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🏐 | [V League Division 2 Men's Regular Round] Starting soon!Safilva vs Delfino

Photo Volleyball Match Summary

[V League Division 2 Men's Regular Round] Starting soon!Safilva vs Delfino

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After this, from 1/9 14:00, the match between V League Division 2 Men's Regular Season Safilva Hokkaido vs Hyogo Delfino will be held at Sumiyoshi Sports Center.

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Sumiyoshi Sports Center

Sumiyoshi Sports Center(Sumiyoshi Sports Center)OsakaSumiyoshi WardIn Osaka CitySports Facilities(Indoor competition facility).Sumiyoshi indoor pool and training gym are attached.

2016/4From the facilityNaming rightsBy the sale ofSanei Work Sumiyoshi Sports CenterRenamed to (Sanei Work Sumiyoshi Sports Center)[1].



bj league→ Present:B.LEAGUE-Osaka EvessaSubhome arena[3]

  • Professional basketball from the 2010-11 season to the 14-15 seasonbj league-Osaka EvessaIt was used as the "home arena" that holds the most official games.Just a new leagueB.LEAGUEEvessa does not meet the "B1 League" specification of "5,000 people"Maishima ArenaThe home arena has moved to Maishima from the 15-16 season due to the signing of a long-term loan agreement.However, even after the move to Maishima, official games are still being held at this facility.
  • A screen will be set up during the Evessa game, and a food and drink booth will be set up at the venue.
  • Most mobilized: 2,791 people (Sunday, March 2012, 3, Shimane battle)[4]

Shreker osakaMatch venue

SeasonNumber of matchesaudience
14-152922 people/1,310 people

In addition,Japan Handball League[5],Professional boxing[6]It is also used as a match venue for.

Equipment outline

  • Gymnasium No. 1 1850㎡ (50.9m x 36.3m, ceiling height 17.5m, seats on the first floor of the venue can accommodate about 1 people)
  • 2nd gymnasium 670㎡ (35.1m × 19.0m, ceiling height 12.5m)
  • Multipurpose room 95㎡ (12.3m x 7.7m, ceiling height 2.7m)
  • conference room
  • Indoor pool (25m x 8 courses)
  • Training gym

Business hours / closed days

  • Opening hours 9: 00 to 20: 30
  • Closed days Every Monday (closed on the following weekday if it is a holiday) and the year-end and New Year holidays (December 12-January 28)

Directions and Parking


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