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⚾ | Kazuki Yoshimi makes an urgent proposal "Yudai Ohno, fly to the true ace!"


Kazuki Yoshimi makes an urgent proposal "Yudai Ohno, fly to the true ace!"

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Since becoming modern baseball, the Chunichi Dragons have a genealogy of great ace, Senichi Hoshino, Shinji Imanaka, Masahiro Yamamoto, and Kenshin Kawakami.

Fans' expectations are vain, and the 2021 season ended in 16th place at the Chunichi Dragons.Moreover, debt XNUMX, Lee ... → Continue reading

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Senichi Hoshino

Senichi Hoshino(Senichi Hoshino,1947/May 1 - 2018/May 1[1]) IsJapan OfProfessional baseball player-directed by,Baseball commentator,talent,commentator.

OkayamaKojimaFukuda Town(1953/,KurashikiMerged with)[2]..The position when I was a playerpitcher..First in the Central LeagueMost save pitcherHas been earned.

Chunichi Dragons-Hanshin Tigers-Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesServed as a director.2008/ToBeijing Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamAlso served as the director of, leading to 4th place.2015/Until death Rakuten Baseball Team Co., Ltd.DirectorServed as Vice Chairman.

Nickname is"Burning man"[3]"Fighter" "Sen-chan"etc.


Until becoming a professional

Just before birth1946/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesHis father, Senzo, who worked at Mizushima (currently Mizushima Plant), died of cancer and grew up without knowing his father's face.[4]

When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, I started playing baseball when my sister took me to see high school baseball.[5]

When going to high school, at that timeOkayama ToshoWas called the 2nd strengthOkayama Prefectural Kurashiki Technical High SchoolInitially I was hoping to go on to school.However, at that time, he had only participated in Koshien a few times.Okayama Prefectural Kurashiki Commercial High SchoolThe director of the baseball club, Yuzo Tsunoda, told me to take Kurasho to Koshien with your help.However, after Hoshino entered the school, Kurashiki Commercial High School became more and more powerful, and he began to achieve higher grades than the Kurashiki Technical High School he had hoped for.

As an ace in the second grade1963/Of summerOkayama TournamentAdvances to the semi-finals but loses to Okayama Tosho 0-1.The semi-final of the autumn Chinese tournament of the same yearTsuyama merchantLoses by one point.Next day1964/Also in summerEast China TournamentI made it to the final,Tottori OfYonago Minami High SchoolI lost 2-3, and I couldn't make it to Koshien in just one step.[6]..Later in the first grade in the prefectureYokohama Ocean WhalesEnter Okayama ToshoMasashi HiramatsuI have had a direct confrontation in high school.again,Yakult SwallowsPlayed an active part inHiroshi MatsuokaIs a junior in the first year of high school.The year after Hoshino graduated and Matsuoka became the ace, he advanced to the semi-finals of the Okayama tournament in the summer, but lost to Okayama Tosho, who owns Hiramatsu, in a sunset draw rematch, and Kurashiki Sho missed out on Koshien.at that timeHiroshima Toyo CarpWas the ace ofHidetoshi IkedaLooking at the disassembled photo of the pitching form, he studied his form and wrote that he was a high school goal and a teacher-like existence through the photo.[7].

After graduating from high schoolSchool of Political Science and Economics, Meiji UniversityDepartment of EconomicsGo on to school.If the university is in TokyoWaseda University[8], In OsakaMurayama MinoruOf my alma materKansai UniversityI had decided[8], Director Yoichi Yabuki of Kurashiki Commercial High School ordered "Go to my alma mater's Meidai"Meiji UniversityIt is said that he went on to school[8].Baseball clubThen, from the first grade, he has been active as a member of the army,Tokyo Roku University Baseball LeaguePitched 63 games in total, 23 wins and 24 losses, ERA 1.91, 199 strikeouts[9].1968/Captain. In the fall of the second gradeRikkyo UniversityIn battleNo hit no runWas recorded.HoweverKoichi Tabuchi-Koji Yamamoto-Masaru TomitaLed by "Hosei University Three Glasses"Hosei UniversityAndKenichi Tanizawa,Takashi ArakawaHaveWaseda UniversityI never reached the league championship. 4 years1968/Autumn league is synchronized with pitchersKazuhiko Ikejima, Hitting lineShigeyuki Onodera,Tetsuya TsujiIt was expected that all the talented people would win the championship, but it ended up in 3rd place.

In collegeShimaoka YoshiroAfter graduating from the director, Kaoru, he was greatly influenced by his life after graduating, such as admiring "Oyaji" and "From the Department of Shimaoka, Faculty of Baseball, Meiji University".Also from Shimaokacorporal punishment(Of the more than 37 members Shimaoka has taught in 1000 years, the one who was never beatenTakada ShigeruAnd Hoshino only[10]) Was loved.Hoshino says, "I was good at it," but Shimaoka said, "Hoshino has a lot of reasoning. If you hit one, it seems that about 1 will come back."[10]He talks about why he didn't hit Hoshino.It is said that Shimaoka thoroughly prepared the three teachings of "take your life," "put your soul," and "have sincerity."[11].

Blood typeO.

Professional player era

1968/ OfProfessional baseball draft conferenceAtShigeru MizuharaHas just taken over as directorChunichi DragonsReceived the 1st place nomination from and joined the group.I myselfHanshin fanWas[12]If Hanshin and Meiji University had a bad relationship and were nominated by Hanshin, they would go to baseball for adults.Hanshin Tigers pitcher since he was a boyMurayama MinoruLonging for, same as MurayamaUniform numberI wanted to wear 11, but it wasn't available, so I wanted 22 instead, which doubled the number.

Second year of joining1969/The season is the Giants match on May 5th.Kuroe TooruGoodbye double, July 7thYasuharu TakiEven though he was hit by a goodbye double, he pitched in 49 games and won 8 wins.[12]..Also on October 10th of this year, the Giants-in the Chunichi WarShoichi KanedaHoshino was the defeated pitcher of the match in which (Giant) achieved 400 wins in total, and he himself later said, "I'm glad I made a name for myself in a historic match."[13].

Second year of joining1971/Changed to Chunichi's ace number 20 in the season[12][14].

After hurting his elbow in 1971, the fastball lurked in the shadows, but he was active as a starting pitcher and relief pitcher, and due to team circumstances, he was appointed mainly as a starting pitcher in his 14-year career as a player. Only about 5 years[12]..He has marked eight double-digit wins (including 8 or more wins and four times) and two double-digit saves in total.1974/The first generationMost savesWith the titleSawamura PrizeIt was the second time for the team to block the giant V10 for the first time in 20 years.Central LeagueGreatly contributed to the victory.In the match that decided to win, he became a pitcher.[15].Lotte OrionsWithJapan seriesThen, in the sixth round, which was the final round, he did not shake, such as failing to relieve three times.Sumio HirotaThe team was defeated with 2 wins and 4 losses.

In 1977, he won the most 18 wins.[12].

1978 on August 8thOceanIn battleHisaaki FukushimaGoodbye hit from, September 9thYakultIn battleKazuhide Funada, In the game against Yakult on September 9thToru SugiuraGoodbye home run for 2 games in a row[16]Was struck.

1981/Pitcher from the seasoncoachAlso serves as an assistant.Rare playFamous asUno heading caseIt was Hoshino who was standing on the mound when he woke up (1981/August 8, Battle against Giants (Korakuen Stadium), The batterIsao Yamamoto[17]..At that time, the Giants continued to break the record of consecutive game scores from the previous year, and at this time Hoshino was a junior.Tatsuo KomatsuAnd "Which will shut out the giant first?" (CatcherTakayoshi NakaoTalk)[17]..だがButUno MasaruHoshino slammed the grab behind the home base that was in the cover because he allowed the score due to the error.[17].

1982/In the season, the team won the league title, but Hoshino pitched in 18 games, but ended up with a personal lowest record of 3 wins and 5 losses, and announced his retirement on November 11st, Fan Appreciation Day.[18]. 1983/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nagoya StadiumMade inHankyu BravesOpen battle withRetirement matchAnd pitched as a starting lineup.Of the first batterFukumoto YutakaHas been hit before the left.When I retired, it was my best friend who went to deliver the bouquet to the mound.singer OfKazumasa Odawas[19].

At the time of the draft, it is said that there was a secret agreement between the giant and Hoshino in advance that "If Koichi Tabuchi could not be nominated for the first place, he would be nominated as the first place."[20]..But the giant is a high school pitcherOsamu ShimanoHoshino regretted, "Isn't it a mistake between Hoshi and Shima?"[20]..It is said that this event formed a consistent stance of the overthrowing giant from the active era to the leader era.Even in the total resultsNagashima Shigeo-Sadaharu OhWere activeV9He recorded 35 wins and 31 losses against giants including the times, and made his name as a giant killer.Among the pitchers who have recorded more than 30 Giants wins, the one who has wonMasashi Hiramatsu,Kazuhisa KawaguchiOnly with Hoshino, the highest winning percentage is Hoshino.Hoshino himself said, "There are many giant games at that time in baseball broadcasts, the game start time of the giant-sponsored game at that time is 18:20, and the broadcast in the local Okayama will start around 20:2, so the manager will pitch during that time. I was throwing so I couldn't tell him to change. I wanted to show my family and friends what I was throwing. "The Giants avoided Hoshino's nomination because Hoshino had an elbow injury when he was in his second year of college, and at first he was told by a doctor that his elbow wouldn't heal anymore, but he took the medicine that was given to him. Where he was, the elbow healed, but later the giant got information that Hoshino had broken his elbow or shoulder.[21], After retirementTetsuji Kawakami(The Giants director at that time) told me that after that, the stubbornness towards the Giants disappeared.[Source required]It is written in.Sadaharu OhWith a match record of 195 at bats, 62 hits, a batting average of 3%, 1 minute, 8 hits, and 24 home runs.Nagashima ShigeoHas 111 at bats, 26 hits, and a batting average of 2%, 3 minutes, and 4 hits.[22].

He is also a Hanshin killer at the same time as a giant killer, and has won a total of 36 wins from Hanshin, surpassing the giant.1973/On October 10, he won a complete game against Hanshin, who is aiming for the first victory in nine years.However, Hoshino himself did not want the giant who was competing for the victory with Hanshin to win the championship, so in this game he threw it with the feelings of "Even if I lose" and "Please hit my ball".However, the Hanshin Tigers lost the battle with repeated hits, and the giant who won the final battle with Hanshin two days later achieved V20 by reversal (Hoshino himself also achieved V9 in the middle of the game.Takagi Morido"I will never beat such a team," he was accused of lethargic pitching, and after that he changed his mind and threw it seriously.)[Source required]..In addition, he was the starting pitcher of Hanshin on this day.Yuka Enatsu"When I heard it later, Sen-chan said,'I wanted Hanshin to win over the giant, so I threw it in the middle,' but that was a lie. Denying[23].

Hoshino once said on a TV program, "I'm lonely that there are no players who can go against the manager. I want a player who feels" I'm okay. I can still do it "when the player is replaced." Served as a pitcher coach until 1977Kazuhisa Inao"I was driven in and Hoshino himself requested a pitcher change from the bench, so if I changed it, I regretted that it was changed and threw away the glove," said Hoshino's performance for the media. Pointed out that there was[24]..He also served as head coach and director of Chunichi.Sadao Kondo"I was a pitcher with a high pride. Even after the peak, I was just going to be an ace."[25].

After retirement


1983/から1986/UntilNHKBaseball commentator,Nikkan Sports,Number[26] OfBaseball criticServed as1985/ToNoriichi Otsuka,Tomoyo Nonakaと と も にNHK general TV"Sunday Sports SpecialThe first generation ofcasterAppointed to[27]..At the "Masters" championship of golf, he always went to the site to report.In addition to being a commentator, he also appeared in variety shows and was active in talent activities at the same time.

