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🏓 | Chugoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. wins all tears in a come-from-behind victory over Showa Denko Materials <Late Japan Table Tennis League Women's 1st Division>


Chugoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. wins all tears in a come-from-behind victory over Showa Denko Materials <Late Japan Table Tennis League Women's 1st Division>

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In the final round, Chugoku Electric Power Co., Ltd., which has won all the games, and Showa Denko Materials, which has lost one, have played against each other.

<2021 Late Japan Table Tennis League Saitama Tournament November 2021-11, 10> 14th, Late Japan Table Tennis Lee ... → Continue reading

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Showa Denko Materials

Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.(Showa Denko Materials,English: Showa Denko Materials co., Ltd.) Is JapaneseChemicalManufacturer (resin processing / functional chemistry).The old company name isHitachi Chemical(Hitachi Kasei), onceHitachi, Ltd.Chemistry department became independentHitachi GroupIs a representative company ofHitachi Metals・OldHitachi CableWith HitachiMikaWas called. April 2020, 4,Showa DenkoBecame a consolidated subsidiary of the company and changed its trade name to the current trade name on October 10, the same year. It is scheduled to be integrated with Showa Denko in January 1.


Japan Brake IndustrialIt forms a group with about 50 companies and more than 23,000 people.Hitachi GroupThe business has been operated independently since the times, and the president is also alive.Also, during the Hitachi Group era, it was ranked high every year in the "excellent company ranking" published by Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

SansuikaiIs a member company ofSanwa GroupBelongs to[2].

2017 year 3 month,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryとTokyo Stock ExchangeWas jointly selected as a Nadeshiko brand as a "company that excels in promoting the active participation of women."As a company selected in 28, Hitachi, Ltd.Hitachi High TechnologiesIs also selected[3].


  • 1912 --Hitachi is oil-basedvarnishStarted research (founding).
  • 1962 - Hitachi Kasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1963 —— Acquired the operating assets of Hitachi's chemical products division, and at the same time merged with Hitachi Kako to start operations.
  • 1970 August 10- Tokyo Stock Exchange,Osaka Stock ExchangeListed on each 2nd section.
  • 1971 --Redesignated to 1 section each of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • 2007 --Subsidiary Hitachi Housetec (currentlyHouse tech) Announced the sale.
  • 2008 --Made Hitachi Powdered Metals a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2008 --To take over the personal healthcare business from Hitachi, Ltd. to strengthen the life science business of the Hitachi Group.
  • 2009 - Yi-BremboWe have been co-developing with the company for two years.luxury carFor NAO (non)asbestosorganic)Brake padProviding manufacturing technology to the company.
  • 2010 August 4- Hitachi powder metallurgySales, business planning, R & D departments will be transferred and integrated.
  • 2011 --Made of resinInsulatorManufacturing businessKoranshaSold to[4].
  • 2012 August 3- Shin-Kobe Electric MachineryBecame a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2013 August 1- Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to[5]..Headquarters in TokyoShinjuku wardNishi-Shinjuku(Shinjuku Mitsui Building) To Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Grant Tokyo South Tower) Moved to.
  • April 2013 --Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery's sales, business planning, and R & D departments (battery-related R & D has been integrated in October 4) have been transferred and integrated.
  • 2014 April 4-Merged with Hitachi Powdered Metals[6].
  • July 2014, 7 --Announced the recruitment of 25 voluntary retirees under the name of structural reform.
  • 2016 January 1-Merged with Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery and its subsidiary Shin-Kobe Techno Service[7][8].
  • April 2016, 4-Merged with Hitachi Chemical Polymer and Hitachi Chemical Filltec[9].
  • February 2017, 2-Italy FIAMM Energy Technology SpA (FIAMMMade a consolidated subsidiary of the lead-acid battery business)[10][11].
  • February 2018- InspectionFollowing the discovery of fraudHisashi MaruyamaThe president held a press conference and explained, "There was fraud at all offices. Some of them were more than 10 years old."[12].
  • October 2019, 12- Showa DenkoTOB all shares of Hitachi KaseiTakeover bid), And Hitachi, Ltd., which owns 51.24% of Hitachi Kasei shares, has agreed to the TOB.[13].
  • 2020
    • April 4-Foam, phenolic resin molding materials, and composite materials are transferred to Hitachi Kasei Techno Service, and the capacitor business excluding small film capacitors is transferred to AIC SPC through company splits.[14][15]..On the same date, all shares of AIC SPC were transferred to Nantong Jianghai Electric Capacitor Co., Ltd., and AIC SPCAIC TechThe trade name was changed to a joint-stock company.
    • April 4-Showa Denko announces that a takeover bid for Hitachi Kasei has been established[16].
    • April 4-Became a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko[16].
    • November 6-Tokyo Stock Exchange First SectionDelisted[17].
    • June 6-Becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of HC Holdings through the reverse stock split.
    • August 10- Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to[18]..Transferred the small film capacitor business to TAMC Co., Ltd. through a company split.On the same date, all shares of TAMC Co., Ltd. were transferred to Taitsu Co., Ltd.[19].
  • August 2021, 8-Wrap film business for food packaging Co., Ltd.KitchinistaSucceeded by company split.On the same date, all of the shares of Kitchinista Co., Ltd.Shin-Etsu PolymerTransferred to a corporation[20][21].

