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⚽ | Yamanashi Gakuin High School Director Dai Hasegawa # 2 "Transition of offensive and defensive connections, opponent's vectors, strengths, etc ...

Photo Yamanashi Gakuin High School, Director Dai Hasegawa

Yamanashi Gakuin High School Director Dai Hasegawa # 2 "Transition of offensive and defensive connections, opponent's vectors, strengths, etc ...

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It is a game that missed promotion due to a goal from CK in the second half of the loss time.

The 88th tournament, which achieved the feat of winning the first appearance for the first time, the 99th, which overturned the disadvantageous criticism and won the championship, and the two championship system ... → Continue reading

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Loss time

Loss time(Japanglish: loss time) Isサ ッ カ ー,rugbyTerms in ball games such as. In a ball gameIt was wasted due to the change of athletes, the appeal of the injured, the judgment of the degree of injury, and the removal of the injured.It is a common name for time, so-called "empty time". Since such idle time is unfair to the opponent team, the purpose is to give the opponent a grace period to ensure fairness. In other words, "actual flow time (actual time)"-"loss time (empty time)" = "time actually played (actual match time)".

Long time ago"Injury time"(English: Injury Time) Was called. In soccer, "Additional time(English: Additional Time) ”.


As a timekeeper, the referee will measure the time spent and add it after each of the first and second halves of the match. Such time is generally called "loss time" in Japan, but it is taken from "loss of time".JapanglishIs. By the wayEnglishThen, "time added on", "added time", "additional time" (additional time), "stoppage time" (time for stopping), "injury time" (time for injury) and so on.

Measurement and display

matchSince the free time for each is measured based on "the judgment and discretion of the referee", when the whistle of the end of the game will be blownChief refereeAt handclockIt depends on. Also measuredTimeThe match does not always end the moment the game passes, and even if there are a few seconds left, the end whistle may be blown depending on the situation. Of course, if more free time occurs during the loss time, the time may be extended by that amount. Therefore, especially in the case of soccer, the loss time is not absolute.

By convention, if one team has a chance in front of the opponent's goal, they often continue to play for a while, even if the exact loss time is over.In such a case, the attacking side misses the shot, the defensive side kicks the ball, etc., and the play is interrupted (leading) When the ball passes to the opponent team (when the play is cut off), the loss time immediately after that. Is often discontinued.Also, as a special case, when there is a difference in power between teams and the score is wide open, the game may be ended with almost no loss time.

The two assistant referees also have watches, and if the referee asks for their opinion, they may ask a second opinion on how much time was wasted.

In injury timescoreIs a dramatic element, and many episodes have been produced by this, such as the tragedy of Doha and the tragedy of Riyadh, but the loser raises doubts about the referee's loss time measurement.For this reason, in large games, the "fourth referee" may display injury time.

To the refereeClock to measure loss timeClock that does not stop during the gameIt is recommended to have two watches, but when the unstoppable clock approaches half-time, the referee tells the fourth referee the fraction of the lost time, and the fourth referee tells the players and spectators at the touchline. Post the remaining time in. In addition, depending on the game, a lightning bulletin may be posted or an announcement may be made.


After 40 minutes in both the first half and the second half, a horn sounds and the last play is signaled, but unlike soccer, it is immediately after the loss time has passed.No sideIt does not mean (end of match).

If the play continues after 40 minutes, the play will stop due to points, penalties (scrum / free kick), the ball going out of the touch line, etc., and at the same time the whistle will be blown and it will be no side. The loss time is often longer than the standard.

Today, there is a timekeeper system in top-level games, and a timekeeper (specialist who manages time) is assigned separately from the referee, and the match time is measured more accurately in conjunction with the referee. , Nominal loss time is gone.

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