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⚽ | Matuidi cancels Beckham's club ...


Matuidi cancels Beckham's club ... also joins due to violation transaction

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Matuidi was playing for Inter Miami in the American Major League Soccer this season.

Former French midfielder Blaise Matuidi, who once played for Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain, is this winter ... → Continue reading


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Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer(English: Major League Soccer, Abbreviation: MLS) IsThe United States of AmericaandCanadaThe professionalサ ッ カ ーIt is a league. MLS has become one of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. Of the 28 clubs, 25 are in the United States and 3 are in Canada.


Many professional soccer leagues in the United States have risen and disbanded since the 19th century. The most famous of them was "" which existed from 1967 to 1984.North American Soccer League(NASL) "Pele,Johann Cruif,Franz BeckenbauerWe tried to gain popularity by having the main players in Europe and South America. However, NASL was dismantled because it failed as a box office due to the imbalance of ability and financial power between the teams and the fact that American star players did not grow up.

But in 1994FIFA World CupWith the decision of the host country to the United States as a detonator, the momentum to hold a professional soccer league as a "partial league" again occurred, and in 2, two years after the World Cup was held, major league soccer (MLS) by 1996 clubs ) Was launched. Initially scheduled to be launched in 10, the opening was delayed by one year due to financial difficulties and opened in 1995. It will be 1 clubs from 1996, but will return to 1998 clubs in 12 due to budget constraints. Expansion began in 2002, expanding to 10 clubs in 2005, 2009 clubs in 15, 2010 clubs in 16, and in 2012.New York City FCOrlando City SCIs scheduled to enter the market, and by 2023, there will be a total of 30 clubs. Currently, there is no exchange system with the lower league,USL(League equivalent to the second division until 2010)NASLWhen a club such as (a league equivalent to the second division established in 2011) enters MLS, it will join the existing club as a newly established expansion team.

It's been about 20 years since the opening, and although the popularity is gradually starting to appear, the recognition is high.4 major professional sports leagues in North America(NFL,MLB,NBA,NHL), It cannot be said that it is still expensive. However, the popularity of soccer itself is increasing very much,2017/ OfGallup,Washington PostAccording to the poll[2][3],American Football,basketball,baseballIt is the fourth most popular sport in the United States after. It has already surpassed baseball among young and middle-aged people[2]Predicted to be the third most popular sport in the near future[4].. in recent yearsIce hockeyBecause it leads[2], The opinion that soccer is one of the four major sports is becoming mainstream[5]. Also,ESPNAccording to a survey by MLS, the popularity of MLS among young people aged 12 to 17MLBThe result is that they lined up in[6].. The competition population is over 2400 million andChugokuIt is the second most common country in the world after[7].. 2014FIFA World CupMatchWorld series,NBA FinalRecord the largest number of TV viewers in the history of soccer programs, etc.[8], MLS is making a significant contribution as the basis for increasing the popularity of football.

According to a Forbes survey, the total revenue of all clubs in the 2014 season was just under $ 5 million.[9]It is less than 4% of the NHL, which has the lowest total income in the four major professional sports leagues in North America. League championship deciding matchMLS cupHowever, it cannot be said that the degree of attention is high, and the national audience rating continues to be in the 0% range.[10].. The number of spectators mobilized during the season is on the rise, partly because the number of clubs they belong to has expanded. The number of spectators in the 2015 regular season exceeded 730 million, and the average number of spectators per game was 1, which is higher than the NBA and NHL.[11].. In addition, some teams also have a relationship with American football and Canadian football,Artificial grassSome teams are based in the stadium. (otherRussian Soccer Premier LeagueThere is also an example of). In JapaneseKosuke KimuraIn 2007Colorado RapidsJoined the team and experienced the first Japanese MLS Cup participation and league victory in 2010.New York Red BullsIn 2013, when he transferred to, he became number one in the regular season.Supporters' ShieldWas won.


