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⛳ | The active golf club manager has the highest par-on rate! "There are many things to think about other than pins." [Looking back at Stats]

Show your students in your own play! (Photo by Sho Suzuki)

The active golf club manager has the highest par-on rate! "There are many things to think about other than pins." [Looking back at Stats]

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Currently, he is participating in a tour at his alma mater, Sano Nihon University High School, while serving as a golf club manager.

Domestic men's tour integrated in 2020-21 due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Two years of long seeds ... → Continue reading

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Sano Nihon University High School

Sano Nihon University High School(Sano Nihondaigaku Gaugaku) ​​isTochigiSano CityAttached to Nihon University in Ishizukaprivatehigh school.. The abbreviation is "Sano Nichidai(It depends on Sano)" "Sahi(Sachi)" and so on.


Our schoolNihon UniversitySemi-attachedIs a high school. It was set up in a way that Nihon University responded to the invitation from local municipalities in the Asa area centered around Sano City. The school's motto is "Bunmu Ryodou," "Training with a teacher," "Independent creation," and the motto is "Sano Nihondai".2004/(HeiseiIn 16), the winner of the Tochigi English Speech Contest will be given.2006/From (18)Ministry of educationMore emphasis on science educationSuper science high school Designated as (SSH) (1 SSH class is set up in the special advancement course).An E-sheet will be issued if a student in school has a bad attitude or is found to be doing good deeds.


  • Chairman: Hiroshi Hasegawa
  • Principal: Akio Watanabe

Educational environment

  • Special advanced course α class and SSH class
  • Special advance course
  • Super school course
  • Higher Education Course
  • Human Science Advancement Course (2009/(Recruitment is stopped from every time)

(2005/The high course of the consistent course was set up to the end, but it was resolved. Once upon a time, the specialization course had a β major.2010/ToSano Nihon University Secondary Education SchoolSince the opening of Sano Nihon University Junior High School due to the opening of2011/Since then, the class will be organized only by students who enter from high school. In addition, the human science advance course2009/Recruitment was suspended from time to time. )


  • Main building
    Office facilities, large conference room, hall, broadcasting room, Sakurahagi-an (Japanese room used as a courtesy study room), entrance course staff room, etc.
  • Library/Special classroom building
    Used by special advanced courses. Special staff room/High schoollibrary・CAI classroom, computer room, art room. (Before the 1996 academic year, the special advance course was used. From the 8 fiscal year to the 1997 fiscal year, it was used by the junior high school and secondary school.)
  • Science Research Building 
    Astronomical telescope・Provide science room, music room, clothing room, cooking room, purchasing room, etc.
  • 1 Building
    It will be newly built and rebuilt in October 26, and will be used by the super school and higher education courses. There are Career Guidance Room, Career Center, Entrance Examination Room, High School Health Room, and Super High School Course Staff Room.
  • 2 Building
    Used by secondary school classes. It has a secondary education library. (Until the middle of the 2014 academic year, super-advance and advancement courses are also used.)
  • No. 3 Secondary School Building
    Used by secondary school classes. (Before 1996 (Heisei 8), it was used by the junior high school class at that time. From 1997 (Heisei 9) to 2010 (Heisei 22), the special advancement course was used.)
  • "Plaza 40"
    2004/Indoor warm water, built 40 years after its foundationPoolAttached auditorium and general gymnasium.
    Mainly used for physical education and club activities.
  • "Stadium 30"
    A comprehensive ground established at the 30th anniversary. It has a baseball field and an athletic field.
  • There is also a training dormitory. The staff room is divided into three areas according to the course, and there are also two physical education teacher rooms and a secondary school staff room on the premises. There is also a tennis field, ground, and staff parking lot.

Extracurricular activities

Current students/teachers

Sano CityRyomo Line-Tobu Sano LineSince it is also a key point of traffic that intersects,North Kanto3 prefectures (Tochigi, Ibaraki, Gunma)SaitamaThere are many students who go to school from. As of April 2021, the total number of students is about 4.Approximately 2400 faculty members.Ashikaga University High SchoolAt the same time, he is conducting a business trip entrance examination at a junior high school in Saitama prefecture.


School Bus

Sano Station15 minutes fromYoshimizu Station7 minutes fromAshikaga Station-Ashikaga Station25 minutes fromShizuwa StationFrom 25 minutes.

Since 20Tatebayashi Station-Oyama Station-Ota Station-Tochigi StationAlso started to run school buses. Some school busesKanto MotorThe service is outsourced to.


20-30 minutes from Sano Station,Tomita Station30 minutes from, 15 minutes from Yoshimizu Station

Related organizations

Sano Nihon University Junior College,Sano Nihon University Secondary Education School, A sister corporation There is the Sakurawakai.


  • 1964/May 5-Established Sano Academy, Sano Nihon University High School (general course)Founded
  • 1967/August 4- Commercial DepartmentInstall
  • 1973/November 11-17th anniversary ceremony
  • 1978/November 11-1th anniversary ceremony
  • 1987/April 4-Corporate name changed to Sano Nihon University Gakuen
  • 1988/April 4-Sano Nihon University Junior High School opens
  • May 1988, 5-14th anniversary ceremony held
  • 1989/April 4-Commercial Department recruitment suspended, International Liberal Arts Department established
  • 1993/November 11-27th anniversary ceremony
  • December 1993, 12-Completion of General Ground Stadium 31
  • 1996/March 3-International Liberal Arts Department suspended
  • 2001/April 4-Regular Course Global Communication Course Opened (High School)
  • April 2001, 4-Opening of General Sports Course (High School)
  • 2003/April 4-Opened Human Sciences Course (High School)
  • 2004/September 9-Completion of the auditorium and general gymnasium/plaza 1
  • October 2004, 10-UK Grammar School For Girls sister school partnership signing ceremony
  • October 2004, 10-Ceremony held to commemorate the 16th anniversary of foundation (Yoro MenjiMr.'s lecture etc.)
  • 2006/April-Designated as Super Science High School (SSH) by MEXT (4 years)
  • 2010/March-Abolished Sano Nihon University Junior High School and moved to Sano Nihon University Secondary School
  • April 2010-Due to the progressive abolition of junior high schoolSano Nihon University Secondary Education SchoolOpened
  • 2020/August-Artificial turf ground completed

Prominent graduates





  • Takeshi Shimizu


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