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⚽ | Yokohama FM Maeda has an impact on the departure of Daizen ... Celtic is interested in the Tokyo Olympics Korea Rep. National team FW

Photo by Daizen Maeda Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Yokohama FM Maeda has an impact on the departure of Daizen ... Celtic is interested in the Tokyo Olympics Korea Rep. National team FW

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However, "Daily Record" reports that Celtic also lists Song Min-kyu, who belongs to Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K-League (Korea 1st Division).

Celtic will be from Yokohama F. Marinos of the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League in January next year to U1 Japan national team FW Daizen Maeda (24 ... → Continue reading

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Korea 1rd Division

K League 1

K League 1(Korean: K 리그 원, K League 1)South KoreaIs the top division of the professional soccer league. Compete in 12 clubs.Korea Football AssociationIt is run by the Korea Professional Soccer Federation under the umbrella of (KFA).


K League1983 ToSuper leagueIt started with the name (수퍼리그)[1]..Until 1982, in the Republic of Korea, the businessman league and the businessmanUniversityThe federation's tournament tournament was the mainstream.

In 1979Korea Football AssociationThe president of the Shintoa Group, who became the chairman of the group, has made the establishment of professional soccer one of his pledges in the presidential election.[2], Korea's first professional soccer club, which became the owner in 1980HallelujahFounded[2]..Also, of the presidentZentoThe speculation also boosted the momentum for the establishment of a professional soccer league.All saw sports as one of the means to dispel the complaints of the people who demanded democratization, and encouraged each conglomerate to establish a professional soccer club.[3][4].

When the five-team league was launched in 1983, the professional club was Hallelujah.YukoOnly, otherDaewoo,Pohang Steel, Is an incomplete professional league called amateur[5] was[6]..The league opening match was held on May 5th at the Seoul Athletic Field with a combination of Hallelujah and Yuko.[2]..Only amateurs were allowed to join the amateur club at that time.Asian Games,OlympicWas for strengthening towards[4]..After that, with the professionalization of business teams and the participation of new member clubs, all five teams became professional clubs in 1987.[6].

The league name was changed to the Korean Professional Soccer Championship from 1987 to 1992, the Hite Brewery Korean League from 1993 to 1995, and the Samsung C & T Rapid Cup Professional Soccer Tournament from 1996 to 1997.However, in the Korean media, JapanJ LeagueTo imitateK LeagueSince 1998, the Korean Professional Soccer Federation has officially used the K-League name.[1].

Since the mobilization of spectators was sluggish, they began to work closely with the community from the mid-1990s. A franchise (hometown) was established for each team at the end of 1995.[6][7], The area name was added to the club name that had a strong corporate color until then[7](For example, Daewoo Royals was renamed to Busan Daewoo Royals). In 1996Seoul city3 clubs that were concentrated in the area have been relocated to neighboring cities[7].. As the first civic club in 1997Daejeon CitizenWas founded.

2008 May 11, Achieved 1983 goals in the league since 1. The 1th goal isOwn goalwas[8].

Equivalent to the second division league until 2011National leagueThere was no promotion / demotion system between (N League) and K League.The Korea National League, which evolved from the corporate league, started in 2003 under the name of the K2 league. The promotion system to the K-League started in 2006 for the N-League winning clubs, but was abolished in 2 after the winning clubs refused to be promoted for the second consecutive year.[9].


しかし、この素案が発表されると、母体企業を持たず財政基盤が脆弱な市民球団6チーム(仁川・江原・太田・光州・大邱・慶南)が猛烈に反対し、Kリーグ脱退までちらつかせて抵抗したために再検討が行われ、2012年1月16日の理事会において2012年度リーグ年間成績により下位2チームをまず降格させ、翌年の2013年リーグ戦終了後、さらに2チームを2部リーグに降格させる2+2妥協案が可決された。これにより、Kリーグは2014年度より1部リーグ12チームで運営されることとなった。(プロ連盟の暫定的な計画書によると、2013年度は1部下位2チーム(13位・14位)の自動降格以外に、2部リーグ優勝チームと1部リーグ12位との間でReplacement battleIs planned)

However, the second division league was originally supposed to start with eight teams in 2, but as the number of relegated teams after the end of the 2013 league match was reduced, the concrete concept has been settled as of the end of November 8. There wasn't.

