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⚽ | Gamba Osaka, Korea Rep. National team DF acquisition announcement countdown!Korea 1st Division secures back pot and local news

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Gamba Osaka, Korea Rep. National team DF acquisition announcement countdown!Korea 1st Division secures back pot and local news

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He also started in all five games in the K-League 6 final (playoffs), which is contested by the bottom six clubs.

Gamba Osaka of the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League is the Korean national team DF Kwon who belongs to Seongnam FC of K League 1 (Korea 1st Division) ... → Continue reading

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play off

play off(Playoffs English : Playoff) IsSportsIt is done after the usual ranking system in the competitionmatchThat.


The playoff is a match that is played after a series of ranking games in regular games, which is a preliminary method of the usual ranking games that decides the winner and the right to participate in higher ranking games. A preliminary match when competing for. In the playoffs, the competition method and the result often become a problem because the superiority or inferiority is determined by a method different from the ordinary ranking method.

ProfessionalSportsThen, since the playoff has a higher degree of attention and profitability than the regular ranking game (regular season), the playoff may be decided in advance instead of in reserve. In this case, the regular seasonDigestive matchIn order to reduce the number of playoffs, it may be possible to increase the number of playoff slots. In addition, when the number of playoff games in the box office increases, the meaning of “preliminary” is far from the meaning of the term, so it is also called “post-season game”.

If there is a possibility that more than one person (or team) will be ranked first in a regular ranking match, the athletes will discuss side by side and intentionally side by side so that more athletes can win the winning prize. There is a risk of Therefore, if multiple people (or teams) are ranked first, a playoff will be conducted to narrow down the winners (or winning teams) who can win the prize money. The playoff in this case is also called a "winning game".

サ ッ カ ー OfFIFA World CupIn the qualifying, the team, who was the runner-up in the standings for the regular standings, is called a play-off for a preliminary match to obtain the remaining standings.

Qualifying that takes place before, rather than after the usual ranking game, is sometimes called the playoff.

In leagues that have a replacement system, the replacement game is sometimes called the playoff. About thisReplacement battleSee.

Depending on the league, the playoffs may be canceled or reduced if the regular ranking match is postponed, interrupted, or advanced for some reason.

What is done by an independent group of excellent performers

Divided into multiple groups, decide the playoff advancer for each district and block, the final choice will be the win-win ceremonyTournamentAnd brute forceLeague matchAnd decide the winner.

Many professional sports have adopted this type of playoff system to increase their value and excitement as a box office.As for the ranking of each group, the right to seed, the right to hit a relatively weak opponent, and the highest performer from the second place in each league is selected (Wildcard), etc. have been devised so that the battle for higher rankings will not be aroused (Post seasonAlso called).


A system that should be called district qualifying.MLB OfAmerican leagueNational league, District block of 5 teams in each league (A east,A,A west,Na east,Na middle,Na west) And play a league match, and the team with the best block results (district winner) andOther highest win rate Playoffs by the 1st and 2nd teamsThe winner (the team with the highest winning percentage among the second place winning percentages until 2011)WildcardTournament battle with each of the 4 teams added as[Note 1].. The first round of the semi-finals in each leagueDistrict series(5 games), the second round of the final matchLeague championship decision seriesIt is called (7 games). Finally between the league championsWorld series(7 games) to determine the winning team of the year.


American football conference(AFC) andNational football conferenceAt both (NFC) conferences, four teams will be divided into district blocks (east, north, south, west), and each team will play a total of 4 battle cards, which are decided based on the ranking in the district of the previous season. For each conference, 17 teams ranked 1st in each district and 4 teams with the highest results among the other 12 teamsWildcardWe will play a tournament battle with 7 teams each (added as 2002 wildcards from 2019 to 2). The winning team will represent the conference as the NFL annual championship matchSuper bowlTo participate in.


All 30 teams will be divided into Eastern Conference and Western Conference, and each conference will be divided into 5 divisions consisting of 3 teams to compete in league games.After the end of the whole schedule, each conference will be held with the 1st place in the winning percentage of each division, the 12 teams with the highest winning percentage among the remaining 3 teams, and the 4 teams with the runner-up.Play-in tournamentKnockout with 2 winners (8 teams in total)Tournament methodPlay off. The team that won the two conferencesNBA FinalIt decides the victory by performing the 7th match called.