Main products

  • Materials for semiconductors
  • Display / optical related materials
  • Substrate material for wiring board
  • Printed wiring board
  • Process material for wiring boards
  • Negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries
  • Functional resin / material
  • Molding resin / material
  • Pharmaceuticals and life science related products
  • Carbon ceramics
  • Functional film
  • Automotive related products
  • Power storage device system

Manufacturing office

graduate School

  • Core Technology Innovation Center
  • Core Technology Innovation Center (Yamazaki)
  • Core Technology Innovation Center (Shimodate)
  • Core Technology Innovation Center (Saitama)
  • Showa Denko Materials? Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research and Development Center (China)


  • Showa Denko Materials Table Tennis Club
    • 2009 All Japan Table Tennis Championship
    • 2009 All Japan Table Tennis Championships Group Championship
    • 2009 Japan Table Tennis League Playoffs Winner
    • 2010 All Japan Table Tennis Championship
  • Showa Denko Materials Badminton Club (Badminton S / J League Women's Affiliation)

Related person

Main players

Major group companies

  • Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, Inc. (America)
  • HD Microsystems LLC (USA)
  • Showa Denko Materials Powdered Metals (USA), Inc. (USA)
  • Minaris Regenerative Medicine, LLC. (USA)
  • Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, Inc. (USA)
  • Showa Denko Materials Mexico, SA de CV (Mexico)
  • Minaris Regenerative Medicine GmbH (Germany)
  • ISOLITE GmbH (Germany)
  • Showa Denko Materials (Europe) GmbH (Germany)
  • SD (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Chugoku)
  • SD Materials (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Automotive Products (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Materials (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Materials (Yantai) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Electronic Materials (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Electronic Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Powdered Metals (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Foshan JB Automotive Products Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Li-Bond Resin (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • SD Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Showa Denko Materials (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Showa Denko Semiconductor Materials (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Showa Denko International (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • CSB Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Taiwan First Li-Bond Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Showa Denko Electronic Materials (Korea) Co., Ltd. ( South Korea)
  • Showa Denko Materials (Johor) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
  • Showa Denko Materials (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Showa Denko Materials (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Showa Denko Materials Automotive Products (Thailand) Company Limited (Thailand)
  • Showa Denko Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
  • PT Showa Denko Materials Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • Showa Denko Materials (India) Private Limited (India)



  • 2018 November 11 (announcement) --Our companysemiconductorAnnounced that inspection fraud was carried out on a wide range of products such as materials. For industrial use at the end of JuneLead acid batteryAnnounced that there was an inspection fraud. A special investigation committee was set up in July to proceed with the investigation, and fraud was discovered.The newly discovered inspection fraud covers 7 main products.2017 Equivalent to approximately 6692% of consolidated sales of 1 billion yencustomerReaches a total of 1900 companies.There were frauds at all seven offices in Japan, and there were frauds that were carried out about 7 years ago, and there were cases that the director knew as well as the level of the person in charge at the site.[22].


