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⚽ | High school soccer, Aomori Yamada wins 3rd time in 3 tournaments, Otsu

Photo Otsu-Aomori Yamada In the second half, Aomori Yamada and Matsuki (back) = National Stadium are pleased to score the third goal of the team.

High school soccer, Aomori Yamada wins 3rd time in 3 tournaments, Otsu

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Following the National High School Championships and the Takamado Trophy U-18 Premier League East District, he won the third title.

On the final day of the national high school soccer championship, the final was held at the National Stadium in Tokyo on the 10th, and Aomori Yamada went to Ozu (Kumamoto) 4-... → Continue reading

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18 Premier League East District

National high school general physical education meet

National high school general physical education meet(All Japan high school sports) is a full-time systemA high school student(Secondary school(Including students enrolled in the second semester)Sports OfCelebration(For high school students with a fixed / communication systemNational high school part-time communication system physical education competitionI will participate in).Known as "Inter HighOr even abbreviated as "In high(From Inter-High School Championships) or "High school overallIs often called.National High School Athletic FederationA comprehensive sports event held mainly in August every yearCompetitionCompetition.


The high school championships up to that time are different,1963 (Showa38 years), the National High Tales Association held the high school championships integrated into the national governing body for each discipline, this competition was born. Initially, it was not allowed to hold national competitions in addition to this competition,1970 (ShowaFrom 45 years)Selection competitionAre allowed to be held at different times/competitions. For football, it was considered to integrate the championships that were held in winter here, but the holding continues, and eventually1970 It has been a champion since it has participated in the sponsorship while being treated as a selected tournament. In addition, Judo, volleyball, women's soccer, and basketball are being treated in the same way later.

From the first year, it was a principle to hold each prefecture in turn,2004 (HeiseiAfter 16 years, in principle, it was moved to regional competitions, and some competitions were held in neighboring prefectures even if they were held alone (mountain competitions, some swimming, etc.) To consider areas that do not.Refer to the table below for details).

During the first half of the competitionAthleticsWe will hold various competitions centered onSwimming competitionIs performed.

In addition,National High School EkidenIs held in Kyoto every December,National High School Rugby TournamentIt is,New Year's HolidayOverOsakaHigashi Osaka City OfHigashiosaka Hanazono Rugby FieldDone in. The Winter Games are held annually from January to February of the following year.Ice hockey-SkiIs performed.

The popular name "Inter High" is a Japanese English language created as "inter+high school", which imitates the "intercollegiate" which is a sports competition between universities. Even at prefectural level competitions, it is called "XX inter-high (○○ IH)", but in general inter-school refers to "national high school comprehensive physical education competition (national inter-high)" (in this case, The competition is commonly known as "IH○○ qualifying").

The National High School General Athletic Meet held in August can be roughly divided into competitions in which at least one school (one person) can participate from each prefecture and competitions in which several schools (several people) can participate from each block. In the latter case, branch qualifications, prefectural conventions, and block qualifications that will be held from the beginning of the year (blocks will be treated as block qualifications for all roads in Hokkaido) will have to be successively beaten with more than the specified results. For this reason, there may be cases where no one school (one person) is represented from all prefectures except Hokkaido.

For a long time,Japan Coca-ColaWas sponsoring this tournament, but from 2015 (Heisei 27)Otsuka PharmaceuticalIs a special sponsor.

Also, from 2013Yomiuri ShimbunWill be co-sponsored[1].. However, for Ekiden and RugbyMainichi ShimbunThe Yomiuri Shimbun is not involved because of the sponsorship.

2020 May 4,New coronavirusWas decided for the first time in history by the expansion of[2]..However, after taking measures against the new coronavirus depending on the region, the whole of each prefecture will be taken.