Major League Soccer

Major League SoccerWill be divided into two conferences (Eastern Western), but two round-robin battles will be held with all teams (2 clubs in 2016), and the top 20 clubs in each district (2 clubs) + the clubs below 3th place The top four teams are nominated as wildcards regardless of district, and a total of 6 teams advance to the playoffs.

The four wild card teams played a one-match playoff (held at the home of the two clubs with the most points) and the two teams that wonMLS cupAdvance to the quarterfinals.

Japanese soccer league match

Japan Soccer League
The former national league of Japanese soccerJapan Soccer League(JSL)1985-1988-89In the 2nd division, the "East West 2 league system" was adopted. Participating 16 teams are divided into 8 teams by region x 2 groups, and two round-robin first-round (qualifying) leagues are held. After that, the top 2 teams of each district are 4 teams in the latter (final) league, and the bottom 8 teams are A ranking league was held in each district to determine the ranking. (In fiscal 4, 1985 teams were divided into 12 teams x 6 groups, and the same applies except that they were divided into the top 2 teams and the bottom 3 teams in each district.)
Japan Women's Soccer League
Japan Women's Soccer LeagueThen,2000から2003Up to the two east-west regional league games (the number of teams varies depending on the area) in the first semester (qualifying), then the latter four (final) top four teams in each district brute force twice, and the remaining bottom teams are 2 We fought for the ranking league for round robin.
Japan Women's Soccer League 2nd Division
In the Japan Women's Soccer League 2nd Division,2010and2011Had adopted an east-west two-block system, so a playoff was set to determine the teams to advance to the first division. It was not implemented in FY2 because there was only one qualifying team in brute force in FY1, and only one team was eligible in FY2010. For details, see the articles for each year.
Takamado Palace U-18 Soccer League
Newly established in 2011Takamado Palace U-18 Soccer LeagueThen, the first division (Premier League) Is implemented by dividing Japan into two regions, east and west, and the winning teams in each region play one game as the annual championship match.Championship“There is a name”).

In addition, a tournament that decides which team will enter the national league from the regional league (Regional leagueJFLPromotion team decision match =National Regional Soccer League Final Tournament,Takamado Palace U-18 Soccer League Prince League→ Premier League promotion team deciding match etc.) is also a kind of playoff.

Japanese basketball ball league match

Basketball japan league
Old Japan LeagueThen.1988/Every time-2000/Degree (for girls1991/During the course, the 12 participating teams were divided into 6 groups of 2 teams each (Men's Tiger Division and Cougar Division, Women's Andromeda Division and Cassiopeia Division), and qualifying leagues including inter-division exchange games were held. After that, a ranking tournament was held for each of the top, middle and bottom 2 teams (4 teams in total). After that, only the men adopted the two-group system, and the advancement of the final tournament expanded to the top four teams (2 teams). Overall 4-8th place below 5th place was decided by regular season only, and the top 9 teams were decided based on their playoff results.
Japan Professional Basketball League (bj league)
Former Japanese Basketball National Leaguebj leagueThe playoff system has been implemented since the first year, but it will be revised from the 2007-08 season with the introduction of the conference system. In the 2008-09 season, each conference will hold a "Conference Semifinal" with the top four regular season teams, and the winner will advance to Final 4. System detailsBj League PlayoffsSee.
Japan Professional Basketball League (B League)
B LeaguePart 1 will be decided by the top 3 teams from each of the 6 districts and the playoffs from the top 3 teams from the 2rd or less of each district. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be two consecutive games by the home of the higher-ranking team in the regular season, and in the case of 2 win and 1 loss, a 1-minute half "2rd round (with special rules)" will be performed after the 5nd round. The final will be a one-shot match in a neutral location. If there is a tie in the third round and the finals, extra time will be held until the finals are reached.
In the 2nd division of B League, it will be decided by the play-off by the top team of each district and the top team of each district. The semi-finals will be two consecutive games by the home of the higher-ranking team in the regular season, and in the case of 1 win and 1 loss, a 2 minute half "1rd round (with special rules)" will be held after the 1nd round. The final and third place match will be a one-shot match in a neutral location. If there is a tie in the 2rd round, the final and the 5rd place final match, an extra round will be held until the final match is reached.

Japan Rugby Top League

Japan Rugby Top LeagueThen.2013/-2014/From the season2015/-2016/Until the season, 16 teams will perform the first stage divided into 8 pools of 2 teams, each top 4 teams will advance to group A on the second stage, and bottom 4 teams will go to group B. The top four Group A teams advance to the playoff tournament. (The 4-2015 season2015 Rugby World CupFor the sake of convenience, the second stage was omitted.