Since Naotake of the army team cannot meet the requirements of the professional club required by AFC, it was decided in advance that he would be demoted to the second division with priority when the elevating system was introduced.Therefore, the team relegated to the second division after the 2 league match was supposed to be Naotake + 2012 team.Naotake's demotion to the second division is a default fact, but since there is no written statement about the time of demotion, Naotake complained after the 2 + 1 compromise was finalized.Therefore, if Naotake achieved 2th place or higher in the 2 season, the board of directors would renegotiate to confirm the relegated team after the league match, but Naotake eventually decided to play in the late 2 league. Since all games were boycotted and the bottom was confirmed, Naotake was relegated as it was. November 2012, 14,Gwangju FCThe 15th place in the league has been confirmed, and the relegated teams based on the results of the 2012 season have been decided to be Sangmu and Gwangju.In the 2nd division league, it is equivalent to 2012nd division or less until 2N leagueParticipating teams are also recruited from the following clubs, and from the N League, Suwon City Hall FC (reorganized into Suwon FC), Chungju Hummel, Ansan H (Hallelujah) FC (reorganized into Goyang HiFC), FC Anyang (formally) New entry, but integrated soccer club) 4 clubs,Challenger LeagueFrom (equivalent to 3 copies) Bucheon FC 1995, againR leagueThe soccer club of the National Police Agency, which belonged to the (K-League Younger Development League), will join the team.

On January 2013, 1, the outline of the new league, which became a two-part system, was announced, and it is equivalent to the first-part league.K League Classic, Which is equivalent to the second division leagueK League(Later in March, "K League ChallengeThe name and new logo have been decided.

2017 From July 7stVideo judgmentHas been introduced[10].

K-League Classic from 2018K League 1, K League ChallengeK League 2Was renamed to.


2011 years,MatchfixThe incident was discovered.

MoreK League XNUMX Chief CaseSee

2015 years,Gyeongnam FCGyeongnam FC have been disciplined with a fine of 2016 million won along with a 10-point deduction for the 7,000 season.In addition, the two referees who received the money and the two referees who acted as brokers were suspended permanently.[11]

In 2016, 2013Jeonbuk HyundaiWas discovered by the prosecution and was caught by the prosecution.The two referees who were acquired were the same referees as the Gyeongnam FC referee acquisition that was discovered last year.[11]

Companies / Regions and Clubs

In the Korean soccer league until the 1990s, the club name of region name + nickname like Japan's J League is not so common.Korean professional baseball,Eastern EuropeAs seen in soccer clubssponsorCompanyOne of the features was that many teams were named.

Since the 2000s, more and more old clubs have been renamed to bear the city name, and community-based civic baseball teams have been created. Since the 2002 World Cup, four teams, Incheon, Daegu, Gyeongnam, and Naotake, have newly entered the K-League, but the three clubs other than Naotake, an army club, are citizens' baseball teams established mainly by local governments. Yes, there are no new entrants to the corporate team.

2004 At the start of the season, Anyang LG Cheetahs moved the franchise from Anyang City to Seoul, changed the club name to "FC Seoul", and the soccer club with its hometown in the capital, Seoul was born for the first time in 10 years.Also2006 From the seasonGyeongsangnam-do(ChangwonEtc.) as a new club with hometownGyeongnam FCIn addition to participating, the first soccer club "Jeju United FC"Also participated.

2011 FromGwangjuCitizen's club based inGwangju FC"Gimcheon Sangbu FC," which was based in Gwangju Metropolitan City until the previous year,SangjuMoved to "Shoshu FC".

2013 While many new clubs are based in Gyeonggi Province due to the introduction of the two-part system from Chungcheongbuk-do, it will be the first K-League club from Chungcheongbuk-do.Chungju HummelIs subscribed.

Player training

In the past, there weren't many training teams in the K-League like in Europe, and there were excellent human resources.University,University, I have selected from the players who belong to the businessman.Most players join K-League clubs after graduating from college.After graduating from high school, while in the first year of college, suddenly in the J LeagueKyoto Purple SangaEnteredPark JiseiSuch an example was unusual in this area.However, inspired by Japan, which has undergone a long-term evolution against the backdrop of the J-League, in recent years the Football Association has been making efforts to improve the player training system, such as encouraging K-League clubs to form a youth organization.

