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⛳ | Norio Shinozaki is in V for 2 consecutive weeks Keiichiro Fukabori, Masahiro Kuramoto, etc. 4 difference 11th place T [Domestic senior]

Photo Norio Shinozaki wins the championship for two consecutive weeks (Courtesy of The Professional Golfers' Association of Japan)

Norio Shinozaki is in V for 2 consecutive weeks Keiichiro Fukabori, Masahiro Kuramoto, etc. 4 difference 11th place T [Domestic senior]

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Keiichiro Fukabori, Masahiro Kuramoto and seven others follow in 3th place with 11 unders.

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Keiichiro Fukahori

Keiichiro Fukabori(Fukabori Keiichirou,1968 May 10-) isTokyoBoys fromProfessional golfer.Forum engineeringBelongs.Nakano High School attached to Meiji University,Meiji University Faculty of Literaturegraduate.

WifeFree announcer OfShindo Akiko.


2003 Japan OpenOn the final day, he won the championship by reversing the difference of 7 strokes with a heavy charge of 5 under. In 2005, he won 2 wins and ranked 3rd in the prize ranking. 2006年のXNUMXDunlop Phoenix TournamentThen on the first day, there is also my first hole-in-one in the gameTiger woods,Padraig HarringtonHe left a good result with 1rd place, one stroke behind.

2006 OctoberTo the originalTBSMarried to announcer Masako Shindo.2007 In the seasonJapan Golf Tour OrganizationBecame chairman of the (JGTO) player.

2009 From a major golf equipment specialty storeGolf 5Was appointed as the image character of the company, and the company is the main sponsor of the program "The essence of golf"(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Regular appearance.

Chronic condition in 2009Left sole fasciitisDeteriorates2011 OctoberSurgery.

2012 Can be exercised only onceWithin 25th place in lifetime prize moneyParticipate in the war with the qualification ofToken Home Mate Cup-Tsuruya open・ AndChunichi CrownsAlthough he suffered a qualifying loss for three consecutive games from the opening round, "Japan PGA ChampionshipCup NoodlesIn the "Cup", he entered the second place alone and won 2 million yen.Earn 1,500 yen a year and rank 2,605rd in the prize ranking.2013 Has succeeded in securing seed rights.

2019 FromJapan Senior TourAre participating in.

Championship history

Japan Tours (8)

Number of wins
Major (1)
Tours (7)
No.Date and TimeConventionWinning scoreStrike2 bit
11997 May 3Justsystem KSB Open-12 (69-64-69-74 = 276)2 strokesJapanese flag Kuwahara Katsunori/Japanese flag Toshiaki Odate
21998 May 9ANA Open Golf Tournament-9 (71-71-68-69 = 279)2 strokesUnited States flag Lee Jansen/Japanese flag Katsumasa Miyamoto
32000 May 7Sumiken Sangyo Open Hiroshima Golf Tournament-13 (67-67-70-71 = 275)1 strokesJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
42000 May 11Ube Kosan Open Golf Tournament-12 (70-72-69-65 = 276)3 strokesJapanese flag /Japanese flag Toru Taniguchi
52001 May 7Sumiken Sangyo Open Hiroshima Golf Tournament-13 (67-67-69 = 203)play offJapanese flag Shoji Ozaki
62003 May 10Japan Open Golf Championship-8 (66-75-71-64 = 276)2 strokesJapanese flag Yasuharu Konno
72005 May 8San Chlorella Classic-15 (67-70-70-66 = 273)1 strokesJapanese flag Hidemasa Hoshino
82005 May 9ANA Open Golf Tournament-14 (72-62-72-68 = 274)play offJapanese flag Yasuharu Konno

Playoff record (2-0)

12001 Sumiken Sangyo Open Hiroshima Golf TournamentJapanese flag Shoji OzakiOzaki is a bogey with 3 on 2 putts.Fukahori is a 2 on 2 putt par.Fukahori's victory.
22005 ANA Open Golf TournamentJapanese flag Yasuharu KonnoBoth are 2 on.Konno is a par with 2 putts and Fukahori is a birdie with 1 putt.Fukahori's victory.