2017/-2018/After the season2019 Rugby World Cupの日程を踏まえて期間限定で復活し、16チームを8チームずつ2プールに分けてのグループ内総当たり7試合+グループ交流戦6試合(別組の中から6チームと対戦)の13試合のリーグ戦を行い、リーグ戦終了時の順位に沿って、1・2位、3・4位、5・6位、7・8位のそれぞれ2チームずつ(各組4チーム)のプレーオフラウンド出場チームを決める。1・2位組は「Japan Rugby Football ChampionshipThe winning club will have two crowns with the top league championship.

Chinese baseball league

Chinese baseball leagueHas become a two-district system since 2006, with the top two regular season teams in both districts entering the playoffs. A three-game first-win semi-final is played in a pavement system, and the winners compete in a three-game first-win Chinese series.

What is done by an independent set of excellent associates

Divided into multiple groups and qualifying, each excellent player will advance to the main match, and the semi-excellent players will determine the remaining main players. Mostly in national competitions.

International soccer tournament

FIFA World Cup Regional Qualifying
FIFA World CupIn the regional qualifying, you can compete with other semi-performing people from different regions, and if you win, you can participate in the World Cup finals together with the top-performing individuals. This is also called the "intercontinental playoff" (see detailsFIFA World Cup/QualifyingSee).
In the European qualifying round, league games will be divided into groups, and the group 2nd will compete with another group 2nd. Depending on the tournament, there may be both "playoffs" and "intercontinental playoffs" (of course, only one team will be in intercontinental playoffs. Example:2002 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying). However, depending on the tournament, the second best performer in the group can automatically enter the main match without playing the playoffs (Example:2006 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying), conversely, lower grades may be automatically defeated (eg:2010 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying).
Depending on the region and the competition, the playoffs that require the right to participate in the intercontinental playoff (eg:2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying) And the loser turns into an intercontinental playoff (in which case the winning one is confirmed to participate in this tournament. Example:1998 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifying) Is also implemented.
Olympic regional qualifying
Olympic soccer competitionAs in the FIFA World Cup, regional qualifying will be performed, and at that time, the same intercontinental playoff as in the FIFA World Cup may be implemented. Since 2000, it has been held in the following competitions. The team on the left is the winner.
Regional qualifying for the FIFA Women's World Cup
FIFA Women's World CupIn the regional qualifying of1999 American GamesHas introduced intercontinental playoffs. The team on the left is the winner.
European Championship
UEFA European ChampionshipIn the qualifying, the team will be divided into groups of 5 to 6 teams and will play a league match. Then, the team in 1rd place (2nd place until the 2012 tournament) will compete for the rest of the competition. Depending on the tournament, the second best performer may be able to automatically participate in the main battle.

Rugby World Cup Regional Qualifying

Rugby World CupThere is a "loser revival playoff" in the qualifying of the soccer world cup similar to the qualifying. If you win, you can compete in the main tournament by playing against 4 teams, which are mainly 4th in Europe, 2th in America, 3nd in Africa, 3rd in Oceania and 2nd in Asia.

Olympic regional qualifying

Modern olympicIn the competition, "Olympic Qualifying Tournament" (abbreviated as OQT) may be held, in which people with excellent qualifications in regional qualifying gather. In many cases, the higher-ranking teams advance to this tournament by the brute force method.Beijing OlympicsThen.basketball-volleyball-handball-hockey-baseball-water polo-Table tennis-synchronized swimming-wrestlingHas been adopted by.


K-1 The WORLD GP is also conducting the world final qualifying for players who have entered the regional competition and have not acquired the right to participate in the GP main competition. 8 players who participated in August (Reserve matchThere is a tournament, and the winning player wins this tournament.

What the best performers of multiple seasons do

The regular season will be divided into multiple stages to determine who will advance to the playoffs, and the winners will be determined in the same way as for each group. In the pastJapanese professional baseball-Pacific LeagueAnd Japan Professional SoccerJ League (J1),Japan Ice Hockey LeagueIt was adopted byIndependent League(Shikoku Island League plus-Baseball Challenge LeagueEtc.)