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外部 リンク

China Electric Power

Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.(Chugoku Denryoku) isHiroshimaHiroshima cityHeadquartered inPower company.

The brand name is "EnerGia(Energy:LatinMeaning of energy).


As an abbreviationCLP(Chuden) andChugoku ElectricOr of the brand nameEnerGiaIs used.HoweverCLPSpeaking of which, it is a power company that is larger than the company nationwide.Chubu Electric PowerMostly used as an abbreviation for (Domain name"Chuden.co.jp" is also from Chubu Electric Power), except in the Chugoku region, Chugoku Electric Power is generally described as "Chugoku Electric Power" and Chubu Electric Power is generally described as "Chubu Electric Power".This is why the domain name on the Internet is the brand name "energia.co.jp".

The brand slogan is "Good thing plus EnerGia. "

Chugoku Electric PowerYamaguchi Prefectural Electric Power BusinessFrom the background of the establishment based onYamaguchi Is a major shareholder.Long time agoYamaguchi Prefectural Promotion Foundation, an affiliated organizationAlthough it was the largest shareholder holding 13.72% of the shares through, some of the shares were sold in line with the dissolution of the foundation at the end of March 2012 due to the structural reform of Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the ownership ratio has been lowered.[3].

Business area

Electricity retail business


Successive presidents

Successive presidents of Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.
AlgebraNameTerm of officeAlma mater
First generation1951 - 1961Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
2nd generationKimio Sakurauchi1961 - 1971Tokyo Imperial UniversityElectrical engineeringDepartment (currentlyFaculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo)
3nd generationHirosaku Yamane1971 - 1981Kobe University
4nd generationKenichiro Matsutani1981 - 1989Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto Imperial University(CurrentFaculty of Engineering, Kyoto University)
5nd generationKouki Tada1989 - 1995Kyushu Imperial University(Currently Kyushu University)
6nd generationNoboru Takasu1995 - 2001Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law
7nd generationShigeo Shirakura2001 - 2006Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
8nd generationTakashi Yamashita2006 - 2011Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
9nd generationTomohide Karita2011 - 2016Faculty of Law, Kyushu University
10nd generationMareshige Shimizu2016 - 2021Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University

Power plant

107 locations in total, 1153 billion 1995kW (as of March 2020, 3)[12]

  • The total output includes the units under long-term planned suspension and regular inspection.Units that have been abolished and units under construction are not included.

Hydroelectric power plant

92 locations, 290kW

  • Major hydroelectric power plants (power plants of 5 kW or more)
Power plant nameWater system namethe wayTotal outputAddress
Matanoagawa Power StationHino RiverDam type (Pumping type)120 kWTottoriHino-gunKofu
New Naruha River Power StationTakahashi RiverDam type (pumping type)30.3 kWOkayamaTakahashi
Nabara Power StationOta RiverDam type (pumping type)62 kWHiroshimaHiroshima cityAsakita Ward
Takiyamagawa Power StationDam waterway type5.15 kWHiroshimaYama prefecture countyAkiota Town

Thermal power plant

12 locations, 780 million 1050 kW (excluding power plants managed by affiliated companies)

