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⚾ | "Amazing shoulder width ..." Nippon-Ham Sugiya pays attention to "Morimori muscle" through T-shirt

Photo Nippon Ham, Kenshi Sugitani [Photo: Kanako Ishikawa]

"Amazing shoulder width ..." Nippon-Ham Sugiya pays attention to "Morimori muscle" through T-shirt

If you write the contents roughly
He trained himself to the limit and had an expression of anguish, but he said, "We are making good progress in the wild," the muscles of the back can be clearly seen through the T-shirt.

The state of voluntary training with juniors is released on his Instagram Sugiya of Nippon-Ham who is doing voluntary training on a remote island in Okinawa ... → Continue reading


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T-shirt(T-shirt,British: T-shirt or T-shirt,English pronunciation: [ˈTiːˌʃəːrt] teaShattu)Collar (Eri. Color)Is not attached,sleeveShort or sleevelessshirtThat[1].


T-shirts are defined as follows according to the tariff table[2].

Tariff rate table Section 61.09 1. T-shirt

  1. Must be made of cotton or artificial fiber
  2. Must be knitted or crocheted
  3. The number of stitches must be 1 or more per 10 cm in length and width.
  4. collarNot have
  5. The neckline is not open and has a tight or low neckline (round neck, square neck, boat neck or V-neck)
  6. Have tight, long or short sleeves
  7. Do not have buttons or other fasteners
  8. Do not have laces, elastic waistbands or other squeezed parts at the hem (usually edging)
  9. Do not have lining and padding

KojienAccording to the XNUMXth edition, English characters are used when both sleeves are spread to the left and right.TIt is said that it is called because it looks like the character of[3]..The cloth isKnitted[3].fiberMaterialOriginallycotton100%Was the basic, buthempSome arepolyester,Polyurethaneな どChemical fiberThe number of things is increasing.

The origin of the T-shirt is not always clear, but it is said to be underwear worn by U.S. soldiers.[4]..Originally it was men's underwear,the 1960sFrom the latter half onward, it has become popular as everyday wear and sportswear worn by both men and women.[3].

Originally used as underwear, it was mostly white, but since it was worn as tops (the outermost clothes), it has become common in various colors.

Prices vary.It is sold in large quantities at low prices.As a material for promoting sales at apparel stores, it may be posted on advertising leaflets as an extremely cheap or free gift that is almost free.On the other hand, T-shirts made from materials from the 1970s are sometimes traded at premier prices among enthusiasts.

It is less likely to wrinkle, does not require ironing, and does not require complicated maintenance.


As mentioned earlier, the origin of T-shirts is not always clear, but it is said to be underwear worn by U.S. soldiers.[4]..OriginallyunderwearIt was a kind of underwear (clothes worn directly on the skin).the 1950sTo the movieThe train named Desire"soMarlon BrandThe American youth saw him wearing it and was influenced by it and started to become popular.

By applying various designs using printing technologyTopsIt became possible to use as.

Originally, going out with underwear was considered "embarrassing" even in the United States, but from around the late 1960s自由American young people who value the world have broken down the preconceived notions imposed by adults and are now free to wear them.After World War IIAmericanizeIt has become popular to imitate and wear American youth in these countries.Among the young Japanese people who are one of such countries, those who yearn for the United Statesthe 1970sCame to imitate it.


Types around neck

    • A shirt with a V-shaped neckline. Developed from women's shirts.
    • A U-shaped shirt with a neckline.
  • (Round neck)
    • A shirt with a round neckline.
    • A shirt that resembles a round neck but has a shallower neckline. With a low neck.
    • A shirt with a long neckline and a shallow neckline.ボ ー トBecause it resembles a shape.
    • A shirt with a notch on the front. Because the shape is similar to a keyhole.
  • Henry Neck

Material type

There are the following types.

  • Cotton XNUM%
  • Blend of cotton and chemical fibers
  • Chemical fiber only

Type of appearance

Size type

Regular fit
The shape is a general BOX silhouette, the width of the body is wide and the length is short. Front body and back bodyslitThere are (cuts) and stitches. The slit is for going out. I often wear it as underwear now. Comfortable to wear and around the neckcuffIs thickFlat knitting and Kanoko braidingThere are many shirts.
Tight fit
The feature is that the width around the shoulder to the armpit is narrow, the width of the body is narrow, and the length is short. It is suitable for wearing a slightly fine dress. Most of the fabrics are more elastic, and you can often see this silhouette in sportswear. There are slits and stitches on the front and back. Most of the shirts are made by milling, which has elasticity around the neck and cuffs.
Underwear shirt
A T-shirt intended to be worn as underwear. The shape varies depending on the manufacturer and brand such as BOX silhouette and tight fit, but there are many things that have a fitting feeling so that even if you wear clothes on it you will not get dangling. The feature is that the length is longer than the one intended for fashion wear. In addition, the fabric will be slightly thinner. The front and back are flat with no slits or stitches. It is sometimes called a Gigi shirt. Most of the shirts are made by milling, which is soft and stretchy. In recent years, those that use cold feeling materials for summer and those that use heat generating materials for winter have become popular.
Buttoned shirt
Mainly underwearNursing careThe buttons are often used, and the buttons make it easy to put on and take off, and you can change clothes comfortably.Carp mouth shirt,CardigansThe appearance and use are very similar.

T-shirt as a fashion item

With T-shirts, you can easily and inexpensively incorporate the fashion you want to imagine. It is easy for men to adopt women's fashion and for adults to adopt children's fashion.

the 1990sHas had a trend for men's tight-fitting women's T-shirts (known as the "Pita T"). In the past, it was often used as children's clothing.Raglan sleevesAn increasing number of adults, both men and women, wear T-shirts (also called baseball T-shirts, which have colorful colors only on the sleeves) and T-shirts with printed characters. There are also styles such as wearing T-shirts layered together, and fake layard shirts that are sewn together from the beginning.

The field called designer's T-shirts is also gaining popularity, and many people are looking for unique designs.

Message nature of T-shirt

T-shirts can be used as advertising media for companies by printing on the surface, as a communication tool for expressing political slogans, and expressing one's hobbies and values.[4].

Tops (those worn as non-underwear) among T-shirts are often used as a means of self-expression because they are seen by people.sloganWear a T-shirt with a creed, or support your personal beliefsSportsOUR TEAM,FavoriteArtists,brandSome people wear it to express their attachment to such things.Especially in the United States, the birthplace of T-shirts, the culture of actively expressing oneself is widespread, and it is often possible to read the beliefs and tastes of the other party from the design of the T-shirt.

Many T-shirts reflect the times politically, culturally, and ideologically, and are also used as research materials for cultural history and media history.[4].

Of groups and teamsuniformThere is also an example of wearing it like this.



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