The first Chunichi director era

Rested on October 1986, 10, in the middle of the same yearKazuhiro YamauchiBecame the director of Chunichi as a successor. 1 year contract, contract fee 5000 million yen, annual salary 4000 million yen, uniform number"77"(Tetsuji KawakamiAs a giant director, he achieved V9 with this uniform number.)[28].. First in NPB historyAfter the warBecame a born director[29]..When receiving a request for supervision from the baseball team, he said he felt that a convocation letter had arrived.[30]There is an episode in which the cameraman who ordered "Please laugh" was seriously angry, "I'm going to the battlefield. Can you laugh?"[30]..To be a general coachTatsuhiko Komata[30]To the pitcher coachHidetoshi Ikeda[7], To the second army director and dormitory managerEtsuya Okada[31]Was invited.After taking officeKenichi TanizawaIs advised to retire under the surface of the water[32], Tanizawa retired.With a 4 to 1 trade with LotteSeiji Kamikawa,Shigeru Kuwata,Kazuhiko Ushijima,Hiranuma SadaharuEmitsHiromitsu OchiaiBold reinforcements such as winning, even at draft meetings1986/ToShinichi Kondo,1987/ToKazuyoshi TachinamiAfter competing with other teams, I won the first place in the third year of high school, which can be an immediate force, and after thatShinji Konaka,Takeshi Yamazaki,Akira Uehara,Otoshige,Yasuaki OtoyoThe main class will join in 3 years[33]..In pitcherYasuhiro Kawabata,Koichi Emoto,Miyashita Masami, In the batterToru Nimura,Toshikatsu Hino,Yoshihisa Komatsuzaki,Takeshi NakamuraSucceeded by appointing young people with no track record one after another[34].

Masahiro YamamotoTheThe United States of AmericaThe starting pitcher who developed his talent by studying abroad in JapanGenji GuoSuppress, shortstopUno MasaruSecond baseman, catcherTakayoshi NakaoWill be converted to an outfielder, and the team color will be renewed.In particular, the scolding of Nakamura, who was a regular catcher, was harsh, and Nakamura himself said, "It was faster to count the days when (in the first administration) did not receive Tekken sanctions" during the second Hoshino administration. ing.Yamamoto wrote, "Maybe Kazuyoshi Tatsunami is the only young person selected by the first administration who has not been exposed to iron fists."[35][36]..He yelled at the players, put pressure on them, and said, "I don't need a guy who can lose my pressure at this moment."[37].

In the match against Hiroshima on May 1987, 5Shozo ShodaHiroshima coach fighting over the touch play of both sidesTakao IseRubbing and kicking[38], Will be sent off with Ise[39], It was the first time I was sent off through active duty.The exit of the director's first yearMitsuo Uno,Shoichi Kaneda,Joe RootsSecond person after[38].

May 1987, 5, public relationsMinoru HayakawaOf my car that I driveMercedes-Benz Medium ClassWhile riding in the back seat,Naka City, Nagoya CityWhen I was about to enter the indoor practice area that was there at that time, a 2-ton truck collided at a speed of 20 to 30 kilometers.Injured in cervical spine contusion on 10 days after being diagnosed at the hospital[40].

In the Hanshin Tigers (Okayama stadium) on April 1988, 4, he protested the decision of Masaru Uno's touch play, and was the second base judge.Masato TomoyoseSpit out abusive words[38], Ejection[41], Has been sent off for the first time in both leagues for the second consecutive year[38]..The acting director of the above two games is Kimata[41].

The opening game was the opening pitcher at the Giants game (Korakuen Stadium) on April 1987, 4.Tadashi SugimotoHowever, Sadao Kondo responded by saying, "The opening pitcher's nomination is" This year's ace is you.It is a manifestation of the director's intention that I will rely on it throughout the season. If so, there is only Komatsu. That was Sugimoto. Sugimoto is also a good pitcher, but he is not a pitcher that can be relied on throughout the season. "[42]It has said.SugimotoYoshimura Sadaaki,Tokuhiro KomadaWas hit by a home run,NishimotoShutout victory, defeated 0-6. Two races are also startingTakamasa SuzukiWas struck and lost in a row.The first victory as a manager is the third game of the Giants (the winning pitcher is Komatsu).This year, Toru Nimura reached the regular seat and became regular. June 3thKumamoto-Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball FieldIn the battle against the GiantsMiyashita Masami Warren CromartyHe gave a dead ball to his back and developed into a big brawl between the two armies (according to Masami Miyashita, Director Hoshino stated that he had been instructed to hit him).[43]..At that time, the giant directorSadaharu OhOn the other hand, he was criticized for selling a fight by grabbing his chest, stabbed his chest, sticking out his fist and taking a pose that could be taken as a provocation.[44]..The king told me, "We shouldn't be the main characters," but he said, "It's natural to start over if you're done."[38]..Later, he touched on that and explained that the matter of sticking out his fist meant a protest saying, "Why don't you hit with your fist?"[45]..Off with a 2 to 2 trade with Nippon HamYasunori Oshima,Koji SodaEmitsTatsuo Omiya,Tomio Tanaka, In a trade with SeibuKen HiranoEmitsKazuyuki Ono, Giants became a free contractKaoru NimuraWas won.

1988/Ono and Komatsu started two pillars, but the number of complete games was 2, which is the smallest of 12 teams.Closer Guo,Kashima Tadashi, Kawabata's middle party,Akira Yonemura, Masahiro Yamamoto, Akira Uehara's young pitchers, Hikono, Tatsunami,Gary Rasic, Ochiai, Uno, Nimura,Kawamata Rice, Nakamura'sStrong dragon striking lineWas strong, and the one-point difference match recorded 1 wins and 34 losses.Guo won the MVP, Ono won the most, and Tatsunami won the rookie king.Seibu LionsWithJapan seriesOno, Yamamoto, Sugimoto and starting pitchers who started in the 1st and 5th games were hit, and the 4th Ochiai (RBI 0) and 5th Uno were sluggish and lost to Seibu with 1 win and 4 losses.Seibu's directorMori Akira"Director Hoshino had a lot of attention to the players. I survived the official game with momentum, but I am not a loser. Chunichi was in Seibu until the previous year (starter of the first game) OnoKiyoharaWas hit by an oversized home run. I didn't want Komatsu to come (in Round 1). "[46]..As of 2018, Hoshino is the only coach who won the championship in Chunichi.Takayoshi Nakao was released in a one-on-two trade with the giant off, and Takashi Nishimoto,Shigeharu KamogawaAcquired.In the opening game of the first year of the coach, he saw Nishimoto's pitching and decided to win it someday, and realized the trade two years later.[47].

1991/Won the opening round for the first time as a manager, and although he took the lead in the first half of the race, he stalled in the second half and ended up in second place, three games behind the winning Hiroshima.RookieKoichi MoritaHe played an active role in restraint, and was the first team to produce a rookie king for the second consecutive year. bottom.Retirement due to health concerns is an ostensible reason, and in fact, my wife'sleukemiaThe onset was largely related.

After the retirement of the first Chunichi coach

1992/ToCentral Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC) Visiting Commentator,1993/から1995/Served as an NHK baseball commentator again, and in parallel since 19921995/UntilChunichi SportsGuest.He was also a member of the selection committee for the Sawamura Award (1994/From 1995 to XNUMX).

The first Chunichi director era

1995/The return of coach to Chunichi was announced on September 9th.[48], Reappointed off the same year.Immediately after from LotteFree tradeAiko Takeshi, Toru Nimura in a 3 to 3 trade with Lotte,Tadaharu Sakai,Yamamoto YasushiEmitsKazutoshi Higuchi,Yukinaga Maeda, Sadaharu Hiranuma, 2 to 2 trade with SeibuHiroyuki Maehara,Masaharu ShimizuEmitsKazuaki Yamano,Murata KatsukiFrom KoreaPreachingWin[12]..In the first year of the second administration, it went from 1th place in the previous year to 5nd place.In the same year, the giant decided to win the final game at Nagoya Baseball Stadium, and he was the first coach to see the opponent's team up.

1996/, Waiting for the referees to withdraw after the match against Giants (Tokyo Dome) on September 9[49],Uemoto KoichiAbuse the referee[49], When it becomes a conflictToshiyuki TanakaWorked assault to kick the referee[49]..The next day, the Central League issued a strict warning and a penalty of 100 million.[49]. OffLeo GomezWin[12].

1997/Bereavement of wife on January 1th.in springNagoya DomeIs completed.As the stadium became wider, it was requested to improve the constitution of the team, which had a heavy hitting power, but in time, Hoshino himself said, "I will aim for the championship with the lowest preparedness" and threaten the future.As expected, the lack of mobility and defensive power was exposed from the opening, and it was sluggish, and fell to the bottom for the first time in five years since 1992 in the Takagi era.The team batting average was the lowest in the league and the team's ERA was 5th.Off for foreign playersAlonzo PowellLeaved[50]From KoreaLee Jong,Samsung Lee, In a 2 to 2 trade with HanshinYasuaki Otoyo,Teruhiro YanoEmitsKoichi Sekikawa,Teruka Kuji, From LotteNanbuchi hourly highAcquired.Also, of the pitcher coachTatsuo KomatsuLeaves the group and succeedsMasanori Miyata[51], To the hitting coachMizutani Mio, Outfield defensive base running coachItaru Ninomiya, Toru Nimura as the second army coach, second army pitcher coachTakao KajimotoInvited.At the draft meeting, juniors at the universityNobuno KawakamiJoined the group.

1998/Was sluggish due to a shoulder injuryShigeki NoguchiGrow up to the ace class[52], 14 wins and best ERA, Kawakami also wins 14 wins and is a rookie king, in the middle teamEiji Ochiai Best relay pitcherWon the title of the newcomerEiji MasatsuWas also active.The batting average of the team was 5th in the league, but the ERA of the team was the top of the 12 teams, and the stolen base was the top of the league.A junior at Meiji University, the previous yearPacific LeagueMost winsWas a pitcherKazuhiro TakedaTheFAObtained in.Miyata resigns in a year[53], To succeedHisashi YamadaWas appointed[54], To the Uchino Defensive Base CoachNobuhiro Takashiro[55]Was invited.At the draft meeting,Kousuke Fukudome,Hitoki IwaseJoined the group.

1999/ The1954/ OfNishitetsu LionsFor the first time in 45 years since then, he rushed to the top with the momentum of winning 11 consecutive wins in the opening season, and won his second league title.Continuing from last year, the team's ERA is No. 2 in 12 teams.Fukuoka Daiei HawksWithJapan seriesWas overwhelmingly superior to Chunichi in the previous reputation[56], Lost with 1 win and 4 losses.

2000/, Nobu retired from active duty, Samsung retired.Melvin Bunch TheMost wins,Eddie Garrard TheBest Relief Pitcher, Iwase has produced many title holders for the best pitchers and pitchers for the second consecutive year, but has been sluggish in 2th place in the league with a team ERA of 4.19. May 5th, pair at Nagoya DomeYokohama Bay StarsIn battleKazuyoshi TachinamiWas a ball umpire because he was dissatisfied with the fact that he was judged to be a strike.Atsushi KittakaWas sent off with both hands, and immediately after Tatsunami was sent off, Hoshino was sent off for assaulting Tatsunami Takashi because he was hit by his body.In this case, in addition to the two, he hit Tachibana Taka and injured him seriously, including a broken rib.Takayuki OnishiWas sent off, and at a later date, Hoshino, Tatsunami, and Onishi were sent off by a third party.Criminal chargesWas made (suspension of prosecution).For details, see the section on Tachibana Takashi.

The suspension will be 5 days, and the acting coach will be the head coach.Shimano IkuoServed.He lost to the winning giant with 9 wins and 18 losses, and was confirmed to be in second place for the first time in two years since 1998.

