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⛷ | Miho Takagi, Shinhama et al. 15 representatives decided Speed ​​skating representative selection meeting

Photo Nana Takagi with a smile after finishing the 1500-meter run for girls = M-Wave, Nagano City

Miho Takagi, Shinhama et al. 15 representatives decided Speed ​​skating representative selection meeting

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Mi Takagi will participate in the group pursuit for the second consecutive championship and the fourth individual event such as 1500 meters, which holds the world record.

The final day of the Beijing Winter Olympics representative selection for speed skating will be held at M-Wave, Nagano City on the 31st, and the girls will be Miho Takagi (... → Continue reading

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4 individual events

Team pursuit

Team pursuit(British: team pursuit[1][2]) IsBicycle competition OfTrack raceAndspeed skateThe form of competition held in.Group pursuit, OrGroup pursuitAlso say.

Incidentally,Pursuit Means "chasing", "tracking", and the like.


Individual pursuit (British: individual pursuit),or"(English editionIn a competition called "individual overtaking," two people each start at a position half a lap off the track, run the same distance, and compete for which one will reach each goal half a lap faster.The name of this competition was to "chase" each other on this apparent half-lap deviation.In addition, if the competition distance is the same but the opponent is overtaken by overcoming the deviation of half a lap of the start position, the overtaken side loses at that point.That is, it is not a loss due to a lap delay, but a loss due to a half lap delay.

A rivalry between teams consisting of multiple players using the same winning / losing determination method as in this individual sport is called "team pursuit".In this competition, after the players of the same team start the game, the players behind on the course will chase the lead and form a vertical line.Then, the first player is the mostWind pressureIn order to get tired from receiving, a tactic is used in which the head opens the course to the player behind and gives up, is overtaken and follows the platoon, and distributes the accumulation of fatigue among the players.In addition, this tactic may be obligatory in the rules so that the constituent players will be at the top once.

Bicycle competition

One team consists of 1 or 3 people.The distance is generally 4km for both boys and girls (4km for girls before the 2012-13 season) and they compete for time. The winner is the side where the two teams start the race at the same distance from the home and back and finish the race first or overtake the opponent. The time when the tip of the front wheel of the third bicycle crosses the goal line is recorded.

Speed ​​skating competition

One team consists of 1 or 3 people, and the competition is held by 4 people. Only the course inside the 3m link will be used, and men will compete for 400 laps (about 8m) and women will compete for 3,200 laps (about 6m). The time when the tip of the third blade reaches the goal is recorded.

Of individual sportsspeed skateIt is the first group competition introduced in Japan, and it is a competition with a short history that started around 2000. 2004ISU Speed ​​Skating World CupAdopted inOlympic competitionas2006 Turin OlympicsWas officially adopted from.2010 Vancouver OlympicsTherefore, the adoption of a formal event of mixed gender pursuit was considered, but it was postponed.

In the World Cup, one run will determine the ranking by time.At the olympic gamesWinning tournamentMade in (2018 Pyeongchang Olympics,2022 Beijing OlympicsThen, the quarter-final is a time race, and after the semi-final, the tournament by the top four teams), two teams start at the same time from the center of the main straight and the back straight in one race, and decide the victory or defeat.

The "number of laps to run at the beginning" per person of a team is at least one lap, and if the number of players in the team that has reached the goal is less than three, the team will be disqualified because it has not completed the race.Also, if the third player is overtaken by someone on the other team, he will be disqualified.


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  1. ^ British Englishpronunciation:[tiːm pəˈsjuːt] TeeMu PaShu-To
  2. ^ American Englishpronunciation:[tiːm pərˈsuːt] TeeMoopaA-To

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