Starring program

外部 リンク

Kuramoto Masahiro

Masahiro Kuramoto(Masahiro Kuramoto,1955 May 9 -) isHiroshimaHiroshima cityMishino Town(CurrentNishi-wardFrom Misasamachi)Professional golfer[1][2][3].Nihon Universitygraduate.2014 May 2からJapan Professional Golf AssociationPresident[4][5][6].. With "AON"1980 eraIs a famous player who started the golf boom of[7].



The birthplace is famous for a long-established store in Hiroshimarestaurant[8][9][10].. Grandfather(I.e.I grew up in a privileged environment as a master of.However, he was a frail child who often took a day off from school, went to many hospitals, and went to Tokyo for medical treatment and was hospitalized.

GolfI started playing golf when I was 10 years old and in the 5th grade of elementary school, and my father wanted to go golf.Yasuo Fukui, the child of the first Japanese professional golfer, moved to Hiroshima and studied when he started golf lessons.[9][11][12][13]..However, the one who taught me the most golf was my uncle (Yasunobu Kuramoto (current stage name "Rex Kuramoto")Father)[14].

Both parents are busy with shop work and only the school is in the city centerHiroshima City Fukuromachi Elementary SchoolRaised by a grandfather and his wife who live in the suburbs[9][15]..For this reason, you can practice as much as you want.Hiroshima Golf ClubHe says he has no memory of playing with his friends when he was a kid because he belonged to[16]..For this reason, I went to the practice area to kill time, and when I was free, Fukui's lessons were taken between adult lessons, and I was never forced to practice and enjoyed playing golf. "The reason this continued," he said.

Amateur era

The golfer I admired for the first time is the strongest amateur golfer in historyGinjiro Chubu.

Chongde High SchoolIn those days, he became a junior champion of all Japan and made a name for himself as "Hiroshima has Kuramoto."I also went to an athletic gym since high school to give power to my petite body.STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Incorporated[9]..Purchasing information from the United States, from that timevitamin,proteinWas ingesting[9]..At Nihon UniversityNobumitsu Yubara,Makino YuThey say they were interested and taught them how to take[9]. "PopeyeThe nickname was given in high school[9]..A pioneer of muscle training[17].dumbbellIt is said that some baseball players who went camping and training in the United States started muscle training using such equipment little by little from the 1960s.What has become popular is1976 First published in "POPEYE(Popeye) ”special feature on muscle training and the late 1970s, which is said to have been introduced by the entire teamHirooka TatsuroDirector'sYakult Swallows, Early 1980shigh school baseball-Tokushima Prefectural Ikeda High SchoolIt is from around the activity of.Kuramoto has been systematically incorporating it into practice since the mid-1970s, the year of his professional debut in 1981.weekly magazineTalking in an interview[9].

When he entered Nihon University in 1974, he was unprecedented with his small but excellent flight distance.Japan Student ChampionshipAchieved 4 consecutive victories (4 consecutive victories)[18].. Other,1975 ,1977 ,1980 ToJapanese flaxHe swept amateur titles such as 3 wins and 2 wins in Kanto amateur, and reigned as a top amateur. "Playing as an amateur for a lifetime, as an amateurMastersI had a dream of "I want to catch[7][10]..However, in 1978, Kuramoto, who was traveling back and forth between Japan and the United States around this time, was deceived by an acquaintance.marijuanaPossess[19].. After being dismissed from participating in the official game for one year, he was suspended from participating in the official game, and temporarily took over the restaurant of his parents' house, and experienced the first big setback. In 1, he participated as an amateur "Chushikoku Open"soFirst ever tour competition amateur victory[20] (June 2007,Ryo IshikawaIs the second person), making a vivid comeback.The strongest amateur, Kuramoto, was a professional threat at the time.[7]..However, he failed the professional golfer test that was held in the same year with less than one shot, and suffered another setback.The contradiction that he cannot become a professional even though he has won the professional in the top amateur will be reformed and corrected by himself.The day after failing the protestTosa Country ClubSigned an exclusive contract with the club in response to the enthusiastic request from[21].