2001/Made a name for himself as a giant killerKenjiro KawasakiHowever, the team collapsed as Kawasaki left early in the open game, and fell to B class for the first time in four years.Lost to 4 teams other than Hiroshima.Hirokazu InabaReached the prescribed seat. In the form of taking responsibility for finishing in 5th place, he announced his resignation on September 9 of the same year, and at a press conference, "It is not all because of poor results. It was 25 years when I was the first director, and 5 years this time. It is organizationally unpleasant to sit in power for a long time. "[57]..Hoshino will start next yearHanshin TigersSince 2011Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHe became estranged from Chunichi as he became a coach and team member of the team, and he has been a leading player in the league championship four times in 23 years, including active coaches and coaches.No. 53 in Japan for the first time in XNUMX yearsNot involved at all[58].

Served as the owner of Chunichi for a long timeMiichiro KatoWas totally trusted by[59].

In his book, "Whenever I get angry, I get really angry. When I scold, I scold my whole body. It is my strength and weakness that I can't hide or suppress my true feelings, but at least I think it's an ideal to rise in the world of sportsmen. Sometimes I yell, kick walls, throw ashtrays and get angry. I don't think there's a director around me who is as angry as I am. "[60].

During the supervision period, Daiichi Pharmaceutical (laterDaiichi Sankyo) Appeared in a commercial for the gastrointestinal drug Senlock. There was a video of excitement on the bench (using the video during the actual official game) and a video of a round of golf with the parody of "Anytime Dream" in the background.Also, before assuming the position of director,Lions Mansion,House food OfKashaki麺・Tantan noodles-Curry and riceAlso appeared in the commercial of (Koichi Tabuchi-Koji YamamotoCo-starring with).

Hanshin era

Immediately after he retired from coach Chunichi, he was asked by NHK to return to baseball commentator.[61], Was down on December 2001, 12 offHanshin TigersBecame the director of.The uniform number is 77, the same as when he was coached by Chunichi.One-armed head coach from the Chunichi eraShimano Ikuo[12], To the chief batter coachKoichi Tabuchi[62]Was invited.Hoshino told Tabuchi that he wouldn't take over Hanshin's coach if Tabuchi turned down Hanshin's coach.[63].

Shimano was appointed as the Chunichi Dragons coach in October and was scheduled to have a multi-year contract, but the formal contract had not yet been completed due to stomach surgery.[64]..Negotiations with Chunichi were difficult, and finally Hoshino was Chunichi.Bungo ShiraiOwner,Junnosuke NishikawaI met with the presidents of the baseball team and talked with them (Nishikawa was reluctant at first, and Nozaki also said, "If I were in the opposite position, I would have been reluctant.")[65].

With Shigeo Nagashima, who has just retired from the giant director on December 12, ahead of the first negotiations with the Hanshin Tigers.Sports reportI was persuaded to wear a Hanshin uniform when I talked with him during the New Year's event.When Nagashima said, "Give me a cup of coffee at Aki Camp," he said he had no words to return.[66].

Hoshino is the ownerShunjiro KumaI recommended to the predecessor directorKatsuya NomuraIt is said that.According to the book, Nomura realized that it was impossible to rebuild the Hanshin Tigers by himself during his term of office.Yukio NishimotoIt's Sanka Hoshino. "It is said that Hanshin at that time had a feud with Nomura because the alumni association had a strong power and there was a scene where he entered the bench and instructed the players without permission.Hoshino also spoke directly to the owner and"It's rude to have been so sluggish, but the owner is entirely responsible for you."Said[67]..Of the team presidentKatsuyoshi Nozaki"The key word for the birth of the new director Hoshino was Katsuya Nomura's direct words."[68]

In his book, Hoshino said, "Mr. Nomura has been advocating" baseball where the weak beat the strong "for three years in Hanshin, but in my case it is" baseball that makes the weak the strong. "You know Mr. NomuraID baseball..Baseball is a sport that people think about and teach as a sport that they do with their heads, but in short, I chose baseball for the body in Hanshin.This is not a matter of which is better or worse, but it should be considered as a problem as a turn to train the players of the weak team and fight. "[69].

Off from OrixGeorge Arias, From Nippon Ham in FAAtsushi KataokaEarned[70].

First year in office2002/Recorded the second consecutive win of the opening seven consecutive wins in the history of the team, and ran at the top in May and June, but shortness of breath began to appear due to the breakdown.[71]As a result, it ends in 4th place.In September, when he dropped out of the battle for victory, he said, "Imaoka,IgawaBe prepared for all but the trade personnel, "he told all the players.[72][73]..Released 24 players off as notified and declared FA from HiroshimaTomonori Kanemoto,Texas RangersTheFree contractBecameHideki Irabe, Chunichi became a free contractTeruka Kuji, From Nippon HamGo Shimoyanagi-Yutaka NakamuraWe made large-scale reinforcements for throwing, such as acquiring them by trading.In the leaders and front team, Takashi Nishimoto is a bullpen coach of the XNUMXst army.[74], To the XNUMXst Army Battery CoachMitsuo Tatsukawa[75], To the second pitcher coachTakashi Yamaguchi[76], Etsuya Okada as an advisor to the organization department,Kikuo Ito[77]Was invited.

Next day2003/Kanemoto, Irabu, Shimoyanagi, Yano,Shinjiro Hiyama, Kataoka,Kei Ikawa, Arias,Jerrod Riggan,Jeff WilliamsIn addition to the activities of the main playersMakoto Imaoka,Norihiro Akahoshi,Atsushi Fujimoto,Makoto YoshinoThe younger players grew rapidly and ran alone in the lead, and on July 7th, they turned on the fastest championship Magic 8 in the history of the Central League.After all, this year, with overwhelming strength, the team won the league championship for the first time in 49 years, and as a manager himself for the third time.[78]..He won the giant with 17 wins, 10 losses and 1 draw for the first time in 18 years.But with DaieiJapan seriesThen you lose with 3 wins and 4 losses.

However, Hoshino has been around for some time.high blood pressureIn the 2002 pennant opening match against the Giants, I was sick after the match and had to lie down behind the bench waiting for a reporter. He had fallen four times, and each time Shimano head was in command to prevent the enemy from getting caught.[79].. In the match against China and Japan on July 7, I felt sick during the match, and I left the command to Shimano for about an hour and lay down behind the bench.In both cases, the blood pressure level, which was stable from 27 to 1 in normal times, increased from 72 to 135.[Source required].

On October 10th, the day before the Japan Series, the media reported that "Director Hoshino retired after the Japan Series".[Source required], Officially announced that he will retire on October 10th after the end of the series for "health reasons".Hoshino recommends Tabuchi as his successor, but he refuses.[63], Defensive base coachAkada OkadaIs promoted[80].

Made in 2010Hanshin fanIn the questionnaire called Hanshin Tigers, which is selected by the director, Akinobu Okada, who is in second place, is more than doubled and is in first place.[81].

After retiring from Hanshin coach

2004/On January 1st, he was appointed as the "Senior Director with Owner (SD)" of the Hanshin Tigers.In the same year, he received an award for "prefectural uplifting service".[82].

While serving as SD, American Home Direct andKirin Beverage,Yamato Securities, Sakura real estate TVcommercialAppeared intalentAlso active.He also became a councilor at his alma mater, Meiji University, and also serves as an image character for the university. From October 2004Osaka University of Human SciencesHe is also a visiting professor of.Also, do not make an exclusive contract with a specific broadcasting stationFreelanceAs a baseball commentator in Japan, he appeared on professional baseball broadcasts on each TV station.[Source required].

2005/In July, the "Dream Hoshino Sports School" headed by Senichi Hoshino started (2008/close).

From August to September 2005, he was slumped in the B class in the same season and was named as the next coach candidate for the giant who had missed the championship for the third consecutive year.It was reported that a giant baseball team executive made a secret contact with Hoshino several times under the surface of the water and requested to take office, but on September 8, the same year, he met himself at a hotel in Osaka city and officially announced that he would remain in the Hanshin Tigers. "I'm grateful to receive compliments from the executives of the long-established team (giant)," but denied that there was no official request for director appointment, and "Giant Senichi Hoshino" became a phantom. finished [83].

2006/Started on October 10nd,NTV series OfNews program"NEWS ZERO], Appeared irregularly as a special commentator.

Beijing Olympics coach

2007/January 1, the following yearBeijing OlympicsBecame the manager of the Japan National Baseball Team.The next day"Hoshino JAPAN"In your own personal nameTrademark registrationI applied. "gold medalI didn't need anything else, "but the Olympics came in 4th place in the finals, resulting in a total loss of 3 races to the top 5 teams.

Regarding the fact that the result of the Beijing Olympics ended in 4th place, he defended the players who did not get a result at the press conference after the tournament, saying "I was sorry for the players"[84]..On the other hand, he lacked communication with the players, and despite the fact that the participating countries had the same conditions, he cited a strike zone different from Japan and a match in the morning different from Japan as excuses. At the return home press conference, he was criticized for saying, "I will accept it." rice field[85].

On October 2008, 10, after the Beijing Olympics, Hoshino attended the 15st WBC System Review Conference, which Hoshino also attended.2009 World Baseball ClassicIt has been decided that he will be appointed as the Japan national team coach.Already at this pointYoshitaka Shikatori-Kazuhiro TakedaIt was planned that they would be pitcher coaches, but there were many voices who were reluctant to take office as Hoshino's manager who could not leave a result at the Olympics, and on October 10, Hoshino was on his own HP. Finally declared not to take office, the representative director is the giant directorTatsunori HaraWill take over as a concurrent post.

Rakuten director era

2010/From May 5th, his first radio personality program "Senichi Hoshino's hot blood, Senichi Hoshino"ButMBS RadioIt will be broadcast on.

2010 year 10 month,Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesWas reported to negotiate as the next coach, and announced the resignation and withdrawal of Hanshin SD on the 19th.[86]..After that, on the 27thMiyagiSendai cityOfficially held an inaugural press conference for Rakuten director[87]..For the first time through players and managersPacific LeagueI will belong to a member team.The jersey number is "77", the same as when he was directed by Chunichi and Hanshin.Inviting Tabuchi again as a head and batter coach, and a junior college student as a battery coachTakashi Miwa, Kaoru Nimura, Sekikawa, as a second army coachHitoshi TanedaInvited[88]..Experienced in Major League BaseballAkinori Iwamura,Matsui KazuoEarned.

It was the first year2011/Happened on March 3thGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence ofClinex Stadium Miyagi (Ksta Miyagi)Was damaged, and the opening of the official game was postponed for two weeks, and it was replaced at the beginning of the opening.Hanshin Koshien StadiumI was playing a home game in the Kansai region.After returning to Sendai in May, the results declined, with 5 consecutive losses at the base, and in August it fell to 5th place with 8 consecutive losses, but in the latter half of the same month, it won 7 consecutive wins and was temporarily 5rd. He participated in the climax series advancement battle with Orix and Seibu, but eventually ended up in 7th place, 3 games behind the 3rd place Seibu.As the director of Rakuten, he pleaded with the people involved in the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization, and the All-Star Round 3 of this year was to be held at Ksta Miyagi in the name of reconstruction from the earthquake.Off has been leading the team as No. 5 from the beginningTakeshi YamazakiHoshino himselfOut-of-force notificationAnd left the group.Yamazaki of this year left due to a breakdown, and it was the first time in seven years since 2004.Regular turn at batAlthough I missedUnified sphereWas introduced and the number of home runs decreased, but he was hitting 11 home runs at the top of the team, but he was notified that he was out of force in order to rejuvenate.Also at the front deskIsao Fukuda[89], In a scoutMinoru Hayakawa[90], To the second army batter coachTomio Tashiro[91]Was invited.