Draft meeting

New players are just like any other major sport to avoid soaring player contractsDraft meetingEarn with. Today, each club has its own scouting activities. Joined Washington, DC United in 2004Freddy AduIs not only the record for the youngest player in the league's history (born in 1989, 14 years old, the youngest in 100 years through American professional sportsmen), but also the highest annual salary in MLS history, estimated at about 5200 million yen, and in history. Achieved the youngest goal and became a hot topic.

Specially designated player system

Player salaries are currently paid by the league from the viewpoint of cost effectiveness, but the level is lower than in Europe, and it was considered to be one of the reasons why it was not possible to acquire famous players. This league management method is called the "single entertainment system," and other professional sports leagues have also introduced this system. However, from 2007, apart from the salary from the league, each team may decide their own budget for up to XNUMX people (you can trade this slot and get up to XNUMX slots).Specially designated player systemA system called (Designated Player Rule) was introduced. by thisDavid BeckhamWell-known players such as have transferred to MLS. With a five-year contract, Beckham's total revenue is said to reach $ 5 million (about 2 billion yen), and in the 5000 season, the former Swedish captainFredrick JungbergAnd from the latter half of the 2010 season, the former French captainThierry HenryAnd the former captain of MexicoRafael MarquezLarge star players such as are transferring to major league soccer one after another.

What is the highest MLS salary as of 2015?Orlando City SC OfKakaIt is 716 dollars (about 7500 million yen), and the number of players with an annual salary of 8 million dollars or more is increasing to 6000.[12].. The salary of general athletes is a salary cap system, and according to a survey as of 2015, the average annual salary is $ 28 (about 2499 million yen).[13].


Average asset value per team
NFL25 billion0000 millionDollar[14]
MLB$ 15 million[15]
NBA$ 13 million[16]
NHL0$ 5 million[17]
MLS0$ 2 million[9]
Source: Forbes

In 2002, he established his own marketing company specializing in soccer.ア デ ィ ダ スIn recent years, the business aspect has grown remarkably, such as signing a large contract with the company for a total of 1.2 million dollars. Infrastructure development is progressing by the owners of millionaires, and each club has its own soccer-specific stadium to stabilize and grow its management.

Economic magazineForbesThe market value per club for the 2016 season is $ 1 million, according to a study by[9].. Also, the club with the highest operating income in MLSLos Angeles GalaxyIs estimated at $ 6300 million[9].

In recent years, many tours have been organized in which big European clubs travel to the United States to play against MLS teams during the off-season, attracting a record number of spectators.

Participating clubs

Clubs to join

Club namehome townClub colorPlanned year of joining
St. Louis 2023/

Withdrawn club

Club namehome townClub colorAffiliation period
Miami fusionFort Lauderdale 1998/ - 2001/
Tampa Bay MutinyTampa  1996/ - 2001/
Club Deportivo Chivas USALos Angeles  2005/ - 2014/

Successive winning clubs

For details, MLS cupSee

Supporters' Shield (top of regular season)

Number of wins by club

ク ラ ブMLS cupChampionship yearSupporters
Championship year
Los Angeles Galaxy
2002, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2014
1998, 2002, 2010, 2011
DC United
1996, 1997, 1999, 2004
1997, 1999, 2006, 2007
Columbus crew
2008, 2020
2004, 2008, 2009
San Jose Earth Quakes
2001, 2003
2005, 2012
Seattle Sounders
2016, 2019
Sporting Kansas City
2000, 2013
Houston Dynamo
2006, 2007
Chicago Fire
Real Salt Lake
Colorado Rapids
Portland Timbers
Atlanta United
New York City
New York Red Bulls
2013, 2015, 2018
Tampa Bay Mutiny
Miami fusion
Los Angeles FC
Philadelphia Union
New England Revolution