Those who play the decisive battle again with the same group

It has the effect of activating the position competition in the league and keeping the interest in the second half of the race when one team ran alone. However, there are some regrets that the value of the league match will be reduced because the league match will be essentially a qualifying match called the "playoff player decision match".Step ladderOften adopts tournament method. Even so, if the 1st place team continues to win, the significance of "activation of ranking competition in the league" is diminished, and conversely if the 1st place team continues to be defeated, there is also a dilemma that the value of the 1st place in the regular season is greatly impaired.[Note 2].

In this system of playoffs, it is different depending on the league and the timing whether the regular season will be replaced if the lower team wins.

In addition, when the playoff is canceled due to natural disasters, the response differs depending on the league, and it reflects when the ranking of the regular season is reflected, when all the teams planning to advance are treated as wins, and when there is no victory.

Japanese professional baseball

Pacific LeagueThen,2004/から2006/In the meantime, the 3rd and 2nd teams in the regular season first performed the first stage of the 2-game win system, and the winner and the 1st team of the regular season competed in the 1nd stage of the 3-game win system in the league. It was held in a way to decide the victory.

Central LeagueThen,2001/The playoffs between the team with the highest winning percentage and the team with the highest number of victories were stipulated (there is no case for this type of playoff in the SE League).

2007/The conventional playoff system has been abolished in both leagues sinceClimax series(“Climax set” and “Climax set”) will be held, but regardless of the result of the climax series, the league championship will be the team with the pennant race win rate 1st place, so it is different from the previous playoff position ..

For more information on the Japan Professional Baseball playoffsPlayoff system (Nippon Professional Baseball)See.

Korean Baseball Committee (KBO League)

KBO LeagueIn the post-season as follows, the winner of the playoff is the team with the regular season 1st place ``Korean seriesAnd decide the championship. The "playoff" is just one stage of the postseason.

  1. The 5th and 4th place in the regular season will be the first stage of the "Wild Card Final Match" (since 1).
  2. A second-stage "quasi-playoff" will be held with the wild card winner (2014th place in regular season will automatically participate until 4) and 3rd place in regular season.
  3. The semi-playoff winner and the regular season second place perform the "playoff" of the third stage, and the winner will participate in the final stage Korean series.

Basically, it is the system in which the 1st regular season team that can go straight to the Korean series is overwhelmingly advantageous, but in 2015Doosan BearsIn the regular season like 3rd place, he won the semi-playoff and playoffSamsung lionsThere is also an example of winning the Korean series and winning.

In the final ranking, the winning team of the Korean series is 1st, the losing team is 2nd, and the 3rd and below are arranged in order of winning rate. Cannot be).

K League

K LeagueThen, 14 teams will perform two round-robin league games, and the top 2 teams in the overall year will advance to the playoff tournament. In the playoffs, the 6rd place-3th place and the 6th-4th place in the league record will be the first round, and the winners will play the second round. The winner of the second round and the team that ranked second in the league game annually compete in the semi-finals, and the winner of the semi-final and the team that ranked first in the league game annually hold a championship match to determine the winning team. One shot from the first round to the semifinals. Only the finalHome and away.

J2 league promotion playoffs

J2 leagueIn (J2), the top three teams from 2012 to then areJ1 leagueInstead of the system called "Automatic promotion to (J1)",

  • Teams in 1st and 2nd place in the league are automatically promoted.
  • The teams from the 3rd to 6th in the leagueKnockout methodPlayoff.

The semi-final match will be 3rd place team vs. 6th place team, 4th place team vs. 5th place team, and each match will be a match at the home of the top team. In the final, the winning teams of the semi-finals will play in a neutral position. In both the semi-finals and finals, the higher teams can win the right to win or draw.

However,J1 licenseIf a club that doesn't have a qualification wins the top 6 clubs, that team loses the right to promote and advance to the playoffs. .

In the 2012 playoffs, Oita Trinita, who ranked 2th in the J6 year, won and was promoted. Detail isJ1 promotion playoffs,J1 entry playoffsSee.

Serie A, Premier League, Primera Division Promotion Playoffs

This is based on the J1 promotion playoff above.Serie BからSerie APromotion to. Of EnglandFootball league championshipからPremier LeaguePromotion to. SpanishLiga EspanyolaSegunda DivisionからPrimera DivisionIs a playoff for promotion.

  • See J1 promotion playoff above for rules.

Nadeshiko League

2014/Adopted from. After the regular series (10st league) with 2 teams 1 times brute force, the top 6 teams and the bottom 4 teams with the most points will play brute force ranking decisions twice, each titled "Exciting Series".

F League

Japan Futsal LeagueThen.2012/More adopted.

