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⛳ | Ryo Ishikawa Junior's first champ Yuta Sugiura [Introduction to Team Japan]

Photo Yuta Sugiura goes to the long-sought Asian amateur!

Ryo Ishikawa Junior's first champ Yuta Sugiura [Introduction to Team Japan]

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In 2019 and 20 years, he has also experienced international games as a member of the national team with Takumi Kanaya and Keita Nakajima.

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Takumi Kanaya

Takumi Kanaya(Takumi Kanaya,1998/May 5-)teeth,HiroshimaA Japanese professional golfer from Japan.


Started playing golf when he was 5 years old.

Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin High SchoolWhen I was in school2015/,Japan amateur golf championshipFinal (36 holes ・Match play) soKeita NakajimaDefeated 10 and 9 to win the championship. 17-year-old 51-day victory is the youngest record[1]. "Japan Open Golf Championship3 under in total, low in 11th placeamateurShined. Low amateur at 17 years old and 148 days is the youngest record[2].. Contributed to the Japanese team's first victory in 26 years at the "Asia Pacific Amateur Golf Team Championship"[3].

2016/,National High School Golf ChampionshipWinner of the spring tournament[4].

Tohoku Fukushi UniversityWhen I was in school2017/,Taipei (Taiwan) Held in29st Summer Universiade(English edition14th place tie for individuals.In a groupKazutaka Higa, With gold medal[5]..Leading the final day of the Japan OpenYuta IkedaHe chased 5 birdies from 4 strokes, but did not reach 1 stroke and finished 2nd.[6].

2018/,IndonesiaHeld at18th Asian Games(English editionThen it is the 4th place individually.Won a gold medal with Nakajima and Konno in a group[7].. "World Amateur Team Championship" 2nd place individually, Japanese team 15th place[8]. "Asia Pacific Amateur Golf ChampionshipWon the championship.As a JapaneseHideki Matsuyama7 years since then[9].

2019/,Masters TournamentIn ”, he advanced to the final on the qualifying cut line, but he did not win the low amateur in the 5th place tie with a total of 58 overs.[10]..Since Matsuyama as a Japanese in August of the same yearWorld Amateur Golf RankingShining in 1st place[11]. "Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific MastersIn total, 13 under, 2nd place(English edition1th amateur champion in history with 4 stroke difference[12].

2020/, Turned professional and finished 7th at the first round of the Japan Open. "Dunlop Phoenix TournamentIn ", if you line up with a total of 13 under, 4 holesplay offAnd won the first victory after turning professional[13]..It was the same season as the previous year2021/,Token Home Mate CupOn the 3rd day, the 54rd day was canceled and the number of holes was shortened to 11 holes.[14].

Professional championship (3)

Japan Tour Winner (3)

No.ScheduleConventionScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
1@2019 year 11 month 14-17 daySumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters-13 (73-66-63-65 = 267)1 strokeSouth African flag (English edition
22020 year 11 month 19-22 dayDunlop Phoenix-13 (68-66-68-69 = 271)play offJapanese flag
32021 year 4 month 15-18 dayToken Home Mate Cup-11 (67-65-70 = 202) *1 strokeJapanese flag Keita Nakajima@

@ Is an amateur. * Shortened to 54 holes



  • Of a female professional golferHikari TanabeIs a senior at Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin High School[16]


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National team

National team(National team) isCountry-RegionFormed in unitsOUR TEAMThat is.especiallySportsAtOlympic,Paralympic,World championshipSuch asInternational competitionToDispatchRefers to what you do.


National teams are basically eachNational FederationFormed by.

Olympic gamesCitizenshipIs the basis,15-person rugbyIn non-Olympic events, nationality is irrelevantFederationIt may be a unit.

CountryBecause the players who represent theCountryRepresentativeOUR TEAMAlso called.New ZealandThen.CompetitionEvery"All blacks"(rugby)SuchNicknameIs attached,JapanButRugby representative from Japan,Japan national football teamBut"(directed byName) Japan ",Japan national soccer teamIs called "Nadeshiko Japan", and various nicknames have come to be given in each competition.again,Italyof"AzureIn some cases, the nickname of the national team goes beyond the boundaries of the competition.

Generally, we will challenge with a selection team of influential players registered in the federation, but in the past there were many cases where one strong domestic team was dispatched as it is, and in addition, some influential players of other teams were added.All JapanIn some cases, it was called.CurrentlycurlingThe situation where single team dispatch is carried out is becoming exceptional.Coaches and coaches may be exclusively assigned to the federation or may be selected from the coaches and coaches of the club team, depending on the policy of the federation.

The national team includes teams of the best members (full representative, A representative depending on the competition) with no restrictions other than the federation (nationality) to which they belong.Second armyTeams in the following positions (B representative, selection, etc., A representative in rugby etc.),ageTeams with restrictions (U- ○ representative (U- is under, ○ is the maximum age),Youth・ Junior etc. are included in this),StudentThere is also a team by.

IOC rules

What is the IOC?International Olympic CommitteeThat thing.As a general rule, athletes who have nationality of the country concerned and have lived for 3 years or more are qualified as representatives.

National team qualifications for each competition

サ ッ カ ー

As a general rule, athletes who have nationality of the country concerned and who have no history of representing other countries are qualified to represent.HoweverDual nationalityMay be provided with special cases.

Representative qualification of soccer playerSee also


Only athletes who have not experienced representatives from other countries, including age-specific representatives, will be qualified.However, this does not apply if the permission of the previous country of affiliation has been obtained.

1989/ToInternational Basketball Federation (FIBA)Allowed professional players to participate,1992 Barcelona OlympicsProfessional athletes participated in the Olympics.

For details, see "United States National Basketball TeamSee.


Follow the IOC rules.

Rugby union

A person who meets at least one of the following conditions is qualified as a representative.Regardless of the nationality you hold, you will be granted qualifications if you meet the requirements.However, representative in one country / region,Representative AOr, the person selected to represent the sevens match is the national / regional rugby association and the representative.World rugbyIf you do not approve, you cannot be represented in another country / region.

  1. Birth in that country / region.
  2. At least one of the parents and grandparents was born in that country / region.
  3. Have been living in the country / region for 36 months or more.

Incidentally,2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsAt7-person rugbyWith the adoption, the Olympic Charter will be followed for the Olympic Games and the series that also serves as the qualifiers.[1].


Follow the IOC rules.

1997/ToInternational Baseball Federation (IBAF) TheProfessional baseball playerAdmitted to participate in2000 Sydney OlympicsProfessional athletes participated in the Olympics.However, until now, at IBAF-sponsored competitions including the Olympic GamesMajor Leaguer(Major league baseballPlayer) does not participate.

Still moreWorld Baseball ClassicMajor leaguers also participate as representatives of each country, and are stipulated separately.World Baseball Classic # QualificationsSee.


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