Power plant name燃料 燃料Total outputUnitoutputstart operationAddressRemarks
Misumi Power Stationcoal100 kWUnit 1100 kW1998/6Shimane HamadaConstruction of Unit 2 (100 million kW) is underway.
Mizushima Power StationLNG78.1 kWUnit 128.5 kW2009/4OkayamaKurashikiUnit 1CCUpdated to method.
coalUnit 215.6 kW1963/8
LNGUnit 334 kW1973/2
Tamashima Power Stationheavy oil,crude, LNG120 kWUnit 135 kW1971/3Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-ken 
Heavy oil, crude oilUnit 2
Unit 3
35 kW
50 kW
Osaki Power Stationcoal25.9 kWUnit 1-125.9 kW2000/11HiroshimaToyota-gunOsaki Kamijima TownPressurized fluidized bed combined cycle(PFBC) method.
October 2011 Suspended long-term plan.
Yanai Power StationLNG140 kWNo. 1 series (6 units)
No. 2 series (4 units)
70 kW
70 kW
Yamaguchi Yanai CityCC method.
Kudamatsu Power StationHeavy oil, crude oil70 kWUnit 370 kW1979/9Yamaguchi Kudamatsu CityUnits 1 and 2 are abolished.
New Onoda Power StationCoal, woodbiomass100 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
50 kW
50 kW
Yamaguchi Sanyo Onoda
Shimonoseki Power Stationcoal57.5 kWUnit 117.5 kW1967/3Yamaguchi Shimonoseki
heavy oilUnit 240 kW1977/9
heavy oil7,380kWShimane Oki DistrictNishinoshima TownInternal combustion power generationthe way.
heavy oil25,320kWOki District, Shimane PrefectureOki Island TownInternal-combustion power generation method.
heavy oil3,350kWYamaguchi Hagi CityMishimaInternal-combustion power generation method.

Affiliated company management

Power plant name燃料 燃料Authorization outputUnitoutputstart operationAddressOperating companyRemarks
Kurashiki Joint Power Station*By-product gas, LNG, heavy oil, coal61.3 kWUnit 3
Unit 4
Unit 5
15.6 kW
15.6 kW
15.6 kW
Kurashiki-shi, Okayama-kenSetouchi joint thermal powerThe old Units 1 and 2 are abolished.
By-product gas, LNGNew Unit 114.9 kW1994/6The new No. 1 machine is CC system.
Fukuyama Joint Power Station*By-product gas, heavy oil84.4 kWUnit 4
Unit 5
Unit 6
15.6 kW
15.6 kW
15.6 kW
HiroshimaFukuyama CitySetouchi joint thermal powerOld Unit 1

Old Unit 2

Unit 3 is abolished.

By-product gasNew Unit 1

New Unit 2

14.9 kW

23 kW



The new No. 1 and new No. 2 are CC type.
* Kurashiki joint power plant uses half of the outputJFE Steel West Japan WorksKurashiki Ward (formerlyKawasaki Steel) Supply.
* Half of the output of the Fukuyama Joint Power Station is in the Fukuyama area of ​​JFE Steel West Japan Iron and Steel Works (formerlyNippon Steel Pipe) Supply.

Nuclear power plant

1 location (1 location under construction plan), 82 kW

Power plant nameReactor modelTotal outputUnitoutputstart operationAddressRemarks
Shimane Nuclear Power StationBoiling water type light water reactor82 kWUnit 1
Unit 2
46 kW
82 kW
Shimane MatsueUnit 3 (137.3 million kW) is under construction.
Unit 2 is under regular inspection.

Unit 1 decommissioned in 2017

Ueseki Nuclear Power StationAdvanced boiling water reactorkWYamaguchi KumageUeseki TownDuring planning for Units 1 and 2,
A total of 274.6 million kW is planned.

New energy

2 locations, 6,000kW

Power plant namethe wayTotal outputstart operationAddress
Fukuyama Solar Power StationSolar power0.3 kW2011/12/1[13]HiroshimaFukuyama City
Solar power0.3 kW2014/12/1[14]Yamaguchi Ube City

Power generation facilities that existed in the past

Thermal power plant

Power plant name燃料 燃料Total outputAbolition timeAddress
coalkW1984 OkayamaOkayama City
coal13.2 kW1986 HiroshimaAki DistrictSakamachi
coalkW1985 Sanyo Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
New Ube Power Stationcoal30.6 kW1990 Yamaguchi Ube City
Iwakuni Power StationHeavy oil, crude oil85 kW2020 Yamaguchi Iwakuni

About power procurement bidding system

  • 1995 A power procurement bidding system was established in the reform of the electric power business system in 7, and a wholesale supplier (IPP /Independent power generation company) We have supply contracts with 2 companies[15].