For a long time about the acquisition of new playersド ラ フ トThe system has been implemented.There was a general nomination system (normal draft system) and a nomination system from affiliated high schools (a system that preferentially nominates from high schools close to the franchise).2002 Was abolished in.However, the draft system was revived in 2006 due to the management difficulties of each team due to the soaring annual salary of the players (there was criticism of public opinion that it was "going against the times", and the draft system was leaked overseas by leading players. There is also an opinion that it is not effective just by accelerating. In fact, promising young players often transfer to the J league team. This is the second division league compared to the annual salary of the K league. However, the annual salary of the J League is relatively high, and even from the Japanese side, there is an advantage that promising Korean players can be acquired cheaply.)Due to the introduction of the two-part system, the draft system will be abolished again from FY2.

Also, in South Koreamilitary serviceTherefore, one problem is that the career as a player is interrupted during this period.As a club that can be played during the enrollment periodNaotakeAnd the National Police Agency, but not all players can play due to the limited capacity. (The Korean Football Association has been increasing the number of military teams from the current 2 club of Shobu to 1 club each of the Army, Navy, and Air Force for many years to prevent early retirement of players due to joining the army and to expand the playing opportunities of players. Although he insists, he has not obtained the consent of the government.) There is an age limit for joining military-related teams, and Naotake cannot join the club after he is 1 years old and the Police Agency is over 3 years old.

Foreign players

Since 2009, the Asian quota (Asia quarter system) has been introduced in the K-League, and some clubs have Japanese players.note thatDPR KoreaNational players will be treated as their own country and will not be foreign players.In addition, foreign players cannot be registered or entered as goalkeepers (except when the GK is sent off due to a warning or injury while the substitution quota is used up and the FP serves as the goalkeeper).

Affiliation club

Club nameLocal notationEnglish notationhome townHome
Last season rankingdirected byformula
Pohang Steelers포항 스틸러스Pohang SteelersGyeongsangbuk-do
Pohang City
Pohang Steel Yard3 bitGOSSAMERPuma1983
Gwangju FC광주 FCGwangju FCJeollanam-do
Gwangju World Cup Stadium6 bitGwangjuKelme2010
Ulsan Hyundai FC울산 현대 호랑이Ulsan Hyundai F.C.Ulsan Metropolitan CityUlsan Munsu Soccer Stadium2 bitHong Myung-boModern heavy industryHummel1984
FC SeoulFC 서울FC SeoulSeoul Special CitySeoul World Cup Stadium9 bitGS groupLecoq1984
Jeju United FC제주 유나 이 티드 FCJeju United FCJeju Special Autonomous RoadJeju World Cup Stadium2nd division 1st placeSK GroupPuma1982
Gangwon FC강원 FCGangwon FCGangwon-do7 bitGangwon-doHoma2009
Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors전북 현대 모터스Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsJeollabuk-doJeonju CityJeonju World Cup StadiumWinKim Sang-sikHYUNDAIHummel1994
Jonan FC성남 FCSeongnam FCGyeonggi-doJonan CityJonan Sports Ground10 bitKim Nam IlJonan CityUmbro1989
Suwon Samsung
수원 삼성 블루 윙즈Suwon Samsung
Gyeonggi-doSuwonSuwon World Cup Stadium8 bitPark JianxiaSamsung ElectronicsPuma1996
Daegu FC대구 FCDaegu FCDaegu Metropolitan CityDGB Daegu Bank Park5 bitDaegu Metropolitan CityKelme2002
Incheon United FC인천 유나 이 티드 FCIncheon UnitedIncheonIncheon Soccer Stadium11 bitIncheonHummel2004
Suwon FC수원 FCSuwon FCGyeonggi-doSuwonSuwon General Sports Ground2nd division 2st placeKim Do-kyunSuwonHummel2003

Match method


Brute force twice a year by 14 teams.Divide it into one time and divide it into the first half and the second half (2 games each) to decide the stage ranking.The top two clubs in each stage and the top two clubs in the other teamsWildcard) 4 clubs will advance to the final tournament (playoffs) to be held in November after the end of the regular season.

In the playoffs, 1st place in the first half and 1st place in the wild card, 1st place in the second half and 2nd place in the wild card will play in only one match. Depending on the winner (home is home to each stage 1st place team)Home and awayFight the final of the method.


Abolished the two-stage system of the first half and the second half.All clubs played two round-robin league games, and the top six teams with the highest overall results of the year advanced to the playoff tournament.