2012/は1シーズン制によるもので、レギュラーシーズン33試合(12チーム3回総当り)を行った後、1位はプレーオフ決勝戦にシード。2位と3位により3戦2勝方式による準決勝を行い、その勝者と1位チームによる決勝戦は4戦3勝で争うが、1位チームにはあらかじめadvantage1 win is given, the 1st place team wins with virtually 2 wins.

2013/Is a two-season system for the first and second semesters, and divides each half of the brute force in four rounds into the first half and the second half. The seeds will be seeded in the semi-finals and will compete for the first round in 2rd and 4th.

2014/Will return to the one-stage system, and after three rounds of regular season brute force, the top five teams will play tournaments. The 1st place team will automatically advance to the final match, and the 3th team from 5nd to 1th place will decide the other team to advance to the final match.

Asian League Ice Hockey

Asian League Ice HockeyThe second implementation from the 2-2004 season.

In the 2009-10 season, the top 7 teams among the 4 teams participating in the league advance to the playoffs

  • Semi-finals: 1st vs 4th / 2nd vs 3rd place, each of which has won 5 matches and won 3 wins and advanced to the final
  • Finals: Semifinal winners battle 5 games and win 3 wins

Regulations changed during the 2008-09 season, and the top 7 teams out of the 5 teams participating in the league advance to the playoffs

  • First Round: 4th vs. 5th, 3 matches, 2 wins, advance to semi-final
  • Semi-finals: 1st place vs. first round winner, 2nd place vs. 3rd place, each winning 7 games, winning 4 wins and advancing to the final
  • Finals: Semifinal winners battle 7 games and win 4 wins

In the 2005-06-2007-08 season, the top six regular season teams will advance

  • First Round: 3rd vs. 6th/4th vs. 5th 5 battles, 3 wins and XNUMX wins
  • Semi-finals: 1st vs. 4st round 5th vs. 2th place winner / 3nd vs. 6st round 5rd place to 3th place winner, each winning XNUMX games, winning XNUMX wins and advancing to the final
  • Finals: Semifinal winners battle 5 games and win 3 wins

2004-05 season

  • First playoff
  • The top four teams in the regular season have advanced, fought five games and won three wins, and the winners of the 4st, 5th, 3nd and 1rd place have advanced to the final

Japan Handball League

Japan Handball LeagueThen the 22nd convention (1997/) From.

The 3rd and 2nd teams in the regular season will play the semifinals, and the winners of the semifinals and the 1st team in the regular season will play the finals. Men's 29th Convention (2004/) From the regular season 1st and 4th teams, 2nd and 3rd teams in the semi-finals, and changed to a system where the winners play the finals.

Both the semi-finals and the finals have one shot, and there is no advantage to the higher teams in the regular season.

Volleyball Premier League

V・Premier LeagueThen, the playoff is divided into two stages.


In the past Japan League era, there were also cases where the top four teams in the regular season competed for rank only in the brute force final league, the step ladder method, or the competition method (method in which the latest ranked teams do not compete). Others moved to V League1994/degree,1995/度のシーズンでは変則3シーズン制(年間3回総当りを1回ずつに区切る「レグ」単位で行い、各レグの1位の最大3チーム+それ以外の年間総合成績最上位を含めた合計4チームが決勝リーグに進むというやり方(2013-14年シーズンまではこの方式に準じ、全チーム3-4回総当たり→上位4チームによる総当たり準決勝リーグ→上位2チームでの決勝という方式だった)もあった。2005-06年シーズンはPage system methodWas also adopted.

Basketball, Japan League (Men), W League (Women)

Old Japan LeagueAt one point of the era, the two-block system was adopted, but then it became one-block system and the playoff system was changed.

Then boysJapan Basketball LeagueRegarding the times, after a regular season of 8 teams brute force (6 times, 42 games), the top 4 teams won the semi-finals by 3 wins and 2 wins, and the finals played by 5 wins and 3 wins. ..

GirlsW Leagueは2012-13シーズンより12チーム総当り(2回・22試合)のレギュラーシーズンを行った後、上位8チームがプレーオフに進出。まず総当り(1回・7試合)のファーストラウンドを行い、上位4チームが3戦2勝制の準決勝、そして5戦3勝制の決勝で優勝を決める。

Korean basketball league

Korean basketball leagueThen the top 6 regular season teams will advance to the playoffs. In the first round, the team that won 1 wins in 3rd vs 6th (a) and 4th vs 5th (b) advanced to the second round. In the second round, the team that won 2 awards with a winner vs a 2nd place of b winner vs 2st place advanced to the final stage. In the final, the winners of the second round competed, and the team that won four wins won.