2012/May 5th, 11th round against Orix (Kyocera Dome), The pitcher-born director[92], And became the first coach born after the war to achieve a total of 1000 wins (876 losses, 42 minutes, as of May 2012, 5).[93][94].. It was the 2004th record in history since Sadaharu Oh in 12.By the way, when he won the next 12th and became the 1001st win, which is the same as his own name "Senichi", he commented "Oh, 2000 more wins until 999 wins" and made the press laugh.[95]..Yamazaki, who was out of force, transferred to Major League BaseballHisashi IwakumaIn addition to leaving the group, the first half of the gameMasahiro Tanaka,Matsui Kazuo,Motohiro Shima,Louis GarciaThe withdrawal of the main force was conspicuous, and it was feared that the strength would decline.However,Yoshinao Kamata,Kojima,Shintaro Masuda,GinjiIt was a relief, selecting a young man with no growth such asBeautiful horse studyGradually emerges, such as turning to the starting lineup.These young players are "Hoshino ChildrenWas also called[96][97].. Aug. 5,Fukuoka Softbank HawksIn turn, he moved up to 3rd place.After that, he continued to fight for the top position, and on July 7th, in the 18th year since the team was founded, he finished the first half of the game with a winning percentage of 8% or more and finished in 5rd place with A Clusteron.In the second half of the game, the returning veteran was in a bad condition and had a draw, and fell to 3th place with 8 consecutive losses. In the Seibu match in mid-August, he suffered three consecutive losses of the same card since the opening match.However, in September, he regained momentum and moved up to 5th place with three consecutive victories in the Seibu battle from the 8th.In the end, it was the 3th place behind the 9rd place Softbank by 7 game.He won the final race and the winning percentage was just 3%.In the same year, head coach Tabuchi was dismissed, but Tabuchi said, "Rakuten is on good terms with the owner.Dave OkuboCame and I was written by him. "[63]It has said.

2013/, Hoshino owns off the previous yearHiroshi MikitaniWhen he ate at the restaurant, he said, "You can't win unless you spend money on foreigners. That's an effective investment in baseball. The stronger you get, the more popular it becomes."Of the team presidentYozo TachibanaIs the Ama Scout Group Manager who was in charge of organizingToru KusunokiAnd 5 others were dismissed all at once, and Katsuya Nomura's honorary director was not renewed.[98].. Active dutyMajor Leaguer OfAndrew Jones,Casey maggie,Takashi SaitoAnd ranked second in the draftNorimotoWas nominated and the Norimoto was held just before the openingWBCIn consideration of Tanaka's fatigue, he was selected as the opening pitcher. April 4th pairChiba Lotte MarinesWar (QVC Marine Field) In the 8th inning, in the scene of 1nd base, Jones's turn at bat, 2nd base count XNUMX ball XNUMX strikeYoshihisa NaruseIt is judged that he missed the straight that was thrown by the player with a low outside angle and was struck out.Dissatisfied with thisShinji HashimotoHe was sent off for the first time in 2002 days since the match against the Giants on August 8, 23 (the sixth time in total, the first time he was sent off after taking office as director of Rakuten).The first half of the game ended with the team's first lead. Battle against Seibu on September 3892 (Seibu Dome) Achieved the first league victory in the history of the team.The director who won the league title in three different teamsMihara(Giants, Nishitetsu, Ocean),Yukio NishimotoFollowing (Daigo, Hankyu, Kintetsu), the third person in history, the director who led to the Central League championship is Mihara (Nishitetsu, Ocean),Shigeru Mizuhara(Giants, Toei),Hirooka Tatsuro(Yakult / Seibu),Katsuya Nomura(Nankai / Yakult),Sadaharu OhThe sixth person in history following (Giants, Daiei). With the 6 giantJapan seriesThen, he won the Japan Series with 4 wins and 3 losses, and became the first in Japan at the same time as Rakuten's first (also the only one in Japan). The league championship at the age of 66 and the number one in Japan are the oldest professional baseball championship records that surpass Shigeo Nagashima in 2000.

2014/On May 5th, my back pain worsened, and this day's pairTokyo Yakult SwallowsBattle (Meiji Jingu Stadium) Rest.The battle is for a pitcher coachYoshinori SatoTook command[99][100]..In subsequent inspectionsLumbar disc herniationAnd intractable disease (=Specific disease)Thoracic yellow ligament ossificationOn the 27th, the team announced that Hoshino would be resting after the same day, and that Sato would act as the acting director.[101]..After that, he underwent surgery, and it was announced by the team on June 6 that it was completed successfully.[102].. He was supposed to take command as director this year on June 6th,All star gamesHoshino became the general manager, and Sato became the acting director of the All-Star Game.[103]However, on July 7nd, he became the acting director of Rakuten.Hiroku Okubo(Sato devoted himself to the pitcher coach of the 7st Army), the director of the All-Star Game was once returned to a blank slate. NPB has asked Hoshino to supervise the All-Star Game, and on July 3rd it was announced that Hoshino would take command of the All-Star Game.[104], It was announced on July 7 that he would decline to command because he was not in time to recover from the team.[105]..in the end,Chiba Lotte MarinesDirector'sIto workWill serve as the director of all Pacific Leagues. Returned to director from Rakuten's general practice on July 7[106], The next 25th against Nippon-Ham Fighters (Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi) Returned to the match[107], The team is sluggish this year. On September 9th, he announced his retirement as a coach for this season only, and at a press conference held on the same day, Hoshino cites the reason for his retirement as poor results and two months away this year.[108]..Lost to the final match of the season against Orix on October 10, and the bottom was confirmed.The bottom of the previous year's winning team is the fifth time in history, HoshinoTokuharu Iida,Kaoru Bettoto,Rikuo Nemoto,Akihito Kondo,Katsuya NomuraAfter that, he became the lowest manager in both leagues, the sixth in history.[109].

After retiring from Rakuten

On November 2014, 11, Rakuten's appointment as a senior advisor was announced.[110].2015/September, Rakuten Baseball Team Co., Ltd.DirectorAppointed Vice Chairman[111](Until death[112]).

2016/In 7 monthAcute pancreatitisWhen you developPancreatic cancerWas discovered, but Hoshino's intention was not to disclose the illness at all.At this point, he had metastasized to the lungs and was treated with anticancer drugs without surgery.[113].

2017/January 1, 16Baseball hall of fameSelected as an award winner (expert award)[114].

On November 2017th and December 11st, 28, he attended his own "Celebrating the Baseball Hall of Fame", but after that he became ill and the year began.2018/At 1:4 am on January 5thMieTsu CityDied at the house of his second daughter, died at the age of 70[1][112][115][116].. The obituary was announced by the Rakuten baseball team on the 6th, and the sudden obituary was "It was Hoshino's intention, let's keep the public bullishness and complete the style of" Senichi Hoshino "to the end. It is the result of[1][112]..Hoshino's funeral was on January 1th with the deceased's willBurialWas held in Tsu City as[117].. On January 1th, it is the home of Rakuten.Rakuten Life Park MiyagiA flower stand was set up in Tokyo, and Rakuten fans visited and turned to flowers.It is said that the number of visitors on this day reached 9527.[118]..Both the Chunichi and Hanshin teams, which were directed by Hoshino, made the open match between the two teams at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium held by Hanshin on March 3 as a memorial match for Hoshino.In the game, a half-mast was raised, and Hanshin put Hoshino's jersey number "10" on his back, Chunichi's jersey number "77" on his back, and Chunichi's jersey number "77" on his left chest. Played in a special uniform[119]..Rakuten baseball team will hold Hoshino's farewell party on March 3thGrand Prince Hotel New TakanawaThe chairman and owner of RakutenHiroshi MikitaniRead the acknowledgments and condolences[120]..On the other hand, the Hanshin Tigers will be on the 28th.Herbis OSAKAWe held a farewell party at[121].

On March 3, Rakuten announced that Hoshino's uniform number "26", which he had been wearing when he was a coach, will be permanently retired.[1][122].


As will be described later, while living in a single-mother family is difficult, my mother paid 1000 yen from her living expenses and used it to purchase Senichi's gloves.[5].

In his sixth grade, he wrote that he used to piggyback on a friend with a disability in the same grade every day for a year and went to school.[123].

He has been an avid Hanshin fan since he was a kid, and the day after Hanshin lost, he quarreled with a giant fan.

volunteerHe is enthusiastic about his activities and tells athletes that he "dedicates 1% of his life to volunteers."In fact, he makes donations to local facilities for the disabled in Okayama almost every year.The importance of volunteering is self-authored[Source required]But he said.1984/Welfare facility in Okayama CityAsahikawasoVisit toTea battingWe donated a lot of baseball equipment.A teaball team was established at Asahikawaso, and a teaball tournament bearing the name of Hoshino is held every November.Hoshino himself goes to this tournament to encourage the players because he is camping in Kurashiki in the fall.

He dislikes the phrase "what is the young person now?" And says, "The young person now has the goodness of the young person. The player now has the way of dealing with the player now."[124].

Even after graduating as mentioned above, he had a passion for Meiji University and used the Meiji University song for the ringtone on his mobile phone.[125].

He has challenged the Japan Series 6 times throughout his active and coaching era, and in each case he played against a giant-born coach and lost 5 times in a row <1974 (active).Shoichi Kaneda(Lotte), 1982 (active)Hirooka Tatsuro(Seibu), 1988 (Director)Mori Akira(Seibu), 1999/2003 (Director)Sadaharu Oh(Fukuoka Daiei)>, but in 6 (Director) for the 2013th timeTatsunori Hara(Giant) won the championship for the first time.

There was a good reputation for the technique of grasping the human mind that grabs the hearts of athletes.On the other hand, it is said that the players were very afraid of their intimidating behavior.[126], It was a fierce temper that exposed the fighting spirit on the ground.However, he was a person who was attentive when he left the ground.[127].

As a director

During his time as a coach in Chunichi, he hit a player who played slowly,Takeshi NakamuraIs beaten almost every day,Hiromu KojimaHe used to hold his bloody mouth with a towel.[128].

Masahiro YamamotoTV programWhen I appeared inShinji InoueHoshino, who was furious at having hit two home runs, was beaten violently by saying, "You, a player who doesn't know your name hit a home run." Showing off[129]..In addition, Masahiro Yamamoto recalls when Hoshino was the director of Chunichi, saying, "In short, if I was hit, I was always scolded." I'm talking about it.On the other hand, he also expressed his gratitude, saying, "I'm a person who doesn't follow words, but he used me in the game."[130].

Marty KeenartIn December 2001,MSN JournalIn the article contributed to "The pitcher who joined Chunichi during the 1997 season, in the middle of the season."[Note 1]However, he failed to relieve twice in a row and was hit by Hoshino on his face and injured to the extent that he sewed three stitches.On the other hand, I was dissatisfied with the violent act called "Tekken sanctions" by Hoshino.Alonzo PowellHe was indignant and told Hoshino the next day, "If you think you are so strong, why don't you hit me?You are the one who goes to the hospital by ambulance.Stop hitting other players anymore! "But he wasn't able to play in the match after that." "Powell points out that the reason why Chunichi hasn't won in recent years is because the players are atrophied by Hoshino's violence." It has said[133]..However, Powell himself said in 2016,Nikkan Sports"Everyone asks me that I was in conflict with Hoshino. To be honest, I never had a conflict," Powell said with a laugh. About Hoshino "Usually kind people" "Me andDanelHe asked me if I needed something, gave me money to go out for a meal, and he really helped me. ”“ A person who is greedy for victory. What? I think he was a director who wanted to win even if he did, and I liked it. "[134].

When it was discovered that Tekken sanctions were being imposed during the Chunichi era, many reporters were wondering whether to write about it.Sankei sportsThe reporter wrote an article that criticized Hoshino, including the Tekken sanctions, and Hoshino, who knew it, called the reporter and asked, "What is this?" I just said, and left the director's office.[135]..In this way, the reporter who wrote the article criticizing Hoshino was called in and asked "What is this?" And had a friendship with Hoshino.Mengiki EmotoWill publish a book that describes Hoshino, and when Hoshino finds out, he asks "Do you really want to publish it?", Emoto explains the contents of the book, but Hoshino says "Moueewa". I hung up the phone.After that, Emoto talked with the editor and said, "Because it is one of the opinions, let's leave the part that is criticized. However, let's stop the part that is obviously bad." More than half of them turned red.Regarding these matters, Emoto said, "I silenced people who are critical of me in a way that is unique to Mr. Hoshino. Only Mr. Hoshino can do this."[136].