In the playoffs, the first round will be held in 3rd-6th and 4th-5th in the annual league results, and the winners will play the second round. The winner of the second round and the club with the second highest annual record in the league match will play in the semifinals, and the winner of the semifinal and the club with the highest annual record in the league will hold a championship match to decide the winning club.

One-shot game from the first round to the semi-final.Home and away only in the final.

AFC Champions League出場権は、レギュラーシーズン1位と2位及びプレーオフ2回戦の勝者が獲得する。なお,2012年度はチャンピオンズリーグ出場枠の変更があり,韓国は4→3.5に縮小された(このため,2011年リーグ最終順位が3位となった浦項スティーラーズは,本大会1次リーグ開幕前の2012年2月18日に本大会出場権をかけた予選を勝ち抜かなければならなくなった)。


Scottish Premier LeagueIntroduced a "split system" (preliminary league + final <ranking> league) that imitated the above, and each team first played a round-robin qualifying league match twice, and then divided into top 2 teams and bottom 8 teams. A round-robin second round (final league) will be held twice each.The points and goal differences in the qualifying league will be carried over to the final league.The 8st place in the top league will win the year, and the top 2 will qualify for the AFC Champions League.[12]..In addition, the teams to be demoted to the second division will be decided from the lower leagues (the 2 League Cup match was abolished due to the significant increase in the number of league matches).


[13] 前年度のスプリットシステムを踏襲する形で、14チームによる2回総当たり(26節)の1次リーグと、その後成績の上位(1-7位)と下位(8-14位)の7チームに分かれたグループ内2回総当たり(13節・12試合)による決勝リーグの1チーム38試合で構成する。リーグ優勝とAFCチャンピオンズリーグへの出場権獲得の条件・扱いは前年に同じ。

The 13th and 14th place clubs of the K League Classic will be in 2014K League ChallengeDemoted to (2nd copy).There is no automatic promotion from the K-League, and it depends on the K-League Classic 12th place club and the K-League Challenge winner club.Home and awaySchemeReplacement battleWill be held in December (the first leg is sponsored by the K-League Challenge winning club, and the second leg is sponsored by the K-League Classic 12th place club).If the scores of the two games are tied,Away goalsIs adopted.If they are still the same, overtime and penalty shootouts (away goals are not applied) will be held after the end of the second round.

However,National Police Agency Soccer TeamIf he wins the K-League Challenge, he will be allowed to participate in a promotion / replacement match to the K-League Classic because there is no base soccer field where the team meets the conditions presented by the K-League (all games will be treated as an away expedition). In this case, no qualification match will be held (there is no advancement of the 2nd place club).

For clubs that are demoted from K-League Classic to K-League Challenge for the first time, support will be provided to the extent that it does not interfere with management.Normally, the first season of demotion is 5 million won and the second year is 2 million won, but in 3, 2013 million won will be paid to the demoted Gwangju FC in 2012.This is a time-limited system and is up to FY8.If you are re-promoted and then demoted again, you will not be paid.

After 2014

2014年からのKリーグクラシックは12チームでの固定開催となり、まず12チームのホームアンドアウェーの3回総当たり(33節 ホーム・アンド・アウェー+どちらか一方のホームでもう1試合)を行った後、上位と下位のそれぞれ6チームによる順位決定リーグ(それぞれ5節 どちらかのホームで1試合)を行い、1チームあたりの試合数は38試合となる。下位リーグの最下位(12位)チームは自動的にKリーグチャレンジの優勝チームと次年度入れ替え、同5位(通算11位)のチームはKリーグチャレンジの2-4位チームによる「入れ替え戦出場決定プレーオフ」で優勝したクラブと入れ替え戦を開催して次年度の所属クラスを決定する。

