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🎾 | Tennis = Zverev and Tier IV advance to the final, Elstebank OP


Tennis = Zverev and Tier IV advance to the final, Elstebank OP

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Tier IV defeated seventh-seeded Jannik Sinner (Italy) 7-3, 6-7, 5-6.

[Reuters] – Men's Tennis Elstebank Open will play the semi-finals in Vienna on the XNUMXth, the second ... → Continue reading


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Tier Four

Tear Four Co., Ltd.(English: Tier IV, Inc.) IsAichiNagoya cityNakamura WardHeadquartered in JapansoftwareCompanies.Self-driving caruseoperating system OfAutowareWe are also developing small automatic driving mobility.


Nagoya UniversityIt is a venture company from the beginning. Established in 2015 by Shinpei Kato, who was an associate professor at Nagoya University[2]..Initially, Kato released the automatic driving software developed at the university with the feeling that he wanted other people to use it.Then, it turned out that there was no other similar software and there was demand, so it was said that it was a waste to do this at the university and it led to the establishment of a corporation.[2].

Development in the field of automatic drivingGoogleEtc. are greatly ahead.Therefore, it was decided that even if one company developed automatic driving software, it would not be able to catch up.Open SourceHas adopted a strategy of joint development with developers and companies around the world.[3]..Of the main productAutowareIs open to the public free of charge, but has adopted a business model that makes money by consulting on experiments and development using the product.[3].


  • 2015 June-Established[4]
  • 2017 December-First public road demonstration experiment[4]
  • 2020 December-Established Tier IV North America[4]

Main products / services


Operating system for self-driving cars.Open source softwareOther than the company, they are also participating in the development.


Web platform for business and development using Autoware.


Reference implementation of automatic operation system using Autoware.

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