List of competitions

Holding prefectures

Held yearvenueNicknameRemarks
1963 (38)Niigata.Renamed to "National High School Sports Festival".
1964 (39)Aichi..
1965 (40)Oita..
1966 (41)Aomori..
1967 (42)Fukui..
1968 (43)Hiroshima..
1969 (44)Gunma..
1970 (45)Wakayama..
1971 (46)Tokushima..
1972 (47)Yamagata..
1973 (48)Mie..
1974 (49)Fukuoka..
1975 (50)Tokyo.All-weather stadium was used for athletics (up to the previous year, only some fields were all-weather).
1976 (51)Nagano..
1977 (52)Okayama..
1978 (53)Fukushima..
1979 (54)Shiga..
1980 (55)Ehime55 Overall (Gogo overall).
1981 (56)KanagawaKanagawa overall.
1982 (57)KagoshimaKagoshima overall.
1983 (58)AichiAichi.
1984 (59)AkitaAkita.
1985 (60)IshikawaIshikawa.
1986 (61)Yamaguchi Yamaguchi.
1987 (62)Hokkaido.
1988 (63)HyogoIn spring this rehearsal competitionSpring high school basketWas held.
1989 (XNUMX)Kochi.
1990 (2)Miyagi.
1991 (3)Shizuoka.
1992 (4)Miyazaki.
1993 (5)TochigiArchery joins the discipline and becomes 27 competitions.
1994 (6)Toyama.
1995 (7)Tottori.
1996 (8)Yamanashi'96 Yamanashi.
1997 (9)Kyoto'97 Kyoto overallNaginata joins the discipline and becomes 28 competitions.
1998 (10)KagawaShikoku '98 overall.
1999 (11)Iwate'99 Iwate.
2000 (12)Gifu2000 Gifu general.
2001 (13)KumamotoHinokini New CenturyFor the first time in the history of the tournament, a bonfire was ignited at the general opening ceremony. In track and field competitions, race events are official events
2002 (14)Ibaraki2002 Ibaraki General.
2003 (15)NagasakiNagasaki dream overallOnly for swimming and divingSagaHeld in.

Held after 2004

“Main venue” includes venue prefectures that were actually held alone.

Held yearHost area blockMain venueNicknameRemarks
ChugokuShimane China 04 overallFrom this tournament to the regional block unit. The main venue was Shimane Prefecture, but some kind of competition was held in all the prefectures of Brock.
Kanto regionChiba2005 Chiba Kirameki
  • For the first time in competition history, indoor (Makuhari Messe) At the general opening ceremony. Also, for the first time in historyOrchestraPerformance of the anthem of the tournament.
  • Most events were held in Chiba Prefecture,water poloOnly because of the competition facilityTokyoKotoOpened in.
KinkiOsaka06 Overall THE Kinki
Northern KyushuSaga2007 Youth/Saga
  • It will be held for the first time in 3 yearsSaga General Athletic Field Athletic FieldThe general opening ceremony.
  • Reflecting the times of financial difficulties, we tried to utilize the existing facilities under the policy of "a tournament that impresses even though it is simple".
  • 29 competitions with canoes. Only some football venues are held in Fukuoka.
  • Due to the effects of weather changes, we left a big challenge for future tournament management.
Kanto regionSaitamaSai summer arrival 08 Saitama overall
KinkiNara2009 Kinki Mahoroba overall
  • Same as 3 years ago except that the main venue is Nara Prefecture.
  • The players at the participating schoolsHXNUMXNXNUMX influenzaInfected with, and declined participation or withdrawal on the way one after another.
Okinawa/Southern KyushuOkinawaKuraray Island Okinawa gross 2010Only mountaineering competitions because there are no high mountains in the prefectureKagoshimaConducted in. The event has been completed in all prefectures.
North tohokuAomori2011 After the War Against Northeast North
North ShinetsuNiigata2012 Kitashinetsu Brightness
  • We carry out women's soccer competition.
Northern KyushuOita2013 Northern Kyushu overall connecting the future
South KantoTokyoGlittering youth South Kanto whole body 2014
  • Shorinji Kempo joins in 30 competitions.
KinkiWakayama2015 Kinki's whole that you create
ChugokuOkayama2016 passion sprint China overall
South TohokuYamagataFly to the world South Tohoku 2017
Tokai regionMie2018 Coloring impression Tokai
(First year of Reiwa)
Southern KyushuKagoshimaImpression is infinite Southern Kyushu overall 2019
(2nd year of Reiwa)
North KantoGunmaEnchanting Dynamic North Kanto 2020
(3nd year of Reiwa)
North ShinetsuFukuiKagayaki-kun's sweat and tears Kita Shin'etsu 2021
(4nd year of Reiwa)

General opening ceremony

As a competition songLyrics・Fumio Masuda,Composition・ Kiyoshi Komatsu's "Song of the High Body Ren" was sung at the general opening ceremony, and the gift cup and the championship cup were returned.Player oath, Open actingMass gameIs done. As a general rule, the general opening ceremonyPrince AkishinoThe couple will attend. Until 2018Crown Prince TokujinThe couple, before 1988Crown Prince Akihito-MichikoThe couple was in attendance.

The progress of the ceremony is composed of several high school students selected from the local high school students to be held, although there are some differences depending on the competition. For example, in 2009 Kinki Mahoroba General and Churashima Okinawa General 2010, high school students who received specialized training for one year made progress. In addition to the opening ceremony, it also participates in various publicity activities of the tournament and has the role of appealing the tournament.[3].

Held competition

Solo competition

Combination tournament

Non-participation competition

Not all competitions take part in HIDA, and even some HIDA participation competitions do not participate in inter-high. Most of these are held separately from the Inter-High, at the same time as the Inter-High.