Japan Softball League

Japan Women's Softball LeagueThen, the top 4 teams will advance to the final tournament of the page system method.


The United States of AmericaDone inCar competition,NASCAR-Monster Energy NASCAR Cup SeriesIntroduces a play-off system called "Chase for the Sprint Cup".

For details, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series #PlayoffsSee.

US professional golf

PGA TourThe playoff system ofFedEx Cup #PlayoffsSee.


On behalf of AustraliaAustralian Football LeagueNational Rugby LeagueThen, the top 8 regular season teams will participate. Held the Qualifying Final (QF) and Elimination Final (EF) in the first week. QF winners advance to preliminary final (PF). QF losers and EF winners advance to the semi-finals (SF). The SF winner of the second week has advanced to PF. The two teams that have won the PF will advance to the Grand Final and the league champion will be decided.

What happens before a regular competition

Qualifying that decides the teams participating in this tournament before the tournamentPreliminary qualifyingIs sometimes called the playoffs.In terms of meaning, it is close to incorporating the playoff of "what is done by an independent group of semi-excellent students" as part of this tournament.

Soccer champions league

UEFA Champions League

Top clubs from league competitions in UEFA ranking countries will participate as seeds in the group league of this tournament, and qualifying to determine the remaining participating teams in the semi-upper clubs of the UEFA ranking higher countries and the top clubs of countries below the UEFA ranking This qualifying is called the playoff. Qualifying takes place in four stages, the UEFA ranking determines which stage from the first round to the fourth round to enter, and the club of the lowest country will start from the first round.

Up to the 2008 season, the qualifying will take place in three stages, and the third round will be played between the winning club of the UEFA middle-ranking country that won the second round and the semi-upper club of the UEFA ranking higher countries that will participate from the third round. Was there.

Changed from the 2009 season to four stages, the fourth round is officially called the playoffs. The third round and the playoffs will be divided into "winning team qualifying", where the winning clubs of the UEFA middle-ranking countries compete, and "upper team qualifying", where the semi-upper clubs of the UEFA ranking higher countries will compete. As a result, until the 4 season, the winning clubs of the middle ranking countries, who were unable to participate in the tournament due to being blocked by the clubs of the higher ranking countries, will be able to participate.

UEFA Europa League

The playoff that decides the teams participating in this tournament is performed in almost the same format as the UEFA Champions League.

AFC Champions League

From 2009, the playoffs that determine the participating teams in this tournament's group league have started to take place like the UEFA Champions League. There are two stages from 2009 to 2014 and three stages from 2.

FIFA Club World Cup

From 2007FIFA Club World CupThe host country is set up in, the first-round match between the host country representative and Oceania, which is inferior to other continents, is called the playoff. Sometimes called the opening game on TV. The winner advances to the quarterfinals.

Preliminary things

If the best performers happen to follow the same stars, the same winning percentages, and the same scores, a special competition will be performed again, and the best performers will win.

Golf competition

Professional golfOfficial tour tournaments and national amateur tournaments are held when the highest performers line up with the same score at the time of hole out. Extra round stroke play of about 3 holes, or unlimited number of holessudden deathTo decide the winner.The result of the playoffs does not affect the score itself.Generally, the latter, that is, the sudden death method is common.The loser will be treated as second because it will not affect the total score of the main race.If there are 2 or more playoff participants in a professional golf tournament, the prize money will be added only by adding the total amount of the 3nd place to the number of players and dividing by the number of losers.

Incidentally,Olympic golf competitionThen, if multiple players line up with the same score from the 1st to 3rd placeFri-Silver-copperA playoff to determine one medalist will be held by the Sudden Death method, and the competition will be held until the final winner (that is, the medalist) is confirmed.[1].

Shogi (Professional official game)

Rank Battle A (League Challenger Decision League)

Japan Shogi FederationIs the official game ofPlace battleAchieved the highest number of wins in the brute force league in A classPlayerIf there are more than one, the play-off will be performed to decide the challenger in the tournament of the remaining unranked (paramus) tournament.