Match method

Annual match format

  • Regular season (2019)
24 teams are divided into 12 east-west divisions with 2 east-west teams, and what is the same conference?Home and away2 games round-robin twice, 22 games round-robin once with another conference, a total of 1 games, 12 teams of the top 34 teams of both divisions will be the final tournament "MLS cupAdvance the frame to. The club that achieved the best results in this regular season is "Supporters' ShieldThe award will be given. AlsoCONCACAF Champions LeagueThe right to participate in is given to the east-west district winning club and the three clubs with the highest points among the second place.
The season starts in March and ends in October. As a result, some players transfer to European clubs for a limited time or participate in practice during the off-season.
  • MLS cup
By 12 teamsTournament match.
In the first round, in which 3rd to 6th place players participate, a combination of 1rd place-3th place and 6th place-4th place will be played in one match at the base of the top ranking club, and the winner will advance to the district semi-final.
Regarding the district semi-finals and district finals, they will play in two games, home and away, and in the case of 2 win and 1 loss, the total score of 1 games → then the penalty shootout will be held (previously 2 win, 1 loss and 1 draws). In the case of, the third round was carried out).The annual final match is settled in one match at the middle location.

Past rule system unique to MLS

Countdown method
In the old MLS, like American football and basketball,Added time(=Loss time) I used to use a "countdown system" that allowed the game to end in exactly 45 minutes without counting the equivalent amount.
Currently, the FIFA system is used as it is.
Shootout battle
Similarly, in the former MLS, if there was a tie, it would not be a draw,sudden deathThere was a shootout battle of the method. this isPK battleIt is one-on-one with the goalkeeper as well, but the attacker dribbles from a point 1 meters from the goal and shoots within a certain time.[Note 1].
This is also not currently adopted, and in the qualifying league, it is a style that uses the same 90-minute draw system as the FIFA rules.


As of 2007, MLS has granted broadcasting rights to the following stations: It is often sold as a set with FIFA-sponsored international competitions and the US National Teams Games.

Broadcast in Japan

Old in JapanSports Eye ESPNWas relaying at. After that, MLS broadcasting was stopped in Japan, but with the addition of Beckham, who is well known in Japan, we are affiliated with ESPN.J SPORTSResumed broadcasting from the summer of 2007. However, from May 2016Fuji Television NEXTIt was decided to be broadcast on.

League match equivalent to the lower league

These are not directly related to MLS, they are called J League in JapanJFLIt corresponds to the relationship of the following leagues. Therefore, the automatic temperature-demoted and replaced warfare on the results of these lower-league at this stage has not been implemented, it does not stand even the prospect of introducing this for the time being. So-calledIndependent League,Semi-professional leagueIt is said that.

The following mainly lists leagues in the United States, but clubs from Canada and the Caribbean also participate in these leagues, forming a complex soccer pyramid for various countries.

The largest of the MLS's substantive lower leagues ran the equivalent of 2009nd to 2th divisions until 4.United soccer league(USL), but held shares in the league in 2009NikeUSL 1st and 2nd divisions rebelled against the sale of this, and NASL (once existed)North American Soccer LeagueThe formation of a new league with the same name) and the withdrawal from USL from 2010 have been announced. However, due to the shortage of teams in both USL and NASL, in 2010 they were tentatively jointly jointed by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).USSF Division 2 Pro LeagueWas organized into a league equivalent to the second division.
Since 2011, NASL and USL have become independent, and NASL has become a league equivalent to the second division.
  • USL Pro: Equivalent to 3nd division league
Of the clubs in the USL 2009st and 1nd divisions up to 2, the league was newly organized into 1 division by the remaining clubs in the USL and the newly established clubs, excluding the clubs promoted to MLS and the clubs that participated in NASL. Equivalent to the first division league for USL.
It is the highest rank in Canada's domestic league. Above this are MLS and NASL.
Lower league of USL. It is a league that fosters young people by setting its own age restrictions.
  • National Premier Soccer League(NPSL): Equivalent to the 4th division league
  • United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA): Equivalent to the 5th Division
  • United States Club Soccer (USCS): Equivalent to the 5th Division


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