The competitions that have not participated in the Takatairen itself are as follows.However,Japan Sports Association,Japan Olympic Committee,Japan World Games AssociationList only those sports that are affiliated and/or affiliated with at least one of the above or have their own high school federation.

The following competitions are competitions that are members of the high school but not participating in inter-high school.

The following competitions are not included in the inter-high events, although the competition itself participates in the inter-high.

Championship tournament held separately from high school

The following competitions participate in the high school general competition, but the National High School Championship is held as a separate competition. It is included in the selection tournament as a type of high body.

Relay broadcast

The design of the competitionNHKHolds exclusive broadcasting rights, but is outside the framehigh school baseballIs not done during the period, so not all will be broadcast.

Opening ceremony onlyGeneral TVBroadcast on. Although it was a live broadcast, the whole 2010 was recorded and broadcast at midnight of the opening ceremony. After thatE-tele (education television)First, the channel will be moved to and the main competition finals will be broadcast around 1-10 pm in the evening for about 15 week to 16 days. From 2017, we also broadcast on BS1 and set up a broadcast frame in the morning. In 2018, BS1 will be broadcast around 15-17 pm even during high school baseball.

Only athletics will be broadcast every year, and other than that, it will be broadcast by selecting some events that are notable. In this case, the broadcasting style is mainly from the venue (local prefectures where main events such as athletics are mainly concentrated when multiple prefectures co-sponsor), with male announcers and female contractors. (In rare cases, women may also use the station announcer) About 1-2 people progress. First, provide the outline of the competition to be broadcast on that day and information about the venue, and then move on to the relay from the venue. Finally, we will return to the broadcasting station again, and will announce the results of the competition held that day and the next broadcasting schedule, and it will be over (this format isNational Athletic MeetIs also following this). The second half of the swimming competition (swimming) is almost fixed every year from August 8th to 17th, and is broadcast except the first day or all day. Unlike the first half, the program itself will be broadcast from the pool where the venue is. (Because most of the competitions other than swimming end in the first half, and it is generally held that only swimming competitions are held in the second half.)

However, in 20122012 London OlympicsAnd the tournament schedule has been duplicated, and because the staff of sports broadcasting has been shifted to those related programs, the live broadcasting of the first half of the race was not conducted, and the digest was broadcast immediately before the swimming competition. Also2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsBetween high school baseball[Annotation 1] The swimming competition became a digest broadcast.

Incidentally,2007 Youth and SagaSuch,recent years[When?]As a new attempt at the competition, the competition video will be distributed via the Internet to supplement the NHK broadcast. Also,19 Typhoon No. 5In the related TV news, the video shot for the above distribution was used.

2005 More competitionJ SPORTSIt may be broadcast in. The relay title is "Burn High School Students!"(2019 The Southern Kyushu Tournament broadcasts soccer, basketball, badminton, and also broadcasts highlight programs of notable competitions).

さ ら に,2014 More tournament sponsorOtsuka PharmaceuticalWith the support of (Sports bull) Established an Internet video distribution site called "Inhai.TV", which was operated by all the athletes during the period.[Annotation 2].

2016 ThanBS Nippon TelevisionAt the end of the tournament, we broadcast a special program titled "Catch the Dream! Protagonists of the Future."

Mascot character

  • Winnin-Adopted since 2014


There are many athletes who fall down because it is held in the summer, but it was previously called heat stroke and the measures were not considered important. As mentioned above, when you are in Saga overalltyphoonWas distinguished from the effects ofheatstrokeMany people were injured and left a big problem in the operation of the tournament.recent years[When?]In addition to Saga as a whole, many injured people with heat stroke can be confirmed, so it is urgently desired for athletes, spectators, and organizers to take further medical measures such as clothing and hydration.

recent years[When?]The following shows the number of users of the first aid station for heat stroke during the tournament[4].. (The number in parentheses is the number of hospital carriers)

  • 2002 Ibaraki Games 102 (28)
  • 2003 Nagasaki Games 82 people (18 people)
  • 2004 Shimane Games 62 people (8 people)
  • 2005 Chiba Games 80 people (16 people)
  • 2006 Osaka Convention 63 people (11 people)
  • 2007 Saga meet 181 people (34 people)

In some competitions, the all-nighter waiting for admission is free for admission, which is a nuisance to the neighborhood. Therefore, we introduced an entrance order lottery for the general public from the 2015 swimming competition. It was also introduced in 2018 Rhythmic Gymnastics.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Due to the majority of the "Night Session" events being held in the morning at Japan time, which is the local nighttime, priority is given to the Rio Olympics for general TV and detour to high school baseball for E-tele.
  2. ^ For games relayed by NHK, distribution during the relevant time period will be suspended.


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  4. ^ 2008 May 2,Yomiuri ShimbunSome titles have been changed from page 31 of the Tokyo morning edition Saitama Minami area version.

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