-house production program

Outsourced production

Mini show

  • Weather spot (Monday-Friday 5:19-5:20)
  • Vivid TV (Monday-Friday 10:54-10:55, Monday-Tuesday 21:54-21:55, Tuesday-Friday 0:54-0:59 <Monday-Thursday Midnight>, Thursday 1:29-1:34 <Midnight Wednesday>, Sunday 1:25-1:30 <Midnight Saturday>)
  • You and NIB (1st Monday of every month 11:25 --11:30) *Self-criticism program
  • Dejima Navigation (Tuesday-Thursday 11:25-11:30)
  • NIB news spot(Tuesday-Sunday 20:54-21: 00, Tuesday-Friday 1:59-2:04 <Monday-Thursday midnight>)
  • Hibit Weather (Monday 11:25 --11:30)
  • Modern Broger condominium management! (Monday 21:55 --22:00)
  • This is Prefectural Office Public Relations Section 2 (Tuesday 21:55 --22:00)
  • Friday deals information Digichira ☆(Friday 11:25 --11:30)
  • Weekly Hydrangea (Saturday 16:55 --17:00)
  • Yuka's Nagasaki Street Sound (Saturday 21:54 --22:00)
  • Newsletter from Sasebo Municipal Administration (Sunday 6:30 --6:35)
  • Bye! Declaration of energy (broadcast every day)

NTV series programs (excluding nationwide networks)

Bold is the simultaneous net.

Net programs from other series

TV Tokyo series


Rebroadcast frame

Finished program

In-house production program

  • News Plus 1 Nagasaki(Monday-Friday 17:50-19:00)
  • NNN News Real Time(Monday-Thursday 16:53-19: 00, Friday 17:00-19:00) *HD --Until 18:16, "Nippon Television's"NNN News Real Time] Will be fully netted except for commercials, so the actual broadcast time will be from 18:16.
  • Shampoo (Sunday 0:25 --0:55 <Saturday midnight>)
  • ZONE Be (Sunday 0:25 --0:55 <Saturday midnight>)
  • Ana number
  • Dejima Hayami Communication
  • Looking for a beautiful man and a beautiful woman in Nagasaki ・ Dream is a paradise
  • Pachinko & Variety Nagasaki FESTA.TV (Friday 1:29 --1: 59 <Thursday midnight>)
  • Hanamaru Wedding (Sunday 23:26 --23:30)
  • Vivi-kun's V-Varen's recommendation! (Tuesday 11:25 --11:30, April 2014 --March 4)
  • Korean Drama Hour (Monday-Friday 9:30-10:25, excluding the last Friday of every month)
  • Nagasaki local meal. 2016 (Tuesday 21:55 --22:00)
  • Recommended by Nagasaki Inu-chan! Hulu (Saturday 22:54 --23:00)
  • Real estate management that can be started even in the 20s (Monday 21:55 --22:00)
  • VVV V. Farren !!(Friday 0:54-0:59 <Thursday midnight>)
  • Bakumatsu (Saturday 22:54 --23:00)

TV TOKYO net program

UHF anime


NTV-based online program at the beginning of the station

☆ is a program that is still being broadcast.

NTV programs that moved from TV Nagasaki at the time of opening

The following isTV NagasakiA program that has been online for a while even after it became a full-net TV program on Fuji TV.

The following are online programs other than the above.

NTV programs that transitioned from Nagasaki Broadcasting at the time of opening

NTV programs that transitioned from Nagasaki Culture Telecasting at the time of opening

  • Comedy manga dojo(Chukyo TV(Production) * There was a time when it was broadcast on TV Nagasaki / Nagasaki Broadcasting, and all the private broadcasters in the prefecture will have broadcasting experience.

The first NTV program broadcast in Nagasaki Prefecture after the opening of the station


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注 釈

  1. ^ this is,Radio GinzaThis is because there were no commercial broadcasters in Saga prefecture.
  2. ^ On the contrary, the largest shareholder of TV Nagasaki is still integrated into Fuji TV.Yomiuri Shimbun Group Headquarters.
  3. ^ In NNS, there was no official member station in Nagasaki prefecture before September 1990, 2 (TV Nagasaki is not a member of NNS).
  4. ^ The official logo continues to be used in news and weather forecasts, and the official logo is also posted on the company building.
  5. ^ FormallyNews seriesOnly, the general program supply agreement was that TV Nagasaki was FNS alone (not a member of NNS), and it was not a formal cross-net for general programs.At that time, there was no official NNS member station in Nagasaki prefecture.
  6. ^ Officially withdrawal from NNN. Not a member of NNS (formal on general programming)Cross netWas not).
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    • Takashi Sato (October 2018, 10). “Will be faster”. Nagasaki International Television. 2020/7/27Browse.
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