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🏉 | [Kanto University League Match 1st Division 10/30] Ryukei takes victory from specialization

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[Kanto University League Match 1st Division 10/30] Ryukei takes victory from specialization

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The first division of the Kanto University League match was held on Saturday, October 1th at Senario House Field Misato, where a match between Ryutsu Keizai University and Senshu University was held.

Kanto University League Match 1st Division will be held on Saturday, October 10th at Senario House Field Misato, Ryutsu Keizai University vs Senshu University ... → Continue reading


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Ryutsu Keizai University vs Senshu University

Kanto University League

Kanto University LeagueWhat is (Kanto University League)?KantoBelong to a university located in the areaStudentAnd group organizationsSports,GameTo decide the Kanto champion and Kanto representative in the competition field such asConventionOr the tournamentLeague matchCommon name when calling a federation (federation) as an organization that operates.In most competitions, it is generally abbreviated as "Kanto League", "Kanto Championship", "Kanto Tournament", etc. It is synonymous with "Kanto Student League" in the interpretation that "student = university student".

If you decide the ranking in Kanto only in the league match, or if you adopt multiple parallel league configurations, further in the higher school in the league matchTournament methodIn some cases, a championship will be held.

Regarding tournament management and organizational structureJapan Sports AssociationSome of the competition groups are affiliated, and some of them have their own routes, so please refer to the relevant section for details on the competition system, management form, historical background, etc. of each federation.

In addition, in this item, all competitions are competitive, regardless of the form of the competition method.League matchI will explain based on the recognition.

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* This applies even if the name does not use league games or championships.If there is no equivalent to the Kanto League match / Kanto Championship, list the equivalent.For competitions in which league games and championships are managed separately, both are listed together.

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