2 locations, 23kW

Wholesale supplierContract powerStart of supplyAddressRemarks
Mitsubishi Rayon(Otake Office)4 kW2004/3HiroshimaOtake City
UBE Power Center
(UBE Power Center Power Plant)
19.5 kW2004/3Ube City, Yamaguchi PrefecturePresent:Ube Industries
  • All business names are at the time of contract.


The substation will be open in April 2020 (Reiwa 2),Chugoku Electric Power NetworkTransferred to.


Sales office

  • Headquarters (Hiroshima prefecture area) Hiroshima prefectureHiroshima city4-33 Komachi, Naka-ku
    • Hiroshima General Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima city2-42 Takeya-cho, Naka-ku (inside the Hiroshima sales office)
    • Fukuyama Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureFukuyama City1-7-28 Okinogamicho (inside Fukuyama Sales Office)
    • Onomichi Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureOnomichi5908-1 Kuriharacho (inside Onomichi Sales Office)
    • Higashi Hiroshima Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureHigashihiroshima CitySaijoshitami 5-5-15 (inside Higashi Hiroshima Sales Office)
    • Miyoshi Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureMiyoshi City1-1-1, Tokaichinaka (inside the Miyoshi Sales Office)
    • Kure Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureKureNishichuo 2-2-11 (inside Kure Sales Office)
    • Hiroshima Kita Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima cityAsanami WardMidorii 1-chome 25-28 (inside Hiroshima North Sales Office)
    • Hatsukaichi Sales Center Hiroshima PrefectureHatsukaichi6-5-12 Kushido (in Hatsukaichi Sales Office)
  • Tottori branch office Tottori prefectureTottori City1-2 Shinhonjicho
    • Tottori Sales Center Tottori PrefectureTottori City1-2 Shinhonjicho (Tottori branch office)
    • Yonago Sales Center Tottori PrefectureYonago2-51 Kamocho (inside Yonago Sales Office)
  • Shimane branch office Shimane prefectureMatsueHoromachi 115
    • Shimane Sales Center Shimane PrefectureMatsue5-1 Higashiasahimachi (inside Matsue Sales Office)
    • Izumo Sales Center Shimane PrefectureIzumoOyamacho 225 (inside Izumo Sales Office)
    • Hamada Sales Center Shimane PrefectureHamada129-5 Kurokawacho (inside Hamada Sales Office)
  • Okayama branch office Okayama prefectureOkayama CityKita1-11-1 Uchisange (inside Uchisange Electric Building)
    • Okayama Sales Center Okayama PrefectureOkayama CityKita1-11-1 Uchisange (inside Uchisange Electric Building)
    • Okayama East Sales Center Okayama PrefectureOkayama CityHigashi WardSaidaiji TempleNakano 422-3 (inside Okayama East Sales Office)
    • Tsuyama Sales Center Okayama PrefectureTsuyamaKamigawara 208-3 (inside Tsuyama Sales Office)
    • Kurashiki Sales Center Okayama PrefectureKurashikiNakasho 2293-2 (inside Kurashiki Sales Office)
    • Takahashi Sales Center Okayama PrefectureTakahashi1723-5 Abe, Ochiai-cho (inside Takahashi Sales Office)
  • Yamaguchi branch office Yamaguchi prefectureYamaguchi CityCentral 2-3-1
    • Yamaguchi General Sales Center Yamaguchi PrefectureYamaguchi CityChuo 2-3-1 (Yamaguchi branch office)
    • Shunan Sales Center Yamaguchi PrefectureShunan CityKume Higashi Kaminchu 3196-1 (inside Shunan Sales Office)
    • Iwakuni Sales Center Yamaguchi PrefectureIwakuni1-16-6 Minamiiwakunimachi (inside Iwakuni Sales Office)
    • Ube Sales Center Yamaguchi PrefectureUbe City7-36 Aioicho (inside Ube Sales Office)
    • Shimonoseki Sales Center Yamaguchi PrefectureShimonosekiTakezaki Town3-8-13 (inside Shimonoseki Sales Office)
  • Tokyo branch office TokyoChiyoda WardMarunouchi 1-chome 7-12 (Sapia Tower 25th floor)

Sales Office

The sales office is an organization that existed at Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. until March 2020 (Reiwa 2).April of the same year,Chugoku Electric Power NetworkWas transferred to the company when it was launched and became the company's network center.

