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⛳ | <Breaking News> Bae Seon Woo's Single Leader Hinako Shibuno Goes to the Last 2 Holes by 3

Photo Hinako Shibuno rises 2 strokes behind the lead to 3 holes (Photo: Satoshi Mt. Yoneyama)

<Breaking news> Bae Seon Woo's sole leader Hinako Shibuno goes to the last 2 holes by 3

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Yui Kawamoto continues in 5th place with a 7-stroke difference.

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Kawamoto Yui

Kawamoto Yui[1](Yui Kawamoto,1998 May 8 -) isEhimeMatsuyama CityNative girlProfessional golfer.Nippon Sport Science UniversityGraduated from Faculty of Physical Education[2].Blood TypeIs O type. AffiliationRicoh.


Began playing golf at the age of 5 with the influence of parents[3].

Major achievements during his career as an amateur were the 2012 Shikoku Junior High School Golf Championship Spring Championship, 2013 Shikoku Women's Amateur Golf Championship and Shikoku Junior Golf Championship, 2015 Shikoku High School Golf Championship Spring Tournament There is a victory etc.[4]. AlsoMatsuyama Seiryo High SchoolAt 3 yearsIMG Academy World Junior Golf ChampionshipTo play[5].

In 2017, I chose to go on to my own will and wanted to learn various things such as sports science, physical education, general education at Nippon Sport Science University[6].. Of the same generationMinami Katsu,Aragaki HinaKawamoto, who chose a different path from the “golden generation”2020 Tokyo OlympicsFocusing on the balance between study and golf[7].

With the qualification of third QT advancer 2018Japan Women's Professional Golf Association(JLPGA) became a TP single-year registrant and turned professional[8].. In July of the same year, advanced to the JLPGA final protest and passed one shot in 7th place[9].. Become the 90th generation of JLPGA[1].. Eventually participated in 12 steps-up tours and 8 JLPGA tours[10].. In the step-up tour, he won four times a year and ranked first in the annual prize money ranking (prize rank), and qualified for the first half of the JLPGA tour next season.[8].

March 2019, JLPGA Tour ``AX Women's Golf Tournament in MIYAZAKI”, 2 strokes to the 5nd place to achieve the tour's first victory[11].. Joined Ricoh from August of the same year[12].. The last day of September 9 of the same yearKorea Women's Professional Golf AssociationParticipated as an invited player in the major competition "Hanwha Classic"[13]12th place in Thailand[14].. In the same year, the Q Series of the US Women's Professional Golf Association (USLPGA)[Note 1], And was tied in 9th place and won the right to participate in the US LPGA Tour for the next season.[15].. Entered the JLPGA Tour's prize money ranking 6th and became the first to seed himself[16].. Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association (GTPA) "Rookie of the Year" announced in DecemberShibuno Hinako,Inemi Moning,Erika HaraWon with[17].

He had been participating in the US tour since 2020, but in the middle of the 2021 season, he announced his withdrawal due to reasons such as "it is difficult to adapt to the overseas living environment" and returned to the Japan tour.[18].

Main battle record

Japan Women's Professional Golf Association Profile[1], And based on the JGA profile[4].. In addition, (S) after the tournament name is a step-up tour, * is the best amateur


  • Ruthink Ninnia/RKB Ladies (S) 7th Thailand*
  • Sanyo Shimbun Ladies Cup (S) 39th Thailand *
  • Udon Prefecture Ladies (S) 48th Thailand *




  • AX Women's Golf Tournament in MIYAZAKI Win

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