The condition for good supervision is "close communication with the reporter in charge".[137], I often had breakfast and lunch with the reporter, and always chatted for a long time while serving coffee and omelet rice.[138]..weekly magazineAERA"The situational judgment and dexterity with the media on his side is a genius," and Kensaku Kudo describes it as "the best" actor "in the history of professional baseball."[139].

In Chunichi, he won the championship twice in Hanshin and Rakuten, but he took over when he was in the 2th place or lower in the previous year and won the championship within 5 years, 4 years, every generation (40, 1988, 1999, 2003). Hoshino is the only champion in the year)[124].

Hoshino says, "I don't want to be in charge of the completed team. I did that in the middle of the day. I will improve my strength and rebuild the team. I feel comfortable with this." That[140].

Players are often replaced, and during the Chunichi era, 39 people were released in the first administration, 28 people were enrolled, and an average of 9 people were released in the second administration.[141]In 2002, when he was a coach of the Hanshin Tigers, he told the team that one-third of the 70 players had to be replaced, and the number of players replaced was 3.[142].

Was the president of the Hanshin TigersKatsuyoshi Nozaki"It is the job of the front desk to give the force to the field. Coach Hoshino runs and organizes the trade and negotiations for the acquisition of FA players by himself. Not only the presence in the game but also the ability to gather coaches and players He was excellent. You can create a winning team.GMWas a typical director, "he wrote in his book.[142].

On the other hand, as mentioned above, he won the league twice during the Chunichi era and once during the Hanshin era, but lost both in the Japan Series and missed the medal at the Beijing Olympics, so he was evaluated as "vulnerable to the short-term decisive battle". Was also[139]However, in 2013, when he won the league title as Rakuten coachClimax seriesWith 4 wins and 1 loss (including 1 advantage win)Japan seriesWith 4 wins and 3 losses, he became the first player in Japan.

He has been protesting a lot since he was coached by Chunichi, but the Central League refereeHiroshi TaniAccording to the report, most of the performances were to cheer the players and excite the fans, and they started after giving a refusal to the referee.As a director, he has been sent off six times in total for Chunichi (4 times), Hanshin (1 time), and Rakuten (1 time), but he has never been sent off during his active career.

In addition, he has a good reputation for selecting high school graduate rookies such as Takeshi Nakamura mentioned above and training young players since he was a coach of Chunichi.[143].

When he was a manager, he hated to walk, and when the starting pitcher fired walks or pitched with one point, he sometimes got angry when he walked to the first batter.[144][145]..It seems that this is because Hoshino had been beaten by the director when he walked in high school.[146].

Yamamoto MasaAfter retirementMeikyukaiOfficialYouTubeIn the video of the channel, he said, "I really thought that he was a selfish person who was sweet to himself and strict to others," while prefaced with "a great director."At the same time, it seems that the players had a tacit understanding that the beaten players would be used, and Yamamoto was relieved that he would have the next chance if he was beaten by Hoshino.Yamamoto asserted that "if I return to the age of 23 or 4, I will not do it under Director Hoshino even if I get 1 million yen", but I spent a transitional period from an unreasonable era to a rational era. I am also grateful that I was able to play an active role for a long time because I cultivated my physical strength.[147].

Chunichi era
  • Immediately after the inauguration of the first administrationKenichi TanizawaDecided to retire.Originally there was a feud with Tanizawa from the time of the player (however, Hoshino unilaterally hated Tanizawa), and it is said that the reason why he retired Tanizawa was the background of that feud.[148].
  • 1987/RookieShinichi KondoWas selected as the starting lineup.Kondo becomes the first in the history of professional baseballFirst pitching / first starting lineupNo hit no runAchieved[149]..As a result, he had been active for 6 years, but he was the youngest record in history at 18 years and 11 months.Monthly MVPWas awarded.He also contributed to the league title with eight wins the following year.
  • 1988/Rookie Kazuyoshi TatsunamishortstopSelected as a regular.TatsunamiOpenerHowever, the starting lineup "No. 2 Shortstop" will make a full appearance (the only high school graduate in the history of the team).[150]..At that time, it was difficult to hit, but I bought defensive power andbatting averageDespite being sluggish at .223, he continued to be patiently appointed and participated in 110 regular season games, 22Steal, 21SacrificeRecorded and contributed to the league victory.He won the Golden Glove Award for the first time as a rookie king and a high school graduate rookie for his defensive and base running skills.
  • Masahiro Yamamoto had 4 wins in 4 games pitched in the 0st army until the 5th year of joining the team, but in February 1988, the 2th year of joining the team, he had a business alliance.Los Angeles DodgersCamping at the same Vero Beach as the same, will remain in the United States as a baseball exchange study abroad with five young players[151]..In reality, Chunichi had to dispatch players to maintain an exchange relationship with the Dodgers, and players who could not be the force of the year were selected, but Hoshino said about Yamamoto, "The limbs are long and the body is big. If you are a real American leader, you may be successful because you are accustomed to handling such players. "[152]..Yamamoto regained his passion for baseball, which had been rotten at Vero Beach, learned a new ball type "screw ball", reigned as a starting lineup pillar, and was unquestionably selected as an all-star with an earned run average of 1 point. ..After his return, he contributed to the league championship with five wins.He then achieved 1 wins at the age of 5 andMost strikeout,Best defense rate,Sawamura PrizeHe became a big pitcher who won most of the pitcher titles.
  • Takeshi Nakamura1986/It is said that he was listed as a player to be rearranged at the front desk during the off-season.Although he is the first draft player, he has been in high school for two years.Out of forceI wasn't convinced by the battery coach at that timeYasuo KatoI instructed (Kurashiki Commercial High School, a junior at Meiji University) to "practice anyway, even if it breaks."Nakamura is off season in 2001YokohamaChunichi Dragons for more than 10 years before transferring tocatcherAs a catcher, he participated in a specified number of games and became one of the few players who recorded a stealing prevention rate of 5% or more twice.
  • Obtained by trading with SeibuKazuyuki OnoPlayed an active part as a pillar of throwing in 1988, won the most wins, and contributed to the league championship in the same year.Like Ono, Takashi Nishimoto, who was acquired with Shigeharu Kamogawa in a trade with a giant, also won the most wins and stopped the B-class fall, so the players Hoshino acquired in the trade are often active.[153].
  • 1999/Is a rookieKousuke FukudomeFukudome also responded well to 2%, 8 minutes, 4 home runs and 16 home runs, and contributed to the league championship with excellent results as a newcomer.However, the roughness was conspicuous, such as recording the 1st place in the strikeout league, and in addition, there was difficulty in defense. September 9thHiroshima City StadiumAtHiroshimaIn the scene of the first and second bases in the bottom of the 0th inning, which was greeted by 0-9 in the battleLeft handI was on the defensive, but I dropped a fly-type hit ball.He returned the runner to a walk-off home run.He started this matchPennant race,Japan seriesHowever, mistakes leading to the cause of defeat continued, and he was replaced at the end of the game.After that, Fukudome was one of the best in the ball world to win the Golden Glove Award four times.OutfielderGrow up to[154][155].
  • "From the fansDaitoyoI hit a little! This salary thief! ”Screamed on the bench,“ That's right! ”.Also, two months after the start of the 1988 season, at a meeting, "OchiaiI sometimes scolded Ochiai who wasn't feeling well, saying, "What month do you think it is!"[156].
  • On the other hand, in addition to Kondo mentioned above, in 1988SeibuSuddenly transferred fromMost winsOno, who contributed to the league title in the same year,Akira Uehara,Go YodaIn some cases, it was not possible to maintain good performance due to overuse, resulting in breakdowns and short-lived athletes' lives.
Hanshin era
  • 2002/In the opening round of the season, he won 3-1 but in the bottom of the 9th inning,Hideki MatsuiIn front of the centerKiyohara KazuhiroInfield hits infield hits the pinch of first and second base without death.I threw this far in the starting lineupKei IkawaShould be replaced by a pitcher coachYoshinori SatoHowever, Hoshino didn't turn around and let him continue throwing without even trying to go to the mound, saying, "I won't win.Ikawa suppressed the following and won the complete game. 206 strikeoutsMost strikeoutWon the title of.The following year, Ikawa contributed to the league championship by achieving the most 20 wins in the league, and threw 2005 innings every year except 200, winning double-digit wins for the fifth consecutive year and becoming Japan's leading ace pitcher.Hoshino said, "Usually, when a pitcher hits a home run, he gets tired and slows down by 5 kilometers, but Ikawa didn't have that on that day. It was a hit up to 3,4 times. It was a poten hit in front of Matsui's center 4 times, and Kiyohara's hit also missed the infield. I didn't have to flutter because it was a pinch. " Are[157].
  • 2003/ToTomonori Kanemoto FATransferred from Hiroshima.During the spring camp, Hoshino is Kanemoto every timeShinjiro Hiyama-NakaharuAlthough he was prominent as a fast-paced outfielder by naming the three outfielders, he missed more than three months due to a broken bone in the previous year and was almost swaying in the first half of the game.Norihiro AkahoshiTo "Akahoshi is refraining,SubstitutePersonnel "and commented.Akahoshi desperately appealed to the existence in the camp[158]..Actually, in Hoshino's concept, AkaboshiMedium-sizedRegular is confirmed[158], "Akahoshi is the type who says hard and stretches toward him, so I dared to say that."Akahoshi has grown into a player representing the league, winning the stealing king for five consecutive years.
  • Makoto Imaoka"It was very severe. Even if I won, it was 6 times (of the game)藤 本ToKujiPut in (second base) to meShuta TanakaWas used for defensive consolidation.I don't show my love.Do not compromise. "[159]It has said.
Rakuten director era
  • I haven't participated in one army for 4 years since I joined the group.GinjiFrom 2, his second year as a coach, he became a regular hitter of Rakuten.
  • At the first draft meeting as directorTakahiro Shiomi(Hachinohe University) Is nominated for the first place.Hoshino revealed that the reason for the nomination was "I was looking at this child if I was on the left," and had been evaluating it since college.[160]..When Shiomi was appointed as a starting pitcher from the first year, Shiomi was the first left-fielder of the Rakuten baseball team in 1.Regular pitch timeShowed an activity to reach.
  • Joined in 2013Andrew JonesCasey maggieIn response to this, he showed a response in consideration of his achievements in major leagues.At first, Maggie said that Hoshino was scared, and when he looked it up before coming to Japan, he found only anecdotes about "fighting generals."However, when I was invited to a dinner party for foreign players only in March, my impression changed significantly. "Is Mr. Baseball's Chunichi director modeled on Hoshino?" When the big leaguer who came to Japan asked about the main character's movie, Hoshino replied with a smile, "Yes," and the story bounced. ..It was one of the triggers to get intoxicated by touching the friendly personality, which is the opposite of the dignified exterior.With the success of Jones and Maggie, Rakuten won the league's first victory and the first in Japan in 3.Maggie left the team only in 2013, and in 2013 Jones did not hesitate to temporarily remove him from No. 2014 when he fell into a slump due to the thorough concentration of marks by other teams due to Maggie's departure.Jones had a remarkable batting eye, such as recording four dead balls, which exceeded the number of hits, but the contract was not renewed after 4 due to the low batting average.Hoshino also resigned as director at the same time as Jones left.After Hoshino's death, Jones said, "A very great person. Director Hoshino taught me about Japanese baseball and culture." Maggie said, "The baseball world and the world are a little out of Hoshino. I have retreated. I have only a feeling of gratitude to Mr. Hoshino. As long as I live on the earth, Mr. Hoshino will continue to live in my heart. "[161].


