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⛷ | Ryoyu makes a big leap, wins 3 consecutive wins in Japan Ski Jump UHB Cup

Ryoyu Kobayashi (Tsuchiya Home) = Okurayama Jump Stadium, Sapporo City, who flew 1 meters for the first time and 130 meters for the second time, and won a total of 2 points.

Ryoyu makes a big leap, wins 3 consecutive wins in Japan Ski Jump UHB Cup

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For girls, sibling Yuka Kobayashi (CHINTAI, Morioka Chuo High School-Waseda Univ.) Finished second with 120.5 points at 118 meters and 204.1 meters.

[Headquarters coverage team in Sapporo] The 34th UHB Cup of Nordic Ski Jump is on the 30th, Sapporo City Okurayama Jump Competition ... → Continue reading

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Yuka Kobayashi

Yuka Kobayashi (Yuka Kobayashi,1994 May 5 -) isIwateIwateMatsuo Village(CurrentHachimantai City) FromSki jumpA player.Morioka Chuo High School - Waseda University - CHINTAISki club.BrotherJunshiro KobayashiMy brotherRyoyu Kobayashi, Is also a ski jumper.


From the 4th grade of elementary school, he started a jump competition with the Kashiwadai Sports Boy Scouts. Held on March 2008, 3ZaoAt the competitionContinental cupHe made his first appearance in the race and scored points in 1th place on the first day and 29th place on the second day.At the beginning of participation in international competitions, only domestic competitions were attended. The 2/30 season was strong, with 2008th place on the first day and 09th place on the second day at the Zao tournament. The 1 season was 26th on the first day and 2nd on the second day. In the 25/2009 season, he scored 1 point in 30th place at the Zao tournament.

Held on August 2012, 3Ski Jump World CupZaoHe made his first appearance in the tournament, ranked 1th on the first day and 40st on the second day, and was unable to earn points in the World Cup.Czech Republic OfLiberecHeld atNordic Ski Junior World Championship(German versionThen personally 24th[1]Recorded 5th place in the group[2].. Although he participated in the World Cup again in January 2014, he could not score points and the following year.SapporoIn the tournament, he finally reached 30th and 24th place and scored points.Also held at Štrbské Presso2015 Winter UniversiadeThen, won a silver medal in individuals and women's teams, and a gold medal in mixed teams.AlmatyAt2017 competitionThen, although the women's team won the gold medal that played the humiliation of the previous tournament, the individualHaruka IwasaIt ended in a silver medal[3].


International competition

Junior World Championship


World Cup

  • Highest ranking 23th (until 2019/20 season)
2016/17.(No qualifying)

Summer Grand Prix

  • Highest ranking 28th (until 2016 season)

Continental cup

  • Highest ranking 13th (until 2011/12 season)
2009/10 6901

Domestic competition


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