Changes in match system

YearsLeague name[1]Number of teamsNumber of matchesformat
1983Super league516Single league
1984828Single league + top two team playoffs
1985821Single league
1986Soccer festival610 × 2League + Championship
1987Korea Professional Soccer Tournament532Single league
1988524Single league
1989640Single league
1990630Single league
1991640Single league
1992630Single league
1993630Single league
1994Height Cup Korean League730Single league
1995814 × 2Front and back league + championship
1996Rapid cup916 × 2Front and back league + championship
19971018Single league
1998Hyundai Cup K League1018Single league + top two team playoffs
1999BUY KOREA Cup K League1027Single league + top two team playoffs
2000Samsung Digital K League1027Single league + top two team playoffs
2001GOSSAMER K League1027Single league
2002Samsung PAVV K League1027Single league
2003Samsung Housen
K League
1244Single league
20041312 × 2Pre- and post-league + top 4 team playoffs
20051312 × 2Pre- and post-league + top 4 team playoffs
20061413 × 2Pre- and post-league + top 4 team playoffs
20071426Single league + top two team playoffs
20081426Single league + top two team playoffs
2009K League[14]1528Single league + top two team playoffs
2010SonataK League1528Single league + top two team playoffs
2011Hyundai Oilbank K League1630Single league + top two team playoffs
20121630 + 14Single league + upper / lower league
2013Hyundai Oilbank K League Classic1426 + 12Single league + upper / lower league
20141233 + 5Single league + upper / lower league
2017KEB Hana Bank K League Classic
2020K League 122 + 5[15]
202133 + 5

Successive winning clubs

YearsWinning clubMVPTop scorer
Hallelujah FCRepublic of Korea flag Sung-Hwa Park (Hallelujah)Republic of Korea flag Park Yoon Ki (Oil)
Daewoo RoyalsRepublic of Korea flag Park Chang Sun (Daewoo)Republic of Korea flag Baek Jung-chul (modern)
Lucky VenusRepublic of Korea flag Han Mumbe (Lucky Venus)Kingdom of Thailand flag Piyapong (Lucky Venus)
Pohang Steel AtomsRepublic of Korea flag (Pohang Steel)Republic of Korea flag Chung Hae Won (Daewoo)
Daewoo RoyalsRepublic of Korea flag Chung Hae Won (Daewoo)Republic of Korea flag Choi Sangoku (Pohang Steel)
Pohang Steel AtomsRepublic of Korea flag (Pohang Steel)Republic of Korea flag Lee Ki-gun (Pohang Steel)
Jeju ElephantRepublic of Korea flag Noh Soo Jin (Oil)Republic of Korea flag Cho Gun-yun (Pohang Steel)
Lucky VenusRepublic of Korea flag (Lucky Venus)Republic of Korea flag Yun Sang-chul (Lucky Venus)
Daewoo RoyalsRepublic of Korea flag (Daewoo)Republic of Korea flag Lee Ki-gun (Pohang Steel)
Pohang Steel AtomsRepublic of Korea flag Hong Myung-bo (Pohang Steel)Republic of Korea flag Lim Gunjae (LG)
Ichiwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag (Ichiwa)Republic of Korea flag Cha Sang-hae (Pohang Steel)
Ichiwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag Jeong-Woon Ko (Ichiwa)Republic of Korea flag Yun Sang-chul (LG)
Ichiwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag Shin Tae-yong (Ichiwa)Republic of Korea flag (Jeollanam)
Ulsan Hyundai FCRepublic of Korea flag Kim Hyunseok (Ulsan)Republic of Korea flag Shin Tae-yong (Cheian)
Busan IPark RoyalsRepublic of Korea flag Kim Joo Sung (Busan)Republic of Korea flag Kim Hyunseok (Ulsan)
Suwon Samsung BluewingsRepublic of Korea flag Ko Jong Soo (Suwon)Republic of Korea flag Yoo Sangchung (Ulsan)
Suwon Samsung BluewingsRepublic of Korea flag Ahn Jung Hwan (Busan)Yugoslavia flag Sasha Drakulić (Suwon)
Anyo LG CheetahsRepublic of Korea flag Choi Yong Soo (Anyang)Republic of Korea flag Kim Do Hoon (Jeonbuk)
Jonan Kazuwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag Shin Tae-yong (Jonan)Brazilian flag Sandro (Suwon)
Jonan Kazuwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag Kim Dae-eui (Jonan)Brazilian flag Edmiwson (Jeonbuk)
Jonan Kazuwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag Kim Do Hoon (Jonan)Republic of Korea flag Kim Do Hoon (Jonan)
Suwon Samsung BluewingsBrazilian flag Nadson (Suwon)Brazilian flag Mota (Jeollanam)
Ulsan Hyundai FCRepublic of Korea flag Lee Tian Shu (Ulsan)Brazilian flag (Ulsan)
Jonan Kazuwa TenmaRepublic of Korea flag Kim Do-heon (Jonan)Republic of Korea flag (Jonan)
Pohang SteelersBrazilian flag Tavares (Pohang)Brazilian flag Cabole (Suwon)
Suwon Samsung BluewingsRepublic of Korea flag Lee Woon-jae (Suwon)Brazilian flag Dudu (Jonan)
Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Lee Dong-gook (Jeonbuk)Republic of Korea flag Lee Dong-gook (Jeonbuk)
FC SeoulRepublic of Korea flag Kim Eun Jung (Jeju)Republic of Korea flag Yoo Byung-soo (Incheon)
Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Lee Dong-gook (Jeonbuk)Montenegro flag Deyan Damiyanovich (Soul)
2012FC SeoulMontenegro flag Deyan Damiyanovich (Soul)Montenegro flag Deyan Damiyanovich (Soul)
Pohang SteelersRepublic of Korea flag Jin Xinyu(Ulsan)Montenegro flag Deyan Damiyanovich (Soul)
Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Lee Dong-gook(Jeonbuk)Brazilian flag Santos (Suwon)
2015Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Lee Dong-gook(Jeonbuk)Republic of Korea flag Jin Xinyu(Ulsan)
2016FC SeoulRepublic of Korea flag Jung Jo-gook(Gwangju)Republic of Korea flag Jung Jo-gook(Gwangju)
Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Lee Jae Sung(Jeonbuk)Brazilian flag Jonathan(Suwon)
Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsBrazilian flag Marcon (Gyeongnam)Brazilian flag Marcon (Gyeongnam)
Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Jin Fu Jiong (Ulsan)Australian flag Taggart (Suwon)
2020Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Son Junho (Jeonbuk)Brazilian flag Junior Negranne (Ulsan)
2021Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsRepublic of Korea flag Hong Zhenghao (Jeonbuk)Republic of Korea flag (Jeju)