  • Father Senzo was in 1898HyogoKobe CityBorn in Okayama prefectureOku-gunOsafune Town(LaterSetouchi City) Grows up.Originally an oak surname, he was adopted by the Masada family.[162][163].. laterNagoya cityBecame an aviation engineer[164],Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesNagoya Aircraft Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Mitsubishi MotorsWas working for (predecessor of).1943/, Fukuda-cho, Kojima-gun, Okayama Prefecture at that timeMizushimaWhen Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mizushima Aircraft Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established, he was promoted to chief engineer, and the whole family returned to his hometown of Okayama prefecture and moved to Fukuda-cho.He died of a brain tumor at the age of 3 in October 1946, about three months before Senichi was born.[165]..Fukuda Town was dated June 1953, 6.KurashikiIt has been incorporated into.
  • Mother Toshiko was in 1912 in Kaichi Hoshino (Owari Domain OfClan doctor-Harumichi AsanoAs a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. MakiAichiHazu-gun(CurrentNishio) Born inToyohashiGrow up in. My mother, Maki, died of illness when I was two years old, and I moved to Tokyo with my father, Kaichi.Asakusa OfPaper wholesalerBecame the daughter ofGreat Kanto EarthquakeBecause it was damaged inNagoya cityEvacuated to[162][163]..Nagoya City Dai-ni High School (Nagoya Municipal Koyo High SchoolLeaving one of the predecessors of), at a hospital in Nagoya cityCaretakerIn 1935, he met and married Senzo, who had been admitted to the hospital where Toshiko works (however, both were successors, so he was not enrolled).[162][163]..After Senzo died, Toshiko worked hard as a farmer and worked as a dormitory mother at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mizushima Plant (later Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima Plant), while raising Senichi and her two older sisters with just one female hand.[166][167].. Marriage was approved on the condition that "the last child born will inherit the (maternal) Hoshino surname", so the youngest child, Senichi, will inherit the Hoshino surname.[162][163]..He died at the age of 2 on September 2003, 9, two days before Senichi won the league title as Hanshin coach.
  • Although the two older sisters are real sisters and younger brothers, they have different surnames, and until they got married, they gave their father's surname Masada.[162][163].
  • His late wife Fusako (1946-1997) was stationed before the war.aloneServed as an ambassadorDiplomat OfKurusu Saburo(That is, Kurusu is my grandfather-in-law from Hoshino's point of view)[168],Keio UniversityGraduation.I made two daughters with my wife[169]..When the second daughter got married, her husband's parents said, "It is regrettable that the Hoshino family will be cut off," and it was suggested that the second daughter's husband be adopted by the Hoshino family.Since Senichi also accepted this, her second daughter's husband inherited Hoshino's surname.[170].
  • So Tsutsui Thenephew[171][172].


In baseball, he is a senior in the Chunichi era.Eiji Bando, A student of the same grade at the 6th university in TokyoKoichi Tabuchi-Koji YamamotoFamous for his friendship with (the two are Hosei University).Beijing Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamThen, Tabuchi and Yamamoto entered the cabinet as coaches, and when Hoshino became Rakuten director in 2010, Tabuchi was appointed.Head coachInvited to.Tabuchi used to call him "Sen-chan", but after becoming a coach and coach of the Hanshin Tigers, he called him "director".[63].

Singer'sKazumasa OdaIs from the active era[173]Oda served as the opening ceremony in the opening game (against Orix) on April 30, 2013, when Hoshino was the director of Rakuten, while he was a friend of 4 years and called "Sen-chan" and "Kazumasa".[19],You can laugh! OfTelephone shockingThen, I appeared on February 1984, 2 with an introduction from Oda.[174].

yuanSumitomo Mitsui FG-Japan PostPresident'sYoshifumi Nishikawa,fashion designer OfHiroko KoshinoI had a friendship with him.At Hoshino's Osaka Supporters Association, Nishikawa was the chairman and Koshino was the vice chairman (general manager of the women's department).[175].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




1969Chunichi491661189----. 471754187.2157244539990172653.121.08
197041246101014----. 417835205.01721963441463090833.641.15
197135600095----. 643419103.299112021720046403.471.15
197248000098----. 52940498.271123995701033222.011.11
197344157131611----. 593676166.0134165593962157563.041.14
1974491771115910--. 625758188.01491950871373067602.871.06
197540266311754--. 773883217.220820489111122071672.771.18
197620206311060--. 625557132.2141202608601164583.931.26
19774230133118135--. 5811029245.1245267121212540105963.521.29
19783492005814--. 38540492.0106103662470055504.891.54
197928254101070--. 588665154.1168295137851090804.671.42
198029224106121--. 333573129.2143254436702179735.071.44
198123234001090--. 526602142.0152203744693067623.931.33
19821810100350--. 37530366.077152103370043395.321.48
Total: 14 years5002436615814612134--. 54788622128.22022266606628212252249398513.601.23
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Batting results

654 at bats 134 hits (.205) 15 RBIs 59 RBIs

Supervision results by year


Every time









1987Chunichi2 bit130685111. 5718.0168. 2653.6440
19881 bit13079465. 632(12.0)131. 2583.2041
19893 bit13068593. 53515.5149. 2563.6842
19904 bit13162681. 47726.0162. 2644.2643
19912 bit13171591. 5463.0178. 2623.5944
19962 bit13072580. 5545.0179. 2784.0149
19976 bit13659761. 43724.0115. 2434.3350
19982 bit13675601. 5564.0100. 2483.1451
19991 bit13581540. 600(6.0)120. 2633.3952
20002 bit13269630. 5238.0111. 2664.1953
20015 bit14062744. 45615.098. 2533.4854
2002Hanshin4 bit14066704. 48519.0122. 2533.4155
20031 bit14087512. 630(14.5)141. 2873.5356
2011Rakuten5 bit14466717. 48223.553. 2452.8564
20124 bit144676710. 5007.552. 2522.9965
20131 bit14482593. 582(7.5)97. 2673.5166
20146 bit10447570. 45117.078. 2553.9767
Total: 17 years22771181104353. 531Class A 10 times, Class B 7 times
  • In 2000, 5 games (3 win, 1 losses) for 2 days of suspension are not included in the total results (acting director isShimano Ikuo
  • 1987年から1996年は130試合制、1997年から2000年は135試合制(引き分けは再試合)、2001年から2004年は140試合制、2007年から144試合制
  • TaiziIs the best in Japan
  • The game difference of the winning year is the game difference with the 2nd place
  • In 2014, 59 games (40 wins and 17 losses) with a 23-day illness treatment period are not included in the total results (acting director isYoshinori SatoHiroku Okubo
Post season
年度Baseball teamTournament nameOpponentVictory
1988ChunichiJapan seriesSeibu Lions
(Pacific League1nd place)
1 win 4 defeat = defeat
1999Japan seriesFukuoka Daiei Hawks
(1rd place in the Pa League)
1 win 4 defeat = defeat
2003HanshinJapan seriesFukuoka Daiei Hawks
(1rd place in the Pa League)
3 win 4 defeat = defeat
2013RakutenPacific League Climax Series
Final stage (* 1)
Chiba Lotte Marines
(3rd place in the Pa League)
4 wins 1 losses= Advance to Japan Series (* 2)
Japan seriesYomiuri Giants
(SE League1nd place)
4 wins 3 losses= No. XNUMX in Japan
  • Win or loseTaiziIs the winning series
* 1 The climax series final stage6 match systemThe first to win the team that won 4 times,One win advantage over the league winning team
* 2 Including one advantage win
Baseball competition at the Olympics

Made in 2008Beijing Olympic baseball competitionThen, as a directorRepresentation from JapanCommanded.

年度Tournament nameTeam nameVictory
2008/Beijing OlympicsRepresentation from Japan4 bit


  • Highest win rate: 1 time (1975) * No federation commendation at that time[176]
  • Most save pitcher: 1 time (1974) * First in the Central League, the only time in history to receive the Sawamura Award at the same time



First record
  • First pitching/first start: March 1969, 4, vsHiroshima Toyo Carp3rd round (Hiroshima City Stadium), Losing pitcher with 2 goal in 3 innings
  • First victory / first starting victory: May 1969, 5, 5th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Fukui Prefectural Stadium), 6 run 2/3 for 1 runs
  • First strikeout: Same as above, one behindKoji Yamamotoから
  • First complete pitch: June 1969, 5, vs.Ocean Whales9rd round (Kawasaki Stadium), Losing pitcher with 8 goal in 3 innings
  • First complete game victory: September 1969, 9, 3th round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Chunichi Stadium), 9 runs in 2 runs
  • First closed victory: June 1969, 9, vs.AtomsRound 24 (China-Japan Stadium)
  • First save: June 1974, 4, vs.Yomiuri Giants2rd round (Korakuen Stadium), Relief pitched and completed as 8nd in the bottom of the 2th inning 2 deaths, 1/1 in the 3st inning
Record of milestone
  • 100 wins: April 1977, 7, vs.Hanshin Tigers12th round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), 9th inning 3 runs complete game victory * 69th person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: April 1979, 6, 26nd round against the Hanshin Tigers (Hanshin Koshien Stadium), back three timesMike LinebackFrom ※ 57th person in history
  • 500試合登板:1982年10月12日、対阪神タイガース26回戦(ナゴヤ球場)、8回表に6番手で救援登板、1回3失点 ※史上50人目
Other records

Uniform number

  • 22 (1969-1970)
  • 20 (1971-1982)
  • 77 (1987-1991, 1996-2003, 2011-2014)

Senichi Hoshino Memorial Hall

In March 2008, the Senichi Hoshino Memorial Hall opened on the 3nd floor of a building in the Bikan Historical Quarter, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.[177]..Approximately 1000 items such as the grab that Hoshino bought for the first time, the commemorative medal of the Sawamura Award, and the uniform of the match that decided the league victory during the Hanshin coach era are exhibited.[177].. A total of about 2021 people visited the museum by 50[177]..Hoshino's friend Toshiro Nobuhara was the director, but it closed on November 2021, 11 due to the fact that it became difficult to manage due to old age.[177][178]..All exhibits have been donated to Kurashiki City, and it is being considered that they will be exhibited at a new exhibition site.[177].

Related information

Awards other than baseball

Fashion related


Single Author

  • "A book that fights Senichi Hoshino's giant army in an interesting way" (文藝 春秋, October 1983)
  • "Senichi Hoshino's wonderful baseball guy" (Nikkan Sports Publisher, October 1983)
  • "Baseball Special" (Bungei Shunju, July 1986)
  • "Burning and winning: I will fight the giant again" (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, December 1987,ISBN 4408130826
  • "Senichi Hoshino's Internet Enthusiasm" (Sesame bookstore, October 1996)
  • "Burning, believing, winning !:" Words of flame "until the '99 V recapture" (Tokyo Shimbun Publishing Bureau, December 1999,ISBN 4808306921
  • "Hard Play Hard-The Road to Victory" (March 2000, Bungei Shunju)
  • "The Road to Victory" (April 2002,Bunshun library, Bungei Shunju, the above-mentioned "Hard Play Hard-The Road to Victory" was made into a paperback and partially revised)
  • "When in doubt, go ahead !: The road to Tigers regeneration, even if it's steep" (October 2002,Shufutoseikatsusha
  • "Senichi Hoshino Fighter's Diary" (September 2003, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
  • "Complete Burning: Completion of the Fighting General's Diary" (November 2003, Jitsugyo no Nihonsha)
  • "Dream: 647 Days to Achieve Life-threatening V" (October 2003, 10,Kadokawa ShotenISBN 978-4-0488-3851-1
  • "Move an organization that moves people" (July 2004, NHK Human Lecture,NHK Publishing
  • "Simple Leader Theory: 647 Days to Achieve Life-threatening V" (April 2005, Bungei Bunko, Bungei Shunju)
  • "If you just do it, that's fine. : The Leader's Words of Love and Courage ”(March 2007, 3,PHP Institute
  • "Hoshino style" (November 2007, 11,World Culture/ Revised edition, January 2011, 1)
    Most of the content overlaps with "Hard Play Hard-The Road to Victory".


