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⛳ | <Intermediate breaking news> Bae Seon Woo is the sole leader Hinako Shibuno is one stroke behind in the second half

Photo Hinako Shibuno goes back nine by one stroke from the lead (Photo: Satoshi Mt. Yoneyama)

<Intermediate breaking news> Bae Seon Woo takes the lead alone Hinako Shibuno moves to the second half by one stroke

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Last year's champion, Yuna Nishimura, is tied for a total of 4 overs and 34th place.

<Higuchi Hisako Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Last Day ◇ 31st ◇ Musashigaoka Golf Course (Saitama Prefecture) ◇ 6650 yards par 72… → Continue reading

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Yuna Nishimura

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2021/11

Yuna Nishimura(Yuna Nishimura,2000 May 8 -) isOsakaSakai CityJapanese woman fromProfessional golfer.Starts CorporationAffiliation (from March 2021, 3)[1].. Management agent[2].


OsakaSakai CityBackground[3].Osaka University of Commerce High School[4]graduate.

He got his first club at the age of 5 because his father loved golf.[2].Sakai City Harayama Hikari Elementary School[5]It is said that he was participating in an official game one year after he entered the university[6].. When I was 7 years old, I got the chance to play golf in earnest.Women's Professional Golf Tournament OfSuntory Ladies OpenWhen watching the gameAi MiyazatoWas to get the ball from[7].

Won the "TOMAS CUP 6 Fujisankei Junior Golf Championship", which was mixed with boys in the sixth grade of elementary school[5].Sakai City Harayamadai Junior High SchoolAfter going on to school, he won 2014th place in the 72 "" (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Ube 5 Country Club) individual competition.[8]..By the way, when I was in junior high schoolTokyo Olympic Soccer Japan National TeamAthlete'sAkio Tani(Shonan Bellmare) And was in the same class for 3 years[9].

In 2016, he participated in the "All Japan Women's Public Amateur Golf Championship" after entering Osaka University of Commerce High School (Hyogo・)Yuka Yasuda,Inemi Moning,Ayaka FurueWin the championship[10].. The same year "49thJapan Women's Open Golf Championship』(Tochigi-Karasuyama Castle Country Club), Achieve 6th place tie prize among professionals[7]. This isJapan Golf AssociationI will be joining the amateur national team from 2017[7][11].

2017 years,72th National Sports FestivalGolf competition (Ehime・), He participated as a member of the Osaka team and won both team and individual competitions.[12][13].

In 2018, he participated in the "Toyota Junior Golf World Cup 2018" as a national team member, won the team competition with Yuka Yasuda and Ayaka Furue, and won the third place after Yasuda who won the individual competition.[14].. In the same year, "" (Ireland) To YasudaYuri YoshidaParticipated in the trio with and became the runner-up[15].

Participated in 2019 when graduating from high school(English edition(Australia·(English edition) Is the first Japanese player to win[16].. After graduating from high school, he decided to become a professional, and when he advanced to the final test in November, he emerged from 11th place Thailand on the final day and passed the protest in 10nd place.[17].. And compete for the right to participate in the JLPGA tour for the 2020 seasonQualifying TournamentIn the final stage, he showed a charge on the final day when he reached 48th place and put out "67", and entered 21st place to secure the right to participate in the tour of the first half of the 2020 season.[18].

After the entrance ceremony on December 2019, 12[19], Officially joined (registered) the Japan Women's Professional Golf Association on January 2020, 1, and became a professional golfer in both name and reality.

The first year of professionals in the 2020 season is "Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric LadiesStarted at the top on the final dayMinami KatsuIt was the first professional victory in a big turnaround victory that overturned the difference of 6 strokes with[20].

Became a member of Starts Corporation on March 2021, 3[1]..Domestic major tournament in May of the same year "World ladies championship"(Ibaraki Golf Club・ In the East Course), the score increased from 2nd place on the last day,Lexie Thompson(USA) won the second major tournament victory in the 2016-under tournament record, which renewed the 13-under when he won the tournament in 14.[21]..In addition, this victory earned the seed right for three years from the 2022 season.[22]..After World Ladies, there were no winning stars, but in September, "Sumitomo Life Vitality Ladies Tokai Classic”Was shortened due to rain, so it was a competition with 2 holes for 36 days, but from 15th place on the first day, a score of“ 63 ”was given at once, and it was a reversal play that overturned the difference of 5 strokes from the lead. Won the third win of the tour[23]..The next weekMiyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf TournamentThen, he started in the lead on the first day, defended until the final day, marked a tournament record of 15 under in total, and won the tournament for the first time in two consecutive weeks for the first time as a professional, and won the tour for the fourth time with a complete victory at the top for three days.[9].


Tour winner

JLPGA Tour (4)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
12020/11/1Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi Electric Ladies Golf Tournament[Note 1]-11 (69-71-65 = 205)1 strokesJapanese flag Minami Katsu
22021/5/9World ladies championship[Note 2]-14 (69-69-69-67=274)3 strokesJapanese flag Inemi Moning,Japanese flag Reika Usui,Japanese flag Momoko Osato
32021/9/19Sumitomo Life Vitality Ladies Tokai Classic[Note 3]-10 (71-63 = 134)2 strokesJapanese flag Uetake hope,Japanese flag Momoko Osato
42021/9/26Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf Tournament-15 (66-65-70 = 201)3 strokesJapanese flag Saki Asai

TaiziIs the official game

TV appearance


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