Number of wins by club

Club nameGoodquasi-Championship yearRunner up year
Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors
2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 20212012, 2016
Jonan FC
1993, 1994, 1995, 2001, 2002, 2003, 20061992, 2007, 2009
FC Seoul
1985, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2012, 20161986, 1989, 1993, 2001, 2008
Pohang Steelers
1986, 1988, 1992, 2007, 20131985, 1987, 1995, 2004
Suwon Samsung Bluewings
1998, 1999, 2004, 20081996, 2006, 2014, 2015
Busan Eye Park(Daewoo)
1984, 1987, 1991, 19971983, 1990, 1999
Ulsan Hyundai FC
1996, 20051988, 1991, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2013, 2019, 2020, 2021
Jeju United FC(Oil)
19891984, 1994, 2000, 2010, 2017
Goyang Hi FC(Hallelujah)
Jeonnam Dragons
Incheon United FC
Gyeongnam FC

Past promotion and demotion teams

  • Taizi= Automatic promotion / demotion (between K-League 1 lowest <12th> and K-League 2nd and 1st clubs (however)2012 In order to reduce the number of teams, the bottom two teams <2th and 15th place> are only automatically demoted, and there is no promotion.2013 There is no automatic promotion, the bottom two teams <2th and 13th place> are automatically demoted)
  • 普通字体=入れ替え戦の結果による昇・降格(Kリーグ1の11位とKリーグ2・2位クラブ間 ただし2012年は昇格なし、2013年は自動昇格がなく、Kリーグ1・12位とKリーグ2・1位クラブの入れ替え戦によって決定)
年度Promotion from K-League 2 to K-League 1Relegation from K-League 1 to K-League 2 next year
2012NoneGwangju FC,Shoshu FC
2013Shoshu FCDaejeon Citizen FC,Daegu FC, Gangwon FC
2014Daejeon Citizen FC, Gwangju FCShoshu FC, Gyeongnam FC
2015Shoshu FC, Suwon FCDaejeon Citizen FC, Busan IPark
2016Daegu FC, Gangwon FCSuwon FC, Seongnam FC
2017Gyeongnam FCGwangju FC
2018Jonan FCJeonnam Dragons FC
2019Gwangju FC, Busan IParkJeju United FC, Gyeongnam FC 
2020Jeju United FC, Suwon FCBusan Eye Park,Shoshu FC
2021Gimcheon Sangang FCGwangju FC


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