Related books


TV program

And many others

Radio program



  • "Shinobi Ai" (Lyrics:Yoko Yamaguchi・Composition:Mitsuru Kotani) JASRAC work code: 040-5205-6
  • "The lights of the city sway" (lyrics: Yoko Yamaguchi, composition:Komei Sone) JASRAC work code: 080-5886-5

Actor / voice actor who played the role of Senichi Hoshino




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注 釈

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Shinji Konaka

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Shinji Imanaka'sImage providedplease.(March 2015

Shinji Imanaka(Shinji Imanaka,1971/May 3 -) isOsakaKadomaFormer originProfessional baseball player(pitcher, Left-handed left-handed) ・coachBaseball coach, etc.Baseball commentator.NicknameIs "Chu"Or"Imachu. "

During the active ageChunichi DragonsBelong toMost wins,Sawamura Eiji PrizeAnd so on1990 era OfNPBWas active as a representative left arm[1].


Amateur age

OsakaKadoma OfFurukawabashi StationBorn in the surrounding area[2], Under the influence of my older brother, 3 years olderHamacho Elementary SchoolWhen I was in 2rd gradebaseballStarted[3]..Originally right-handed, but at this time a middle-aged woman in the neighborhood for left-handedGrabI got it and started using it, so I was thrown to the left[3].. Same as my brother in the third gradeBaseballJoin the team and from the 4th gradepitcherBecame[3].Kadoma Daiichi Junior High SchoolWas established in the same yearLittle seniorJoined the team Kadoma Senior and has been an ace since the first year.[3]..There was a ball speed from that time, but it was difficult to win the tournament because the team's defensive power was not high, so he thought about quitting baseball.[3].

After entering the Daito school building of Osaka Sangyo University High School, it was not conspicuous at the beginning of enrollment, but it seems to be mistaken immediately.FastballI started throwing and visited the schoolHitoshi Tamaru(At that time, Hanshin Scout) also received high praise.[3].. 1rd summerOsaka Prefecture TournamentEntered the bench from the beginning, and in the autumn prefectural tournament, the quarter-final pairPL schoolI pitched in the battle.Although this match was lost 0 to 1,Kazuyoshi Tachinami,Hiroki NomuraIn the next yearConsecutive spring and summerWell suppress the powerhouse who fulfillsNPB OfscoutHas come to attract attention from[3].. In the winter of 2Subarachnoid hemorrhageI lost my mother and I was very depressed mentally[4]At the age of three, I recovered mentally and began to clearly aim to become a professional in the future.

I was promoted to the third grade1988/Daito school buildingOsaka Toin High SchoolBecome independent as. At the Osaka Prefectural Tournament in the summer of 3rd year, he lost in the first match at the end of overtime while stealing 15 strikeouts.[5], I never participated in Koshien.VaguelyUniversityI was planning to go on to school, but at 145km / hFastball[6]Scouts from all teams come to school[5]It is attracting a lot of attention,1988 Draft ConferenceChunichi DragonsReceived the 1st place nomination from.The scout in charge isHideaki HomotoSo, we have a membership contract with a contract fee of 6000 million yen and an annual salary of 480 million yen (both estimated).[7]..For synchronization,batteryWas assembledAkira Kiriyama(In 1988Nippon Ham FightersToOutside the draftJoined in).

Professional player era

First half of active duty

1989/ TheShinichi Kondo,Akira UeharaFollowing the example ofCampからOpen battleDuring the period of the second army, I was devoted to strengthening physical strength such as running and defensive practice[6].Hiroshi Shintaku,Mitsuo InabaWork on form correction and physical fitness improvement under the guidance of[6]As early as May 5thNagoya StadiumAt the pair巨人Played the first pitch of the first army in the battle[5].. April 9HiroshimaAt the pairHiroshimaStarting in the warKitabeppu studiesAnd throw it twiceBeansWhile crushingAron AlphaThrow 5 times[5]He won his first professional victory.For off-autumn campsLos Angeles DodgersA temporary coach came from, and at that timeMLBWas in fashionSplit fingered fastballI learned a system of forkball[8].

1990/, Pitcher coach at the campHidetoshi IkedaInstructed by follow-through etc., straight growth and sharpness of the changing ball improved[9]. Also,sinkerI also tried to learn[10].. On March 3th, in defensive practice, the knock ball was hit on the knee and North Low adjustment continued, but on March 4th.ToyohashiMade inDaieiIn the open battle withMurata KatsukiIn the 5th inning, he threw 61 balls and showed a good throw with 2 hits and no runs.[9]..After the opening, expectations were placed as a future left ace, and it was mainly appointed as a starting lineup.[11]..At that time, there was still a place to throw indiscriminately.[12]Although,Starting rotationEstablished in, 6 complete games, etc.Regular pitch timeHas reached and recorded 10 wins.

1991/,All star gamesIn the 2th inning of the 7nd round, he threw 2 innings and kept 1 hit and no runs.The same yearShinji SasaokaWithBest defense rateIn the final round of the seasonDouble headerAlthough it started in a rowDefense rateI missed the title by a difference of 0.08.

1992/Hit the ground ball on the left wrist in the match against the Giants on April 4th.fractureAnd I'm back in the summer three months later[13]..Shortly after the fracture was healed, my grip strength did not recover easily, and even if I played catch lightly, I felt a sharp pain in my wrist.But for some reasoncurveOnly because it was thrown painlesslyRehabilitationAs a result, I continued to play long-distance catch using only curves.At first I couldn't control it, but I gradually got the hang of it, and this can be said to be the deciding ball now.Slow curveIt is said that it was the opportunity to learn[14][13]Also, while training the muscles of the forearm, the left elbowFree cartilageAlso states that they happened to stick together[15]..In the same year, he pitched 11 games, but with 8 wins and 2 losses, he has an earned run average of 1.77.

1993/, Served as his first opening pitcher and suffered 4 consecutive losses after 5 consecutive wins in the opening, but he made a big comeback from there.[12], April 7 vsYakultThen, he recorded 1 strikeouts in one game, which was the most tie record in the Central League at that time. Participated for the first time in 16 yearsAll star gamesThen, he pitched as 1nd in the 2st round, pitched 2 times, 4 hits and 2 runs.In the same year, he started pitching once or twice a week.[12], 249 innings are thrown.Also, in the match against Yakult at Nagoya Baseball Stadium on September 9, 2 times 9 deathsTakahiro IkeyamaHe was hit by a tie home run and continued to throw until the extension, but ended up in a 15-time draw and missed the chance to rise to the top.This match will be the following year10.8 decisive battleAlong with, it is said that it is the most memorable in the active era[16]..The final result of the same year was 17 wins and 7 losses, an ERA of 2.20, and 247 strikeouts.Most wins,Most strikeoutShining in such a way, satisfying all the examination itemsSawamura PrizeWas awarded.By the way, in the 1990s, only Shinji Sasaoka in 1991 met all the examination items except now.again,Best nineGolden Grab AwardHas also been elected.

1994/,All star gamesIn the 2th round of the 9nd round,IchiroThey are being beaten up by the trio.In the same year, the team fought fiercely with the giant until the final round of the season, and the starting pitchers on the 2nd and 3rd of the middle continued, but they did not complain of pain.10.8 decisive battleThen before the matchTakeshi NakamuraThey are so trusted that they are asked by the players' association to start the game because they can win or lose, and the other players who lost the game after dropping 4 goals in the 5th inning. I said I had no regrets[17]..Imanaka himself later said that the condition of his left shoulder gradually deteriorated from the summer of the same year.[18].

1995/, The sharpness of the ball such as the curve was getting worse due to fatigue etc.[17]However, he was the only team in the team to reach the prescribed number of pitches and scored 2 complete games in 15nd place in the league.All-star game of the same yearThen, he pitched as 1nd in the 2st round and kept 2 innings perfectly.Also, from an MLB scout, he went to the United States in the same year.Hideo NomoHas received higher praise,Cincinnati RedsDirector'sDave JohnsonIt is said that there was a consultation for acquisition by trading during the season[19].

1996/, Served as the opening pitcher for 4 consecutive years, and achieved 6 strikeouts in the fastest 27 games in the history of the team in the match against Hiroshima on June 186 at Nagoya Baseball Stadium.[20]By July, he has won nine wins.But on July 7thTokyo DomeIn the match against the Giants in Japan, he dropped out in the shortest 1/3 times when he entered the pro and complained of pain in his left shoulder.Immediately after being deregistered from the 2st Army after being diagnosed as requiring XNUMX weeks of rest due to left shoulder periarthritis on the next day's examination.All star gamesDeclined to participate and insteadTakashi SaitoIs participating[20]..Half a month before this failure, he had avoided pitching due to back pain, but due to the circumstances of the team competing for victory, he resumed pitching practice a week later and returned to the first army on July 1, August 7. In the match against the Giants at Nagoya Baseball Stadium on the day, he won a complete game with one goal.After that, he pitched on the pitch with the feeling of strangeness on his left shoulder remaining.[20]He has won four more and has recorded 4 wins, which is a double-digit win for four consecutive years.

Second half of active duty

1997/, I broke my left shoulder again before camp and felt a distinctly different pain[21], A close examination confirmed damage to the back muscles[22]..For this reason, although we made slow-paced adjustments to reduce the burden while checking the condition of the shoulders, we made the first pitching in the open game on March 3th.LotteIn the battle, the ball speed stays at a maximum of 124 km / h[22]..Furthermore, after the match, the recurrence of periarthritis of the shoulder was found and he could not practice pitching, so he abandoned the opening pitcher for the fifth consecutive year. Registered as an army in June, June 5thNagoya DomeIn the battle against the GiantsReliefAlthough he pitched for the first time in the season, he returned to the second army and continued to readjust without returning to the ball power and sharpness.[23].. He returned to the 8st Army in August and started the season for the first time in the match against Yakult at Nagoya Dome on August 8, with a fastball of 15km / h and a slow curve of 143km / h in 90 innings with 6 hits and 3 run. I won my first victory[24]However, it ended in two wins in the same year.At the autumn camp, which was usually North Low, the pitcher coachMasanori MiyataEven though he stopped, he actively practiced pitching and told the people around him that his senses had recovered.[23].May 12Have a wedding ceremonySuzuki MuneoThe coupleMedium personIs serving[25].

1998/, The condition of the shoulder recovered, and he continued to strengthen his muscles and cast long distances from the camp. In the match against Yokohama (Nagoya Dome) on May 5th, he lost 16 point in the starting lineup, but after that he pushed with a straight ball and scored 1 goal in the 1th inning to win his second win of the season.[26][27]、結果的にこの勝利が、現役生活最後の勝ち星となった。6月5日のナゴヤドームでの対巨人戦では最速140km/hを記録して90km/hのスローカーブも戻り、8回131球を投げ2安打1失点の内容で復活の兆しを見せた[28]..However, the good condition did not continue, and he was KO'd with 4 hits and 7 runs in 9/2 innings ahead of the match against Yakult on July 3, which he had lost 5 times in a row.Senichi HoshinoWas ordered to switch to the soft throwing faction again and the registration of the XNUMXst Army was deleted.[28]..I had strongly refused from autumn until thenWeight trainingにも進んで取り組み、ランニングや坂路走で下半身を強化し、自身初となる12月の自主トレも行った[23]..The contract renewal for this year was scheduled to be done at the team office at 12:20 on December 16, but despite leaving the house early, he was caught in a heavy traffic jam in the downtown area of ​​Nagoya city. I'm a teammate at 17:XNUMX on the same dayKen KadokuraThe wedding reception was coming up, and the team executives were also scheduled to attend, so the place for renewal of the contract was changed to a wedding hall in a hurry.[29].

