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🏓 | [Table Tennis] Japanese are ranked high in the search in China Mima Ito cannot be ignored! ??

Photo Ito (East Sports Web) who won the gold medal with Mizutani (left) in the mixed doubles of the Tokyo Olympics.

[Table tennis] Japanese are ranked high in the search in China Mima Ito is a presence that cannot be ignored! ??

If you write the contents roughly
Does that mean that the "table tennis kingdom" can no longer ignore Japan?

Table tennis Nippon was making a "contribution" on an unexpected stage.Jun Mizutani (XNUMX), Mima Ito (...) in the mixed doubles of the Tokyo Olympics → Continue reading

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Table tennis kingdom

Table tennis kingdom(Table tennis) is1997/1First published inTable tennisProfessionalMonthly magazine.

As of March 2019, the table tennis magazine is this magazine, "Table tennis report』(Tamas, Suspended in 2018), "" (Japanese table tennis) And 3 magazines, but only the table tennis kingdom sells at bookstores. (There is also a method of subscribing directly. If you handle it, you can purchase it at a table tennis store.) Published and released by Co., Ltd.At the beginning of the publication, it was not possible to obtain a bookstore code for a single magazine due to budget constraints.For this reason, it was treated as an extra issue of "Eye's Eye" published by Satobun and an extra issue of magazines of other publishers, and continued to be published with great effort until vol.27.It has been published as a magazine of the World Table Tennis Kingdom since vol.28 (September 1999 issue), which acquired the bookstore code.

Style and features of the table tennis kingdom

In a table tennis magazine with many black-and-white pages, he made pioneering edits using many color photographs from the beginning.However, it was most often read in table tennis magazinesTable tennis reportCompared to, the price was almost double.For this reason, in addition to the limited genre of table tennis, elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students, etc. who play table tennis, which is one of the main subscribers, are burdened with a wallet, and the policy as a magazine is questioned. There was also a face.However, in a magazine that is larger than the other two magazines, not only do you publish a lot of continuous forms of players with color photographs and detailed grips of the equipment of top players, but also articles for people who are not very familiar with table tennis. Ingenuity of planning, such as posting, was not found in conventional table tennis magazines.

The biggest feature of this magazine is that it is an independent magazine as a publisher, although the other two magazines are published by table tennis equipment manufacturers, although advertisements are taken from table tennis equipment manufacturers. Is.For this reason, it is possible to interview and take up as a competition model regardless of the athlete's affiliation mother body and the equipment usage contract.In addition, the tools used in the project can be selected within the discretion with almost no restrictions.

  • For example, in the above-mentioned project where the grips of the top athletes' equipment are posted in detail, the name and logo of the equipment will be included in the photo along with the grips of the athletes.However, because different players use equipment from various manufacturers, there are restrictions on the photos that can be published in other magazines, depending on how they appear.
  • Today, it is an annual article in this magazine, but it lists the rackets, rubbers, and glues used by the players who ranked in the All Japan Championship (best 16) and the players who became the best 8 in the All Japan Championship Junior. ..This was also something that was not found in conventional magazines, and it was a project that responded to the desire to know the equipment of top players.
  • Taking full advantage of the features of the magazine, we are planning a new type of collecting rackets, rubber, etc. from multiple table tennis equipment makers and letting several strong players try out and take comments.It was difficult for a general person to prepare a lot of equipment and do the same thing because it would be economically time-consuming and difficult to try in reality. The merit of easily obtaining the information of was great.In addition, since the information was posted using tools from various manufacturers, there was also the merit of informing the reader of the variations of the tools and the large number of choices.
    • Until then, the World Table Tennis Kingdom was a magazine that was relatively easy to get back numbers.However, the issue in which a series of plans for trial hitting of equipment was published was sold out immediately, including back numbers, thanks to the small circulation.Since then, the advantage of being able to obtain information on tools has been recognized, and the circulation has expanded.

In addition to taking up the top prizewinners in the All Japan Championship, we also paid attention to the drama of sports, such as posting an article focusing on the rank (best 16) deciding match, and stood in the stance of sports magazines. We also handle articles that are devised for editing.

Publishing a table tennis reportTamasIn the past, there were conflicts such as refusal to place advertisements from, but the existence of this magazine has resulted in urging table tennis reports in the same industry to increase the content of plans, color pages, change editing styles, and change magazine size. rice field.

The number of table tennis equipment is large when the number of manufacturers and the cycle of products in which new products appear are combined.This magazine has become a constant source of this information regardless of the manufacturer.

Table tennis goods

Once a year since 2001, a separate volume "Table Tennis Goods" has been published as a booklet that also serves as a catalog containing new products from table tennis equipment manufacturers.It is a magazine that gathers information on new products (or those released by that time) regardless of the manufacturer.In recent years, a report on the trial hitting of new rubber and rackets is also posted here.


  • Interview with players
  • Technical explanation
  • Data about equipment
  • Tournament coverage
  • Rule explanation
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