  • Tottori
    • Tottori Sales Office Tottori PrefectureTottori City1-6 Shinhonjicho
    • Kurayoshi Sales Office Tottori PrefectureKurayoshi245-6 Dakyojicho
    • Yonago Sales Office Tottori PrefectureYonago2-51 Kamocho
  • Shimane
    • Matsue Sales Office Shimane PrefectureMatsue5-1 Higashiasahimachi
    • Oki Sales Office Shimane PrefectureOki DistrictOki Island Town84-119 Shioguchi, Port Town
    • Izumo Sales Office Shimane PrefectureIzumoOyama Town 225
    • Hamada Sales Office Shimane PrefectureHamada129-5 Kurokawa Town
    • Masuda Sales Office Shimane PrefectureMasuda CityAkebonohonmachi 7-2
  • Okayama
  • Hiroshima
    • Fukuyama Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureFukuyama City1-7-28 Okinogamicho
    • Onomichi Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureOnomichi5908-1 Kuriharacho
    • Higashi Hiroshima Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureHigashihiroshima CitySaijoshitami 5-5-15
    • Miyoshi Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureMiyoshi City1-1-1, Tokaichinaka
    • Kure Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureKureNishichuo 2-2-11
    • Hiroshima Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima city2-42 Takeya-cho, Naka-ku
    • Yano Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima cityAki Ward2-3-21 Yanoshinmachi
    • Hiroshima Kita Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima cityAsanami WardMidorii 1-chome 25-28
    • Hatsukaichi Sales Office Hiroshima PrefectureHatsukaichiKushido 6-5-12
  • Yamaguchi
    • Shunan Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureShunan CityKume Higashi Goddess 3196-1
    • Iwakuni Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureIwakuni1-16-6 Minamiiwakunimachi
    • Yanai Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureYanai CityKogaisaku Tojo 685-11
    • Yamaguchi Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureYamaguchi CityCentral 2-3-1
    • Hagi Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureHagi CityTsubaki Okita 2106
    • Ube Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureUbe City7-36 Aioicho
    • Shimonoseki Sales Office Yamaguchi PrefectureShimonosekiTakezaki Town3-chome 8-13

Power station

The power station is an organization that existed at Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. until March 2020 (Reiwa 2).He was in charge of construction, maintenance, and inspection of substations, hydroelectric power plants, and transmission lines.April of the same year,Chugoku Electric Power NetworkWas transferred to the company when it was launched and became the company's network center.

  • Tottori prefecture/Shimane prefecture
    • Sanin Power Station Shimane PrefectureMatsueHoromachi 115
    • Tottori Electric Power Station Tottori PrefectureTottori City1-2 Shinhonjicho
    • Yonago Electric Power Station Tottori PrefectureYonago2-51 Kamocho
    • Izumo Electric Power Station Shimane PrefectureIzumo1127-1 Watarihashicho
    • Hamada Electric Power Station Shimane PrefectureHamadaNoharacho 1941-12
    • Masuda Electric Power Station Shimane PrefectureMasuda CitySaiwaicho 1-5
  • Okayama
  • Hiroshima
    • Hiroshima Kita Electric Power Station Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima city2-3-30 Kameyamanishi, Asakita-ku
    • Miyoshi Electric Power Station Hiroshima PrefectureMiyoshi CityNishisakeyamachi 699-11
    • Hiroshima Electric Power Station Hiroshima PrefectureHiroshima city2-42 Takeya-cho, Naka-ku
    • Onomichi Electric Power Station Hiroshima PrefectureOnomichiShintakayama 3-chome 1170-27
    • Higashi Hiroshima Electric Power Station Hiroshima PrefectureHigashihiroshima City3-9-1 Kagamiyama (inside Energia Economic & Technical Research Institute)
    • Otake Electric Power Station Hiroshima PrefectureOtake CityKuba 5-11-1
  • Yamaguchi
    • Yamaguchi Electric Power Station 187-13 Yoshiwa Oaza, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
    • Shunan Electric Power Station Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Oaza Tokuyama Aza Fukuda Terahara 4713
    • Hagi Electric Power Station 2280 Tsubaki, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture


