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⚽ | Reiwa 3rd year Nagasaki rookie match (newcomer championship) Quarterfinals Nishiryo vs Nagasaki Nihondai

Photo Nishiryo vs Nagasaki Nihondai (Photo = Hirohisa Fujiwara)

Reiwa 3rd Nagasaki Rookie Battle (Rookie Championship) Quarterfinals Seiryo vs Nagasaki Nihondai

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There may have been a sense of tension as a corona-stricken overseas expedition, and there may have been an impatience that "I must win by scoring a large number of points."

Nagasaki Nihondai defeats Seiryo 6-0!Revenge match between Nagasaki attached to Nagasaki and the championship in the semi-final tomorrow "Unlike last year, in the middle ... → Continue reading

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