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🏀 | Warriors Klay Thompson participates in official game for the first time in 941 days Tomahawk dunk from crossover is also unveiled


Warriors Klay Thompson participates in official game for the first time in 941 days Tomahawk dunk from crossover also unveiled

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In addition, Thompson sank the second 2 points on this day and the total number of successes reached 3.

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors will be at home on January 1th (10th local time) Japan time ... → Continue reading

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Total number of successes

Three-point field goal

basketball > Three-point field goal

basketballInThree Point Field Goal(3point field goal) Is divided by three-point lineThree-point areaThrown insideshotThat. When you reach the goal, you get 3 points. At that time, if there is a shooting foul, if the shot is successful, it will be scored and will get one free throw. This is called four point play. In case of failure, you get 1 free throws. In this case, the shooting foul at the time of a normal field goal success is distinguished from the one-throw of a free throw. Three Point Shot,Three point shoot,3 points,Three Pointer,simply,Three, And so on.Also, "From Downtown," which means 3 points, is sometimes used in English-speaking broadcasts.

Three-point rule history

The rules were considered at a high school in Ohio, USA in the 1930s, and they were initially tried in a university league, but they were not widely adopted. Was a competitive league for the NBAABAIn that, the rule that was adopted in the 1967-1968 season and continued in the 1970s,1979-1980 seasonからNBAAlso adopted[1].. It spread from here and was adopted in the FIBA ​​rule, becoming the standard rule for basketball. The NBA temporarily changed the distance of the arch to a distance (1994 m) close to the international rule (1997 m) for three seasons from 3 to 6.75, but after that, from the 6.7-1997 season the original distance (1998 m) It has been changed to m) and is still in use. In Japan, it has been adopted since 7.239. It is also held as a three-point contest in the dream festival all-star game. Throw 1985 throws each from 45 positions of 90° right in front of the goal, 5° to the left and 5° to the right and left, and compete for the total score. If you use a colored ball for the final 5th throw at each place, the total score will be 2 points with a total of 30 points.

Transition of NBA Three Points (Average for all teams per game)

NBA seasonXNUMX PM3PA3P%NBA season3PM3PA3P%
1998-994.513.20.339↑1978-79Not adopted


3 point rule specifications

International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rule[3]とNBARules[4]Then, the distance to the basket on the 3-point line is different, and the distance from the center of the basket is as follows.

Arch radius 23 feet 9 inches (7.24 m),
A straight line 3 feet (0.91 m) away from both sidelines[5]
Arch radius 20 feet 6.25 inches (6.2548 m),
A straight line 4 feet 6 inches (1.37 m) away from both sidelines[6]
Arch radius 6.75 meters (22.1 ft),
A straight line 0.9 meters (3.0 ft) away from both sidelines[7]
Arch radius 20 feet 9 inches (6.32 m),
A straight line 4 feet 3 inches (1.30 m) away from both sidelines[8]

3 points condition

  • A shot is shot and a goal is reached by jumping without stepping on the 3-point line or stepping on it. When jumping, there is no problem with landing on the line or over the line.
  • If one foot is on the 3 point line, 3 points will not be recognized and it will be a normal 2 point shot.

Shooting technique

Quick release shot technique
In order to shoot as close as possible to the unmarked state, it is necessary to have a technique that enables shooting motion in a short time after receiving a pass.
Step back shot technique
In order to get in time with the defenders, it is necessary to have the technique of showing penetration, stepping forward with a dribble and stepping back at the end to release a shot.
Crossover technique
In order to get in time with the defender, it is necessary to have a technique of swinging left and right to make it look like a penetration and release a shot.

Shot selection, formation

3-point shot from the wide open
Kickout pass from the paint area
Passing from wing to corner
Return from corner to wing
3-point shot from pivot and fake
Step back shot
3-point shot from the crossover
Step back shot

Three-point field goal success rate

In NBA, 3FG% is the success rate recognized as 4 pointers around 3%. Recording more than 5% is extremely rare.

Records related to three-point field goals

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NBA record

外部 リンク

NBA, 3 point contest

NBA All-Star GameOn the day before, compete for a 3 point shot among the players who played long range shots that year in the leagueFOOT LOCKER TREE-POINT CONTEST[11]Is performed.

YearsplayerOUR TEAM
1986Larry BirdCeltics
1987Larry Bird (2)Celtics (2)
1988Larry Bird (3)Celtics (3)
1989Dale EllisSonics
1990Craig HodgesBulls
1991Craig Hodges (2)Bulls (2)
1992Craig Hodges (3)Bulls (3)
1993Mark PriceCavaliers
1994Mark Price(2)Cavaliers (2)
1995Glen RiceHeat
1997Steve KerrBulls (4)
1998Jeff Hornacekjazz
2000Jeff Hornacek (2)Jazz (2)
2001Ray AllenBucks
2002Peja StojakovichKings
2003Peja Stoyakovich (2)Kings (2)
2004Bothon LeonardNuggets
2005Quentin RichardsonSands
2006Dark NowitzkiMabs
2007Jason CaponoHeat (2)
2008Jason Capono (2)Raptors
2009Deccan CookHeat (3)
2010Paul PierceCeltics (4)
2011James JonesHeat (4)
2012Kevin loveWolves
2013Kyrie IrvingCavaliers (3)
2014Marco BellinelliSpurs
2015Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors
2016Clay ThompsonGolden State Warriors (2)
2017Eric GordonHouston Rockets
2018Devin BookerPhoenix Suns (2)
2019Joe HarrisBrooklyn Nets
2020Buddy healdSacramento Kings
2021Stephen Curry (2)Golden State Warriors (3)


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