graduate School

  • Energia Economic & Technical Research Institute (Headquarters) 3-9-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Energia Economic & Technical Research Institute (Hiroshima Office) 4-33 Komachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

group Enterprise

  • Electricity business support, etc.
    • Chugoku Electric Power Network Co., Ltd.
    • Chuden Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    • Chuden Plant Co., Ltd. (CPC)
    • China Keiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    • Chugoku Electric Environment Technos Co., Ltd.
    • Chugoku Electric Power Australia Resources Pty. Ltd.
    • Chugoku Electric Power International Netherlands BV
    • Denryoku Support Chugoku Co., Ltd.
    • Chuden Engineering ConsultantsCo., Ltd. (CEC)
    • Chiba Power Co., Ltd.
    • Tempearl IndustrialLtd.
    • China High Pressure Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.
    • Setouchi joint thermal powerLtd.
    • Setouchi Power Co., Ltd.
    • Osaki Cool Jen Co., Ltd.
    • Kaita Biomass Power Co., Ltd.
    • Air Water & Energia Power Yamaguchi Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.Chudenko
    • China Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    • Kogetsu Steel Co., Ltd.
    • Emul Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Total energy supply
    • Energia Solution and Service Co., Ltd.
    • Power Engineering and Training Service Co., Ltd.
    • Mizushima LNG Co., Ltd.
  • Telecommunications
  • Business / life support business
    • Energia L & B Partners Co., Ltd. (former Chinese company Co., Ltd.)
    • Energia Business Service Co., Ltd.
    • Energia Logistics Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.Adplex
    • Energia Nursing Service Co., Ltd.
    • Welfare Club Co., Ltd. China
    • House Plus China Housing Guarantee Co., Ltd.

Main programs offered

2006 (Heisei18 years)OctoberSince then, Matanoagawa Power Station (Doyo Dam) Due to a series of scandals including the "safety data fabrication incident"2007 (19)OctoberRefraining from commercials until the end, "good things plus" was omitted from sponsor introductions, etc., and commercialsAC JapanIt was replaced with the CM ofShow sponsoredContinued, and the commercials of affiliated companies were broadcasted).

After that, some commercials were revived,2010 (22) occurred on January 4Shimane Nuclear Power StationFollowing the fatal accident of a worker during the construction of Unit 3, the CM was reopened.Self-restraintでAC JapanHas been replaced with (howeverShow sponsoredContinues, along with commercials of affiliated companies such as Chuden Plant). CM resumed from October 2010.

2011 May 3Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), The Chugoku Electric Power Company did not provide the following programs.Also, for a while after the occurrence, in the corresponding programCMWill not be broadcast, all commercialsAC JapanIt was replaced with.Credit providedAfter refraining from doing so, a commercial was broadcast in the form of a company announcement to convey a request for power saving.

Semi-wide area(Okayama / Kagawa) Due to the service area, blocknet TV programs are basicallyShikoku Electric Power Transmission and DistributionSupply areaKagawaIt is also broadcast on.However, there are areas in Kagawa Prefecture where the Chugoku Electric Power Network supplies electricity.



Image character

  • Chubu Boy (-1987)
  • Happy Angel (1987-2001)
  • Friends of the country of Energia (2001-)
    • Akari no Sei / Akkaly
    • Fire Spirit, Fian
    • Water Spirit / Water
    • Sky spirit, Skine
    • Earth spirit, Grandon

Sports related

Major invested companies

The main companies invested by Chugoku Electric Power are as follows.hereBroadcaster(The investment ratio is2011 May 3Time point[16]).


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