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🥋 | Naoya Inoue "The best performance for unifying four groups" 4 Defense battle in Japan for the first time in two years

Photo Naoya Inoue

Naoya Inoue "Best Performance for Unification of 4 Groups" 12.14 Defense Battle for the First Time in 2 Years in Japan

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The audience is also required to have an unusual white dress code.

Boxing WBA World Bantamweight Super, IBF World Bantamweight Unification Champion Naoya Inoue (28) = Ohashi = 18 ... → Continue reading

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Dress code

Dress code(Fucking,English: dress codeDress code) Means "Rules for dressing in groups such as the military and schools, gatherings such as parties, and high-class restaurants."[1]That.In a narrow sense, it refers to what is defined as a clear rule,Dress OfEtiquette In some cases, it may include general norms in that era or region.International ritual (protocol) Based on the dress code on the invitation[2].


軍隊 OfMilitary uniform,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular-Law enforcement OfuniformIsRuleHowever, the dress code that is generally said is not as enforceable as those, and its norms are gradually fading as the times progress.note that,Dress WesternIn culture, at parties and gatherings,Formal dress(White tie),Semi-formal dress(Black tie),Formal dress,Plain dress, Etc., and depending on the time of day (daytime or nighttime) when the meeting is heldLunch clothes(Morning dress,Afternoon dressSuch),Formal wear(Evening dresses,Dinner dressSuch)[3]There are traditional norms such as being classified as, and they are still applied today at official national events.

These dress codes are in your personal life.Ceremonial occasionIt appears prominently in specially modified scenes such as, but there are no written rules for these either.Etiquette Because it is in the category of common sense of that era, there are large changes depending on the country, region, and era.In addition, it is high-classRestaurants,Hotel,Cruise liner,casinoso,Shorts-Sandals・ NotieIs also a kind of ban.

Formal wear


In ancient times, it was basically more than semi-formal wear, but in modern general society, the level of formal wear is normal, and in Japan, it is often stated in invitations that "please come in plain clothes".


In countries and regions other than JapanFuneralWhen attending, the combination of black suit and black tie, which is common in Japan, is not common, so match it with the local clothing customs.Usually a dark suit and a plain tie will suffice[4].


Dress code may be enacted in various sports, especially in official games.[5]..In addition, there may be cases where the rules regarding clothing include rules regarding clothing.[6].

judoThen the athlete's judo garment[7], There are regulations on the clothes of the referee.fatherInternational Judo FederationAt the sponsored tournamentCoach dress codeThere is[8]..In the final block, jackets and formal shoes are worn.Male coaches wear ties.

Relationship with uniforms

In terms of dress code at schools and workplaces, it is practicallyuniformIn the case of regulations regarding (the name may be "uniform regulations"[9]), When comprehensively defining uniforms and non-uniform costumes (shirts, socks, etc.)[10], When stipulating how to dress without stipulating uniforms[11],and so on.



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