The biggest scaleIssue 76(2017),Inaba Yo,Yoshiharu Hanyu,Hiroto Akito,Yasumitsu Sato,Kubo Toshiaki,Toyoshima MasayukiIt is a 6-party playoff. The 6 players were lined up with 2018 wins and 3 losses as a result of the final match-up on March 2, 6. The playoffs were held in an overcrowded schedule, due to the fact that Kubo and Toyoshima's lower two players were in the 4th game of the Wang Shogun, but Hanyu, who came in second place, eventually became the challenger.

The next scale is the four-player playoff, which is the past four times.Issue 50(1992),Koji Tanikawa,Yoshikazu Minami,Mt. Ooyama Yasuharu,Takahashi Michio, 4 of 6 and 3 are defeated by 3 wins and XNUMX losses, and Takahashi, who is the lowest in the ranking, wins XNUMX consecutive wins and is taking the challenge.

However, in the playoff of 4 or moreHisashi WhereaboutsOther than that, there is no challenge for the top-ranked top-ranked player, and the paramus style is not necessarily the top-ranked player.

In addition, as for the promotion person of B class 1 group or less and the demoting person of all the ranking games, the priority is decided by the ranking decided from the result of the previous year, and the playoff is not performed.

Championship Match Challenger League

It is also the official game of the Japanese Shogi Federation.ThroneIs a round-robin league game in which 8 players who have won the qualifying and 4 players who have been seeded due to the results of the previous term are divided into 6 players in the Red Team and 6 players in the White Team, but each team has the most wins. If there are multiple shogi players, as in the ranking game A class, the challenger deciding match (the league most winners of each group play against each other,Number gameDetermine the contestants. A playoff will be held to determine who is eligible to participate. In a recent example, in the 52nd (2011) throne league white teamYoshiharu Hanyu(1st seed of this term)Murayama(Qualifying rounds) lined up with 4 wins and 1 loss, Hanyu won the playoff and won the right to participate in the challenger decision match.Takeshi FujiiWin overHiroto AkitoHe also acquired the right to challenge the throne, and took the throne at the end of the full set in the 7th game of the throne.

In addition, the players who have won the qualifying are treated as the same rank (3rd place), and if the league result is 3rd or less, it will fall, so there are 2 or more players who have achieved 2nd place in each league, And if it's all the players who have won the qualifying, the playoffs are made to determine who will remain in the league. However, if a player who has become a seed by the result of the previous term is included, the priority is determined based on the seed ranking, and the playoff is not performed. In the recent example, in the 53rd term (2012) throne league white team, both won from qualifyingMaruyama TadahisaMakino MitsunoriWas lined up in 3rd place with 2 wins and 2 losses, so Maruyama won the game with a playoff and took the 2nd place seed right, and Makino fell.

King General War Challenger Decision League

It is also the official game of the Japanese Shogi Federation.WarlordHowever, if there are multiple players who have won the most leagues, a playoff will be held. However, there are 3 players who have won the qualifying and 4 players who have remained in the league due to the results of the previous term.If there are 3 or more players who have the most wins in the league, the seed ranking of the previous term is prioritized. , Only the top two players will playoff. In addition, if the players who have fallen in the league have the same results in the current period, the one with the lower seed ranking in the previous term league will fall, but if it is not possible to rank because there are multiple participants from the qualifying on the residual line, the residual decision game I do.

Grand Sumo

Grand SumoThen in this place for 15 daysMakuuchi,Ten carsIs the 1th initiative, 15st each dayMakushitaThe following will be done in the 15th effort of the 7th, if there are two or more people with the most winning starsChampionship matchI do. In the case of 2 people, it will be a direct confrontation, in the case of 3 peopleTomoe WarDone in. In the case of a Tomoe battle, unless one out of three wins two consecutive games, it will continue endlessly. Also, in the case of 3 people and 1 people, qualifying will be carried out, and narrowing down to 2 people will carry out a toe battle. If you have 5 or 6 or moreTournament systemDone in.

Italian Professional Soccer Serie A

Italy professional footballSerie AIn that case, the ranking is determined purely based on wins and losses (win points), and even if the rate is the same, the ranking is the same without considering the difference in points. But the cup game (UEFA Champions LeagueRight)Serie BHome-and-away playoffs are conducted only when it is necessary to strictly determine the ranking due to demotion.

Central League of Japan Professional Baseball (until 2000)

Central LeagueIn 2000, it was stipulated that a three-game playoff would be implemented if the winning rates of multiple teams reached the first place by the same rate until 1 (there is no case of this type of playoff in the SE League). For more information on the Japan Professional Baseball playoffsPlayoff system (Nippon Professional Baseball)See.

