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⛳ | Chiba Citizen's Honor Award for Inami Golf Silver Base from 5th grade, "Second House"

Photo Mone Inami, a golf girl who received the Citizen's Honor Award from Mayor Shunichi Kamiya (left) of Chiba City = Wakaba Ward, Chiba City on the afternoon of the 22nd

Chiba Citizen's Honor Award for Inami, a golf silver base from 5th grade, "Second House"

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From the 5th grade of elementary school, he cooked breakfast almost every day and watched his growth, saying, "I'm glad that he described it as'house'in the place where he spends the longest time in a day."

On the 22nd, Chiba City presented Mone Inami (22), who won the silver medal at the golf girls of the Tokyo Olympics last year, with the Citizen's Honor Award ... → Continue reading

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