Professional era

Next day1981 , Passed the protest. In July, when he suddenly won the professional conversion debut match and the sponsorship competition "Wakayama Open", he won 7 wins (4 time in 3nd place) in 2 races from his debut, causing a sensation.[18]..With a total of 6 wins this year, he was ranked 2nd in the highest prize money rank ever for a newcomer.It was said at that time that such an example did not exist in the history of golf in the world, let alone in the history of XNUMX years of professional golf in Japan.[22]..Known as a skipper, "PopeyeWas nicknamed.Isao Aoki,Shoji Ozaki,Nakajima TsuneyukiThe tour became very exciting and the golf boom started with the involvement of young Kuramoto in "AON".[7][10]..Also the same bachelor professionalNobumitsu Yubara,Yutaka HagawaSo, it attracted attention as "Young Three Crows", "New Wave Three Crows", "Bachelor's Professional Three Crows", etc.[7][10][23]. "caddyThe era in which rising professionals can take advantage is over! ”“ Bachelor's professionals have changed the power distribution map of the golf world significantly ”, etc.Mass mediaAlso took up the activities of Kuramoto et al.[24][25].Isao AokiIn his book "The Men Who Fighted Me", "Kuramoto has a small body, but the ball flies a lot. The short game that he has learned since he was a junior is extraordinary. Putting is good. He is an all-round player, and above all. One of my greatest strengths was knowing how to win in the amateur era. In addition, I have a bright personality. I don't mess around. That's why the tempo of play is fast. With the addition of "k" to "AON", Japan's Pro Tour has advanced. "[7]..As a battle that revives in memory with Kuramoto1985 OfBridgestone OpenKuramoto won the big turnaround on the final day, but when he heard that he said in an interview after the match that he wanted him to win, he heard that he was not about himself, but the current state of the world in which he lives.・ A man who is thinking about the future, he said that he was impressed with the type that was not found in professional golfers so far, not the old golfer who can only play golf.[7].

1982 IsBritish Open", Achieves the feat of Thailand, the highest and fourth place in the history of Japanese players.KuramotoShort sleeve shirtI wore it onBestIs said to have doubled sales[26][27]..Kuramoto is alsoball-gloves,Bags Bridgestone Sports,shoesWith Johnston & Murphy,ク ラ ブAll but the exclusive contract[26]. Also,Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical OfAir Salon Pass,Coca ColaSuch asCMAlso appeared[26]..Until then, golfers had a dark and dull image, and commercials were mostly limited to golf.[26], Kuramoto et al. Were also the first professional golfers to break the established image.[26].

1992 25th win in total, 5th in the history of Japanese men's professional golf, first from universityPermanent seedWon.In 1992American PGA TourPassed the top of Q school,1993 He said he tried the PGA Tour, but still regrets not being able to concentrate on it due to various reasons.[18][28]..The lifetime prize money is 10 yen (as of February 991).Toru TaniguchiBeyond 6th place and Isao Aoki[29].

After this, I fell into a slump probably because of the hard work of the position. In 2000Valvular heart diseaseThe season of hardship continued, such as undergoing surgery, but in 2003Acom InternationalOn the first day, the first lowest score in the history of Japan tour (at that time), World Thailand (Anika SorenstamAt the age of 4, he achieved the feat of 59 strokes, which is the past 48 people), and won his 30th victory.From these records, he has the image of an aggressive player, but Kuramoto himself says, "I'm the person who brought" carving "to the Japanese golf world."Also, as he wrote in his own book, "Three steps, hit in three seconds", it is famous for hitting quickly.[10]..It is based on his own idea that human rhythm starts from three steps and the image lasts for up to three seconds.