※(reference)Japan Championship SeriesSo (though it is not officially a playoff), there are draw games until the 7th round of the main game, and if neither of them can win 4 wins and the settlement is not reached, the next day after the 7th match is over. Eight games, and if it is not settled, one day will be left as a moving day and the opponent's stadium will be held after the ninth round.(After the eighth round, unless it is canceled due to natural disaster such as rain, it will not be a draw and there is no extension Become). The victory has been carried over since the 8th round1986/Seibu vs Hiroshima (8 games; Seibu 4 wins 3 losses 1 draw).
In addition, 2004/-2006/ OfPacific LeagueWinner playoffs, and2007/After that, he sought to qualify for the Japanese series in both the Se and Pa leagues.Climax series」では、引き分け試合が発生し、規定の試合数(ファーストステージ3試合、ファイナルステージ6試合)を終了して結果的に勝ち星が同じ場合でも同点決勝はせず、対戦チーム間の順位の上位球団が勝ち抜けとなる。ただし実現はしなかったが2004・05年はレギュラーシーズン1位のチームが2チーム発生した場合、1stステージに進出するはずの3位はプレーオフ出場が喪失となり、当該2チームによって行うファイナルステージのみを行い、仮に2勝2敗1分けなど第5回戦終了時に成績タイだった場合、延長無制限の「プレーオフのプレーオフ」となる6戦目が行われることになっていた。

Tokyo Roku University Baseball

Tokyo Roku University Baseball FederationIn the league game, when the team with the same number of points and win rate appears first, a one-game championship decision match will be held.

In the league match in the fall of 1960, they lined up at the same rate.Waseda UniversityKeio UniversityThe championship deciding match was held by the two teams, but at that timeMeiji Jingu StadiumWas not equipped with night lighting[Note 3]So, the sunset draw continued for two games, and as a result, it was settled in the third game.Together with the three league games, "Six consecutive races of Waseda"It is called.

In other college leagues,Toto University Baseball FederationIn some leagues such as the first division, there is one game playoff regardless of the winning rate when lining up with points, and when there is one game playoff when both points and winning rates are lined up like Tokyo Roku University. I know.


When proceeding to the next step in the qualifying or semi-final races of official competitions, only when two or more players are lined up on the same line at the same time, the advancer-deciding race will be conducted by the players concerned. This race formatSwim offSay In this case, the first-come-first-served player wins. In addition, the time at the swim-off is officially recognized as an official record.[2].

Japan amateur wrestling

wrestlingRepresentatives of Japan dispatched toJapan Wrestling Association2 major competitions sponsored by (All Japan Championship-Selection), the players who have won (2 crowns) are selected, but if the winners are different, the playoffs will be carried out within the selection championship.

Student american football

Kansai Student American Football FederationIn the autumn league, if there are multiple teams with the same first place, all the teams are considered to be the winner by regulation,Every day Koshien bowlSince there is only one team in the Kansai area representative (all Japan student semi-finals since 2009) of the (All Japan Student Championship), one team will play a Koshien Bowl participation decision playoff between the teams (if there are three or more teams, tournament method) ..


Olympic,World championshipIn large-scale tournaments such as, the qualifying round is held, and the final round is held with the eight winners, but when deciding the finalists, if there are multiple players lined up at the bottom, one shot to decide the ranking A sudden death-style playoff (called a shootoff in shooting) that fires only and defeats those who are not hit.In addition, shoot-off is also possible when there are multiple players with the highest total score in the final round.Championship matchSometimes do as[Note 4].

FIFA World Cup Qualifying

FIFA World CupIn the regional qualifying, the playoff in a neutral location is stipulated as the final means of determining the ranking. Until the 1970 tournament, the ranking was purely based on the number of points, so the frequency was high.


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注 釈

  1. ^ If there are multiple first-place teams and second-place wildcard teamsOne game playoffI do.
  2. ^ In fact, in the Pague League playoffs, which will be described later, there is a situation where the system will be reviewed because the No. 1 winning team in Japan continued.
  3. ^ Night lighting equipment was installed at the Meiji Jingu Stadium, and it was possible to play night games from 1962.
  4. ^ 1992 Barcelona OlympicsThen boysClay shootingKazuzo Watanabe(Japan and(Czech version(Czechoslovakia) Was ranked first in the total score, so there was a case where the two teams shot off to decide the championship (the result was that Furudrichika won and won the gold medal).


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