1999/, I made early adjustments such as starting pitching practice on February 2, but on the other hand the condition was so bad that I was afraid to enter the bullpen.[30].. Although he started the game against Hiroshima at Nagoya Dome on July 7, he ended up with 15 goals in the 2nd inning.Fukuoka CityWas examined again at the hospital[18]..Initially, I was thinking of rehabilitation treatment, but in order to get rid of the situation where the good shoulder condition lasts only for a few days, surgery to remove the left shoulder that was the cause of inflammation and remove 3 protrusions was performed in August. Received on the 8th[30]..The surgeon was surprised that the affected area had deteriorated, but the operation, which took five hours, was successful, and he continued to rehabilitate in Fukuoka for several months.In the same year, the team won the league title for the first time after joining the team, but on September 5th.ShogunEven when the victory was decided against Yakult in Fukuoka city, he was fishing at night with a doctor.[5]..In the end, this season ended in his first unwinning career, and he couldn't contribute to his first league victory after joining the pros.With DaieiJapan seriesIn that case, it also serves as a progress reportFukuokaI visited my dormitory and quietly left with words of encouragement to my teammates.[30].

2000/It was the first time in 11 years to start at the second army camp, and the season ended without the first army pitching for the first time.The off contract renewal will take a significant reduction in salary until February of the following year, and Director Hoshino has given an ultimatum saying, "Thank you just for the contract."[30].

2001/Is JuneCape IragoThe pitcher coach's attitude to actively work on running in the joint voluntary training atHisashi YamadaIt was evaluated as a start in the 2st Army camp for the first time in XNUMX years.[30]..On January 1th, just before the campYomitan StadiumI threw 100 pitches with my bullpen, and even during the camp, I managed to pitch the number of pitches, but there was a problem with controlling the pitch.Although the ball speed was only 131km / h in the open game,fork,shootIn the match against Lotte on March 3rd, he kept 3 innings to 4 goal.However, as the fielder's condition improved, the number of scenes hit was increased, and the match against the educational league on March 1HanshinIn the battle, he threw 5 balls 106 times, 8 hits, 5 walks, and 3 runs, so he gave up joining the opening team.[31]..Although he pitched in seven games in the same year, he decided to retire in October due to his lack of energy.Yamada thinks about regeneration as a middleman[32], It is said that there was a consultation for acquisition from other teams[18].. Retirement press conference held on November 11th[18].

After retirement

2002/May 3At Nagoya DomeOrix Blue WaveA retirement ceremony was held during the open battle withYoshitomo TaniA bouquet was presented by the eldest son after playing against[33]..The retirement ceremony for Chunichi players will be held in the open game in 1997.Genji GuoSince then, next in 2010Kazuyoshi TachinamiMet.Also, from the same yearNHKBecame a baseball commentator in Nagoya, and also provides guest commentary at the commercial broadcasting station in Nagoya.Chunichi SportsHe is also a baseball critic.

2009/In the Pacific League ranking forecast, Nippon-Ham won the league title.

2010/However, he predicted the victory of Chunichi and Softbank and hit the mark.again,Professional Baseball Masters LeagueThen I belong to Nagoya 80D'sers.

2012/From the season, he became the second pitcher coach of the old nest and Chunichi.After the same seasonHiroshi GondoWith the departure of the XNUMXst pitcher coach, he became the XNUMXst pitcher coach.

2013/Initially, he was in charge of the bullpen, but due to the slump in the team, from the battle against Seibu on June 6th.Makoto KondoI was in charge of the bench in place of the pitcher coach.May 10, The team announced that they will not sign a contract for next season[34].

2014/Since then, he has been active as an NHK baseball commentator (mainly appearing in the general TV Tokai local Chunichi-controlled game and BS major league broadcast).

Characteristics as a player

Pitching style

From a slender figure, the fastest speed is close to 150km / in the heyday.[35]Good sharpnessFastballAnd around 100km / hSlow curveToFork ballAnd 70-80km / h super slow curve[36]I was throwing a mixture of.Moreover1996/From aroundChange upWas also using[36]..Consciously throw these changing balls in exactly the same form to play with the batter,catcher OfTakeshi NakamuraWas often worried that the sign was wrong until just before the release.[36]..In particular, the curve was a form that seemed to swing the arm more powerfully than the straight, so it became easier for the batter to be inserted straight or the body to thrust into the curve.[17].

Always think about how to complete the game when starting, and assemble the pitch with straights and curves up to the 5th inning, and from around the 3th inning when the batter gets used to the 4rd to 6th rounds.Fork ballWas mixed[37]..The fork threw only about 10 balls at most, but by increasing the number of ball types from the end, it became difficult to narrow down the aim and took the initiative, and there was also the effect that the opponent was impatient trying to capture by the middle stage with few ball types. That[37]..It is a style that completes a game within 3 points regardless of the score of allies, and if you get 8 points, you can allow up to 7 points.Yamamoto MasaTakeshi Nakamura describes it as a contrast to[17]..For this reason, they were often given the starting lineup because they were evaluated for being unable to score points in important games.[17].

While using a sphere with a low outer angle as a base, he emphasized the effective use of the internal angle in order to make the best use of it.Throwing to the internal angle requires courage and control because it tends to be a long hit when the course becomes sweet, but I thought that it would be possible to hit by stepping on the outside angle alone or it would lead to self-destruction by walks.[38].

Slow curve

The slow curve is1992/I have learned to take advantage of rehabilitation from a broken bone.In the battle against Hanshin immediately after returningYutaka WadaIt is said that he threw a curve from the full count and rarely overlooked Wada and took a strikeout and got a response.[39].index fingerMiddle fingerFrom the center of the ball to the seam and squeeze it very looselythumbWas about to be attached.From this state, without twisting the wrist, it was released in front of the face and thrown with the feeling that it slipped out between the index finger and thumb.[40]..It was possible to throw it on the base with the image of dropping it from directly above, and to throw the inside and outside angles separately.[17].

From the batter's point of view, it seemed to fall from a high trajectory so that it went out of the strike zone, and it felt like it was spinning and stopping before entering the mitt.[13]..For this reason, batters often get cramped,Thomas O'MalleyWas especially disliked by foreign batters[17].Tatsunori HaraWhen only the curve is thrown in a row of 8-9 balls againstfoulHas become[17], It was an effective ball to hit a foul and to count.Also, because there is no repulsive force, it will not fly even if it is hit.[36], The batter always reacts because the ball speed is slow[14]It is said that it was a ball that was easy to use.

Fork ball

Since his fingers are short and the opening is narrow, he has given up on learning forkball, which holds the ball firmly.However1989/Learned a shallow split-fingered fastball fork at the autumn camp1991/I started using it from around the time.There were variations in the head, but the change was basically small, with only one ball falling clearly in one game.[37]..If you go high, it will be a perfect ball, but if you place too much emphasis on controlling the ball, it will be detected from the swing of your arm, so it was said that you emphasized swinging your arm strongly while being aware of the low level.[8].

The fork was difficult to improve due to the shallow grip, and I rarely threw it in practice.The fork itself is often hit hard, and the leaders told me not to throw it in the game.[36], I kept throwing to take advantage of straights and curves[21].1994/I came to play fromHiromitsu OchiaiAlso, the existence of the fork is said to be very large.[21].


74 in his total recordComplete pitchI was proud to mention[12]. versusDead ballIs less1994/1995/Although he has a record of 0 hit by pitch, he also said, "If there is no fear of a hit by pitch, the batter can hit 4%."[41]To some extent, I thought that the dead ball was unavoidable.At the same time, in a year when there is little shyness, he has a record of 0 shyness by throwing a full season as a starting lineup.Pitch a lot in the battle against giantsStarting rotationAlthough he is a giant killer who has won a total of 25 wins with this card, partly because he was formed.[12],Shoichi Kaneda,Yuka EnatsuIt fell short of the record of five or more wins against the Giants for the third consecutive year.

Also, while throwing to the left, the total batting average is .263 (1301 at bats 342 hits) for left-handed batters and .244 (3528 at bats 860 hits) for right-handed batters, which is incompatible with left-handed batters.[42]..Regarding this, "Old left-handed batters were not good at balls that escaped to the outside angle, but modern left-handed batters also respond well to left-handed pitcher sliders, etc., and the general theory that left-to-left is pitcher-friendly does not always hold. It's an era, "said after retirement.2002/Talking to[42].

Yamamoto, a fellow player who won a total of 25 wins by the age of 85, but took off his uniform without reaching 100 wins due to a subsequent breakdown, went on sale at the same time and continued to be active until the age of 50, eventually marking 219 wins. It contrasted with the length of Masa's breath, but the impression he left for Chunichi fans was as strong as Yamamoto, and it has been told for a long time along with the two ace of Iwaishi.

Relationship with other players

Hiromitsu OchiaiMaeda SatoshiHas the image of being able to hit easily, and in scenes with runners, etc.[16]..These two are the most memorable batters, and they are in their own condition.barometerBut it was also[16]..In pitcherMasumi KuwataWas the most memorable, and in addition to the fact that the bat did not hit the pitch at all, I felt that it was incompatible so that I had no memory of winning by throwing each other.[16].

Was a regular catcherTakeshi NakamuraHe has a lot of trust in him, and he appeared after his retirement.Sunday DragonsI showed one side that shed tears when I watched the video from Nakamura.[43].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




1989Chunichi107000140--. 20020040.27151700301032316.862.16
199031196111061--. 625641144.2169125424852067623.861.57
1991362784212130--. 480822193.01921059631676066542.521.31
1992118612820--. 80029476.15281920660017151.770.93
1993313014301771--. 708982249.01832059122475067612.200.98
1994282514211393--. 591785197.01661842201568068632.881.06
1995252415331290--. 571773189.01781845201506172693.291.18
1996252411211480--. 636757179.21751357011538075663.311.30
1997108000220--. 50019544.24251913180023204.031.43
19981414000280--. 20027662.16442821501041375.341.49
199951000010--. 000388.0111101600777.881.50
Total: 12 years23318774161091695--. 56958121395.11315115406181511293715394893.151.24
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league




First record
  • First pitching: July 1989, 5, vs.Yomiuri Giants9rd round (Nagoya Stadium), Relief pitched and completed in 8th place in the top of the 3th inning, 2 runs in the 1st inning
  • First strikeout: Same as above, two times in the tableToshio Shinozukaから
  • First starting pitcher: June 1989, 5, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp5rd round (Hiroshima City Stadium), Losing pitcher with 4 goal in 3 innings
  • First victory: September 1989, 9, 17nd round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), 22 goal in 5 innings
  • First complete pitch victory: March 1990, 6, vs.Yokohama Ocean Whales8th round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), 9th inning 1 goal
  • 初セーブ:1990年8月25日、対読売ジャイアンツ19回戦(ナゴヤ球場)、7回表1死に2番手で救援登板・完了、2回2/3無失点
  • First shutout victory: August 1990, 8, 29rd round against Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Nagoya Baseball Stadium)
  • First home run: August 1996, 4, vsYakult Swallows4rd round (Meiji Jingu Stadium), 3 timesTerry brothFrom Ugoshi solo
Record of milestone
  • 1000 pitches: July 1995, 7, 6th round against Yomiuri Giants (Nagoya Baseball Stadium) * 15st person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: June 1996, 6, against Hiroshima Toyo Carp 27th round (Nagoya Baseball Stadium), 14th inningTomonori KanemotoFrom ※ 97th person in history
Other records
  • All star gamesParticipation: 4 times (1991, 1993-1995) * Although he was elected in 1996, he declined to participate.[44]

Uniform number

  • 14 (1989-2001)
  • 71 (2012-2013)

Related information

Starring program



注 釈


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