Golf world reform

From the experience of challenging the US tour from early on, I learned the organizational power of the US tour, the tournament management power, etc., and there was a twist with the players' association JPGA (Japan Professional Golf Association)'S organizational and institutional reforms, the "Tour of Japan" was launched in 1997, and the "JGTO (JGTO)" was completely separated from the PGA in 1999.Japan Golf Tour Organization) ”, And is also a person who has achieved reforms in the golf world.[5][18][28][30][31][32].. The player chairman of the "JGTO" player group "JGTPC" (Japan Golf Tour Players Association) has served for the longest eight years since 1992.[33].. "JGTO" in 2010Auditors[34], 2012, became the player chairman again for the first time in 13 years[31][35][36]..Also serves as Vice Chairman of "JGTO"[37].. In recent yearsSnag golfWe are also focusing on the spread of[12][15]..His nickname was "Popeye" at the time of his debut, but he began to actively participate in US tours and is called "Massie".Massy was the nickname when he was studying in the United States.The company name is also Massy Corporation.

OnceAi MiyazatoCompared to the girls who are prosperous due to their rise, for men's tours that are not energetic, "Japan Women's Professional Golf AssociationAlthough there are efforts in public relations, the fact that young people have come out means that the level of professionals is low.On the contrary, the level of boys has risen, and young men and amateurs are not in a state where they can win.Rather, it is better for people to understand that golf is like this. "Also for the first time in men's golfTitaniumAlso known as the player who brought the head[Source required]However, I am worried about the problem of equipment. "In terms of baseball, the current men's tour is a stadium with both wings 150 meters, but there are many batters who hit 60 home runs a year. Apart from amateurs, professional equipment regulations are necessary," he said.

Senior Tour Challenge

July 2005, ``Champions TourParticipated in the final qualifying session of (US Senior Tour).With 350 participants from all over the world, he passed the top and won a prize of $ 4, resigning from important positions such as JPGA Vice Chairman.2006 Participated in the Champions Tour in earnest.The total prize money of the Champions Tour is 2 billion yen, which is about twice that of the Japanese men's regular tour, and it is also very popular.Registered under the name "Massy Kuramoto" on the Champions Tour, occasionally appearing at the top but not winning2008 Virtually withdrawal to the limit.Moved the main battlefield to the domestic regular senior tour.2010 TheJapan Senior OpenHe participated in 10 out of 9 senior games, including winning the championship.In most of the games, he won 2 times and 5 times in the top ten, and won 30 wins on the regular tour, but won the prize-winning championship.[38].

February 2014, the first ever active playerJapan Professional Golf AssociationBecame chairman[6][39].


  • at that time (1981 ) The prize money was handed over at the venue on the final day instead of the bank transfer as it is now.When I won the Japan Land Summers, the third victory of my debutMediaIn response to the request, a total of 810 1-yen bills wrapped in straps were lined up on the table and a commemorative photo was taken.
  • I bought an apartment in Kamihatchobori, a prime location in Hiroshima, because I got a prize.Resident cardBecause I kept it here all the time, every year during the heyday of Naka-ku, Hiroshima CityChoreographerI was in the upper ranks.
  • Having studied abroad in the United States, I can speak English normally and communicate with foreign players in English.
  • It's not uncommon now, but since he was a college graduate player who was few at the time, there was a lot of harassment from senior professionals, such as "You straddled the club" or "You should put the mark position on the green in front". I mentioned that in my book.It is said that he was made to be the player's chairman by bouncing back with words and actions without losing to such things.
  • Japan Open Golf ChampionshipHas no ties and has not won while having a permanent seed.He hasn't won the low amateur title even when he was an amateur.
  • 1992 OfBridgestone Open Golf TournamentWonPermanent seedWon.In the winning interview at that time, Kuramoto replied, "There will be no permanent seeds anymore."I heard this sideways and won the best amateur in this tournamentShingo KatayamaHe thought, "Yes .. I won't come out anymore."At that time, it was considered quite difficult to get 25 wins, which is the condition for permanent seeding.Actually2008 In front of Katayama who wonNaomichi OzakiHowever, there are only two college graduates, Kuramoto and Katayama.Furthermore, after graduating from university, Kuramoto made his professional debut at the age of 26, partly because he had taken over the family business for a while.[40].
  • 2019 New CoronavirusWhen the infection spreads in Hiroshima prefecture, it will be in Hiroshima prefecture.Rubbing alcoholDonated (400 liters)[41].





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